Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 1

Road to the Multiverse

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2009 on FOX

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  • Ideologically well-connected

    Unique episode
  • Excellent

    This was one of the best episodes of Family Guy ever. I loved the song "It's a Wonderful Day for Pie". I thought the ending was hiarlous.

    The writers put work into this episode. Deserves an award.
  • Classic!

    This is one Family Guy episode I can watch over and over again. Pie is absolutely priceless
  • Road To......

    This one was creative interesting and yet and Stewie visit so many different great Road To episode
  • The Best Road To Yet

    The funniest one. the most interesting one, and the most original one yet! There was not one universe where I didn't crack up at. I liked all of them where Christianity never existed, and the happy face and sad faced one. But my favorite part was the gotta poop universe! Ha!
  • road to the multiverse

    a real good one would be if they made another road one and met the sliders or the sliders met them
  • Creative, original, and perfect.


    Brian and Stewie go on another road trip through alternate universes using a special remote control. Including a post-apocalyptic world, a parallel world run by dogs where humans are pets, and the Robot Chicken universe.

    This episode was funny, creative, and I recoomend this episode to any fan of the show.


  • Finally! A Family Guy episode where everyone loves (expect for like 1-2 reviewers). =) Defenitly the best episode for season 8.


    Brian and Stewie go on another road trip through alternate universes using a special remote control. Including a post-apocalyptic world, a parallel world run by dogs where humans are pets, and the Robot Chicken universe.

    As I said in the introduction, I'm glad to have a Family Guy episode where most reviews are positive. I'm just sick of the constant bashing for this show as well as the constant negative reviews in almost every episode on Family Guy. Anyway, this episode was a perfect start for season 8 and it was the best by that season. While season 8 has a few weak episodes, this season was very good and a huge improvement from season 7 (which was just mixed bag for me). I laughed at pretty much most of the parts here, but my top 5 funniest parts were Flinstones age multiverse, Japanese multiverse, Robot Chicken multiverse, Brian picking up Stewie's poop, and the dog multerverse. Overall, a perfect Family Guy episode. It is one of my top 10 episode for the show since its revilation. 10/10

  • perfect


    what i liked- Stewie's big pig, the Disney universe, the ending of the episode, the Robot Chicken universe (Especially the insult Stewie throws at Chris, whose VA is the creator of Robot Chicken, which I'm sure you know), the universe with the guy who shouts compliments, the universe with the pictures of things (the house and the compliment guy), etc.

    pretty good episode. it was cool to see all kinds of different universes and there were some good laughs along the way. A+ is going to be my final grade for this episode.

  • Very creative! One of the best of season 8.

    I thought this was an excellent season opener for Family Guy. The plot of Brian and Stewie traveling to all the different universes was very creative and executed quite well. All of the universes were very interesting to see, especially the Disney universe and the universe where dogs and humans reverse roles. The artwork in this episode was also very impressive, especially in the Disney and Robot Chicken Universes. It takes a lot of talent to dulpicate the style of art from other shows and movies, so I applaud the creators for that! As well as this, there were some hilarious moments, such as Stewie's pig, Chris winning a homosexual guy as a prize, and the very end. Overall, this is one of the most creative and funny episodes of Family Guy I've seen, and it's one of my favorites of season 8! Final grade: A+! Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • OMG!!! this is absolutely positively one of my favorite "Family Guy" episodes of Season 8

    First of all, this is like absolutely one of my favorite episodes of "Family Guy" and I'm glad that this episode got so many positive reviews. If you think that this episode is terrible then you must be not getting enough sleep. I love this episode so much and I would definitely recommend it to everyone for those of you that haven't seen the episode yet. Even if you're not a Family Guy fan, you should watch this episode because it is very impressive, creative, and absolutely hysterically hilarious. I thought it was very funny when Chris won a homosexual guy as a prize at the fair in the beginning of the episode. Stewie bringing a giant pig was weird but hilarious. All of the universes that Stewie and Brian traveled through was absolutely hilarious and there isn't one universe that I hated. There were the Flintstones universe, two-headed universe (one head is happy and the other head is sad), Disney universe, Robot Chicken universe, the weird block universe, and even a universe where dogs are humans and humans are dogs and a couple of more universes as well. All of the universes made me laugh non-stop all the way but the universes that are absolutely my favorite were the Disney universe, the weird block universe, and the universe where dogs are humans and humans are dogs. I must say that I was very impressed how the writers actually made Stewie, Brian, and the others look all Disney animated and they all looked cute and I loved the pie song in the Disney universe... it actually feels like I'm watching Disney (LOL). I thought Peter as a dog was very cute and funny. It also thought the human Brian was absolutely hilarious. It was very funny when human Brian came with Brian and Stewie to Quahog at the end of the episode and then human Brian walks away and gets hit by a truck (which they didn't show, you can just hear a sound). Overall, absolutely one of my favorite "Family Guy" episodes of Season 8 and even if you aren't a Family Guy fan, you must watch at least this episode... trust me, it's worth 30 minutes of your time. 10/10
  • Possibly my favorite episode.

    When Stewie wins a prize for having the best pig at a fair, he shows Brian how he got such a genetically perfect pig. He built a device that takes him to different universes, known as the multiverses. The universe where he got the pig was one where christianity was never invented, and scientific knowledge is many years ahead. Meg is also hot, there are flying cars, and you can go to the bathroom by just saying "poop". They go to explore more universes, such as the japanese universe, the flintstone univerese, and a universe where everyone has two heads. One is happy, one is sad. Stewie soon realizes he can't make the device go home, so they are randomly switching from universe to universe.

    They end up in a Disney universe, where they sing about pie, a robot chicken universe, a New york Times poltical cartoon universe, and a weird blocky universe, and many more. They finally end up in a universe where dogs are in charge, and they keep humans as pets. Brian loves the universe, and just when Stewie has the device fixed, Brian breaks it. They wind up at the Dog Griffins house, and Stewie sees his puppy self. The puppy Stewie knows what is happening to Stewie, and he says its just the shuffle button. Stewie goes to tell Brian, but he ends up in the pound. Brian, puppy stewie and human Brian go to rescue Stewie from the pound, and they finally get back home in Quahog, but human brian followed them there. He walks out, and says he is going to make something with his live. But he gets hit by a car.

    This was a fantastic episode, and it deserved this extra long review, probably my longest.

    Overall Grade: 100%/A++++
  • Imaginative, but stupid.

    While this was a creative way to kickstart Family Guy's new season, it really was low on laughs. These Brian and Stewie episodes are loved by many, but to me the show is truly an ensemble effort, even if the chemistry is strong among the two, you still need more than that to create a good 30 minute episode.

    As always, the best scenes involved the real dog stuff such as Brian's tail wagging when a walk or a ride in the car was mentioned, but getting angry when Stewie brought up a bath, but outside of that there really was nothing too memorable.
  • One of the best episodes I've seen since the show was revived

    In yet another "Road to" episode, Brian and Stewie travel to... other universes! This episode is extremly imaginitive and funny with great universes and a cutback on the number of cutaways here, only 2. The universes here are great, with my favorites being the disney one, the one where dogs rule over humans, and the one where Meg is actually attractive (even though she's still unattractive there lol.) I also liked how close to their human counter-parts the dogs were in the dog world, and Brian being a human, but still ruled over, was funny, and him getting hit by a car was funny too. Overall, a really good episode, one of the best since it's revival by FOX. 10/10 A+
  • I do not consider myself a fan of family guy anymore. I loved it when it first started to resurface and loved it till the 5th season. But this episode was actually pretty good but...

    This episode was good but it had some major problems. First the biggest problem I have with it is the whole utopia that was created since that catholic church was never around. It seems that Seth pushed a little to much of his religious view's into this part. I don't if life would be better if the church was never around but I doubt it would because there would be someone/thing to take its place.Family guy is not the animated series to have any actual political/religious message to it. I hope Seth stops this now and doesn't continue like this.
  • * Good Season Opener. Only Problem was that the Storyline was so unoriginal...

    It was a good season opener after that lame season finale on May. But there were still problems like...

    * The storyline was absolutely ''Wait? Didn't I see this before?!'', very unoriginal. How many times do we have to see Brian/Stewie travel into the future?

    * Peter farting on Meg's face. Didn't we see this a few times before? We get it, enough.

    However, it still wasn't that bad. My favorite was the Disney parts. lol!

    I also felt like watching Futurama when they were way into the future. Liked that.

    Overall, 7.5. Hope the writers can manage to keep FG fresh this season. * Problem with all the new episodes is: they overuse everything. Why overuse ideas/characters when they could keep everything original and classic!
  • Stewie takes Brian on a trip to other universes including a universe where Meg is a sexy maneater. And a universe where every one is in disney vision and Brian is event cuter.

    I have to say this episode was wonderful to watch. I loved the universe where Meg was a beautiful bombshell. I though for a moment that Brian would try to hump her. I loved the Disney universe. Lois made a sexy Snowwhite. I thought Brian was cute before but him as a disney version was event cuter. I never though that Dog could get any cuter but somehow it happend. Seeing Meg as Ursula the witch from The Little Mermaid made me laugh so much I started caughing. I could feel myself smiling thoughout the entire episode. A great start to season 8.
  • Best episode in a while!

    This was a great start to a season that might be really great. I liked the disney universe the best, like, "It's a wonderful time for pie!!!" lol! XD How did they animate it like a disney movie? It looked just like Beauty and The Beast's animation. Herbert was also a substitude for the witch in snow white! OMG lol!!!!! There was also a random out of nowhere scene where you get to see Stewie and Brian what they would look like in reality. gotta love that. The dog-human universe was pretty funny also when the Griffins were dogs and Brian was a human. Whoever wants a funny Family Guy episode, go watch this one. What are you waiting for? watch it!

    Grade; A++++++
  • One of the best new Family Guy episodes!

    "Road To The Multiverse"

    Grade: A

    So we've had a couple of "Road to" episodes in Family Guy, from Road To Rhode Island to Road To Germany. Most of the middle ones have been hit and miss, but Road To The Multiverse manages to be funny the whole time, which is quite rare for a Family Guy episode nowadays. With barely any cutaway jokes to focusing on an idea that's not so original, Road To The Multiverse takes advantages of these different Universes and as a result is a superb Stewie and Brian episode overall. Quite possibly the best episode from Season 8.
  • When traveling to another universe, be careful not to toy with it.

    At a fair, Brian sees that Stewie has won in the pig completion and see a genetically altered pig, with fists. After recovering from the pig's punch, Brian asks Stewie on where he got it. Stewie tells Brian on a device that allows him to travel into different parallel universe. The device has them at the same place and time, but the conditions are different. They first visited the place Stewie got the pig, where without religious repression, the world is millenniums ahead of time. After the little tour of the universe, they decide to explore life in different universes. They includes a Flintstones like world, Japanese-Taker, two-header, a Disney-universe, and even a post-War world. However, when they land in a world run by dogs, the device broke and needs to be fixed. They visited the Griffin Family, in dog-form, and meet a Human Brian and a dog Stewie. However, when Stewie bites the Dog Peter, he is taken and Brian is told to get a trash dog. When he asks, the Human Brain explain that Stewie was given an automatic death sentence. Brian knew Stewie's time was running out, and there was a way home. It just so happened, the Human Brian and the dog Stewie had the device they once had, and they'll to free Stewie. Can they get him back in time and back to their universe?
  • best road to episode

    other road to episode this one is the best so far in this one Stewie makes a parallel universe traveling gaget and Stewie and Brain go to another universes and this like fariy odd parents channel chasers and the charcter designer must of draw a lot of design or got other designers and I like when Stewie and Brian went to the robot Chicken universe LOL and it was funny when they go to a universe were Stewie and Brain are in real life that was lol and they go to a world we brain will look like as a person but he dies
  • Road to the review!

    Road to Multiverse was THE episode to show someone who hadn't seen Family Guy. In my opinion, it was the best out of the whole season. The different styles of Art to differ the universes made me admire the artist on the Family Guy team. My favourite universe was the Disney universe. The songs and characters deffintely made the episode worth watching. I was amazed to see Brian in human form and stewie as a poodle. I was incredibly thankfull that it wasn't an episode in which Seth MacFarlane uses characters to express his political views which is most of the latest episodes. Hopefully the next episodes coming up will be as good, or maybe even better than this one. It gets an A*
  • A very awesome episode!

    The new season of Family Guy started really well for me. I loved the plot to this episode, with Brian and Stewie travelling through the Multiverse.

    One of my favorite parts was when they went to the Japanese universe, and I also loved the Disney universe.

    It was really great to see all of the alternate universes, especially the futuristic one, where Meg is actually attractive!

    I also thought that Stewie was ridiculously cute as a puppy. What a cute little poodle!

    I also loved the ending to the episode, when Human Brian escaped with Dog Brian and Stewie, only to get hit by a car.

    This episode was great and really funny!
  • Family Guy is just full of lulz.

    Although like all Family Guy episodes, this often makes parody and references to a lot of different things in popular culture, but somehow the episode gives us this feel of a grand adventure in just a short span. When we see Stewie and Brian finally getting back to their team, it feels almost as if hours of journeys has passed. Though the focus will always be the comedy and you know Family Guy, it never fails to disappoint with its ridiculous and over the top scenarios, such as how America would be like if the atomic bomb was never dropped, how Quahog would be like if it were Disneyfied, in Robot Chicken, amongst other ludicrous situations. Very good season opener.
  • The proof that Family Guy can still be funny in different artstyles. Disney, Robot Chicken, Newspapers and real life child and dog, can family guy get any more diverse in the art department?

    With three prior Road To... episodes, you would think that the premise of the episodes would get rather stale. The old road trip of two guys (or in the case, baby and dog) has been used time and again in movies, TV shows and family guy itself right?


    Well, entertainment comes in a ripoff of Quantum Leap, the mentality and art of Walt Disney, the creation of one of the cast members and a massive outlet to the furry community. Time to put the petty wordplay aside and get down to synopsising this thing...

    The whole thing starts on a Clam Day fair where Stewie tells Brian that he won a ribbon for the most "genetically perfect pig". Stewie explains the multiverse theory and the device he has to travel between univeri. The take a stop in a Quahog that looks 1000 years in the future but is in the same time and date as Quahog Alpha, as i shall refer to it. In this universe, which I will call "non science repression Quahog" or "NSRQ", Poop gets removed by simply asking in mid-air "one poop removal" and the cure for Aids is in the same pill as cold and flu.

    The next leap leads to a flintstonesque Quahog where Peter and Lois talk "rock sex" to one another. Stewie gets bored of this and suggests to leave, to which Brian replies "Rock yeah."

    They then end up in Japanese Quahog where Meg commits suicide, Peter farts and Lois gets decked. Not very much to comment on except the legitimacy of the Japanese/Eglish translation. I don't thing it is genuine, but I'm not fluent in Japanese.

    Next is a universe where everyone is two-faced. You think this is a figure of speech but everyone genuinly has two heads, one happy, one sad. This universe only serves to prove that Stewie is gay or at least in love with himself.

    Leading into the break, Brian and Stewie are traped in a block of ice with no way to move, with the crap removed from Brian's bowels in the NSRQ universe. Neither can reach the remote, but after Stewie says that Brian could probably get it because he's stronger, Brian's tail started carving the Ice. Stewie then proceeds to bring the most exciting things for dogs to the table for both of them to escape. Stewie, forgeting dogs are colour-blind, tells Brian to hit the red button. The big one.

    The next universe is one where everyone needs to poop at the same time. Think about the sewers after that backlog of ****!

    At last, we reach the world where "All dogs go to heaven" meets "Snow white". This leads to the Quahog cast singing "It's a wonderful day for pie." Compared to the other Road to... songs, this could be a tiny bit better, but I guess the Disney style did make it lack a certain FG spark. Stewie says that they should stay in this universe, but when Mort comes into the picture, the Disney mindset of anti-semeticism leads to a beating to death and Brian telling Stewie to "push the button".

    We now find the plasticene universe that is Seth Green's Robot Chicken. Chris sees toys from certain cartoons and seems extatic until Stewie asks "how does it feel to be on a major network for 30 seconds?" Chris shouts an obscenity before Stewie and Brian warp out.

    The next four are only worth a small line each, so here goes.
    Mayor McCheese gets assasinated instead of Kennedy.
    A universe which looks twice as bad as the artwork from the Tracy Olmond show Simpsons and has voice acting to the level of the original Biohazard.
    Brian comes to his ultimate fantasy universe.
    Stewie comes to his.

    The next one has Stewie as a real-life baby in yellow T-shirt and red dungeries and Brian as a Labrador. A Nintendo DS replaces the multiverse device and links to the "lets do the hop" episode. (Peter: You don't want to mess with drugs. I did once, big mistake. Things got way too real.) Stewie says he feels weird and they warp out.

    The next one has Stewie holding a platter saying McCain Phinegold and Brian had a sash saying Liberal. This is supposedly a Washington post political cartoon, but I'm british so I don't know.

    The next warp goes to a universe that seems like nothing but it is inhabited by one far away man that yells compliments. This links into the next warp into the misleading potraiture universe where Brian is tricked into thinking that he is back in Quahog Alpha whilst Stewie is tricked into thinking that the compliment guy is in this universe too.

    The penultimate warp leads to the "Man is dogs best friend" universe. After fiddling around with the device, Stewie thinks he's got the device fixed. Seeing as Brian just got a good licking from a human female (Bestiality anyone?) Brian plays keep-away with the device and Stewie ends up whacking it out of Brians hands and blames him when it breaks. Stewie decides to play role reversal and craps on the grass and tells Brian to "Pick up (his) poop!"
    After some time wondering, they wind up at the Griffin household where the dog version of Stewie offers to send him home. After Peter taunts Stewie, he bites Peter, to which Joe arrests him and tells Brian to bring a bin bag to the jail tommorow. H.Brian tells D.Brain that if a human bites a dog, they get euthanised. D.Stewie and H.Brian help D.Brian break H.Stewie out. They suceed in getting Brian and Stewie back to their universe, to which H.Brian follows.

    Back in Quahog Alpha, Peter farts in Meg's face to confirm the universe that they are in. H.Brian says that he will make his way out into the world only to get killed at the end of the road after being runover.

    In my personal opinion, this episode took chances that only South Park would have made in the past. I feel that this episode is one of the few gems since season 3, the other being "I dream of Jesus." Only time will tell if the next road to... episode will be anything worth as much as this one.
  • Solid premiere, had some VERY funny moments

    I liked this premiere.. I went into it with sort of low hopes, not expecting too much from it, and I was pleasantly surprised. The episode was rapid fire, and had Brian and Stewie jumping from one universe to the next with barely twenty seconds to absorb what was going on. The low pixel universe, as well as the one with the guy who compliments people were the best. Not all of them were great (people who have to poop at the same time? Really?) but the concept itself was pretty creative.

    The only problem I had was that since the show already relies upon a break from reality right in the middle of plotlines, this felt like one non-sequiter moment after the other. It makes for good laughs, but it can grow stale after awhile.

    Family Guy blows American Dad and Cleveland Show out of the water. The eighth season premiere simply proves this point, as both of McFarlane's other shows are simply mediocre.
  • One of the best episodes of Family Guy that I have seen in quite some time! :idea:

    Just when I thought there was no possible way for Family Guy to break anymore 4th walls in a single episode than they already have, the writers, the animators, the creator, and the vocal talent have all gone beyond the call of duty by providing us a whirlwind of funny ideas populated throughout a multitude of parallel universes each with different possibilities of humor and comedy! :D There's a universe where Christianity never existed and the Dark Ages never happened! :idea: Human society is a 1,000 years more advanced, there's a cure for A.I.D.S., and even Meg looks gorgeous in this universe! 8) There's a universe where everyone always feels they need to use the restroom; there's a universe where everyone lives like The Flintstones in the stone age; there's a Robot Chicken universe (hooray for Seth Green!); there's a universe where characters represent a New Yorker political cartoon; there's a universe populated by red fire hydrants; there's a universe populated by strong, hot guys; there's a universe where everything is drawn by Walt Disney; there's a heavily pixleated universe; there's a universe where America never dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, meaning the Japanese never gave up fighting; there's a universe where Richard M. Nixon got elected in 1960 and botched the Cuban Missile Crisis and started World War III; there's a universe where Brian and Stewie look like a real dog and human baby; there's a universe where everyone has two heads, one is always happy and one is always sad; and there's even a world where everyone who was a human is now a canine and everyone who was a canine is now human. Only it's the canine's who run the world and using the human's as pets! Eventually though, Brian & Stewie finally make it back to their own universe with Human Brian in tow! Human Brian leaves to make it on his own, before unfortunately being hit by a car! But I think he will survive. :) This was a great episode, and I hope there are many more in season eight! Enough said! ;)
  • Great Start to a new season.

    After a disappointing season 7, Seth MacFarlane has somehow miraculously revived the Family Guy that we love. The writers were just too lazy in season 7 and they made it far too evident with the storyline and the flashbacks. This season though has started really well and raised the expectations of the fans.In probably the best 'Road to' episode, Stewie and Brian travel through multiple universes (a universe with no Christianity, Disney universe, Dog universe, et al) only to break the teleportation device and get stuck in one of the universes. A great episode with some great moments. I just hope that the rest of the season will maintain the hilarity and creativity of this episode.
  • Using a device Stewie invented, he and Brian go on a trip through different parallel universes. Finally culminating in a universe where dogs are the masters. I find the Brian/Stewie episodes are generally the best.

    Enjoyable premiere episode and the best of the Animation Domination opening night of the Fall season.

    I enjoy both the characters of Brian and Stewie the most and find that the episodes they are featured in are almost always the best. I guess they are a little less frenetic in a way or maybe not as random. There generally is a pretty good story involved in those episodes.

    Tonight we see them going from universe to universe sampling their different lives depending on the rules of the universe. I actually pretty much liked everything having to do with this episode. It was a little strange at the end with the dogs and people reversing roles, but that's what Family Guy is all about. Always being a little strange. Thanks for reading...