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  • a real family guy

    Upon hearing of your upcoming show staring Jesus, I will no longer be a viewer of your show. Blasphemy, is taking things too far. I hope all Christians, and believers in Christ show your show the door. By the way, did you vote and donate for The Obamanator too?
  • At Least it...

    (Review writer was admitted at a hospital for a heart attack while writing this review)

    I don't know how to end my title. It's become boring, lazy, preachy, unnecessarily offensive, abusive... It just makes no sense. Nothing does. But that's ok. What's not ok is how they f***ed up so bad. Peter is an ass***, Louis is a c***, Brian is... BRIAN!!! Meg is boring, Chris is bland, Quagmire is... a rapist, child molester, etc. (seriously, why would you like someone like that?). Stewie however, is now cute, funny, and tolerable, so that's a plus. Cleveland is a great character, that's also ok, and I can't really say anything bad about Joe. However, the stories are either ridiculous or painful to watch, there is no development and there is so much filler that I could watch any of the new seasons in 4 hours including commercials if I take away all the filler.

    And since I'm not Brian, I'll say I understand the people who like this show. It's so bad it's actually good sometimes (like The Room) but it's still terrible. Just... terrible.

    (If I were Brian, I would've said "This is my idea, and whomever likes this crap of a show is a r***ed idiot. I'm right and if you don't agree, get a brain).

  • I'm just into vulgar humor

    What I love:

    ~The musical theatre genre used for the soundtrack of the show.

    ~ The vulgar humor. Okay I'm immature.

    ~The cutaways.


    ~ Ernie the chicken, Conway Twitty and the long af cutaways. It just wastes time.

    ~ Lack of character development (ex: Peter learns a lesson and it goes out the window right when the credits roll) I'm also critical that the writers CANNOT commit to changes in the story lines like when they killed off Brian (though I like him far more than Vinny) and James Woods (he should've stayed dead :l ).

    I wish it did rely off of the plot instead of the gross out humor and cutaways but hey, it's a show I love to watch and it always guaranteed to make me laugh.

    do you guys know what i think and what will be best for you guys and the family guy universe, i think you should bring back all the dead family guy characters like Loretta, Muriel, Diane Simmons greased up deaf guy etc. family guy was a lot interesting when these guys were there. and also make stew Gilligan Griffin return back to his world domination stance and also to killing his mum Lois. stew is no longer as interesting as know you guys wont heed to this advice but pls think twice. by Emmanuel Daniels 08111823857 is my phone number
  • Irreverent. Amazing. and it would be better if Dan Porvenmire is Still Here

    I'm a Huge Fan of Family Guy

    His Animation style is cool. Despite of the Case of the Puke. Because Not all The Programs Show Puke

  • I rank all episodes of Family Guy

    10. The Son Also Draws (Season 1)

    9. Mind Over Murder (Season 1)

    8. Holy Crap (Season 2)

    7. Chitty Chitty Death Bang (Season 1)

    6. Peter Peter Caviar Eater (Season 2)

    5. Death Has A Show (Season 1)

    4. I Never Met A Dead Man (Season 1)

    3. Brian: Portrait Of A Dog (Season 1)

    2. A Hero Sits Next Door (Season 1)

    1. Da Boom (Season 2)
  • Family Guy is so out of this world

    The show that ripped-off "The Simpsons" is one of the most loved/hated show on earth. It's funny, intense, and etc. Back then, the show has been cancelled twice by FOX, and now they want it. Who would've that several people hated the series, including animators, who express their opinion and/or feelings about "Family Guy". The show maybe stupid at times, but it's an okay show.
  • The best comically written show of all time

    Okay let me just say, Family Guy is THE best show to reach television. Family Guy is definitely has been the biggest show of the 00's (not so much the 10's because everyone is over it now). It's nowhere near as funny as it used to be, but the newer episodes have really hilarious moments too and I still think it's the funniest show ever. I don't know how they come up with this stuff but we need a moment of silence to honor the writers who are true geniuses. I don't like people who say it's a rip off of the Simpsons, yes it was inspired by the Simpsons but it's still way different humor, the only thing that's the same is that there's three kids, parents, and a dog. People are saying that Bob's Burgers is the best thing now and that it's better than Family Guy now, which I totally disagree, Family Guy has declined in humor but it's still very hilarious. I will never get tired of re watching episodes, I will laugh out loud each time.
  • No wonder Seth MacFarlane is making movies now

    His ideas for cartoons are very short-lived, that's exactly why American Dad and The Cleveland show were cancelled.
  • I agree with my brother and sister that Family Guy sucks.

    Family Guy is unoriginal and overrated because the idea was stolen from The Simpsons.
  • Ahahah a Meg-Torture Porn, and Brian as a Metaphor

    This show is garbage, actually even garbage had more original substance than this grotesque cancer. I'll write a longer review later
  • Lo show pi bello di sempre assieme ai Simpson.

    Esatto!I Griffin la mia serie preferita assieme a quella dei all'inverosimile ed molto coinvolgente soprattutto dalla stagione 9 in sono molti personaggi divertenti e carismatici,il mio preferito fra questi rimane tutt'ora Joyce Kinney,la nuova giornalista di Quahog 5 sono un sacco di canzoni composte veramente bene e poi ci sono una marea di sitruazioni surreali .Non c' stata una sola puntata che non mi sia piaciuta,capolavoro assoluto dei Telefilm!
  • First 8 Seasons Were HILARIOUS

    Its a really funny show, the last 3 seasons have been lacking in humor though, but I do have a lot of enjoyment watching my favorites.
  • One of my favorites.

    Great show. They have edgy humor and it is great. A few episodes are really stale (especially the brian and stewie , but majority make me laugh out loud. Always a first-pick show for me.
  • I love it.

    Most of the show is just garbage, but every third joke is brilliant.
  • Top Shows

    Most ep til 09, some varous recent ep (99-14)
  • lately being very unfunny....

    i just watch it to see if they might get back to being funny at some point. but i will stop if it dosent change
  • Hit or miss these days...

    I used to really love Family Guy. Some people say it's a rip off of the Simpsons and you know what? Sure, maybe it is but it still was a funny show and wasn't all that much like the Simpsons.

    Seasons 1, 2, & 3 of Family are my favorite. I liked how while they did make cultural references, they still had a somewhat plot. Sure, there were a few boring episodes in those seasons but there weren't that many, at leasr in my opinion. Family guy started getting stale to me when Season 7 happened. I don't know, I try to get into the newer episodes but I can't.

    The thing that kind of disappointed me was all the character changes.

    Peter = Originally was a dumb ass but still had a heart of gold and some common sense. Now, he's completely stupid, acts very childish at times, lacks common sense, and is more of an ass than he already was. I prefer the old Peter who had common sense and wasn't a complete *** (no offense).

    Lois = Originally was a hard working and loving woman who cared deeply for her family. Now, she is a hypocritical, bitchy type of character who can be very malicious at times. Like Peter, I prefer her older incarnation when she was the voice of reason and was more likeable.

    Meg = Went from a normal acting teenager who just wanted to be popular and "fit in". Now, she's a deeply disturbed punching bag. Other than her being the punching bag most of the time, I actually like how they tried to give her more of a personality, even if it is disturbing... I'm just happy they don't punk on her that much anymore because it's not all that funny to me. Maybe the first few times because you're like "Whoa... Really? lol" but it got old pretty quick. I'm still pissed that she reverted back to her spineless self in "Dial Meg for Murder" or even the "Seahorse Seashell Party"

    Chris = Much like his father, dumb but very easy going. Now, he's a somewhat rude, angst-ridden kid who is still somewhat dumb. Chris never really appealed to me. I thought he was kind of a boring character so I don't have much to say. I will say I don't really like the episodes that center around him.

    Stewie = Originally was an evil baby bent on world domination and killing Lois. Now, he is a super flamboyant, stereotypical gay who occasionally has an evil scheme. I'm okay with the new Stewie but I do prefer the older one.

    Brian = Went from the voice of reason and laid back dog to a self-absorbed, political, arrogant asshat. I much prefer him in the older seasons but I suppose the new one has his controversy too since they use him more in political or religion episodes.

    The show still is okay, it just has a lot of hit or miss episodes these days. For me, there have been a lot of misses but I'm not going to give up hope that the creators will find some balance for the show again. Now don't get me wrong, I don't HATE the show. I still like and enjoy it at times. All I'm saying is that in my opinion, Seasons 1-3 will always be my favorite. Here's to hoping Family guy will have some more good episodes to come.
  • Family Guy is hilarious still.

    Naturally, people don't like change. What the hell did you think it meant "dysfunctional family"? They're not SUPPOSED to be good people. You don't find it funny? That's fine. But I can't stand it when people try to take things to the next level. Quagmire and Stewie beat up Brian so that makes them animal abusers? Really? And you say Peter's gotten stupider? No, you've gotten older and you're only gonna laugh at what you already see as funny. So there really is no winning this argument at all. Better to just click "x" and watch something else rather then obsess over how bad it is.
  • Family or perversion guy?

    I used to be able to put up with some of the stuff that was a little sick and demented just because they would come up with brilliant comedy like Peter and the chicken, the throwing up game, and Stevies devious mind but lately they have gone beyond funny to outright nasty perversion. Just because your animated like the simpsons or futurama doesn't mean you have the same quality. I cannot watch anymore. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Nope...

    This show hasn't been worth watching in like five or six years. They really need to end this show, twelve seasons is more than enough.
  • Has lost it's appeal but I still like to watch the first three season are watchable.

    This 8 out of 10 is for the first three seasons and some of the earlier season 4 episodes. Family Guy lost it's appeal for a while. I used to be obsessed with this show, but later I lost obsession. Jokes became the same over and over again, the characters changed their personality, many of the jokes also became very offensive, and also many of the jokes not making any sense. I personally quit Family Guy forever after the Life of Brian saga.
  • don't know why I watch

    there is something compelling me to watch the show, but Peter is beyond ***ed. I never find him funny, just amazingly ignorant. Stewie is probably the reason I watch.
  • Hasn't made me laugh in a while

    This was one of the funniest shows on TV. Peter's wacky antics were always something to enjoy and I enjoyed seeing what new torture Meg goes through.

    But it has seriously gone downhill, nothing really makes me laugh anymore and I even forced myself to laugh at what was supposed to be funny because I was in denial. But I can't deny anymore, it's just not that funny anymore.
  • Too offensive to me! My faith in cartoons is screwed by this show!

    I cant stand this show. Let me explain: It`s "humor" hits too close to home and so do most of the character.

    Stewie, you`re a sociopathic troublemaker. You try to kill your own mother, you beat up Brian in an episode even though he is your "best friend" and something is clearly wrong with you.

    Peter, your a Homer Simpson ripoff, only more offensive than him.

    Meg...... actually, I can see you as the most decent Griffen. Your the scapegoat of the family, only they hurt you hard and they show no sympathy.

    Quagmire, you should go to jail for life you sex offender.

    Chris, just like Peter, you are dumb and offensive. It`s not even funny when you do antics.

    Lois, first off, be more aware your own son is trying to kill you. 2nd, I think you should cut the offensive jokes. Marge Simpsons better than you.

    And then there were the 2 dogs. Brian and Vinny. Personally, lets say I`m on a street corner and on 2 seperate lanes, Brians on one and Vinny on the other: both look like they would get hit by a car and need help getting out of the way or they get killed off. If I had to save one and let the other die, I would have saved Vinny immediently. Brians an alcoholic boozehound who cusses like an explicit video. The only time the show portrayed the Griffens as a normal okay family was the episode where Brian died, but thanks to Stewie, those few scenes where they acted like a decent family are gone and so is Vinny, who is 100000000000000 better than Brian. No wonder the PTC, a parental watchdog group, awarded this show Worst episode of the week more than 40 times. It makes jokes out of killings, molestering, violence, abuse, religion and family decency. This is why it made my Top 10 most hated shows list on my home page. Seth Mcwhatever ruined cartooning and I hope FOX realizes this and fires him before 2016. This show can burn in...........

  • Uhh.. Heh, heh.

    I do like this show, no lie. But there is a reason I'm giving it an eight. It's just not real good anymore. Stewie and Brian are paired up all the time and they speak to each other at least once every episode. It kinda annoys me. Peter is very dumb. No, not very dumb. SO RIDICULOUSLY AMAZINGLY MIND BOGGINGLY DUMB. I liked there older episodes better. If you are reading this review, and you've never seen this show, watch seasons 1 through 6, skip 7, watch 8 and stop. Watching the rest isn't worth it. 8/10
  • Ummmm

    Its okay sometimes funny.

    Sometimes repetive.

    It was obvious Brain was going to come back

    So ummmm yeah <_>
  • Another reason why to not watch Family Guy.

    What do you know? Brian has been resurrected! And between the death and comeback episode, it was only one ep. WOW. Nice way to make fans super worried Seth.
  • Brian's Back! Yeah Baby!

    Seth Mcfarlane's plan all along was to see how fans would react to Brian dying, then bring him back! Seth, you sly bastard
  • very funny show

    this show is incredibly funny, but after season 6 and somewhat season 7, the show started to get a little too dumb and repetitive for my taste, but i love every season all the way through 7!
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