Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 9

Road to Rupert

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on FOX

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  • Best episode ever

    Loved it
  • Great Work, Seth Macfarlane and Dan Provenmire!!

    This was a very good episode, I liked the musical number and the opening credits and it was very funny
  • Brian sells Stewie's teddy bear; Meg has to drive Peter around

    Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale. Stewie, who is upset with Brian, takes him cross country to Colorado to find his beloved teddy, and ends up having a ski-off to win back Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter loses his license, so Meg has to drive him around. This one was superb and while it doesn't beat the first Road to episode, it was enjoyable and a little better than Road to Europe. My score was lower because I thought the dance sequence where Stewie is dancing with Gene Kelly (which is a parody of the Tom and Jerry cartoons) was kinda a waste of time. I remembered one other flaw but I forgot. Otherwise, this episode had a bunch of funny parts like Peter's car stunt which made him lose his license, the talking monkey, all of the cutaway here, Mayor West's role here, Peter watching SpongeBob, and more. I cracked up the most in the last part which Stewie yelling "get out of the f***ing car!" Overall, Rupert was my third favorite Road to episode. 9/10
  • Road to Rupert.


    Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale. Stewie, who is upset with Brian, takes him cross country to Colorado to find his beloved teddy, and ends up having a ski-off to win back Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter loses his license, so Meg has to drive him around.

    I liked the episode alot

    I liked Meg's plot a little better, but both plots were great. But that 3 minute dancing scene was so unnecessary and that is what lowered my score


  • Brian accidentally sells Stewie's teddy bear Rupert at the garage sale and when Stewie gets upset about never seeing Rupert again, Brian and Stewie travel to Colorado to get Rupert back


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Family Guy". My score was just a tad low because I didn't like how Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland were treating Meg when she was driving them around. Brian accidentally sells Stewie's teddy bear Rupert and then Stewie gets really upset about it. Brian and Stewie go to Colorado to win back Rupert by beating the owner at a ski-off. Mayor West's appearance in this episode made me laugh very hard. It thought it was hilarious when Peter was getting Joe furious and then Joe hurts Peter. Meg driving around Peter was very funny. I was laughing very hard when Peter was watching "SpongeBob SquarePants" in the car. Meg beating up a guy that crashed her was very funny. Peter starting to like Meg more was good to see and the things that they both done together were hilarious. Stewie losing the ski-off but gets Rupert back by throwing hot tea in that little boy's face was very funny. I also thought that the song that Stewie was dancing to was good to see. Peter saying that he and Meg will be "secret friends" for now on was good to see. Although, Peter should still be nice to Meg when he is around the family but I guess it was nice start for a Peter/Meg relationship. Overall, an excellent episode of "Family Guy". 9.5/10

  • Funny Episode.

    When Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale, Him and Stewie follow the man who bought him to his new home in Aspen, Colorado.

    I think this is a very funny episode. I loved Peter's imaginary TV Show My black son. I also loved the live action scene with Stewie dancing with the sailor. But the best part of this episode was when Stewie and Brian carjacked the guy with a blank starting gun. That was very funny.

    The sub plot was awesome too. Peter loses his liscense after performing a Evil Kneivel stunt with his car. So Meg has to drive him fron now on.

    Overall Grade:87%/B+
  • road to rupert

    "If only I had rockets in my skis, oh wait, I do have rockets in my skis."

    Such a Robot Chicken joke, but it worked here tonight. This episode of Family Guy saw Brian and Stewie go out on there own as they sought to find the person who bought Rupert at a garage sale. The episode featured their tremendous chemistry and banter, and was essentially the follow up to their previous search for Brian's mom during the original Family Guy.

    This episode is on TV literally all the time so I would suggest you check it out when it is on.
  • Basically, Stewie and Brian go on an adventure to get Rupert back while Peter and Meg have some time together.

    We waited like a month or two for a new episode and this is what we get, an okay episode. Seriously, I'm not really fond of the old "Road to..." episodes. This episode was just decent. I only laughed a couple of times compared to the past episodes. What I didn't really like the most was when Stewie did the old dancing thing with Mr. Kelly. I found that part a waste of time and basically and most probably a filler. There was nothing funny about Stewie dancing with a guy, it was a bit disturbing.

    Other than that, it was a decent episode. Not the best, but eh, not everything is perfect. I just hope future episodes would be a lot funnier.
  • eheheh?

    Like always, there were a lot of things to laugh about here. The usual concept of role reversal was put into full effect as Peter is once again portrayed as an immature child, and hilariously so when he gleefully watches Spongebob Squarepants as Meg drives her around, and Stewie the grown up that has seen and done everything, like car jacking someone to get back home. Though like always, there are a couple of things that make you go wtf? The other side of the pillow joke made you go ummmm cool? The 80's sitcom parody was pretty funny though because it really does capture the opening themes of 80's sitcoms.
  • One of the best episodes of Family Guy.

    I loved this episode.It was very funny and it could be a good episode by the fans.I loved it when Meg beated up that guy after she got mad by Peter and his friends.That part was very funny and I loved that part.I loved that part when Peter watches Spongebob and the episode The Camping Episode.It was like one of the best moments of this show.I loved where Stewie hijaked this dude and stole his car.That was like one of the best endings ever and it was one of the funniest moment of this episode.I can say that it's one of the best episodes of this very funny show.I love this episode and this show.It's very funny and I loved it.
  • Season 5, Episode 9.

    Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale. Stewie, who is upset with Brian, takes him cross country to Colorado to find his beloved teddy, and ends up having a ski-off to win back Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter loses his license, so Meg has to drive him around. I enjoyed the Zule scene, even though I didn't see it, my friend told me about it. I liked the Mayor West scene, and when Stewie had those cool skis. Haha they set Meg's hat on fire and she beat the guy up. I usually don't like these journey episodes, but this one was enjoyable. Pretty good.
  • Probably not as strong as Road to Rhode Island but all the same, I can count my blessings because I loved this episode

    Probably not as strong as Road to Rhode Island but all the same, I can count my blessings because I loved this episode.

    Tonight we're shown a third Brian/Stewie episode and this time, it is a search for Stewie's poor Rupert. This episode had the fantastic Brian and Stewie story and how we as an audience are taken through a whole lot of laughs and are obviously completely satisfied because this episode was impressive. The new bond between Meg and Peter was a real inspiration to the show, while Brian asks a crazy but funny question: "How much to borrow a helicopter?", lol. The adventure to rescue Rupert was fabulous and then the finale where Stewie and Rupert's new owner ski-raced down to the bottom of a mountain was greater.
    Though, I never expected Stewie to loose!!! Oh well, it still had a great and unforgettable ending to another series classic episode.
  • Read review

    Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale. Stewie, who is upset with Brian, takes him cross country to Colorado to find his beloved teddy, and ends up having a ski-off to win back Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter loses his license, so Meg has to drive him around. When Stewie lost the ski-off and then killed the little boy i laughed so hard i was on the floor. I loved the spongebob joke, and the flintstones joke. stewies montauge covering up Jerry was fantastic and so was peters song "My black son". The entire episode was excelent and i give it a 9.6....................
  • What the hell is this?

    As a family guy fanatic, I'm used to this wonderful comedy, but this episode was just plain stupid. First of all, it had such a stupid plot. I know the writers can do better than a story about a dog and a baby traveling to another state to rescue a worthless doll. Second, a stupid musical took up like four minutes of the entire episode. I felt that the writers just got too lazy to think up of anything to go along to this dumb story. Meg's sub-plot is the only think that stops me from giving this episode a 1.0, since I thought it was actually good to see Peter and Meg bond.

    Overall, this is a pretty bad episode compared to some of the good ones, and I expect something better from Seth MacFarlane.
  • Good when you look at the whole episode; a couple dull scenes.

    The Griffins have a yard sale to sell off products which they no longer require, but Brian inadvertently sells Stewie's teddy bear, Rupert. Brian takes Stewie to the toy story to try to find a replacement but ends up admitting he accidentally sold it. At the sale, Peter attempts to purchase Evel Knievel gloves, despite them already belonging to him. He decides to use the family car to jump over a row of civilian cars, but is unsuccessful and results in his drivers license being revoked by Joe.

    Lois organizes Meg to become Peter's personal driver, where he makes numerous attempts to annoy Meg, including allowing for her hair to be set on fire when traveling with his friends. Meanwhile, Stewie attempts to retrieve Rupert by tracking DNA samples against the federal database from the money Brian was handed in exchange for Rupert. They discover the man who bought the teddy lives in Quahog, but upon arrival - they discover the house is deserted. After seeing the removal truck and following it, with Mayor West driving, they discover the man now resides in Aspen, Colorado. In order to get over the mountains, the pair hire a helicopter after performing a dance for the man in the office, but it crashes down the mountain, next to the entrance to Aspen.

    Reluctant to give Stewie the teddy bear, Stanford, (the buyer) and his family organize a race down the mountain, so if Stewie is the first down, they are allowed to take Rupert away with them and if Stanford wins, he can have Brian. Stewie loses the race, but resumes to grab Rupert after his personal butler pours hot liquid in the child's eye, and the two car jack a passing motorist and return to Quahog. Meanwhile, Peter becomes Meg's secret best friend after she beat up a motorist who insulted her after accidentally hitting the family car, but Peter, in an attempt to keep up appearances to the family, goes back to treating her badly in front of them
  • Best of this season

    This episode is Hilarius. At night Adam West watches Romancing The Stone just then in the movie he puts the Green Stone in his chin and then Joan Wilder goes in his chin when there where men here. In the news Tom Tucker talks about todays news just then there was this black man who talks about what is he doing is funny on this part. In this episode Meg Griffen loved Brian Griffen so they went for a date for a dance, shopping and more. Just then when Brian Griffen was stuck she took her clothes off except her underwear that she loves Brian Griffen. Just then Meg decides to see Quagmire. At Quagmires house he took his clothes instead of his underwear. After Quagmire was talking to Meg Griffen then went out Quagmire with girls had sex. This episode is Hilarius you will love Meg Griffen in this episode and so does Brian.
  • lol

    awsome episode and its very silly some silly parts were: meg beating the cr@p out of that guy in the road, stewie carjacking some one, and some mor stuff oh yeah and the other part was when peter dident give joe his licence and joe hit peter in the stomich it was real funny i think SO FAR to me this is one of thr funniest though the other episodes can be more funnier then this one in the future i also liked the part when peter and his friends were drunk and then quagmire got a lighter and burned her hat and meg was screaming then clevland got beer and wiped it out this episode is real funny :)
  • Good all in all.

    I like the Road To episodes they're all good and this one is the best yet, I mean it's just hilarious : it has a good plot, character bonding and brilliant jokes.

    First off the Meg-Peter plot was good, I like how now they're secret best friends after Peter starting to appreciate her after she drove him and his friends around, then beat the crap out of a guy in which she had a car accident.

    The other plot was good, Brian and Stewie on their 6th road trip what's better? not much. The thing that got this episode such a low score was the musical number it featured and how long it went for, I mean 3 quarters of it was just a live action peice from an old Disney film with stewie and a guy dancing, I HATE THAT, Death to the live action musical number!!!, I really like the rest of the episode but.
  • Peter loses his license impersonating Evil Knievel, and is forced to use Meg as his personal driver. Brian sells Rupert and has to take Stewie on an epic journey to find the bear. Peter secretly bonds with Meg, and Stewie has a ski off to get his Teddy

    This episode was very revealing as it showed different sides of the characters. Due to the time spent in the family car Peter and Meg actually bond and it’s revealed that they can now have a secret friendship, which is a nice twist. Also, Stewie and Brian bond as they travel, even going so far as carjacking some guy Grand Theft Auto Style. Also, Stewie has a HUGE dance scene which is just very weird and out of place, but well done as its clear Stewie’s a seasoned professional who never misses a beat. The Ski scene was good, and the final part when Brian and Stewie they just snatch the bear and run is classic.
  • Great to see Stewie and Brian back in action!

    Stewie and Brian travel to Colorado to get Ripert back after Brian sells him at a garage sale.

    I always loved these episodes, especially the one where they go to England, and whilst this one wasn't as good as that one, it was still a fantastic episode. I love Brian and Stewie, i think they're great characters and they're so funny together.

    The ending was classic.. After Stewie loses the skiing race, i was wondering how they were going to get out of that little situation and the result was not only unexpected, it was hilarious too!

    Very funny episode, whilst it wasnt exactly original, it was still a good episode and it was very enjoyable, 9/10 from me!
  • Brian accidently sells Rupert in a garage sale and he and Stewie go to Colorado to get him back.

    I don't think it was a bad episode but it could have been better, I tought they were going to get better after Barely Legal because I found that one really funny. To me the funniest part was when Stewie and Brian did the carjack I couldn't stop laughing!! Meg driving Peter around was kinda funny but still the episode did not live to my expectations, anyway I hope the next one gets better because I don't wanna start thinking like those people who say that the show is going down hill because I really like this show a lot.
  • Silly

    This is another cool episode of Family Guy. These are my favorite parts of the episode: 1) Joe asking for Peter's license and Peter not giving it to him. 2) Did you see the way Meg beat the crap out of some guy on the road? 3) I so loooooooved the part when Stewie carjacked some guy and said, "GET OUTTA THE (bleep)ING CAR!" This was such a good episode!
  • I'm sick and tired of people complaining about the unoriginality of this episode. I agree, it wasn't it's best, but do NOT complain that it's crap because they are using the Brian/Stweie storyline again, or it's "too random": that's what Family Guy is!

    As I said, the plot line wasn't the best, however I still really enjoyed this episode. What kind of stupid comments are coming from people saying "they don't care about their viewers anymore". Idiots. The Brian/Stewie storyline proves very popular with viewers, and is, in my opinion, one of my favorite type of storylines. I love when Brian and Stewie get together, and have adventures.

    As for the tap dance sequence, I love this type of humour. It's just completely random. I love it. It shows the brilliance of their mind. It's not bloody plagarism, whoever complained that it was. They're taking a clip that is fairly well known, and parodying it somewhat by putting Stewie in their instead. As for the Spongebob clip, again, it is NOT plagarising: plagarism is unlawfully using material that isn't rightfully yours, without gaining permission. Family Guy got permission. It's funny in that it's a grown man is acting like a child, through the idea that he can be consoled through childish things such as that. Peter isn't the most original character, almost an elaborated Homer. However, he is hilarious, and I feel Seth Macfarlane does it brilliantly. Those of you complaining about the humour in this quite frankly don't get family guy and ought to watch something else and stop complaining. It's acute humour entwined within the slapstick.
  • Stewie and Brian go off to Aspen, Colorado to retrieve Rupert whom Brian sold at a yard sale. Meanwhile, Peter is driven around by meg because he lost his license attempting to be Evil Canevil

    This episode seems like a filler episode and should have been better since they had a five week break between episodes. But, all in all it is hilarious and has great classic Family Guy moments. Typically, Brian and Stewie go off on thier own un-noticed by Peter and Lois?... on a raod trip all the way to Aspen. Of course peter gets into idiotic trouble and someone has to bail him out. It still has great flashbacks and references. But still, I am not entirely sure if that dance routine reference is an old Shirley Temple movie or what? Someone wanna confirm for me?
  • The 3 third episode of the "Road to" trilogy has a lame and absurd plot, yet it's still funny as hell.

    Although the episode plot was lame, the gags made up for this episode.

    The "Meg and Peter" bonding was good to see because this character has long deserved respect. I like how in the begining of the episode Peter is so stupid gets his license revoked after trying to imataite Evil after re-buying his OWN NASCAR gloves from thier garage sale also the ending carjacking scene with Stewie and Brian was a riot.

    Favorite Quote:

    Peter: Hey Lois! I don't tease you just because you work at Burger King.

    Lois: Peter, I DON'T work at Burger King.

    Peter: Hey Lois! I don't tease you just because(mumbles gibberish).

    (Man Stops at traffic light. Stewie runs up to him with a handgun.)

    Stewie: Get Out Of The Car! Get Out Of The (BLEEPING) Car Man! Get Out of The (BLEEPING) Car Or I'll (BLEEPING) Kill YOU! Hurry Up and Get Outta Of The (BLEEPING) Car, NOW!
  • I can understand why some people would be disappointed in this episode but it was still good to me!

    It was cool to see at the end that Stewie was still evil, the way he cheated in the ski race, made his butler throw boiling liquid on the little kid, and steal that poor random guy's car.
    Some bits were a bit lame, especially the dance bit, which definitely dragged on a bit too long, but most of it was pretty good quality, with some great jokes and a few flashbacks, another good episode but undoubtedly a little bit of room for improvement.

    Humour 9/10

    Plot 7/10

    Overall 8/10
  • Theres only one way to describe an episode like this... "Lame"

    Just when Family Guy started showing faint signs of y it was brought back we get this piece of crap. The plot was average for a FG episode, which means it was poorly thought out and somewhat rushed. Once again we were subjected to Childish Peter, doing what children do, not very original or funny for that matter. The whole Peter and Meg being secret best friends just seemed like the writers were trying to shut anti meg-bashing fans up w/o having to change the show. But hey no1 watchs FG for the plot right. The jokes make the episode watchable, right? WRONG!!!

    Yet again most jokes were bland, unoriginal and tedious. I really didnt need to see Stewie superimposed over Jerry Mouse dancing with Gene Kelly for 5 minutes. Lets face it thats practicely plagurism and not a joke. It just shows that the writers dont care if they show garbage that probably took 3 minutes to think up in some sort of half baked state, because ppl will watch, in fact i could have thought of that if i didnt think it was too stupid and lame.
    Also Peter watching Spongbob Squarepants is NOT a joke and far closer to plagurism then parody(which makes me wonder wat Harvard was thinking when they asked Mcfarland to do a speech for graduation, I guess the Unabomber was busy that day). I used to watch Spongebob at a friends house but we didnt laugh at each other because watching a tv show is again NOT a joke. Add something to it, not just show it unaltered, because that just shows how uncreative many of these jokes r. The Stewie as Satan joke from 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles' wasnt too original either but i guess that can slide. Besides that there werent any notable or funny jokes.

    All in all a very unoriginal episode that a walrus(or perhaps manatee) could have written. This episode was clearly a tribute to how little the writers care about their loyal viewers.
  • It may have been unoriginal but i still loved it.Family guy is to stay.

    This show was great because there were so many well understood references, like the star trek one, where it shows rupert like spok was in the photon torpedo shell and was sent off to Genesis in Star Trek II! I loved that scene. Too bad the script was no so original, however i still give it a 10
  • I'd always thought of this episode as being a cynical repeat of a concept that has been done to death. Then I actually watched it.

    This episode sucked. It may not be a very good way to say it, but that was all that could be said.
    Like I have said many times, the Brian/Stewie roadtrip concept had been done twice before, but this episode absolutely did it to death. The jokes and gags were lame, the plot was a repeat of the first two roadtrip episodes and there were absolutely no redeeming features in this episode whatsoever. That was the most disturbing part for me personally, as even the worst Family Guy episodes generally have a few redeeming jokes, which this episode absolutely lacked. Overall, an absolutely crap episode with no humour or plot, and should signify the death of Brian and Stewie roadtrips.
  • "oh no if only I had rockets in my skis o wait I totally have rockets in my skis!" lol there episodes keep getting better aren't they m.r kelly

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