Family Guy

Season 2 Episode 10

Running Mates

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Right before Peter's speech about the pornography as Tom Tucker is reporting his eyebrows disappear.

  • Quotes

    • Stewie: Oh dear, look where my hand is. I said look where my hand is. It's in a very naughty place. (Brian sees that Stewie has his finger up his nose) Does this not disgust you?
      Brian: Kid you're talking to a guy who uses his tongue for toilet paper.

    • Brian: What's the matter? Miss your mommy?
      Stewie: (laughing) Oh, yes. Yes. That's it. That's quite good. I miss my mommy. I also miss colick and rectal thermometry.
      Brian: Whatever you say... Mama's boy.
      Stewie: Blast!

    • Peter: (reading speech papers) A parent giving porno to their kid is a terrible thing, but I'm here to tell you I'm innocent. (The people in the audience begin to disbelieve him.) I didn't give those magazines to my son. My wife... my wife… Lois (His perspective--The people in audience morph into Lois, then see's Lois in the audience.) Lois! (He then sees James Carville.) Ahhh! (ditching speech papers) Aw, crap. My wife Lois is the most important person in the world to me. I gave my son those magazines. Even worse, I turned a beautiful gift from Lois into something cheap and tawdry. I just wanted to win so bad. But now I know there are some things more important than winning. Lois I only hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
      Lois: (with a respectful look) Oh, Peter.
      (She runs to the podium to kiss Peter and give him a hug.)

    • Brian: Uh, you guys, Chris's principal just called. Chris is in trouble.
      Studio Audience: Oooooh.
      Peter: Oh, that's it, I'm calling the cops.

    • Cleveland: There's quite a crowd outside. I haven't seen pandemonium like this since Ridiculous Day down at the deli, where prices were so low, they were ridiculous.

    • Peter: (About the School) When I'm done, our students will be so smart, they'll be able to program their VCRs without spilling piping hot gravy all over myself.

    • Peter: Ooh. (Grabs half of sandwich and holds it to his nose) I'm Lois. Look at me with my bright ideas and my pointy nose. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na.

    • Stewie: (thinking to himself) Splendid. How delightful it would be to have mother back.
      Brian: (thinking) I heard that.
      Stewie: (thinking) Damn!

    • Stewie: You should be out there giving speeches, shaking hands, kissing babies!
      (Lois kisses Stewie)
      Stewie: Not THIS baby!

    • Man: My Lord! All these kids are looking at pornography!
      Tricia Takanawa: What kind of pervert gave you kids this filth?
      Boy: Chris Griffin. He got it from his dad.
      (crowd stares at Peter)

    • (Chris and Meg are watching the campaign on television)
      Chris: Go, Dad!
      Meg: (turning to Chris) He can't hear you.
      Chris: (yelling at the television) Go, Dad!!!

    • Peter: (during the debate) Well, I-I have always cared deeply about young people. As a rich college bound student I once joined some underprivileged youths in saving a community center from being converted into a shopping mall. (crowd cheers)
      Lois: Peter, that wasn't you. That was Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" in Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo! You watched that last night... (crowd boos)

    • Peter: Hey, Lois, what's with the sign?
      Lois: Peter we discussed this, I'm running for school board. You never listen to me.
      Peter: Oh yeah, I remember. Hey Cleveland, hey Quagmire. (pauses) Hey, Lois, what's with the sign?

    • Peter: Well, a lot of nasty things have been said during this campaign. But pictures are better than words because some words are big and hard to understand.

    • Peter: Lois, you've left me no choice but to beat you the only way I know how. By killing you! the race for schoolboard president.

    • Peter: I know, you're a feminist, and I think that's adorable, but this is grown-up time now and I'm the man.

    • Lois: A woman is not an object.
      Peter: Your mother is right, son. Listen to what it says.
      Lois: Peter!

  • Notes

    • The sign outside the debate says on the top Tonight: Griffin Debate, and on the bottom, covered with a postponed label, Tomorrow: Procrastinators Convention.

    • Here is the definition of huguenot, that Peter described himself as. Webster's Dictionary defines huguenot as: a member of the French Reformed communion especially of the 16th and 17th centuries

    • During the end credits we see Peter's old teacher walking the hallway and being shot by the hall monitor robot.

  • Allusions

    • Diff'rent Strokes

      Peter: ... the world don't move to the beat of just on drum. What might be right for you may not be right for some...

      Peter's opening statement for the debate contains the lyrics to the theme song from "Diff'rent Strokes."

    • One Day at a Time

      Peter: Ah. No, this is it. This is life, the one you get so go and have a ball.

      Peter's opening statement for the debate begins with the lyrics to the theme song from "One Day at a Time".

    • Richard Nixon

      After Peter resigns as school board president, he boards a helicopter with Lois and turns around to give a salute, the same way Richard Nixon did after his resignation.

    • Peter, during his debate against Lois, closes his speech with the phrase, "Sit Ubu, Sit. Good dog." This is a reference to UBU Productions' closing line, featuring a photo of Ubu Roi the Dog holding a Frisbee in his mouth.

    • Tricia: Mr. President, you've accomplished so much in just a few short weeks.
      Peter: Thanks, Connie.

      Peter mistakes Tricia Takanawa for Asian broadcast journalist Connie Chung.

    • Peter: She freed Willie Horton...

      This is a jab at Michael Dukakis, who was once a supporter of the furlough program for prisoners. This resulted in convicted murderer Willie Horton receiving a weekend furlough, who used this opportunity to rape a local woman after nearly killing her fiancé.

    • My Fair Lady

      Stewie sings "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" when talking about Lois.
      Rex Harrison sings the same song in the movie "My Fair Lady."

    • The Monday Night Debate sign on TV is a spoof of Monday Night Football on ABC.

    • Singers: Vagina junction, what's your function? Taking in sperm and spitting out babies.
      This is a parody of Schoolhouse Rock's famous "conjunction junction" song.

    • The Facts of Life Peter: You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you opening statement.
      Peter's opening statement for the debate ends with the lyrics to the "Facts of Life" theme song.

    • ED-209

      ED-209: You have five seconds to show me a hall pass.
      This is a reference to the movie RoboCop. The ED-209 was an automated enforcement unit that would say "You have 10 Seconds to Comply" before pumping the perp full of bullets.

    • Lois: Winning without honor isn't really winning at all. Isn't that right, Milli?
      Refers to the Best New Artist Grammy scandal. Milli Vanilli won the grammy in 1990, but then it was revealed that they actually did NOT sing on their album.