Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 3

Road to Germany

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on FOX

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  • Controversially well-written

    Very good
  • Not a favorite, but .

    This was ok, not bad at all. For a Road it was pretty funny
  • Excellent episode

    This is one of my favorite episode because of it's many intellectual references
  • Worst road to episode ever...


    Mort Goldman accidentally steps into a time machine and winds up in 1939 Poland in the middle of the Nazi invasion. Brian and Stewie follow him to Nazi Germany in an attempt to save him and bring him back to the present safely.

    This episode was okay, but I think this was the worst Road to episode ever because I was bored throughout it. I liked almost all of the road to episodes ,expect this one. 45% of the parts could have been better. The part where Brian, Stewie, Mort, and the people dancing at a place was pretty much boring. I laughed at the parts where Mort uses Stewie's machine as a restroom, Stewie's cutaway when the thing say the wrong animal noises, Mort saying "If they catch me, they'll beat me unmerciful, and rub dirt in my ***neck and over my **** nipples," then Stewie was confused, the deleted scene when Mort cussesconstantly, McClain-Palin gag, Stewie as Hilter, and Mort pooping the time machine. Overall, this road to episode could have been better, but I still liked it barley. 6.5/10

  • fair


    what i liked- meg in the bathroom and the reveal quagmire is also in the bathroom, the ending to the episode, the Palin/McCain sticker scene, stewie and brian walking into the church and asking if anyone there is named Mort, and the other questions they ask in which all the people in the church/temple raise their hands, etc.

    eh, it was alright. Kind of boring and definitely not one I would want to watch again anytime soon. It's kind of funny how When You Wish Upon a Weinstein was banned because of the Jewish aspect, but this, a far worse (in terms of how they portray Jewish people) episode is not banned. Anyway, this was OK. not their best, not their worst. kind of average actually. C+ or so

  • The worst "Road to"


    Mort Goldman accidentally steps into a time machine and winds up in 1939 Poland in the middle of the Nazi invasion. Brian and Stewie follow him to Nazi Germany in an attempt to save him and bring him back to the present safely.

    A boring and offensive Family guy episode, please do not watch


  • My favorite Family Guy episode.

    This is my favorite episode of all. I loved, for example, how even in a cartoon, the scary atmosphere of Weimar Germany was captured. I especially appreciated all the little touches, such as the McCain-Palin button on the Nazi uniform. The scene where all the black and whites piled up near the downed sub really cracked me up (as did the moment at the synagogue when Stewie realizes the Nazis are attacking and chucks his yarmulke onto Brian's head)!!!

    The animation was exceptional, as was the music, and the way the characters changed roles was fantastic. I could list all the allusions that I enjoyed but that has already been done on the main page under, what else, "Allusions." I would even recommend this episode to my parents, and they are not Family Guy watchers.
  • Mort inadvertandly travels back in time to the day of the German invasion of Poland after mistaking a time machine in Stewie's room for a port-a-potty. Brian and Stewie travel back to rescue him, hilarity fails to ensue.

    So bad I finally joined just so I could voice my opinion. I didn't smile once during this ep, honest truth. Every joke was predictable old news and failed to catch me off guard. If you've never seen Family Guy before don't start here. With American Dad and South Park at their prime right now you would be wasting your time, there's just no contest.

    If this is the future of Family Guy, I would recommend euthanasia to prevent the good stuff from being spoiled by this tired attempt and any others like it. These of the words of an ex worshiper, I'm only a fan now.
  • Great

    When Mort accidentally steps in Stewie's time machine, he is sent back into occupied Poland in 1939. Because Mort is jewish, Stewie and Brian must get him out of there. They go to Berlin, where Mort will be safe, but Stewie must get plutonium to power the time machine. Stewie disguises as Hitler and gets the plutonium, but he runs into Hitler but they get in the time machine just in time.

    This was a really great episode. It had a great plot, and even though it wasnt that funny, it had plenty of action. I thought it would be better as an hour long special though. My favorite scenes were the wedding, the u boat scene, and Mean Joe green.

    Overall Grade: 95%/A+
  • One of the best Family Guy eps in a long time

    This episode is yet another of the classic "road to" episodes where Brian and Stewie go somewhere, and this one continues the tradition of them being awesome. In this episode, Mort steps into Stewie's time machine and gets sent back in time to the day of the Nazi invasion of Poland, and Brian and Stewie have to get him back safely. There were far less gags in this episode than usual, so that helped out, not to mention the fact that it had a somewhat comprehensive story. My favorite parts of this episode were, the Jewish wedding, the chase scenes, and Stewie immitating Hitler This episode also has the gag of the Nazi's having a McCain Palin button, having been talked about on the news. Overall, a really good episode for Family Guy, and the best of Season 7 for sure. 9.5/10 A+
  • Better than the last episode, but still not up to par.

    There's a general rule in comedy that you don't purposely try to be offensive. If you write a joke with the intention of being funny it is acceptable but if the jocular statement is penned just because you want to be "controversial" than it is not.

    That's what Family Guy is all about this year. From making fun of Jesus to making a mockery of the Holocaust this week. I am not saying I am offended by anything the program does but the old Family Guy didn't have to resort to 4000 Jewish jokes every week to get a laugh.

    Some things were mildly clever, but even Stewie wasn't that good this episode. I would like to assume the show is just in a rough patch, but only time will tell.
  • Funny, but crosses the line into insulting several times.

    Family Guy is well known for its willingness to make fun of anything and everything in its path, but a few things about this show struck me as crossing the line into vicious attacks and just plain bad taste, even for this show. This episode relies on too many well-worn "those wacky Nazis" jokes, as well as continuing a disturbing theme of antisemitism. One more thing, Seth MacFarlane: I have no objection to your personal politics, but the thing with the McCain-Palin button really is too far. You have failed the Hitler rule of debates. The first person to accuse their opponent of being like Hitler or acting like a Nazi loses the debate.
  • Isn't genocide hillarious? (sarcasm)

    This has to be the most atrocious thing I have ever seen... I'm not jewish, and yet I feel so insulted by this... people say if you don't find whatever funny you 'don't get the humor of the show' but I regularly find Family Guy and South Park amusing when they do politically incorrect things? there comes a point when pushing the envelope and exploring bad taste doesn't justify doing something. When it comes to art- there is always the challenge of finding how far you can stretch the definition of 'art' and yet retain its identity as art... I wonder if that applies to 'crap' as well.
  • One of the best episodes of Family guy, ever!

    What an episode! This one was funny, entertaining, well-plotted and structured!

    Stewie had a time machine? Since when? Anyway, Stewie was very cute in the Hebrew wedding dance, along with Brian. The best part was when Stewie pretended to be Adolf Hitler - he certainly had the German commandants fooled!

    This episode had it all. It had funny moments from the get-go up until the end. I really loved the storyline of going back in time to Nazi Germany and Poland!

    Another great instalment from Family Guy - one of the best I've ever seen! Please keep it up, this show is totally awesome!
  • Well written and clever. B

    Mort Goldman accidentally steps into a time machine and winds up in 1939 Poland in the middle of the Nazi invasion. Brian and Stewie follow him to Nazi Germany in an attempt to save him and bring him back to the present safely. This is by no means the best episode where Brian and Stewie have to go somewhere, but I still think this was a well-written episode. My favorite joke of the whole episode had to be when we see the Nazis have a Palin, McCain election button, or when Stewie is mimicing Hitler Anyway well writte. Watch it
  • A great episode compared to other season episodes.

    Road to Germany is not the best "Road to" episode here, but it is still very good. The backup singers from Little House of Horrors was very funny! I also thought Stewie imitading Hitler was also funny. But, it's missing the Stewie and Brian musical number that happens in "Road to" episodes. But still it is still one of the best in season 7. I still think family guy is not trying hard enough for their episodes. Oh, and when Brian was driving Mort and Stewie to safty and Stewie then making the people crash into the manure was funny too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mort Goldman accidentally gets transported back to Nazi Germany so Brian and Stewie must go back and save him...

    This was a very good episode. I loved the jokes and everything! Some of the very good jokes were the European See and Say! That was hilarious! I loved when it said what the elephant sounds like, and Stewie said "Oh yeah, kinda." I really loved the part when Stewie was messing with Hitler LOL! That was such a great part. I loved when Stewie spit is Hitler's face! I laughed so hard! Another really great part was when the Nazis were chasing Mort, Stewie and Brian and they fell in poop! That was really funny. So yeah, this episode was great and a really funny one! Another thing that I found funny was when Quagmire was taping Meg going to the bathroom and also the part when Mort asked Stewie and Brian if he could poop in Stewie's room and they both said "No!" and Mort says "Too late." Loved this episode!
  • Not the best S&B episode mainly because of no song,(if you don't count Mort the Jew) but it was pretty action-packed.

    OK, so mort goes back in time by stewie's time machine. so, B&S need to bring him back but unfortunly this is the exact time Hitler invades Poland. So, they have to go to extreme measures to fix the time macine

    This is achutlly where I saw Mort's humor. I wish they could add more Mort episodes because Peter and his usally friends are kinda geting boring. I love the action here. they had dog fights (plane fights if you will) explosions, and Stewie uses a orange stand as a skate board. This is the best of season 7. and This is the first episode I can watch fully. I don't have to hit the fast forward button for 10000 minutes of Con Way Twitty. He's still a great guy. So Seth should just stop making these boring episodes and add some action and smart humor.
  • action packed episode.

    Road to Germany is an action packed episode. All the action scenes were not dull and was fast paced. Most of the jokes were funny and vivid, but the only problem was, the character development. They do not use peter,chris,lois and others. But sets the scenes on 3 characters stewie, brian and mort. It did not really bother me, but just felt empty without using the hillarious peter griffin that much and also not adding chris or lois to set up a negative side of the story. Overrall, i thought this was one the great episodes seth marfarlane created.

  • Family Guy Masterpiece

    Only MacFarlane and crew could pull something like this off. They've elevated bad taste to a fine art with this one! Using a swing-time version of the theme song from the Winds of War mini-series was my first hint that I was in for something special with this episode. It's hard to find any levity what so ever in what Hitler did to Poland in 1939 without coming off like a sick, twisted jerk...but they did it with style in this episode. And they did it without belittling the horror of what happened back then either. The animation in this episode was top notch in this episode, rivaled only by the animation quality of the 'Star Wars' parody. Four PLATINUM stars for this episode! Wow!
  • A great episode in the Family Guy Series

    A very good episode,may not be what I thought it was but it was funny like when Stewie made a fool out of Hitler.Some parts disturbing, but an episode that cannot be missed and a good installment in "The Road To" episodes!I've watched Family Guy and it's hilairious.My favorite episodes are:"DaBoom","Blue Harvest","Stewie Kills Lois","Lois Kills Stewie", and
    "Road To Germany" and pretty much every episode of Family Guy,this is why I watch this episode because it's funny so please,nobody hate Family Guy and I'm sure there will be more cool,hilarious,fun episodes.But anyway "Road To Germany"is one of the best action episodes yet
  • Not the best "Road To" episode, but it was good.

    I must admit I was a little disappointed when I first watched the episode since I have heard fan's opinions about it and I was expecting something greater. It had funny parts, of course, but half of it was them fighting the nazis, which I found boring by a time. In other words, it didn't give me what I would expect from a "Road To" episode, I mean, no singing? But that's what highlights these episodes from others! Although they did attempt to, but that just brought my hopes down. I liked that they gave Mort an important role. Another thing I noticed is that this episode didn't have a B plot, which is very rare on the series. So, I guess I have more cons than pros, but, since it made me laugh often, I have to say it was an ok episode overall.
  • Mort Goldman accidentally steps into a time machine and winds up in 1939 Poland in the middle of the Nazi invasion. Brian and Stewie follow him to Nazi Germany in an attempt to save him and bring him back to the present safely.

    Defiantly an improvement over the past two episodes. I personally am big fan of the Road to episodes. In my opinion they do a great job of balancing all the elements of a family guy episode. And this was no exception there were laughs,action,80's movies references,political humor, but sadly no musical. The episode did a good job of showing off Family Guy's higher than average budget featuring superb action sequences. While the action was less elaborate than the Peter vs chicken fights its sure was entertaining and sometimes goofy. The soundtrack to the episode was another triumph in itself boasting the full orchestra that has made Family Guy special as well bringing shame to all those shows that still use classic Carl Stalling music as soundtracks to their "unique cartoons". Now for the offensive factor I'm surprised to say this episode was a lot less offensive that I thought it would be. Defiantly less than the whole "scare Jew" thing. Overall this episode was in my opinion a classic of the series. My only complaints no musical number and not enough Hitler screen time.
  • I found it pretty good.

    Mort Goldman accidently mistakes Stewie's time machine as a bathroom and therefore enters it, so Stewie and Brain follow it into the past to find him. It took them a while to figure out that it was September 1st 1939, the day Nazis invade Poland and began World War II. Since Mort is Jewish, he is in grave danger, and the time machine is lacking chemicals so they sneak into Hitler's place to grab some Uranium. Overall, I think this episode is underappriciated. I found it much better than the previous Season 7 episodes and maybe it's finally back on track in my opinion. The McCain/Palin joke was hilarious, and was incredibely random, but hey, that's the Family Guy style.
  • Half decent, the best laugh was the McCain/Palin joke.

    In tradition of the family guy "road to", comes this latest one where Mort desperatley wants to go to the toilet but instead comes across Stewie's time machine and goes back in time. Stewie and Brian follow after him and are soon stuck in WWII Germany, which makes things worse because Mort is Jewish and has no idea where he is. This episode is not bad, but not great either. The animation is great (particularly the bi-plane bit) but the laughs are only occasional and somewhat forced at times. No where near the likes of the first "Road to" which is Road to Rhode Island.
  • I don't watch this show to see the creator's political opinions.

    I'm sorry, I have nothing against political humor, or humor that is incredibly offensive, but if I wanted to see someones political views, I'd read their wikipedia article. I'm not saying I do not like this because it contradicts my own views, but it just pushes the envelope to far in regards to show political agenda. If the writers are really that desperate to get like that into the show, then it is time to end the series. The humor was stiff, though I did get some minor laughs throughout the episode. All and all, very disappointing, and I hope the rest of the season goes better.
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    I laughed a lot in this episode! One of the best of them all. Stewie is fantastic as usual and the references to other movies (Back to the Future and IJ: Temple of Doom for example) are fantastic. The priests part is amazing.

    They should really do more episodes with just Stewie and Brian, cuz I think they have awesome "cartoon chemistry" on screen. Actually all the "Road to Somewhere" Episodes are great exactly because of that chemistry. Like that episode when they go get Rupert back from the rich kid...

    Lets just hope more episodes will be as good as this one. (And Blue Harvest, which is fantastic.)
  • Nazi Germany, British & Jewish Jokes, Pop References, Queen guitars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Stewie, Brian, Mort... whats not to love?

    Laff out loud jokes. Only Family Guy could take the Invasion of Poland and make it hysterically funny. Whilst not my favourite "Road" Episode (Road to Europe takes that prize), this was a great from start to finish. Stewie's total lack of affect.. "oh Nazi's... there's a suprise". Mort being Mort. The "McCain/Palin" Campaign button on Stewie's SS uniform, and the Brian's classic "I don't know... maybe because they don't have any oil" Oh my god, i nearly died laffing at that one. Messerchmit BF109's that actually look like Messerschmit BF109's and a Flash Gordon reference. Its all there. Top Notch, loved it. Great episode, Great show,
  • Mort enters a time mahcine and manages to send himself back to 1939 Poland. Since Mort is a Jew, his predicament should be obvious, so Brian & Stewie go back and try to rescue him while insulting Nazis and righ wingers today everywhere they go.

    OMG that was so hilarious. I just love when that show makes fun of WW2, Hitler and post-war nazis. One wonders if Stewie is a Project Paperclip nay inserted into Louis to kick off the fouth reich.
    Apparently Seth McFarlane and his writers have been busy reading Jim Marrs, Webster Tarpley, Joseph Farrell or some such because the entire episode -- while making fun of the God Awful Nazis as we Europeans do alot -- is a warning about the post-WW2 nazis both in South and North America and their covert influence through finance, intelligence, space and science.

    Brilliant and very, very funny! Looks like a great season.
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