Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 13

Screwed The Pooch

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2001 on FOX

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  • Decent comedy

  • Brian falls for a dog

    Peter and Lois go to the Pewterschmidts for the weekend, bringing Brian along. Brian, meanwhile, has some "issues" of his own to work out. Find out if Brian's future is to make puppies or become "less" than he is. I thought this was a superb episode. The plot for this episode was not bad. However, the last few minutes were a little boring and that's the reason why my score isn't a 10...I wish it was. The parts that made me laugh was the cold opening (which was like a minute and a half), Peter in a kangroo's pouch, Brian smelling the dog's butt, Peter, Carter, and Michael Esner hanging out, and a couple more parts. Overall, this episode was superb with a dragged ending. 9/10
  • Brian? Dating a dog? Holy shite, it's a miracle.


    Peter and Lois go to the Pewterschmidts for the weekend, bringing Brian along. Brian, meanwhile, has some "issues" of his own to work out. Find out if Brian's future is to make puppies or become "less" than he is.

    What i liked-

    -The email Carter sent to Peter

    -the beginning

    -Check it out Lois, i'm roo!

    - what yes is in French (gonna take a wicked yes)

    -brian sniffing the dog's butt

    -Was he mastur- we rub his nose in it?


  • great

    What I liked: Peter in the kangaroo's pouch, Brian putting animal food in Stewie's pocket, "He's violating Sea Breeze!" "No, he's just awkwardly positioning himself- ok NOW he's violating Sea Breeze", Carter finally having some respect for Peter, Brian sniffing that girl dog's butt, and Mort doing it (Ah, that god farted and I swallowed it!), Peter and Lois catching Brian in the bathroom, amongst other things.

    The first like 10 minutes is some of the funniest stuff I've seen on this show. I was laughing pretty much every line. The last half, with Brian trying to get custody of his puppies, only to find out they aren't his, I dunno, it just did not interest me a lot. It's a good episode but the last few minutes is kind of boring to me, and not nearly as funny as the first few minutes. Overall grade would be in the B range
  • One of the best

    This episode was a gold medal. Brian becomes a masterbator while Peter tries to impress Lois's father yet again for approval of being the husband lol.

    The laugh out loud parts from this episode were Stewie being chased around the farm by animals, "The world's sluttiest dogs", Peter saying "This was even worse than the time I was on Survivor" and most of all when Peter and Lois caught Brian masterbating he got the hots from kangaroo chicks.

    That was an amazing line! All of this. I cannot believe the lengths Peter would take just to get his father-in-law's approval. It was all well written and greatly presented. I'd definitely place this episode in my top ten, simply amazing. Emotional when Brian discovered his dog-girlfriend's babies were not his and someone else, someone very disgusting.

    Overall, hilarious episode, very amazing lines, and well presented. This season has been my number one out of the first three (so far).
  • Peter and the family go to Lois's parents house for the weekend and Brian has sexual issues.

    This is still one of my favorite Family Guy episodes. The beginning was hilarious with Brian putting animal feed in Stewie's back pocket, pure genius. The whole episode by itself is remarkable and the imations of Ted Turner and Bill Gates are hilarious. Then there's Brian sexual urges. The fact that he screwed peter's father in law's dog was something to be considered one of the high points in the episode. Best of all, they weren't even his puppies but Ted Turner's, as weird as that sounds. One of Peter's best moments is when he turns in circles thinking he can go back in time and ends up destroying the Pewterschmit living room.
  • Brian is a pervert!

    hmmmmmmmm, I don't really have many feelings on this episode I barely think about it and have only watched it four times (really low). I don't have any problems with the story or like the story at all. The only thing I remember is that it made me laugh. It's fairly good and is underappreciated for alot of reasons that are unknown to me, it's just not one of those episodes that you latch onto it's more like something that all mashes togethor to me like the new Family Guys. From what I like from it. It is pretty funny and should be put on another dvd or something.

    I'm out - captaindillo
  • It was good the first time, but I didn't enjoy it when I rewatched.

    I thought this episode had a decent storyline, but it did border on annoying at various points of the episode. It did have its funny moments, but overall, the episode wasn't that great to watch.

    I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the episode the first time I saw it, but this is one of those episodes that you can't really watch again, because it becomes too boring.

    I do think that this season is going quite well and I hope they keep it up. Very good the first time, and I would highly recommend you seeing this, but this is not too great the second tiem round.
  • an amazing episode

    In this episode brians animal instics begin kicking in. He goes to a dog park and sees many female dogs. He gives in and sniffs ones but and get seen by everyone and claims it smelled like cookies and goes home. At home lois claims bathroom sink is leaking. Peter says he just fixed it and when they go to check it they catch brian reading canine porn and mestrabating. The family leaves for lois's parents house and brian stays behind watching fox to get rid of his animal urges though he tries to catch up after finding out the show is called worlds sluttiest dogs and comes along. Peter begins to bond with mr putersmit at a poker game where he wins cnn. Mr putersmit introduces brian to his champion greyhound his urges come back full force. When they go to the racetrack brian realizes seabreeze is there racing. He leaves and whent the race starts brian catches up with seabreeze and brian to the shock of the family mates with seabreeze. Back at the mansion they realize seabreeze is pregnant. Brian and seabreeze run away and are tracked by the police and brian angry at putersmit sues for custody. brian gets custody but has to be neutered if he wants custody. At the animal hospital seabreeze is in labor and a doctor tells brian hes ready for him. As brian is about to neutered lois comes in and tells brian and peter there not brians puppy instead strangely there putersmits. Brian admits he wanted to be a dad and lois tells him there will be other chances. Brian leaves without being neutered.
  • This is a really funny episode.

    This is an OK episode. It is a really good story.

    Brain has some issues. He is looking at everyone differintly, if you know what I mean. He, along with the rest of the family, go to the Pewterschmidts for the weekend. Lois blackmails her dad into taking Peter to a poker game. Mr. Pewterschmidt actully turned out to like Peter. Then Brian had sex with Mr. Pewterschmidt best racing dog. The dog got pregnant. He goes to court and Brain is sentenced to get nudered if he wants custody of the puppies. The dog has the pupies and there not his. He doesn't get nudered.

    I give this episode a 9.2 out of 10.
  • This is Tom Tucker’s evil twin, Todd Tucker, out to destroy his brother’s reputation!

    This episode has one of my favourite openings on Family Guy, the trip to the Quahog zoo where Peter attempts to ride a kangaroo and Brian pours seeds in Stewie’s pocket so he gets attacked by animals.

    This episode has a strong Brian plot and Peter plot, both with brilliant jokes such as the World’s sluttiest dogs on Fox and the drunken night out with Mr Pewterschmidt.

    The end is very disturbing, Brian definitely not being the father of Seabreeze’s puppies though the actual end with Peter saying “I always thought that dogs laid eggs” was hysterical.

    Overall, this episode has a great storyline and hilarious scenes throughout.
  • screwed the pooch- brian is feeling " funny" about love latley, nad soon finds himself in love with seabreeze, lois's father's dog

    this episode is pretty sucky.
    i really was bored with it, and it is a lot more gross than half of the other family guy episodes.
    nothing really took a turn in the episode, and there wasn't much of a good sub plot. th episode wasn't really very suspenseful untill the very end. the session in court was kinda atupid- it would have been a lot better if meg found out who her real father was and went off sobbing or something.
    when brian agreed to be fixed for his puppies- stupid, stupid, and more stupid.
    why would brian even think about doing that?
    also, there might of been a little slip up- if seabreeze cheated on brian with the creepy guy, than how come she was not missing twice? the only time the dog was missing was when she was with brian, right?
    in other words, the episode was not my fave.