Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 4

Saving Private Brian

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on FOX

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  • Funniest comedy ever

    Original and creative.
  • Brian and Stewie join the military; Chris joins a band

    Chris is approached to join the military. Brian goes to the recruiting headquarters to voice his opinion, when Stewie signs himself and Brian up for the military. They pass Boot Camp and are shipped to Iraq, where they try to get honorably discharged by doing anything they can. Meanwhile, Chris decides to join a goth band. Another perfect episode. Season 5 will definitely be a little improvement over season 4. Both of the plots were very funny. I liked the main plot better. Brian/Stewie's plot: laughed at Brian thinking that Stewie got something from the Onion, Stewie shooting the guys (who which the fans were getting tired of...but they'll eventually return in Back to the Woods as ghosts), Stewie signing up Brian, and many more. Funniest was the latter part when Stewie said hell yeah and Brian smacks him as well as when Brian got shot. Chris' plot: Not as funny as the main one, but still has its moments like Chris screaming when the piano landed on him, Mayor West's appearance when he was playing poker with the dogs under the school, the song (which is named after the evil monkey that live in Chris' closet), Chris acting like a goth, and the last part of it. Overall, another funny excellent done episode for Family Guy. 10/10
  • Great until another couple of characters were killed off.


    Chris is approached to join the military. Brian goes to the recruiting headquarters to voice his opinion, when Stewie signs himself and Brian up for the military. They pass Boot Camp and are shipped to Iraq, where they try to get honorably discharged by doing anything they can. Meanwhile, Chris decides to join a goth band.

    a very funny episode until Vern and Jonny were killed off.


  • Another great episode!


    I thought this was an excellent episode. The story was great and it was very funny for the most part, although I think I liked the subplot slightlymore than the main one. The main plot just sort of bored me a little. Some of the funniestparts of this episode include the obstacle course Brian had to do,Chris singing the song about the evil monkey in his closet, Stewie and Brian pretending to be gay, and Peter not knowing if Marilyn Manson was a man or a woman. I also thought the Wizard of Oz cutawayand the one with George Bush were funny. The ending was also verysatisfying to me. Overall, this is one of the better season 5 episodes I've seen, although it probably isn't one of my all-time favorites. Final grade: A. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~

  • One of my favorite episodes of "Family Guy"

    I thought that this was absolutely a hilarious episode of "Family Guy" and it's one of my favorite episodes. I thought it was great that Chris joined the school punk band after he was brainwashed into enlisting in the army. I thought it was funny when Stewie signed up himself and Brian in the army. I thought the Wizard of Oz cutaway was hilarious. The George W. Bush cutaway was also hilarious. It was funny when Mayor West was playing poker with the dogs in the basement of Chris' school. I thought it was hilarious when Brian had to do a military training course and he passed. I thought it was funny when Stewie and Brian were getting ready for war in Iraq and then Stewie was missing up on the signals. It was hilarious when Brian and Stewie were pretending that they were gay by making out with each other and then Stewie says "Oh my gosh, look how gay we are, we are so gay then Brian says "That's right, I'm.. I'm a homo then some guy says "Any room for one more", and then Stewie says "Hell yeah" and Brian slaps Stewie. It was hilarious when Stewie shot Brian in the foot and then Stewie faked that he got shot in the foot and then Brian shot Stewie in the foot after that. There were many more hilarious moments as well but I can't name all of them. It was great that Peter asks Chris if he wants to go fishing with him because Chris joined the punk band because he has been feeling neglected. Overall, one of my favorite "Family Guy" episodes that made laugh so hard. 10/10
  • Umm, it's okay, but still good.

    This episode is okay, but it is still good, just not great. There weren't any "Memorable" Family Guy lines in this episode. But, I still liked the part where Brian was trying to shoot Stewie, and Stewie pretends he's hit by the bullet, but gets hit anyway. That was pretty funny.

    Any really great, hilarious flashbacks... I don't think so.

    Then, the obstacle course. That was pretty funy, with all the random stuff. I still can't believe Brian got a rubix cube so fast, but hey, it's a cartoon. And, it's funny.

    So, I'd give it an 8.5 for some pretty good laughs. Watch this episode stil, you'll like it, but it won't be your favorite.
  • Still getting better.

    This episode was one of the very funny ones.I loved that flashback of George W. Bush trying to get a slinky down stairs and he freaks out when it does go down the stairs.That part was very funny.But the thing I hate about this episode is what Marlyn Manson said to Chris.I think that he would never say that and it would not be true.I loved it at that obsticle course when he fixed a Rubix Cube,played Perfection and finded Waldo.Those scenes of the obtacle course was like one of the best parts ever.I loved this episode and it was funny.
  • Season 5, Episode 4.

    Chris is approached to join the military. Brian goes to the recruiting headquarters to voice his opinion, when Stewie signs himself and Brian up for the military. They pass Boot Camp and are shipped to Iraq, where they try to get honorably discharged by doing anything they can. Meanwhile, Chris decides to join a goth band. Mickey Rooney. LMAO! All the brown people you can rape... LMAO! Haha, Robert. Haha Peter! "Whenever my daughter opens her mouth I just want to punch her in the face." LMAO! Haha, Family Guy can be really funny and other scenes are just really stupid, like the kidney stones. Cool episode, though.
  • I loved this episode.

    "Saving Private Brain" is a very, very good episode. It was funny, serious, all mixed together into one awesome half an hour episode. It had a very strong plot, AND a very strong subplot which is something I look for in an episode. Not only that but, this is one of those few episodes of Family Guy I've been able to sit down and watch the whole time. Most episodes, I got tired of all the dry comedy and humor that is supposed to make you wet your pants, but this episode was really, really funny and I loved it. Great episode.
  • An OK episode but too brief and opinionated.

    In this episode; Brian and Stewie get recruited to the army and later sent to Iraq and Chris becomes a rock star at his high school and starts having attitude problems; so Marilyn Manson steps in and clears his head. Cherry Che - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or whatever her name is, penned this script and it's so busy spreading the show's opinions on politics and adolescents that overall it doesn't really appeal to the fans and the few goof cutaways they do have are probably on - par with the average ones from other episodes.However the jabs at Mikey Rooney, Ray Romano, Muddy Waters and The Wizard of Oz are gold. When Stewie breaks the fourth wall by mentioning a past event and then pointing out "no clip?" it is brilliant and a lot of the army bits are good but the political messages about how the Army is targeting students and how gothic bands are promoting suicide and anti - social behaviour quickly kills the fun.

    It's clear the show is against the army at it turns the training session into a farce as they spoof Zinedine Zidane and mention 4 musicals from Broadway and show that Democracy fixes everything wrong with Iraq; sorry about giving away the ending. With this episode we close the curtain on Johnny and Vern; the two vaudeville guys as they're shot dead by Stewie and for good reason as their shtick had gotten old long ago but if Family Guy is at all as surreal as they've established then they'll return in some form. The episode looks and sounds great but the overall content is just not really that great.
  • I love this episode

    A recruitment officer for the United States Army performs an assembly at Chris's school, in an attempt to encourage the students to sign up for a career in the army. The information he gives is factually incorrect, however, depicting boat rides with women in bikinis and other glamorous (but false) images. Unknowing to this, Chris decides he wants to join when he meets the legal age, thus infuriating Lois. Outraged at the army recruitment officer attempting to make children want to join the army through false advertising, Brian drives to the recruitment office to discuss the issues with the officer, much to Stewie's annoyance. Meanwhile, in an attempt to prevent Chris from wanting to join the army, Peter takes him to look at extra-curricular activities at his school, where he shows an interest in a shock rock band. Chris is then made the lead singer by current members of the band, after Peter drops a piano on his foot, causing him to scream.

    When Stewie and Brian arrive at the army recruitment office, there is a twenty five minute wait, so Brian leaves to put more money in the parking meter. In his absence, Stewie cuts into the line of people waiting to see the recruitment officer, and signs himself and Brian up for the US army. Brian and Stewie then begin their training, set under strict guidelines by their supervisor. Brian becomes too stressed by the discipline of the army after failing to complete a marathon, and prepares to go home; however, he is interrupted by Stewie, who informs him that his lack of discipline is substandard, and that he should continue the training until completion, to which Brian agrees. Meanwhile, after being asked by his parents to be quieter when rehearsing songs with the band in his garage, Chris develops an anti-social attitude.

    Brian undergoes the final test of his army training, which includes relationship counselling, completing a Rubik's cube and performing as a waiter in a restaurant, as well as other tests. As a result of this, Brian and Stewie complete their army training, where they are informed that they will be sent to Iraq. They soon find themselves caught in an explosion caused by a suicide bomber, forcing them to take shelter. Meanwhile, in an attempt to discover what is causing Chris's sudden behavior change, his parents inspect his room, discovering a Marilyn Manson poster. In an attempt to resolve the situation, they go to consult him on how his behavior is affecting Chris.

    Stewie and Brian attempt to be excused from the army, posing as homosexuals; however, when this fails, they resort to shooting each other in the foot. However, news abruptly reaches Iraq that the war is over because democracy has suddenly "kicked in", and they're allowed to return back to the United States of America. At the same time, Lois and Peter consult Marilyn Manson, and he comes to the Griffin household, where he informs Chris that he should respect people, whether he is in a band or not. Manson informs Peter that he should aim to spend more time with Chris, as he needs support from his parents.[
  • Good Episode but there was an error.

    When Peter and Lois go into Brian's room and read the wu tang clan CD and the offensive lyrics you will notice the candles behind them are lit but they cut away and back and they are out and in the final scene they are lit again. The episode was good and I seem to like all the episodes where Stewie and Brian go on a cross country adventure.

    When Peter and Lois go into Brian's room and read the wu tang clan CD and the offensive lyrics you will notice the candles behind them are lit but they cut away and back and they are out and in the final scene they are lit again. The episode was good and I seem to like all the episodes where Stewie and Brian go on a cross country adventure.
  • Wooo! I love this one!

    Now here's a great episode, Stewie and Brian kissing trying to get out of the Army, when fearful of having to fight in Iraqu, and Stewie's line when some soldier asked if they had room for one more: "Sure!!!", when Brian quickly slaps him. And of course Brian and Stewie shooting eachother in the foot, great. And let's not forget Chris going goth, I laughed when my cousin when he went goth, I laughed when Anikan Skywalker went goth and I laughed when Chris went goth, it was just great, A chris story always is. Most of my reviews for Season 5 have been good, and this one is also.
  • I thout it was good

    this was a good episode of family guy its really that funny of a episode it was a good episode and some of it was funny some of you probly hated this episode some of you do. I give it a 9 and a some sceans made me laugh hard well that's my review for this episode of family guy bye.
  • This episode puts politics before humor. The result is just not funny.

    I have been a fan of "Family Guy" since the beginning. I was so upset when it was canceled, and jumped for joy when it was uncanceled. However I wasn't hoping for episodes like this. We see the politics of creator Seth MacFarlane. Instead of intending to make viewers to laugh, they try to instill anti-war, left wing politics. I'm not criticizing their political views just their using of Family Guy as a political vehicle to deliver an anti-war message. This episode does have it's funny points, however most jokes center around Bush bashing, and war bashing. We feel like we are being told how to feel, not how to laugh. The audience feels like the writers are trying to trick them, by sneaking these messages in. The result is awkward and unfunny. We can at least take solace in the fact that other Family episodes still continue to be funny even with this occasional episode.
  • What a silly episode.

    This episode rocks! Stewie and Brian join the military. My favorite part #1 was when Stewie killed Verne and Johnny a.k.a. The Vaudeville Guys and he said to the camera, "OK, they're dead, alright? We're not going to be seeing them again." After Brian said ridiculous, Verne told him something ridiculous and sang a song. I even liked his funny dance when Johnny played the piano!
  • After two representatives of the army come to chris\'s school, in a new recruiting scheme, Brian and Stewie attempt to take a stand against this method, but instead end up being recruited themselves and being shipped off to Iraq.

    This is by far the best episode for a while. Despite being a hardcore Family Guy fan, I have to admit that over reason episodes the show has began to decline in quality, but Saving Private Brian has given new life into this classic series, and has to be regarded as not only the best in the series, but one of the best ever made. The plot and the structure was solid throughout, the jokes were hilarious and the characters were as funny as ever. This episode has to be ranked in the same category as the Patriot Games episode, in that it is such a rare occurance, not only in Family Guy, but in any comedy, animated or not, that a masterpiece of comedy genius is produced to this level of quality.

    This episode has put Family Guy a mile ahead of the Simpsons, a show which I have completely lost interest in, as I have not laughed at a Simpson\'s episode for the last two series. They really have their work cut out for them now.
  • This episode is great.....

    This episod is great for the army stuff and i think thats true cause you could find that there a many commercials that say to join the army.Brian was the big star in this one and when stiwie entered them in the army it was so funny and when stiwie shot thous singerd it was priceless.then when Chris joined that band and was making fun of his father and mother was so funny.and i love when family guy makes fun of W. bush.
  • LOL!!! Brian and Stewie join the army, while Chris joins a punk/goth band!!!

    Chirs is interested in joining the army, but Lois, Peter, and Brian think that its a bad idea. So Peter and Lois help him get in an after school activity which puts him in as a lead singer in a punk/goth band! Brian is angry that the army is trying to get high school kids to join. So while trying to tell them off, Stewie ends up having them join the army. Brian doesn't do well at first, and tries to quit until Stewie says that he never finished anything in hIs life! So then he gets drifted to the middle east until they get a demecary governmet. They try getting hurt, and pretending to 'act' gay to get out. But they end up accepting democary. Meanwhile in the band, Chris sings at a school dance, he breacks the floor whil trying to do a stage dive. We get to see Adam West playing cards with dogs. During the time with the band, Chris ends up getting to be rebelious! So Peter and Louis try tosee what happend to their son! They see its Marlin Manson! So they go find him, and Marlin tells them that Chris and Peter need to spend more time together so Chris will be a good kid again!
  • Peter and Brian join the army. Chris joins a band. I'll join the big crowd of people that don't watch Family Guy if the episodes don't improve.

    Army people try and get Chris to join the army. Brian goes to talk to them, and Stewie signs Brian and him up. Meanwhile, Chris joins a band, and begins turning gothic. Chris gets out of conrtol, and yatta yatta yatta. Brian and Stewie go in the army, and go through training. I can't remember what happened next. I think, they wind up not having to go to war. I don't even care. Chris finally quits the band. This episode, along with many many others, sucked. I don't think the show should stay on the air much longer. And finally, StOp ThE fReAkInG fLaShBaCkS!!!
  • the 3rd sub-par episode in a row

    This has been a pretty weak start to the new season. The first episode was to the right standard but suddenly BAM! 3 episodes in a row that do not satisfy the viewer.

    In thise episode we see Brain and Stewie (really who else?) join the army and in a much weaker subplot Chris joins a goth band and ends up treating his family like filth.

    Sadly there worse some problems with the episode because both storys ended really baddly, there were some pretty bad misfiring jokes and the Chris Sub-plot was not funny and to top things off we have the misfortune of hearing Chris sing again. However there were some true moments of brillence in there...moments that make the show still worth watching.
  • Stewie and Brian join the army/ Chris joins a band

    I thought everything was really funny
    ... Gregory Peck, Stewie asking for the clip, etc
    I did not, however, like the part with Marilyn Manson
    wtf was up with that ending? Haha..but the guys in the background with stewie and brian... \"its kind of hard to masturbate with you guys talking\" \"not for me!\"

    I really like Stewie much more the past two seasons when hes not all \"take over the world\" \"damn you vile woman\" and more just kind of gay and funny

    I used to do those choose your own story things

    The Army... Awwww Yeah

    The only reason I\'m writing this review is so that I can put up quotes so I\'m kind of forcing a lot of things
  • rather boring

    This episode is unlike most FG episodes, they usually are way better...

    The episode was okay with occasional funny bits which made it slightly better. For example the car ride with the guys 3 sons, and the part where Stewie and Brian are ambushed by militants and Stewie starts saying random words, gotta love Stewie!

    I thought the life at home bit was rather boring, nothing much happened while Stewie and Brian were in the army.

    I hope the next couple episodes do get better...
  • Funny and interesting, but the ending was strange.

    Chris sees a cool presentation by the U.S. army and wants to join. Lois refuses to let him, and Peter decides to divert Chris’s attention by making him join a rock band. Meanwhile, Brian decides to let his anger off at the army office (for the way they brainwash children into joining), and Stewie enrolls them to the army while Brian is outside the office. Meg is not seen in this episode at all.

    This episode was really funny. Some of the memorable moments were: 1) when Chris falls on the crowd and crashes through the ground to see Mayor West playing cards with animals, 2) the spoof on Gregory Peck’s kids, 3) the way Peter talks about Marilyn Manson, 4) Muddy Waters in the bathroom clip, and various others. However, I thought the ending of both the storylines were a little farfetched, but it was still fun to watch.
  • this is one of the funniest episodes ive seen especially the part with the dad in the car and when his sons are all making a fuss lol love that one and when peter makes a riddle to the body guard

    very good episode i was waiting for it for 4 weeks and it was good. i really like the part when vurn and jonny get killed by stewie lmao kind of sad but lol like. i like the part when the bodyguard gets confused by peters riddle " what gets wetter but drys?" and 10 secs later he says " a towel?". i was dieing when the father of the three same age sons where fighting in the back of the car and when the father was threathening his sons about beating them. the part when the terrorist was asking questions on how to bomb the market and he thought he was gonna get a big party for his heroism.
  • Every time my daughter opens her mouth, I just wanna' punch her in the face, she's really annoying.

    While this episode has a few laugh out loud moments which is admittedly rare in the latest episodes, such as the army video and the foot shooting, it still shows that FG will never live up to what it used to be, Stewie once again being gay, a boring subplot for a usually funny character which seemed to be made purely to change Chris' look because I sure didn't laugh at many parts, and ridiculous endings to both plots, new government being a good message but could have been handled in a more sensible way.

    Overall, this episode isn't anything special but at least it has a few funny moments.
  • Family Guy is back and better.

    This was the best episode of Season 5. Even though it was full of flashbacks, they were actually really funny flashbacks, like Peter covering up his farts by coughing. I laughed so hard at the Choose Your Own Adventure book because I used to read those and I totally got the joke. Chris' metal rock dreams were crazy when he sang Evil Evil Monkey. I laughed at that. Family Guy finally got rid of useless waste by killing the Vaudeville guys, damn that was the shining moment and it was pretty funny. Damn, what didn't I laugh at in this episode? Definitely the best in Season 5.
  • Welcome back Family guy

    The series hiatus was quite painful for me, since I like this show and I started only from this season watching it in American (I'm italian, so I have to stick with a mediocre adaptation) and the original humour of Peter and co. is quite hilarious for me.
    This episode was funny as usual, I really liked the moment in which Stewie remembers the final of 2006 Soccer world cup :D I'm not a soccer fan, I think is a crappy sport (in Italy above all, maybe you all heard about the scandal happened last year) but the scene with Zidane and the old lady was really amusing! Another great scene is the one with Stewie and Brian waiting for the clip about Peter that doesn't come out, very original IMO.
    Family guy keeps rocking for me, approved!
  • Hillarious, Entertaining, and Awesome

    Yet another great installment. I couldn't help but love the scene when Brian and Stewie try to get themselves out from Iraq. When Stewie shot Brian in the foot my brother and I were dying of laughter. What made that even more funnier was the way Brian was chasing after Stewie. Then when Stewie came up with the plan to act gay and the gay guy appeared and Brian slapped Stewie for kissing him I was on the floor laughing. It was priceless in my opinion. Chris' punk rock phase was hillarious as well because out of all the people to choose as his idol they pick Mariyln Manson. Hope next episode's going to be even more funnier.
  • Very funny episode

    I thought this was a very funny episode. my favorite moment of the episode was when Mickey Rooney pooped down the chimney, it was hilarious. Although, i thought this was a very funny show, I wish Quamire,or Cleveland or one of Peter's friends was involved int he episode somehow. I miss those characters.
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