Family Guy

Sunday 9:00 PM on FOX Premiered Jan 31, 1999 Between Seasons





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  • Never liked the Family Guy, but an episode did save my husbands life

    My son (currently 20 y/o) loved watching the Family Guy. I would hear him laughing from the other room and I would just yell out, "that show is dumbing you down!" A little over two weeks ago, while out of town, I called to chat with my husband and asked how his day went. He said, "Well, started with getting a flat tire on the truck, then later I cooked a steak and almost choked. Sean had to do the Heimlich maneuver twice to dislodge the steak, fractured my ribs in the process, but I'm alive, breathing and no brain damage due to lack of Thinking Sean learned it in school or some other after school activity, we asked him where he learned it as we wanted to call and give whoever credit for sharing this knowledge. Imagine our surprise when Sean said, "The Family Guy". Soooo... If anyone can direct me on who/where to contact I would so appreciate it. I still don't like the show and will never sit and watch it, but i must give credit where it's due.