Family Guy

Season 2 Episode 13

Road to Rhode Island

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 30, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

MAIN PLOT: The episode begins with Brian in therapy. He recalls his early life at a puppy mill, and being taken away from his mother. His therapist tells him that he has abandonment issues.

Back at home, Brian volunteers to go pick Stewie up from Palm Springs, where he is visiting his grandparents. Stewie is less than impressed to see him, but they both go to the airport, where Brian eventually gets drunk at the airport lounge. When Stewie goes to get him to the flight, he leaves the bags unattended and they get stolen, and so did the plane tickets. Brian and Stewie are stranded in Palm Springs.

SUBPLOT: Lois buys a video designed to help her and Peter's marriage. Peter is less than enthusiastic, until he actually watches one (with Lois having been told to leave the room) only to find it's a porno video, and the host sucks Peter into buying more videos to see more skin.

MAIN PLOT: Stewie and Brian wake up to find their credit card has been declined and they get kicked out of the hotel. After stealing a car, they escape to a truck stop, where their car gets impounded. They manage to escape, but they have no transport. Brian (over Stewie's protests) calls Lois and tells her he exchanged their plane tickets for train tickets and they'll come in ten days.

They jump on a truck filled with Mexican immigrants, and arrive in Austin, Brian's birthplace. Brian claims that "fate brought me here for reasons unknown."

Brian travels to his childhood home, where he learns that his mother's dead. To add insult to injury, she is now bzeing used as a table. Brian decides his mother deserves a proper funeral. He and Stewie take her to a park, where they dig a hole and bury her.

SUBPLOT: Peter has bought several of the relationship videos. When Lois realizes what he is doing, she records over the video a sexy clip of herself. Peter sees this, and is immediately attracted. He and Lois start making out.

MAIN PLOT: Brian and Stewie are on a rail car, where they muse over the journey before eventually bursting into song.
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