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  • Overall a good show but it really has been going downhill lately, with boring episodes, bad jokes, and the characters have all negatively changed.

    Before I begin, I will say that Family Guy is my favourite show of all time. I would definitely consider myself a "die-hard" fan of the show, and nearly all of the time, it really amuses me. Even as one of the show's devoted fans, I can say for certain that the show has definitely gone downhill lately. Jokes became dry, flat, lazy or offensive (which usually doesn't bother me, but offensive jokes is what causes a lot of controversy for the show lately) and most the character's personalities changed for the worst. But what REALLY has become a major problem for Family Guy lately is the overuse of boring and stale cutaway gags that have no relevance to the plot whatsoever, and that actually make me lose interest in the episode. These cutaways weren't used much in the earlier seasons, but for the past few seasons they're honestly a regular occurrence and they're the reason I kind of dislike a few of the later seasons (as well as the flat jokes and some bad plots) Some people think Family Guy started to run out of steam after it was put back on air in 2005, others think it was at Season 7, and some people think it went downhill but went back uphill in the later seasons. Here is MY personal opinion.

    Season 1- Good season, the episodes were funny and it was a great start to the show. Of course, it's underrated due to being badly animated and only having 7 episodes, which I agree with. But it was still a good beginning for the show nonetheless.

    Season 2- Even better season. HILARIOUS episodes, and the characters were lovable and funny, and had good personalities. Some of my favourite episodes are within this season.

    Season 3- Same as above, though I don't have a lot of favourites in this season, but it was still brilliant.

    Season 4- My favourite season by far. The funniest episodes ever are in this season IMO, and since it was the first season after a 2-3 year cancellation, the animation improved. Seasons 1-4 is the golden era of Family Guy, I think.

    Season 5- Not as good as the first 4 seasons, but was still funny and had great episodes.

    Season 6- Same as above.

    Season 7- Kind of a hit or miss. Some episodes were humorous, others were a little dumb and stale. Still decent enough though.

    Season 8- Decent, though not brilliant, a few brilliant or even funny episodes, but some were kind of boring.

    Season 9- Pretty good, better than 7-8. Definitely a lot of gore/raunchiness compared to other seasons, but the episodes were fairly enjoyable or intense.

    Season 10- This is where Family Guy started to go downhill. Too many jokes or even whole episode plots revolved around domestic abuse, rape, child abuse, pedophilia, etc, and even too much shock humour. The episodes that didn't involve those jokes were either decent or mediocre. The humour found it's way out of the show in this season. Definitely one of my least favourite seasons.

    Season 11- Good enough, better than 10. Some episodes were GREAT, some were only fair. But the show was still declining and less funny or smart.

    Season 12- A great season I thought! The only good RECENT season of Family Guy which made up for the show getting staler. Besides two AWFUL and disgusting episodes, the season was still brilliant and had good plots.

    Season 13- This put the show in a pit of fire again. The show was already getting tedious and repetitive since Season 10, but this season made everything 100x worse. Jokes were awful, lazy and lacked any intelligence, cutaway gags became an even bigger problem here, Peter acted like a misogynist and the plots were boring, poorly written or tasteless. Only a handful of episodes were actually good.

    Season 14- Really bad. A bigger slump after 13. The most awful season of Family Guy. The worst, poorly written, most boring plots and jokes ever, many continuity errors, and EVEN MORE cutaway gags just to fill up time. This season had a lack of effort put into it, and it proves how much this show took a turn for the worst since 2011.

    It's still my favourite show, but it started to lose it's touch at Season 10, and even more at Season 13 - 14. Season 14 almost made me quit the show. The writers are just running out of ideas and jokes at this point. But overtime, the characters have changed dramatically. Peter went from a dumb father but still very loving to his family and had some common sense (like Homer) to an arrogant, abusive, disrespectful, careless prick with NO common sense at all, who is even more ***ed than ever, who treats his wife, daughter and friends terribly and who just acts like an immature baby all the time. He annoys me a lot. Lois went from the voice of reason to a pretty hypocritical character and a bad/irresponsible mother who likes to put other people down for her own superiority. But she is sweet and loving to Peter considering he's awful to her, so that's where I feel sympathy for her. Meg was once a normal stereotypical "geeky" teenage girl who just wanted to be accepted by everyone and wasn't abused by her family, but rather EMBARRASSED by them, which is pretty normal, but now she is a depressed, suicidal punching bag who is physically and emotionally bullied by Peter (which I hate most about the show) and is put down and teased by the rest of the family. I notice that they always fat-shame her and pick on her weight, it really isn't that funny. I know it's a cartoon, but I really don't find the Meg-bashing that amusing. It's milder now, but there's still the occasional insult. Chris is just a cardboard cut-out of Peter, but his worst change is that he's no longer funny like he used to be. Episodes centered around Chris are just boring and dull these days. Although hes sweeter and nicer than Peter so that's a plus, but he's still the most bland character on the show. Stewie went from an evil genius to a gay sterotype who has shown feelings for Brian. Although I still have Stewie as my favourite character so even if I miss his evil behavior I can still tolerate him. And lastly, Brian went from the sarcastic dog, but the voice of reason, the smart one and the one saving Peter from his shenanigans with Lois, to a pompous, somewhat selfish character who takes advantage of others and likes to show his views as better than everyone else's. Yes the character's have changed really dramatically, but I can still love most of them (Stewie and Brian are my favourites when they're paired together and go time travelling and all) but I still want to see a change.

    This is a great and funny show overall, but the last 5 seasons just haven't been the same (besides Season 12 being mostly amazing). Season 10 and 13 were terrible, but Season 14 was by far the worst and was a huge dip for Family Guy. I didn't laugh much during the season and I almost quit watching until I realised that I am a hardcore fan and I didn't want to give up. But it really lacked humour or sense, the writers really aren't trying anymore. Season 15 is starting in September and I hope to see some improvement. I heard this is going to be the final season. If this happens to be true, I'll be sad because it's still my all time favourite show, but I know it'll be ending for the better, because the show is just worsening, and airing it for any longer wouldn't be worth it if it was going to keep going downhill. But I still love the show and I can say that Seasons 1-4 are the best, while 10 and 13-14 are the decline in the show. But hopefully soon we'll get the long awaited movie. I will forever love Family Guy though, no matter what.