Family Guy

Season 2 Episode 13

Road to Rhode Island

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 30, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This episode tells us that Brian's birthplace is Austin, Texas.

    • Stewie left Rupert the Teddy Bear in the Palm Springs airport, but he's seen in several later episodes.

    • During the night at the Motel, five gun holes are clearly visible above Stewie and Brian's bed. In the morning when Stewie wakes up to answer the phone there are seven gun shot holes above the bed.

    • The sign in front of the motel reads Prostitutes: Ask About our Continental Breakfast.

  • Quotes

    • Betty: Is that Brian? Oh, and you brought a little friend. Well, I bet you're a hungry little fella.
      Stewie: Yes, I bet you lost your virginity to a mechanical bull. Now change me!

    • Brian: Listen kid, there's something I've been meaning to tell you.
      Stewie: Ugh, you're not coming out of the closet, are you? Why does everyone always come out to me?

    • Stewie: (while riding Brian) Walk slower, dog! My Huggies are already holed up in Box Canyon!

    • Chris: Okay, Meg. I'm thinking of another word. This time it's definitely not kitty. Can you guess what it is?
      Meg: (annoyed) Is it kitty?
      Chris: Ahh! Get out of my head! Get out of my head!

    • Chris: Hey! Meg! Guess what word I'm thinking about right now. And it's not kitty.
      Meg: (annoyed) Car.
      Chris: No.
      Meg: (annoyed) I don't know, apple?
      Chris: No, give up?
      Meg: (annoyed) Yeah.
      Chris: It was kitty! (laughs)

    • (Brian and Stewie buried Brian's mom)
      Brian: Say something.
      Stewie: What?
      Brian: Just say something please.
      Stewie: For god's sake. Um... "Yea, and God said on to Abraham, 'You will kill your son Isaac'. And Abraham said, 'I can't hear you, You'll have to speak into the microphone.' And God said, 'Oh, I'm sorry. Is this better? Check, Check, Check. Jerry pull the high end out I'm, getting some hiss back here.'"
      Brian: Say something about my mother!
      Stewie: Oh yes, I'm sorry. I never knew Biscuit as a Dog, but I did know her as a table. She was sturdy, all four legs the same length...
      Brian: Thanks. That's enough.
      Stewie: Yes. Requiem in Terra Pax, and so forth. Amen.

    • (They are playing 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon in a stolen car)
      Stewie: ... Montgomery Clift, who was in From here to Eternity with Burt Lancaster, who was in Atlantic City with Susan Sarandon, who was in White Palace with Kevin Bacon. There.
      Brian: Nice. Nice. Except that was James Spader in White Palace. Moron.
      Stewie: Oh, Mr. Snippy.
      Brian: Look, I just need some time to think. Alright?
      Stewie: Oh, yes. You have got lots to think about, haven't you? Public Drunkeness, Grand Theft Auto...
      Brian: You left out the part where I made you smash you're head against the winsheild.
      Stewie: Huh, I don't recal...
      (Brian slams on the breaks, which propells Stewie forward into the windsheild)
      Stewie: Well, I suppose I walked right into that one.

    • (Stewie is trying to sleep in the motel. Brian has passed out from the alcohol. Stewie wakes up because there are two men on the other side of the wall talking)
      Thug 1: You got the stuff?
      Thug 2: Yeah, I've got it, Where's the money, Huh? I want to see the money.
      Thug 1: No, no, no. You don't see the money until I see the stuff.
      Stewie: Oh for god's sake, there is only one way to put an end to this nuisance. (Yells) HE'S WEARING A WIRE!
      Thug 1: What? You son of a...
      (There is gunfire, as bullet holes appear in the walls. Then you hear a body drop to the floor. Stewie yawns and goes back to bed).

    • Stewie: Hello, operator? Oh god, that's right. You have to punch in the numbers nowadays. I should now this... ah yes... (punches numbers) 867-5309. Now wait, that's not it. Damn you Tommy Tutone! Well, there is only one thing to do... (punches numbers) 111-1111, Lois? Damn! (punches numbers) 111-1112, Lois? Damn! (punches numbers) 111-1113...

    • Redneck: I don't trust you. You put your seed in my daughter's belly, you're fired!
      Pilot: But Pa, you can't fire me!
      Redneck: You're lucky you're my brother too, or I'd kill you.

    • Stewie: (being licked by Brian in his sleep) Ooh! That's it, Mister Giraffe, get all the marmalade...

    • Brian: (In a drunken voice) I'm, I'm not drunk, alright? I just have a speech impairment. (throws up) And a stomach virus. (falls off the barstool) And an inner ear infection.

    • [On a train trip back to Rhode Island, Brian & Stewie start singing]
      Both: We're off on the road to Rhode Island
      We're having the time of our lives
      Stewie: Take it, dog
      Brian: We're quite a pair of partners
      Just like Thelma and Louise
      Except you're not six feet tall
      Stewie: And you're breasts don't reach your knees
      Brian: Give it time
      Both: We're off on the road to Rhode Island
      We're certainly going in style
      Brian: I'm with an intellectual who craps inside his pants
      Stewie: How dare you!
      At least I don't leave urine stains on all the household plants
      Brian: Oh, pee jokes
      Both: We've traveled a bit and we've found
      Like a masochist in Newport, we're Rhode Island bound
      Brian: Crazy travel conditions, huh?
      Stewie: First class and no class
      Brian: Whoa, careful with that joke, it's an antique
      Both: We're off on the road to Rhode Island
      We're not gonna stop till we're there
      Brian: Maybe for a beer
      Whatever dangers we may face, we'll never fear or cry
      Stewie: That's right
      Until we're syndicated, FOX will never let us die, please?
      Both: We're off on the road to Rhode Island
      The home of that old campus swing
      Brian: We may pick up some college girls and picnic on the grass
      Stewie: We'd tell you more, but we would have the censors on our ass
      Brian: Yikes
      Both: We certainly do get around
      Like renegade Pilgrims who were thrown out of Plymouth Colony
      We're Rhode Island bound
      Or like a group of college freshmen who were rejected from Harvard and forced to go to Brown
      We're Rhode Island bound!

    • Stewie: Go on, hot wire it!
      Brian: Hot wire? I don't even pump my own gas.

    • Hotel manager: Open up or I'll hit you with this blunt instrument I use to hit dead-beats with bad credit cards. Well, it's not an instrument, it's more of an object, but it's blunt, hard and blunt, and well ... it's kinda like a bat. I found it out back one day when I was raking.

    • Girl: (next to Brian at a bar) I think you've had about enough.
      Brian: Well, I... I think you're wrong, you... you increasingly attractive looking woman. You know, you're... you're really pretty.
      Girl: Oh, stop!
      Brian: No. I'm... I'm serious... You could... you could be in magazines. You could! And not just Juggs or Creamsicle...
      (Lady walks away)
      Brian: Call me!
      Brian: (Looks at bartender) She won't call.

    • Stewie: You remember that episode of the Brady Bunch where Bobby saved Greg's life and Greg became his slave?
      Brian: Yeah.
      Stewie: Good. It's on tonight. Tape it for me, and put a nice label on it.

    • Brian: Stewie and I traded in our plane tickets for train tickets. Yeah, apparently you can do that.

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for an Emmy for 'Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour or Less).

    • According to an interview with Seth MacFarlane on Planet Family Guy, one of the many DVD commentaries cut from the Volume 1 DVD was a commentary on Road to Rhode Island featuring Brian and Stewie.

      However, after the show was renewed, this commentary was featured on the "Family Guy: The Freakin' Sweet Collection" DVD.

    • This episode was cut after the events of September 11th 2001, to remove a scene involving Osama Bin Laden sneaking weapons aboard an aircraft by copying Stewie's use of singing show-tunes to distract baggage handlers when his weapon-filled suitcases go through the X-Ray machine. The scene is missing from both Region 1 and 2 DVD releases of the episode and from the version of the episode that airs on Cartoon Network, due to the fact that Fox opted to include the censored version of the episode when the network acquire the rights to the series. It is also shown in its unedited version on the DVD release "The Freakin' Sweet Collection".

    • A scene where Peter watches Dr. Rebecca take her bra off was cut, and has since been leaked on to the net. Apparently it was never meant to be made public (being cartoon pornography and all) and the crew made it as a joke.

    • In many interviews, Seth MacFarlane has cited this as his favorite episode.

  • Allusions

    • Stewie: Montgomery Clift who was in From Here to Eternity with Burt Lancaster who was in Atlantic City with Susan Sarandon who was in White Palace with Kevin Bacon. There.
      This is a reference to the now infamous Oracle of Bacon at Virginia website, also commonly known as the "Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon." By entering the name of ANY actor or actress, the website can trace he or she back to Kevin Bacon, by relating said actor to less than seven other actors or actresses.

    • Planes, Trains & Automobiles

      Stewie: That's it Mr. Giraffe. Get all the marmalade.
      This scene, with Brian and Stewie "spooning," is a reference to the 1987 film, Planes, Trains & Automobiles. It features Steve Martin and John Candy in two very familiar roles of comedic opposites forced to travel with each other, using any means necessary to try and get home (Hence the title).

    • Road to Morocco

      Brian And Stewie: We're on the Road to Rhode Island...
      The title of the episode and the song is a parody of a song in the movie Road to Morocco with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. The tune of the song is identical.

    • The Brady Bunch

      Stewie: You remember that episode of the Brady Bunch where Bobby saved Greg's life and Greg became his slave?
      The Brady Bunch was a show that ran from 1969 to 1974. This quote is actually a goof as well. It was Peter whose life was saved.

    • Tommy Tutone

      Stewie: 8-6-7-5-3-0-9. That's it. No wait that's not it. Damn you Tommy Tutone!
      Tommy Tutone was the group that performed this 80s tune, "867-5309/Jenny."

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