Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 3

Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q.

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on FOX

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  • A tragic relationship of character we barely know handled by Family Guy... we're in for a REAL treat, aren't we?


    Wow. Just, wow!

    This has to be the worst episode to date. It's episodes like this that makes the South Park's episode "Cartoon Wars" that had the line that Family Guy is just made to be funny without being too preachy seem like a WRONG way to describe the show. Granted, this episode isn't as preachy as some the past ones, like how there is no God because Meg is ugly or how Wal-Mart is a cancer on small towns, but this episode was not funny!

    There was nothing funny about this episode. Not one line made me laugh. The closest thing to a chuckle I had was when Meg popped her zit, but besides that, nothing was funny. NOTHING was timed right. Iraq Lobster could have been funny if it was used in something else (the only good this show has going is that it uses those random jokes as memes in online videos, like Nostalgia Critic or Linkara) And of course, the writers had the characters use jokes when the time didn't call for it and ended on a anti-climatic ending that wasn't fullfilling at all.

    Speaking of unfullfilling, the story itself sucked. You remember that episode where Quagmire told Brain off? Remember that one awkward scene they had that when Brain mistaken Quag's abused sister for one of his rough dates that he tends to go over board with? She's the main concern for the episode... and this is pretty much her 2nd appearance in the series.

    Okay, I have to go on tangent here, Family Guy's Continuity just plan sucks. They ignore half of it and over use the other half. Remember the nudist? And even fans pointed out that Kevin, Joe's son, hasn't appeared at all, the writers just said he died the war. Remember when Brain was Peter's friend and hung out with him more than Stewie? And before the "Cleveland Show," Cleveland Jr was hyperactive and skinny. Oh, what about the times Peter promised to treat Meg better when she almost drown? How long did that last? Then Meg got more respect when she became a Prison Butch out of fear from her family?

    Okay, back to the episode at hand. The story is bad.... and that's it. Bad jokes about something that shouldn't be made fun of, placed with bad timing. The episode just ends with Guaq's sister getting a fake letter about her boyfriend's whereabouts and the guys argue about the material of it when she is still in the room, and Peter comments he wants to kill again, this time after Mort on pure impulse.

    There is dark humor, but this episode is just dark, and not too pleasant. Even if you are the fan of the newer stuff Family Guy dishes out, you have to agree with how bad this episode it.