Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 3

Road to Germany

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Stewie, Mort, and Brian sneak onto the U-Boat, they're seen by a Nazi who makes a mistake in his German...instead of " mit einen Dog" he should have said "mit einem Hund".

    • This is the first "Road to..." episode to not feature a musical number. Stewie and Brian try to start one, but are interrupted by Mort.

    • This is Stewie's third trip into time (the other two being Mind Over Murder and Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure) as well as Brian's second trip into time (the other being Meet The Quagmires).

    • One of the Nazi uniforms that was stolen had a McCain-Palin campaign button on it.

  • Quotes

    • Stewie: Germany is producing weapons of mass destruction? Why doesn't America just go over there and kick their asses?
      Brian: I don't know, (slowly turns to face the screen) maybe because they don't have any oil.
      Stewie: Ooh! Clap, clap, clap!

    • Nazi: (to Mort) Are you really a priest?
      Stewie: Oh, yeah, yeah. I can vouch for him. He's molested me many times.

    • Stewie: Uh-oh.
      Brian: What?
      Stewie: My time machine has been activated.
      Brian: Time machine? I didn't know you had a time machine.
      Stewie: Yeah, I built it after I got bored with that European See and Say.
      See and Say: The pig goes Wank.
      The Cow goes Sha-zoo.
      Stewie: It most certainly does not.
      See and Say: The rooster goes Chickory-gee.
      Stewie: Where? Where does the rooster say that?
      See and Say: The monkey goes Makawk.
      Stewie: Oh no no no, it does not.
      See and Say: The elephant goes Thwomp.
      Stewie: Yeah, kinda.

    • (Brian & Stewie walk into a Hebrew church)
      Stewie: Uh, excuse me. We're looking for a Mr. Goldman.
      (Every man in the church raises their hand)
      Brian: Mr. Mort Goldman.
      (Half the men lower their hands)
      Stewie: He's a small business owner. Tends to whine alot. Kind of a hypocondriac.
      (The half that lowered their hands raise them again)
      Stewie: No, no! You can't put your hand back up after you've put it down...You know what, never mind.

    • Mort: Hey guys, can I poop in here?
      Brian and Stewie: No!
      Mort: Too late.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Top Gun

      Stewie refers to Brian as "Goose", which is a allusion to the movie Top Gun.

    • Jerky Boys

      During the scene where Mort is talking about what the Nazis would do to him if he were captured, he uses phrasing from his Jerky Boys prank phone call CDs featuring the character Sol Rosenberg.

    • Coca-Cola Commercial

      "Mean" Joe Green: Hey kid, catch.
      (Tosses the uranium to Stewie)
      Stewie: Thanks "Mean" Joe!

      This is alluding to the Coca-Cola commercial where a kid gives Joe Green a coke and in return "Mean" Joe gives the kid his jersey. The commercial aired in 1979 during the Super Bowl. This joke was previously used in the episode 'Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater' except it was Peter in that episode instead of Stewie.

    • Indiana Jones

      When Mort, Stewie and Brian escape the crashing plane on an inflatable raft, they're referencing Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, while the chase scene featuring the Nazis on motor bikes resembles Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

    • Disneyland

      The motto displayed outside of wartime Berlin -- "The Happiest Place On Earth" -- is also the motto of this theme park.

    • German Scientist: We're having much better luck developing this impressive collection of 100 Luftballons. (One of the balloons bursts).

      A reference to a song called 99 Luftballons by Nena from 1983.

    • German UBoat Soldier: Ach! unsere Unter See Bootsen schtielen mit ein dog und baby und Art Garfunkel.

      Mort Goldman is mistaken for Art Garfunkel who is an American singer/songwriter (born 2 years after this episode is set). He was, however, of Romanian Jewish descent.

    • Star Wars

      When Stewie, Brian and Mort steal the German officers uniforms, you can hear a spacelike gunshot. This gunshot is similar to Star Wars when they shoot the Stormtroopers for their uniforms.

    • Little Shop Of Horrors

      Rick Moranis' explanation of how he saw Mort step into the time machine with the aid of the back-up dancers was set to the tune of Da-Doo from the classic musical.

    • Back To The Future

      This episode had a lot of references to Back to the Future. The way Stewie and Brian enter 1939 is similar to the way the DeLorean appears. During the scene where Brian, Stewie, and Mort are being chased by Nazis, the music playing during the scene where Marty is being chased during Biff and his gang. Also, Stewie uses a custom-made skateboard to escape the Nazis and leaves them to crash into a manure truck, just as Marty did.

    • Duck Soup

      The mirroring scene between Stewie and Hitler is a reference to this Marx Brothers film.

    • Flash Gordon

      The scene of the winged soldiers attacking the German planes is a reference to this film.

    • Blues Brothers

      After the German piloted U-Boat crashes on the sea floor a number of police cars pile up alongside it. This is a reference to The Blues Brothers, where several times while chasing Jake and Elwood the police end up in large pileups.