Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 19

Save the Clam

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 05, 2013 on FOX

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  • Good to see Jerome again

    It's about time they brought Jerome back. I was wondering what happened to him after "Jerome is the New not my favourite character but he seems alright and it was a nice touch having him buy the Clam at the end.

    Gotta slightly agree with FX on this one. The episode started off hilariously! The baseball game was pretty funny, especially the stupid lesbian joke ;)

    While I didn't feel as sad to see Horace go. If it were Moe from the Simpsons it might have been a different story! But it was still kinda sad.

    I loved the scene when the guys got drunk. That was worth a good few laughs. But the Meg and Chris plot was a little pointless. Now the problem is that Chris and Meg, in more recent episodes, barely say anything compared to the earlier episodes. Therefore I don't feel as interested in their brother-sister relationship as I do with, let's say, Bart and Lisa.

    Now I'm not shrugging Family Guy off at all. I LOVE the show and will continue to do so, but I did lose a little interest near the end. Considering the Clam has been such a central place for the guys, there wasn't much of a battle to save it, and I didn't quite see the point of Joe leaving only to return. However, Peter's childish attempt to cover a wall drawing of Joe hanging did make me smile.

    Overall, first half was much better than the second half and the writers need to develop the bond with Chris and Meg.
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