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  • Super controversial awesomeness and hilarious originality!! Decent entertainment!! Classic satire and Intellectual Brilliance!!

    Damn you vile microscopic pricks. What a bunch of overly sensitive crybabbies whining & complaining about Family Guy selling out! Look shut the fuck up or die slowly in a fucked up hellish cesspool because Family Guy and South Park are still the same as always and the two most popular competitive shows for teens & adults. As one of the biggest fans of the show for over the last 18 years I loved Family Guy. I've watched every episode since the unaired pilot in 1998 and to me Family Guy is one of the best 1990s shows in history. The show survived cancelation twice and became even more hysterically funny and awesome since the resurrections which are the many reasons why this my #1 show all time. Seasons 1-14 were the best classic Era of Family Guy. All 270 episodes were awesome as hell. Like South Park Family Guy has more common ground knowledge about how our society sucks than any other show. I can't wait for season 15 and up. It always spoke the super brilliant sick truth about the aspects of life. It's also brings ultrasonic light to our boring reality. It remains hilariously badass every episode. Dear all haters, you're the ones that don't have any originality or talent. So fuck off & burn in hell!! BitchassLosers!! Where the hell do you immature mindless shit for brains lowlives have the right to express your lameass opinions on adult comedy tv shows? Forcing other reviewers to listen to your dumbass opinions. The Griffins Rule!! One of the greatest smartest adult comedies since the last 18-21 years. Family guy is about a family dealing with the insanely psychotic sociopathic but awesome opportunities of domestic violence and complicated adversities in every day life. As the years went by the family built stronger relationships and decent unity between them & others. What the hell did you dickheads expected? God you haters are such entitled ***s. Their Lives are about coping with cryptic surrealism and dysfunctional endless possibilities. Honesty and mayhem is what Family Guy has always been about. I'm still a huge Die Hard Fan to this day!! It's based on dark edgy satirical chaos in classic & modern day society. It's supposed to be unexpected. Family Guy Rocks !! People who hate FG are nothing but abused weakminded talentless lifeless fucks that can't take tough criticism themselves and waste their times on the Internet using their bullshit hatred and anger on any cartoons as an excuse to cover up their own shitty lives to understand the smart values and concepts of comedy tv! Haters make me sick! You all suck ass! Expressing your weak hatred towards cartoons by displaying hate art and hate comments are really stupid and annoying. I hope FG do alot episodes of the griffins beating the shit out of all the haters and that pussy Mr Enter for shitting on Seth all the time just because he wants to express his disgusting animosity towards great cartoons to reflect on his stupid tragic past in which i don't give a flying fuck about in order to gain alot of sympathy from other Internet trolls who followed him that are also emotional unstable as well. Not to be a cold-hearted jerkass but, I have to be completely sincere about him. Mr Enter needs to learn his place because he's nothing but a waste of a fucking lying Nazi white trash robotic unfunny critic who destroyed his own life & deserved the shit he got for being an expendable lost cause. A jealous psychopathic pedophile who's hell bent on ruining alot of great cartoon & anime shows reputations. My little ponies are for 5 year olds and yet he still watches it. The biggest pretentious loser on the fucking internet alive. He always keep using his so called mental disability as an excuse in order to manipulate the situation in his favor to control his submissive pawns as they continue to finish his dirty work for him from behind the scenes. The reason why I'm saying this is that I really find him so irritating that I should write that disturbed ghostly virus a note to tell him to get some real help because he bashed on everyone's favorite cartoons for years by reflecting his so called miserable childhood on them to gain self-importance by getting thousands of people to feel sorry for him. He belongs in a psychiatric hospital or jail because he stole credit from other better critics and copyrighted videos from various cartoons on youtube making him the most pathetic waste of human life in the entire universe. No fucking wonder that his parents despised him so much. He should be called the devil spawn atrocity from hell. His new show called Growing around will suck ass anyway. Family guy is one of the best realistic cartoon shows that never lost it touch! Assholes that said FG went downhill are seriously the most pathetic sorry ass excuses for fans that I've ever saw! Seriously read a damn book or newspaper, go outside, or watch something else. I loved the Mad Tv family guy parody sketch that Seth did in 2006. It was very cool. After all these years as every seasons got stronger and deeper all the Family guy characters are still very fucking redeemable & lovable, especially the six main characters. They are the most creative, imaginative, unique, different, original, and funniest Badass family that makes everything about the new century the shit which reminds me of South Park in the old and new days too. Pushing shit to the limit is what they're suppose to do. Seth MacFarlane is awesome and both of his 2 main shows are the best. The Voice actors and actresses are fantastic. The story lines are always randomly on point and I love every Star Wars and other FG/AD parodies. All of Seth's shows has been amazing since The life of Larry and Steve in 1995-1997. The chaotic situations & randomness are what the show is about. I really wish we had more Family guy 3D CGI Anime episodes, movies, prequels, sequels, trilogies, reboots and timeskip seasons too. For all the true fans of Seth MacFarlane and his Cast. Thank you for loving FG! Family guy will stay alive Forever!! Haters are irritable diseased cancerous unintelligent hypocritical brainwashed dicks who can't comprehend the brutal controversial well-written hilarious truth that FG had intellectually displayed over the years. Family Guy will always be one of the most ideological well-connected developed shows of our generation. Stop comparing it to the simpsons already. Family Guy has it's own originality of its own kind since the 1998 unaired pilot. The show is very phenomenal and superior. It's definitely not a ripoff. Give it up and get a life haters. Family guy will last forever. Your hateful comments are irrelevant, uninteresting, condescending, and seriously illogical. It's completely ridiculous and immature of you people hating on fictional characters just because you expected sickening good morals and wimpy life lessons from every episodes of all kid and adult cartoon & anime shows which explains how sadly idiotic and unrealistically stupid you nostalgic freaks are. Every fucking cartoon and anime shows had alot of hilariously awesome mean-spirited shit. It didn't mean it was bad. For years you damned entitled losers had always kept over analyzing the continuity of each episode which ruins every show for everybody else by making nasty accusations of all the characters have gone through multiple flanderizations. Fuck off and read some goddamned books for once in your shitty lives! The 90s are over and the 90s weren't always that great. Have you dumbasses learned it's the goddamned 21st century. Times had changed. This is how the real world works. Learn to laugh you fucking self-absorbed invisible cherrypickers. Even the family guy movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story was epic and the film received 3 wins for it's stupendous performance. Constructive cynicism and political incorrection is how family guy is supposed to be. Violently crazy, destructively kickass, and insanely fucked up funny as hell. Family Guy is one of the best critically fantastic shows in history. The show has won 5 primetime awards, 25 wins and 76 nominations for being one of the greatest intellectual shows in years. According to the Family Guy Wikia they even have numerous books about the show which are still popular. On the official family guy fanclub has over 106,073 fans that still love the show which is the 2nd biggest fanbase. Just like most fans of Family Guy I love South Park too which has the 3rd largest fanbase containing 70,525 fans on fanpop. Both shows are meant to be controversial but smart at the same time. It's not like the real world's perfect itself. So fuck off and get laid you pieces of shits. Enough of this Bullshit war already you overly sensitive hicks. Family Guy had improved for over the past 18 years for the best. Both the Original and revival series are still great & built depth & idealism in the creation of the show. The characters are still likable and the story lines are always 100% super A+++ every season. The new Family Guy movie should be called All Hell breaks loose in LA: The Explosive Death of Fox. Their next movie should be called The Griffins Vs. Mr Enter: The Critic who must die. Keep on living unapologetically FG! End of story Losers. Don't let your most successful show die out Seth MacFarlane: The most talented and Intellectual Creator of the late 1990s. Congratulations on being successful and freakin sweet. Victory shall be yours. We need 10 more seasons because Family guy needs all the love and support for being great. Keep being nominated and win all the awards for your years of genius story lines and epic comedic smartness just like Matt Stone and Trey Parker on South Park my #2 favorite show of all time. A huge true fan of both of the baddest cartoon shows ever. FG & SP are #1!! Please don't become boring & repetitive like the Simpsons had been for 17 years since your debut.
  • Bets adult show ever made

    i fucking love this show
  • This Show Has Ran Its Course, The Humor STILL Doesn't Work Anymore (Updated)


    It was a really funny show, the last seasons have been lacking in humor though. Family Guy should have retired with positive nostalgia while it was still on top, now every season its reputation shrinks more and more and its too late. It's humor is massively stretched now and the producers seem to just copy and paste older gags into the plots in recent episodes. They continued to follow this trend with there recent seasons without noticing that even using those older gags over and over makes the show less enjoyable (especially with the cutaway gags). So even when they don't do that they go overboard on the shock humor and it can't even be called "shock humor" anymore because they will somehow make it overly disturbing than it has to be, it does not work anymore, this type of formula just does not work, its time to stop! I used to be a big fan of the show, but the writers seem to not care anyways. Its been so many years and the show has not been back on track yet. I recommend any new comer to try to watch some of the older episodes and avoid any modern day episode altogether. UPDATE So i decided to watch this show years later and it still hasn't improved, its just not what it used to be.
  • This show is still going strong.

    While the plot of the episodes may have gotten mediocre, Family Guy always seems to make me laugh. The jokes are fresh and relevant with pop culture these days and are reeling in a new audience. This is where the Simpsons fail ; one can argue that Family Guy's beloved characters have changed (Peter's more dumb, Lois is bland, Stewie's gay, Brian is a liberal) But most of them are just amplified versions of the old characters. Overall the jokes are still funny and Family Guy is much still relevant.
  • i will watch faithfully even reruns

    love family guy yaaaaa netflex
  • Overall a good show but it really has been going downhill lately, with boring episodes, bad jokes, and the characters have all negatively changed.

    Before I begin, I will say that Family Guy is my favourite show of all time. I would definitely consider myself a "die-hard" fan of the show, and nearly all of the time, it really amuses me. Even as one of the show's devoted fans, I can say for certain that the show has definitely gone downhill lately. Jokes became dry, flat, lazy or offensive (which usually doesn't bother me, but offensive jokes is what causes a lot of controversy for the show lately) and most the character's personalities changed for the worst. But what REALLY has become a major problem for Family Guy lately is the overuse of boring and stale cutaway gags that have no relevance to the plot whatsoever, and that actually make me lose interest in the episode. These cutaways weren't used much in the earlier seasons, but for the past few seasons they're honestly a regular occurrence and they're the reason I kind of dislike a few of the later seasons (as well as the flat jokes and some bad plots) Some people think Family Guy started to run out of steam after it was put back on air in 2005, others think it was at Season 7, and some people think it went downhill but went back uphill in the later seasons. Here is MY personal opinion.

    Season 1- Good season, the episodes were funny and it was a great start to the show. Of course, it's underrated due to being badly animated and only having 7 episodes, which I agree with. But it was still a good beginning for the show nonetheless.

    Season 2- Even better season. HILARIOUS episodes, and the characters were lovable and funny, and had good personalities. Some of my favourite episodes are within this season.

    Season 3- Same as above, though I don't have a lot of favourites in this season, but it was still brilliant.

    Season 4- My favourite season by far. The funniest episodes ever are in this season IMO, and since it was the first season after a 2-3 year cancellation, the animation improved. Seasons 1-4 is the golden era of Family Guy, I think.

    Season 5- Not as good as the first 4 seasons, but was still funny and had great episodes.

    Season 6- Same as above.

    Season 7- Kind of a hit or miss. Some episodes were humorous, others were a little dumb and stale. Still decent enough though.

    Season 8- Decent, though not brilliant, a few brilliant or even funny episodes, but some were kind of boring.

    Season 9- Pretty good, better than 7-8. Definitely a lot of gore/raunchiness compared to other seasons, but the episodes were fairly enjoyable or intense.

    Season 10- This is where Family Guy started to go downhill. Too many jokes or even whole episode plots revolved around domestic abuse, rape, child abuse, pedophilia, etc, and even too much shock humour. The episodes that didn't involve those jokes were either decent or mediocre. The humour found it's way out of the show in this season. Definitely one of my least favourite seasons.

    Season 11- Good enough, better than 10. Some episodes were GREAT, some were only fair. But the show was still declining and less funny or smart.

    Season 12- A great season I thought! The only good RECENT season of Family Guy which made up for the show getting staler. Besides two AWFUL and disgusting episodes, the season was still brilliant and had good plots.

    Season 13- This put the show in a pit of fire again. The show was already getting tedious and repetitive since Season 10, but this season made everything 100x worse. Jokes were awful, lazy and lacked any intelligence, cutaway gags became an even bigger problem here, Peter acted like a misogynist and the plots were boring, poorly written or tasteless. Only a handful of episodes were actually good.

    Season 14- Really bad. A bigger slump after 13. The most awful season of Family Guy. The worst, poorly written, most boring plots and jokes ever, many continuity errors, and EVEN MORE cutaway gags just to fill up time. This season had a lack of effort put into it, and it proves how much this show took a turn for the worst since 2011.

    It's still my favourite show, but it started to lose it's touch at Season 10, and even more at Season 13 - 14. Season 14 almost made me quit the show. The writers are just running out of ideas and jokes at this point. But overtime, the characters have changed dramatically. Peter went from a dumb father but still very loving to his family and had some common sense (like Homer) to an arrogant, abusive, disrespectful, careless prick with NO common sense at all, who is even more ***ed than ever, who treats his wife, daughter and friends terribly and who just acts like an immature baby all the time. He annoys me a lot. Lois went from the voice of reason to a pretty hypocritical character and a bad/irresponsible mother who likes to put other people down for her own superiority. But she is sweet and loving to Peter considering he's awful to her, so that's where I feel sympathy for her. Meg was once a normal stereotypical "geeky" teenage girl who just wanted to be accepted by everyone and wasn't abused by her family, but rather EMBARRASSED by them, which is pretty normal, but now she is a depressed, suicidal punching bag who is physically and emotionally bullied by Peter (which I hate most about the show) and is put down and teased by the rest of the family. I notice that they always fat-shame her and pick on her weight, it really isn't that funny. I know it's a cartoon, but I really don't find the Meg-bashing that amusing. It's milder now, but there's still the occasional insult. Chris is just a cardboard cut-out of Peter, but his worst change is that he's no longer funny like he used to be. Episodes centered around Chris are just boring and dull these days. Although hes sweeter and nicer than Peter so that's a plus, but he's still the most bland character on the show. Stewie went from an evil genius to a gay sterotype who has shown feelings for Brian. Although I still have Stewie as my favourite character so even if I miss his evil behavior I can still tolerate him. And lastly, Brian went from the sarcastic dog, but the voice of reason, the smart one and the one saving Peter from his shenanigans with Lois, to a pompous, somewhat selfish character who takes advantage of others and likes to show his views as better than everyone else's. Yes the character's have changed really dramatically, but I can still love most of them (Stewie and Brian are my favourites when they're paired together and go time travelling and all) but I still want to see a change.

    This is a great and funny show overall, but the last 5 seasons just haven't been the same (besides Season 12 being mostly amazing). Season 10 and 13 were terrible, but Season 14 was by far the worst and was a huge dip for Family Guy. I didn't laugh much during the season and I almost quit watching until I realised that I am a hardcore fan and I didn't want to give up. But it really lacked humour or sense, the writers really aren't trying anymore. Season 15 is starting in September and I hope to see some improvement. I heard this is going to be the final season. If this happens to be true, I'll be sad because it's still my all time favourite show, but I know it'll be ending for the better, because the show is just worsening, and airing it for any longer wouldn't be worth it if it was going to keep going downhill. But I still love the show and I can say that Seasons 1-4 are the best, while 10 and 13-14 are the decline in the show. But hopefully soon we'll get the long awaited movie. I will forever love Family Guy though, no matter what.
  • good good

    a good series has some boring episodes but devastates
  • Very funny but bring back old writers back

    Every once in awhile what the deuce should be there. Maybe once a as many smartass comments. Not as many cut aways as used to. Still love the show
  • Unbearable!

    It used to be funny. However, I can now agree that American Dad is the superior show. I hope Family Guy gets cancelled before too long.
  • This show is an nothing more than a cancer.

    If you want to see what show started the trend of people make terrible shows, especially animated ones, look no further than THIS one. I. HATE. THIS. SHOW. with every fiber of my being.

    It's not funny, it's not creative. It's not even clever. It's just horribly made, horribly offensive and lazy as heck.

    And the characters? Other than Meg and maybe Lois, they all should be shot or put in a mental institution. They are sick bastards who are a poison to audiences everywhere.

    Stewie? That kid needs to be locked up in a padded cell and never let out. Who in their right mind thought it was funny to see him kill his Mom? No seriously, WTF is wrong with you?! I don't care if it wasn't real. It doesn't change the fact he is a disturbing psychopath.

    Quagmire, or whatever the heck his name is. That guy should be castrated and put in jail. There is nothing funny about a pervert, especially one who is as vile as he is.

    And don't even get me started on Peter Griffin. This guy is one of the worst, if not THE WORST male characters in the history of cinema. He is cruel, sadistic, uncaring, selfish, and just flat out a horrible monster.

    It'd be one thing if he was a villain, then his behavior would be more justified. But he's not. He's supposed to be the father of the main cast, and he's just sick. He even laughed at his how daughter when she confronted him about his abuse. I was like, "You sick SOB!"

    If any fictional character deserved brutal torment before being killed, it is him. Peter Griffin IMHO is the WORST father character ever.

    Ugh, I'm rambling on now... all I can say now is, Seth Mcfarlane, I despise you with every fiber of my being. It's because of you we have this abomination, and because of you, other shows are now copying it.

    You have forever shamed the name of cinema with your filth as far as I'm concerned,, and I hope you go down in history as one of the most reviled people of creators of animated shows. YOU. SICKEN. ME.
  • I don't care what everyone says, I still like the show!

    FG is a great show too. One of its spinoffs, American Dad, was great, the other spinoff, The Cleveland Show, it was okay. But anyways Family Guy is a great show. I really like the characters, the cutaway gags, everything. It was a little sad that Brian died, however I heard that he returned in future episodes. Anyways, this is a great show and I don't care about the bullshit about the new eps, I still like them. It is a great show. I don't write the plot because everyone knows that.
  • An incredibly uneven show.

    I'd probably not watch it if you haven't seen it before, but these are how I'd rank the seasons.

    Season 1: 8.5-Good Start to the Show.

    Season 2: 8.5-Still Good.

    Season 3: 7.0-Slight Dip, but still good.

    Season 4: 3.5-Nosedive in quality-over reliance on "randomness" and shock humor--not good.

    Season 5: 3.5-Same as above.

    Season 6: 2.5-Even worse--plus "Simpsons" disses, while being a far inferior show.

    Season 7: 6.0-Noticeable improvement-less "randomness" and better writing.

    Season 8: 8.0-Quite a bit better-a little bit of a darker tone, but more substantial episodes, the show seems more self-aware, with better stories and more reflexive characters.

    Season 9: 8.0-Seems to continue on this track, with sharper writing, better plots and more intelligent writing.

    Season 10: 7.5-Slight dip, but still continuing the goodness of past seasons. Still has some of the "darkness of 8 and 9" and better writing.

    Season 11+: Seem indistinguishable from one another, but fair in general. Probably a 7.0

    As you can see, wildly uneven but worth watching in some seasons, if you skip around.

  • Not my cup of tea

    I think it makes light of serious issues such as rape, domestic violence, and sexism. Most of the fans seem like 13 year old boys who think they're edgy or something for watching it. The older episodes were better, and I actually used to be a big fan of the show when it first came out. Over time, the show just got tedious and stale. I just don't find it very funny anymore. If you have a kid, I don't advise letting them watch this show.
  • ideas for cutaways

    Like that time Peter got lost in Africa Peter is left in Africa and is adopted by a family of tigers. Peter, now acting and painted like a tiger is in the grass hunting a gazelle. Eventually Peter violently kills the


    Like that time Peter got raped Peter is in a dress walking down an ally and is being pursued by a tall, dark figure. Peter takes out and blows his whistle, which turns out to be a dog whistle, the tall figure falls down and out come 3 dogs (or he starts crying

    Family guy can be funny when its not trying to make pop culture references, preach a message or be raunchy it does this most of the time so it is very boring or gross . most of the cutaway gags aren't funny at all they are either a popculture reference i don't get,lazy, or weird and boring. The animation is very dull all they do is stand still and make the same hand gestures over and over again it is hard to beleve this show has a big budget i've seen better animation on youtube . In the new episodes they use alot of cgi for some reason its just a waste of why don't they use it to improve the animation, the art is kind of dull even artists on the show complain about it, tit is fuist when they try to do slapstic or do absurd things not when t jokes the older episodes are much better than the new ones but even those are bad
  • Seth MacFarlane is a GENIUS

    Seth MacFarlane NEVER disappoints!! This show is hilarious
  • Dear Snottmyfault

    I created this account to let you know that this show is not going to cancel after this season just because you want it to. I understand that you disliked the 13th season of this series and hardly ever laughed in it at all. That, mister/miss, is YOUR loss. TV shows cancel when their ratings are really low and hurt; not when people who get easily bored with things like you quit watching the show (just because you don't like it anymore). So don't get your hopes up on this show canceling in a couple months from now. And don't get upset. Besides, this show has nothing to do with you.
  • Dear Seth Macfarlane

    I normally don't give my opinion because I know for a fact that it doesn't matter and I know whatever I say won't make a difference but I created this account simply to encourage Seth Macfarlane not to do a season 15. For years I have been watching your show happily but season 13 was a huge slap in the face for my years of patronage. I am very displeased and I don't think I laughed more than twice at the entire season, and those 2 possible laughs were at the sheer stupidity shown by you and your staff. Your show has become tired and it's rather obvious that you don't give a fuck anymore. Please don't make a 15th season. No one in their right mind would pay good honest money to see you throw ridiculous words on paper as if they are jokes. Quit while your ahead. My family and I will not be watching season 14.
  • The Best Acid Humor You Can Get on TV Nowdays

    Family Guy is the best of it's kind, always funny and clever throughout it's 14 amazing seasons, I just hope it don't get cancelled again because of some "fans" who thinks that the show is on downhill (sorry, english isn't my native language)
  • Never liked the Family Guy, but an episode did save my husbands life

    My son (currently 20 y/o) loved watching the Family Guy. I would hear him laughing from the other room and I would just yell out, "that show is dumbing you down!" A little over two weeks ago, while out of town, I called to chat with my husband and asked how his day went. He said, "Well, started with getting a flat tire on the truck, then later I cooked a steak and almost choked. Sean had to do the Heimlich maneuver twice to dislodge the steak, fractured my ribs in the process, but I'm alive, breathing and no brain damage due to lack of Thinking Sean learned it in school or some other after school activity, we asked him where he learned it as we wanted to call and give whoever credit for sharing this knowledge. Imagine our surprise when Sean said, "The Family Guy". Soooo... If anyone can direct me on who/where to contact I would so appreciate it. I still don't like the show and will never sit and watch it, but i must give credit where it's due.
  • Sometimes it works, other times it just fails :/

    Family Guy is an adult cartoon that people either love or hate; I've sat through several adult cartoons and most of them were just okay while some failed miserably. Family Guy is in the okay category; there are some jokes I actually find funny, but most of the time the humor is just so blandly executed it makes you wonder why it's still on the air. Then there's the matter of the characters; Homer Simpson- I mean Peter Griffin is an idiot, but unlike Homer at least he has a sense of reason in some episode. Lois is Peter's wife who tries to keep things in order, Chris is the typical teenager that watches porn and is as dumb as his father, Stewie is the evil baby and Brian is the straight dog. I'm going to talk about Meg separately from her family because she's every teenage daughter we've seen before; she's belittled, she's humiliated, she's abused, she's harassed etc etc. And what's worse is that she just puts up with it and we as the audience are supposed to laugh at her torture. That's not how it works, if you're going to make torturing someone funny, they need to deserve it. Squidward is a jerk to SpongeBob, he gets hurt, the audience laughs. That's what we call slapstick, when a character gets his comeuppance for being a jerk. Meg never acts like a bitch to anyone, unless they treat her like shit; having her tortured for no reason isn't good comedy. Let's talk animation; it's not bad, but I've seen much better. The character designs have this really awkward look to them, especially with their heads; but like Hey Arnold, the rest of the animation is find and it's really a nitpick. The animation itself moves rather quickly, so quickly in fact that when they move a frame or two of animation is missing. Then there's the writing for each episode and---ughhhhh---it is just bad. For the plot of each episode doesn't pick up until several minutes in and when it does pick up, it is executed very poorly with pointless cut aways and annoying gags. So, yeah Family Guy has its moments, but there are much better shows than this; it's now gotten to the point where the people that were demanding the show be brought back after it was cancelled in 2003 are now the same people who want it to die. Maybe the should've been content with what they got instead of acting like a bunch of spoiled brats; then they wouldn't complain as much
  • I'm a hardcore fan indeed. But this show needs serious changes.

    I am a huge fan of family guy. And I probably always will be. But I've noticed how it has declined lately. Seasons 1-6 were definitely the best seasons, my favorites are 4 and 5. The first 6 seasons were the most original and had good plots and funny humor that everyone would love. It has slightly gone downhill since Season 7, but I still really loved Seasons 7-12, in fact some of my favorite episodes are among those seasons. But Family Guy DEFINITELY showed the downfall in Season 13. It was a horribly desperate season with lazy writing, boring plots and dry jokes, as well as unnecessary cutaways that make me lose interest in what I'm actually watching. I could only name a handful of episodes I actually enjoyed from that season.

    But this show seriously needs a comeback, fast. Whoever is doing the job right now need to get working because the newer episodes are just less funny. Now I'll admit that Season 14 has been pretty good so far (except for the premiere, that was awfully painful to watch). But before this show ends before it's time, they need to make serious changes:

    1) PLEASE give Stewie more screen time, and Peter and the guys less screen time. A lot of the plots lately have been centering around Peter and his friends and they've been extremely boring. Plus, I hate Peter as well as Quagmire. 2) Change Peter's personality back to the way it was in Seasons 1-3, because to be honest, his self-importance, ignorance, and abusive personality is really putting me off. 3) Make sure the Meg abuse, or even the slightest comment or joke towards her is over completely now. I love Meg a lot and even though many people find it funny, I certainly don't. I find it disgusting, I've probably only laughed at it a couple of times when I first watched it. and,4) stop with the boring, unneeded, time-filling cutaways. They make me want to turn the *** show off. Idk, maybe you need them to fill up the episode time because there has been a lack of effort in them? Just please stop with them because they make the show unbearable to watch.

    Clearly, I know that this show has lacked in sense or even humor since maybe 2011, but I still enjoyed the show from then up until Season 13. That season was horribly awful. Season 14 is an improvement indeed and I'm enjoying it a lot but they'res still some things that I want to see changes to. And all 4 of them are above. I'll always love Family Guy, but I'm not afraid to admit that this show has been lackluster lately. And if things don't change then it will end sooner than wanted. It certainly won't run as long as The Simpsons, it's most comparable show, but that's the way it is. Family Guy has just gone downhill lately and it's certainly not what it used to be. I kind of agree with people who say they rehash old stuff too. Please, just please, get your shit together and make serious changes to what was once a good effort. This show has hit the bottom of the pit. (my rating is 7.5 due to my love for the show including all the awful changes and because of s13)
  • A good show overall, but there are things in this show that I'm starting to dislike.

    Family Guy is a good show. Seasons 1-3 were really good, season four and season five were pretty decent, and season six was alright. However, in season seven, the show went downhill. The storylines got worse, the characters started to annoy me, and the jokes just weren't as funny. Fortunately, the show went uphill in season eight, but there are still a few things in this show that I don't like.

    Gross-out gags- I'm getting sick of the writers overusing gross humor. It's okay once in a while, but I'm getting tired of the characters vomiting all the time. I remember in one episode where Brian had to "clean" Stewie's diaper. It wasn't funny in the least.

    Violence- Is it me, or are the characters getting really violent towards each other? Seriously, they just beat each other up for the worst reasons. I remember last night's episode where Quagmire barged into the Griffin's house, and mercilessly beat Brian. Scenes like that are unnecessary, and they're being used too often.

    Lois- My new least favorite main character. She's extremely judgmental and rude to everyone. Also, she's really mean to Brian, and that's why I hate her character.

    Racist humor- Family Guy is a funny show, but it definitely isn't funny when it blatantly makes fun of other groups of people. Things like people assuming that black people are robbing them just aren't funny.

    Despite the bad, there are definitely some things in this show that are improving and keeping me watching this show.

    Brian and Stewie- I know some people think these two characters are taking over the show, but I like seeing them in most episodes. They're my favorite characters in the show, as they're both hilarious, and they bring emotion into the show.

    No Meg bashing- Meg getting picked on by the Griffin family got annoying after a while, but it's finally stopped. I like seeing Meg stand up for herself, and not be a punching bag.

    Good humor- Despite some of the bad jokes in this show, there are still parts that make me laugh. The humor is still occasionally witty, and can be hilarious.

    Overall, Family Guy has its flaws, but its still a good show. It had a bad run for a while, but it's improving, and I still like it.
  • Hilarious, That's it.

    It's just stupidly hilarious, but nothing more. So much fun to watch.
  • What happend to the comedy?

    As we all know many shows lose their touch as time goes on. However in my opinion Family Guy has been the worst offender of them all. While it was never my favorite cartoon, Family Guy used to be a really funny show. Yes while at the surface it seemed to be a subpar sop***ric Simpsons clone it actually was a clever funny and even occasionally heart warming show (though it was still packed offensive yet funny humor) Sadly though the subpar Simpsons clone that people accused it of is what I would generally describe the newer seasons.

    Where Family guy lost its tough is very controversial. Some say it was after the 2005 comeback. some would argue it wasn't until season 13. To me seasons 1-3 were definitely the best but on the other hand 4-6 weren't too shabby either. For me season 7 was when the show took a turn for the worst.

    Peter became a sociopathic criminal with hints of pedophilia and incest in one particularly awful episode, Brian has became a pretentious dick who is just there to blabbe Seth's thoughts, and Stewie is just a gay stereotype now. Almost all of the other characters have suffered as well, these were just the ones that stuck out in my mind.

    Now as for the comedy it is generally pretty lackluster now. Cutaways are rampant and lazy as they get, the overly long gags are just dreadful and seem to go on so long that even if it was funny to begin with it got tedious and dull. Many of the references are just as forced. The biggest problem is the "shocking humor". I use air quotes because it isn't shocking, just so, so desperate. Instead of trying to amuse they just show the most heinous things and these things fill up entire episodes! They aren't funny for obvious reasons and they aren't even shocking because they show them so freaking much! It's like an 11 year old just discovered what curse words are.

    With all these negatives though the score isn't very low. I think it would be unfair to give it a lower score because it used to be a funny series and even the newer episodes can be good if not great! Sadly these good episodes have gotten increasingly rarer and rarer, this is giving me a harder time forgiving the show for what it once was when the good to bad season ratio is getting less favorable each season.

    It's Fox's time to pull the plug from Family Guy. Maybe give it another season or 2 and a movie but that's all this show needs at this point. Even with other series like The Simpsons, Adventure Time, SpongeBob and American Dad (to some extent, American Dad is still quite good) yes they have gotten worse but the episodes are still generally solid and the bad episodes are usually just boring. Family Guy's bad episodes are downright insulting and the series has lost a lot of dignity and respect as result to that. Let the show rest in peace while the crew works on American Dad or a new show with the enthusiasm that was long lost here. Or maybe Family Guy will improve, who knows :p
  • American Dad is so much better

    I used to love Family Guy in seasons 1-4. Seasons 5-7 had mostly good episodes and also a few bad episodes, but seasons 8 to present are terrible. It's all a bunch of forced crude humor for the sake of crude humor, liberal propaganda, religious bigotry, and unfunny jokes based on characters being assholes to everyone. I especially hate Lois and Bonnie. They are truly awful characters. I wish this show got canceled years ago. It's now the worst of the 3 SMcF shows. The Cleveland Show was ok yet boring, and American Dad has always been pretty good. If the current year was 2006, I would rank the show 9/10. In 2012, I would give it 5/10. Now it's only 2/10. A few of the episodes from the last few seasons are decent, which is the only reason it's not 1/10.
  • Family Guy Needs To End

    Just like Phineas and Ferb, Family Guy is a show that needs to stop airing, along with all of the other garbage like this show such as The Cleveland Show. But, I'm going to stick mainly to Family Guy now, because unlike our 'beloved' P&F, which ended, this show is still going on. The reason why this show needs to die is because of the Lady And The Tramp parody they did with Michael Vick. I can tolerate some show poking fun at this movie, which is one of my passions, but to parody it with such little care whatsoever, and having a parody that involves drowning two of my favorite characters, with HORRIBLE animation is INEXCUSABLE. FUCK THIS SHOW UP ITS ASS! And that's not the sole reason this show should be banned from every single network ever. It's also because everything I have seen of this show is unfunny anti-humor drivel with some of the worst fucking animation ever. This show doesn't even deserve a 1, because giving it 1 is basically like giving it a cookie instead of cake. This show deserve only one "1", and that is a fat middle finger stuffed up its ass and out its mouth.
  • South park is right about this show.

    Family guy once had an appeal in the early seasons but now it doesn't. The cut aways are stupid they say remember the time i punched myself in the balls and it rolls a pointless clip. The gags drag on long enough to the point were it just plain boring and the majority of the time their just time fillers. In family guy they constantly reuse jokes up until the point where it is not even remotely funny they have had 3 chicken fights, Cleveland has fallen out of that bath tub like what ten times sure these kinds of things can be funny the first and second time but really come on. Then there is the Cleveland show which is just terrible I saw and episode and Cleveland said "I have fallen out of that bath tub more times then it could possibly be funny" so they are aware of it so why are they still doing it? And also they have done the bird is the word joke that is just plain annoying and unfunny and they have had to have Conway Twitty for 3 minutes I'm dead serious some boring country singer just to fill up the episode. Have you ever seen any other show do this?
  • Our brains can not take anymore of this garbage

    To rate this show at all is actually a waste of time.

    The characters are boring and exxaggerated.

    It seems only to have one function and that is to make people that watch it stupid.

    I've tried watching this show but it seems as if it was written by a very sick person, Simpsons could at least be funny as it was a serious comedy this UTTER GARBAGE has no place on TV or ANYWHERE!

    Better to cancel it and save us the boredom
  • Family guy/american dad

    I think family guy and american dad should make an episode where they have a wife swap. They should make an episode where Francine and Louis switch husband's for a week.