Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 2

Seahorse Seashell Party

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • Underrated

    I haven't seen Family Guy for a while so I decided to check one of the worst episodes of the show - Seahorse Seashell Party. And it was actually very good. The sideplot with Stewie and Brian did showed up that the baby is a good friend to the dog. The one with Meg features the best and the not so good of the episode. In the start Peter making daddy noises was annoying. So Lois, Peter and Chris treat Meg terribly. And she actually tells them the truth in the eyes - that makes a stronger person. The conclusion of the conflict Meg - parents and big brother was disappointing - everything just goes back to normal. The end and some bad jokes make me give Seahorse Seashell Party B+ or VERY GOOD 5.25 (from BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6).

  • Love family guy

  • stupid Enterbots

    I didn't like this episode. Why? I hated the way Lois acted. As usual. I hate her. Other than that, the episode was too dark and had very few funny moments. My favorite moment was "Stewie just said that!". Other than that one hilarious quote, this episode was pretty bad. However, it's still not one of the worst episodes. Now I have something serious to address. It pisses me off how everyone accuses the episode of having a "dangerous moral". That's bullshit! the episode does not "teach the viewer to stay in an abusive relationship"! if anything, Meg is doing the right thing by continuing to support her family in hard times. the part where she says she's a lightning rod was good because it shows how generous she is. the only reason everyone makes up false shit about the episode's "moral" was because that asshole manchild MrEnturd got overly butthurt about it because he thinks his "abusive" childhood makes him so special. I hate him for a good reason. Look how many of his stupid ass fanboys copied exact quotes from his review of the episode in their reviews below. people need to stop relying on that whiny bitch and form their own opinions for a change! I did.

    My opinion is: the episode has a good concept, and it was satisfying to see Meg finally shred that god-awful bitch Lois apart. however, what killed the episode for me was that it features Lois at her worst (as all the newer seasons do) and that it had very few good jokes.
  • What does it take for you to stop watching a TV show? This episode!

    When it comes to writing and TV shows there's always that one time where you know it jumps the shark beyond prevail. It could be a bad season, or a slew of bad episodes in a row, however, this episode did something so abysmal it put Family Guy beyond repair. In order to make it brief I'll get to the elephant in the room first. This episode is about being trapped in a house with no TV, and it's as boring as being trapped in a house with no TV, yeah it's that boring. You see the mushroom scene Brian has is very pointless, and what the family does during the hurricane is just not funny. But then we get to the real stinker, Meg has finally had enough with the abuse she puts up with and calls her family out on what they do to her and they all break down. After she talks to Brian, Meg asks him if she's like a lightning rod for the family to release their tension on. THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE! WE GET THE ALL TIME CLICHE TROPE KNOWN AS STATUS QUO IS GOD! However, that's not the worst part of this trope, the bad part about using this trope in this episode is that THE MORAL OF THIS EPISODE IS, STAY IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ABUSER! NOT FUNNY SETH! NOT FUNNY! Whenever Family guy tackles abuse, they do it horribly, and this episode is a prime example why.
  • bad episode

    this is a meg griffin being a bitch episode and the absoulte worst in that catagory
  • The Underdog finally got her bone.

    I LOVED this episode. Scratch the haters. "Oh its not funny" So what? FG has serious episodes sometimes because ITS NEEDED in pop culture. Grow up and learn something .Im pretty sure thousands of people fee l like Meg in the world. This ep did wonders for me!
  • Hats Off To Meg Standing Up To The Haters

    The episode had been better as a OREO cookie with the white fudge in the middle, which Meg had set a foot down to the family, they get what they deserve all these years ago, but I'd rather see the thug version of Meg from "Dial Meg For Murder", it would had been better than to be normal because being a misfit it's already been absolutely done for years, but taking the blame herself to make them feel better let me down, hoping that no one comment about this and give up watching this in case they got deeply disappointed, they think they're jocks to be THIS cool enough to be loved and being popular enough to be GOD to be themselves.
  • Worst episode ever

    Wasn't even funny! Even the bit where Peter as singing to his iphone playing music sucked! :(
  • Not Great

    Made me laugh a couple times but way too serious...
  • Worst Family Guy episode since 'If I'm dyin I'm lyin'

    I thought that this was gonna be a good episode but I was disappointed only 3 minutes in and I disliked pretty well everything except for that cutaway making fun of documentaries, every other joke was 0% funny. That writer Wellesley Wild should lose his job over this terrible piece of work and be replaced with Seth Green or Dave Willis. I think this is the worst Family Guy episode since its revival.
  • Great Episode, Bad Ending

    The entire episode was great. I like how Meg finally ripped her terrible parents and equally horrible brother a new one. The only flaw? Meg accepts being the lightning rod to absorb the dysfunction. Really, those jerks didn't deserve the apology.

    So.... that's kind of why I give this episode a B-.
  • Okay, but could have been better

    The things that I enjoyed: the Lady Gaga cutaway, Meg finally standing up to her family after several years of being treated like crap, and Brian's hallucination of Peter as a chicken, being roasted, singing "Wheels on the Bus."

    The Meg plot was my favorite plot because it was good to see Meg finally stand up for herself after years of both physical and verbal abuse. Seeing Lois break down and cry was my favorite part of this plot, because it showed us that she got her daughter's message. My second favorite part of the plot is Peter, Lois, and Chris yelling at each other. It turns out that not only does the family despise Meg, but they actually despise each other, and Meg serves as a lightning rod to absorb all of the abuse and dysfunction, so the family doesn't fall apart. She just might be the strongest person in the family, and she remained strong, even after Chris called her the B word. Hopefully, after this episode airs, Meg will start being treated with the love and respect that she has much needed since the series revival in 2005. There's hope for Meg.

    The Brian plot was kind of boring and dark. The only parts I liked were Brian's hallucination of Peter being roasted as a chicken, and the hallucination of Stewie being a snake.

    Final Grade: D
  • Incredibly UNFUNNY...this show just keeps getting WORSE.


    Whoever thought this was FUNNY in the writers room should be shipped off to Cuba. Incredibly unfunny. During a storm MEG tells the whole family off in the most direct, unfunny manner. No point, no character growth for anyone. Just ranting and screaming at every character for their little faults. Droll, as Fred Flintstone used to say, VERY Droll. YES, the scenes where BRIAN takes Mushrooms are really cool..but again..not really FUNNY..just strange. It would have been a super cool and funny episode if BOTH Brian and STewie had taken mushrooms..but I guess they might not have been able ot get away with showing a baby taking Mushrooms. i think WE should all have been given a free Mushroom just to sit through yet another unfunny episode. The show is doomed.

  • This episode could've been really great, but a couple things ruined it.


    I thought this episode was alright. It definitely had the potential to be an excellent episode, but was not as great as it could have been. It was great to see Meg finally stand up to her family and tell them off. I also loved Brian's subplot, which was pretty disturbing, yet awesome at the same time. The animation was pretty cool in his hallucination scenes, I must say. Like most episodes, this one also had some good jokes, yet it was sort of low on laughs. The only parts I remember laughing at were "Stewie just said that", Stewie's closing line, and the Lady Gaga cutaway. Like I said earlier, there were a couple things preventing this episode from living up to its potential. First, I thought there were too many filler scenes. How does Seth McFarlane think Peter making random noises and humming a lame theme song for two minutes straight is funny? I really just don't know. Second, I thought the ending with Meg apologizing to everyone kind of ruined the episode. What was that all about? The way her family treats her isn't her fault at all. Overall, despite those two things, I did like this episode. Final grade: C. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22

  • is a bad trip while dealing with serious family issues. i mean, is like requiem for a dream, just when you expect family guy.


    This episode is incredibly bad. The show has been going down since about the time the switched to widescreen but this episode is just incredibly BAD. Preposterously awful. A tour de force to show us what comes up when you really set your goals to make something B A D.

    It deals with Brian taking shrooms and going into a bad trip that far from being funny it feels like the real deal. Is like the guys were able to capture Munch's Scream in a Family Guy episode. You can feel the bad trip, you can experience it with Brian, like you yourself are enjoying all the perks and niceness of watching someone REALLY freak out. Is Fear and Loathing in Quahog (Without Johnny Depp to actually make you feel bad tripping is funny).

    The other story is Meg centered, which by itself is bad news (and they have even joked in the show about how Meg is the least favorite character), but it goes far beyond from her dating Mayor West or anything we've seen before. This time she gets serious and screams to everybody because the way she has been treated since the start of the show. She has been denied family love for 10 long seasons and in this episode she wants her family to know it. And we are stuck with the least favorite character ranting family issues that doesn't make sense in a show that is supposed to not make sense and is supposed to make fun of everybody. Is like Jar Jar Binks explaining with physics why the force is a lie to Yoda. Is Kidz happening in your screen when you aimed for Rush Hour.

    Then at the end we get the wrap up, reminiscent of the love sharing moral teaching crappy ending early 90s sitcom, just if the premise to such sickly sweet ending is some weird drama that failed to make you laugh even once.

    This episode is terrible. And I thought the first episode of the season was awful.

  • what the hell is wrong with people this was the funniest episode i ever seen.


    i mean seriously doesn't anyone know whats funny anymore. I guess their definition of funny is that crap they put on the Disney channel. Brian getting high on mushrooms was so hilarious i died laughing.and Meg finally get back at the family and tells them off after years of treating her like crap.really this episode was good and people need to know whats funny again its definetlly not anything on Nickeloadean or Disney.



    susan mccfarlane is the worst artist in the business. he cannot draw this cartoon that well. he's ugly, did you ever see his face? he looks like a retard i hate all of his show.

    seth mcfarlane or whatever your name is, is that your name? who cares what your name is. you suck and you cannot make good shows. you're ugly and you smell like peter griffins ass. if i wanted to watch a really bad show, I'd watch american dad or that show with all that black people. chris mccfarlane, i hate you.

    every season of family was terrible. if you say it started to suck after it came back, you're wrong, it always sucked. you suck peter mccfarlane

  • A pivotal and monumental episode in the series


    There are few shows as incendiary as Family Guy is these days. You either love it or you vehemently hate it. For those like myself who found themselves still enjoying the series as it progressed, despite all the claims of chicanery and laziness in the writing department, this was a Godsend. One of the main themes running through out the later seasons of this show is the abuse of the character of Meg by all of the other characters (and writers), and in this episode the writers finally confront that issue head-on.

    By having Meg stand up for herself and then psychoanalyze all the members of her family, the writers on this show are giving the viewer the subtle "wink and nod", letting the fans know that they are aware that they've relied on the Meg-heavy jokes for far too long, but much like Meg enables her family in this episode so they can stay together, the writers are enabling "us", the viewers by presenting their show each week full off random cut-off gags, and how that's not such a bad thing after all. Sometimes you just want to laugh at funny images and situations, regardless of how the characters got there

    What's so great about this episode is that they're able to fit all of that metaphysical stuff into the main storyline revolving around Meg in and still be able to deliver a B-plotline that shows us the hilarious escapades of Stewie and Brian when Brian decides to eat psilocybin mushrooms to kill time during the storm, and some of the funniest moments in the episode are between Brian and Stewie.

    All in all, this was a phenomenal episode that is far deeper than your typical average television viewer might think it is, it was full of laughs, it had a clear and concise message, and it delivered it fervently. An outstanding way to continue opening the new season.

  • It's about time that Meg stands up to everyone.


    For years, Meg Griffin has always been the scapegoat in her family. With this episode, she's finally mad as hell and couldn't take it anymore.

    After this episode airs, I hope that the folks at Family Guy will finally start to treat Meg with the courtesy and respect that she needed since episode one.

  • Disturbing... to say the least..


    Not much gets to me, but this episode was just.... out there. When Brian was on the mushrooms, I saw scenes that I hadn't seen since the show with the monsters. I think it was called Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Family Guy has has shown some weird things over the years, but this one has to take the cake. I can deal with the boring, rain day episode, the Peter pulling his usual crap, the ragging on Meg, heck, even Brian cutting his ear off. It was just that wacked out freaky fantasy world that Brian went to that bothers me... I think I would have been better off not watching this episode.

  • peter kills lois


    "Peter Kills Lois" was the worst episode of family guy. This show is really running out of ideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meg isn't even funny anyostrich and i think the show could use some better written stewies shit. I hope that "dial egg for murder fried egg salty egg sunny egg meg egg adventureland is better" than "Peter Kills Lois" which was awful.

  • perfect


    what i liked- brian seeing lady gags naked in a cutaway, the G.I. Jose cutaway, Brian while on his drug trip (it was both great animation AND creepy to look at!), Meg standing up to peter, lois and chris, Stewie's final line, amongst other things.

    really good episode. brian's plot was kind of dark, especially the trip scene, but it was pretty good. the entire episode is good. the ending with everything going back to normal (the family being jerks to meg) was kind of stupid, but aside from that, this was a decent episode, i thought. A+ as my final grade.

  • LOL, One of the best episodes in a really long time!


    The entire family was in it and there were so many hilerious scenes. There were just enough scenes with Bryan and Stewie, Meg and Chris had a role in this episode and Louis and Peter made the episode 10 times funnier like always. I can't wait to see next weeks episode, we definitely need more episodes like this!

    10/10! (and I am not exaggerating)

  • Another episode that doesn't work


    This was an episode for the fans.

    If you watch only this episode and do not know the show, you won't be able to understand what everyone is talking about, and it will be rather boring. This episode was made for the fans who know what Meg is talking about when she lists all the things that the other family members have done in the past.

    But as a fan, I think this episode is terrible, because it is inconsistent:

    Everyone in the show treats Meg like crap, and they do all kind of mean, but hillarious things to her. Those things are funny because we don't really take them seriously. It is just like the way you laugh about Tom and Jerry when they torture each other. It is just slapstick, just for fun, not serious.

    If we actually cared about Meg, the way we care about Lisa Simpson, all those things wouldn't be funny anymore, but annoying. Imagine Homer farting in Lisa's face until she throws up - that's not funny at all. Have Peter do the same to Meg, and it is comedic gold.

    So here we are: we do not care about Meg's feelings, and Seth gives us an episode where she "finally stands up to the jerks".

    How is that supposed to work?

    In the end, this episode was just boring.


  • It's about time Meg goes off on her family.


    A storm hits the towns of Stoolbend, Quahog and Langley Falls. To help pass the time and calm his nerves, Brian consumes some questionable substances and has trouble sobering up. Meanwhile, Meg goes off the deep end after the family takes one too many jabs at her.

    What I like- The hallucinations Brian made, when Meg goes off on her family

    Overall an okay episode, but what the hell was up with the ending, Meg apologizes for going off on them, after how bad her family has treated her since Season 4, they haven't apologized once. Why does Meg apologize, that was really f-cking stupid.

    4.5 out of 10

  • Decent again, but not as good as Lottery Fever


    This was a decent episode of Family Guy. It's not as funnier than Lottery Fever, but I was kindadisappointed in this episode. Of course my score is lower cause two freakin' LONG scenes!!!! Really?! Do I had do handle two long parts in one episode!? The two long parts I'm talking about are Peter making his "dad noises" and humming the pathetic theme song from a pathetic movie (no offense). I didn't like the dad sounds because it's took forever!!! Peter humming the theme song wasn't need. It's already long enough that I can't handle any of more of those one minute scene and after adisappointingseason last yr. Wow, Peter can be a jerk sometimes. Once again, he was thanks to those two parts I listed. I wanted it to give it a 5.5 because of that lazy stuff, but I thought Brian's plot was hilarious. It was funny that he imagines the family in danger. Quagmire did appear in the mushroom vision thing though he scares the heck outta here though. :| The cutaway with Lady Gaga was funny as well. Meg's reasons why she hates the family was interesting. However, there is another reason why my score low. Too much yelling!!! Was that really needed as well? Chris repeatly yelling really hurts my ears that I wanna lower my volume. This is why I can't anything loud. Overall,besidesPeter doing two long parts and the yelling, it was a kinda boring episode. I only gave this a 7 because of Brian's mushroom vision. I would have give it a 5.5 since it was boringthroughoutthe episode. Also, I liked the GI Jose (great to see that again) as well as the ending. IMO, the worst hurricane special. American Dad and Cleveland are better. 7/10

  • Well, it finally aired. I loved it!! It was worth the wait and it was way better than the horrible season opener. This had everybody and even Brian and came into the main plot after their plot was over. I hope Meg gets more stories after this.


    A hurricane comes thru Quahog and the family tries to things to do to past the time. After Peter gets very annoying as usual, Meg snaps. She tells Peter,Lois and Meg how horrible they've been to her. Lois breaks down and cries after Meg tells her she never wants to see her again after she turns 18. Peter cries after Meg says he isn't a real man. She apologizes to everyone and everything goes back to normal but she comes out stronger. Brian eats some mushrooms and goes on a trip (hippie style). We see how everything looks to him after he eats which is both wild and scary.

    This was worth the wait. Finally Meg gets to stand up to her family for treating her like crap. Chris was one big lump. Seeing Lois break down and cry was great. It showed that what Meg said got to her and she is both a horrible mother and wife. It took a few minutes for her to get to Peter but after everything bonced off him. He cried when Meg called less of a man. What I didn't like was her apologizing to them and they go back to the way it was. I'm glad that Lois apologized but Chris and especially Peter should have. I'm glad she came out stronger even when Chris called her the B word. There is still hope for her.

    Brians' mushroom tripwas wild and the artwork was pretty cool. It was awesome to see what life is like thru his eyes after he ate them. Seeing the Griffins as differant monsters was fantastic.

    This was way better and a million times better than the bank vault episode. That's right. I'm glad everybody was in this and not just Seth alone. I'm still trying to wipe the vile aftertaste from "Brian and Stewie". I hope we have more Meg episodes in the future. As I said before, there is hope and potential for her.

  • So, lets see what Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and American Dad had in common with the Hurricane episode in The Simpsons...


    The Cleveland Show - Cleveland prays to god to save everyone from the hurricane just like what Flanders did

    Family Guy - Meg goes crazy on his family just like when Ned went crazy to everyone in Springfield

    American Dad - Stan makes bad decisions in that episode just like when Ned made bad decisions when he was younger and in the mental hospital....

    Now I have to admit that the crossover of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show was pretty clever with some new idea's but it still doesn't have to copy what The Simpsons have already done.

  • Better than last week's episode "Lottery Fever" but it still could have been better


    I thought that this was a good episode of "Family Guy". It was better than last week's episode "Lottery Fever" in my opinion but it still could have been better. This episode wasn't suppose to be in Season 10, it was actually suppose to be in Season 9 as a hurricane crossover along with "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show" and FOX was gonna air them on April or May 2011 but since there was a storm that they had to cancel it. Well, they finally aired this hurricane episode. While it was pretty disappointing, it's still a good way to pass the time. What I enjoyed about this episode the most was Meg FINALLY stands up to the family. I loved how she was standing up to Chris, Lois, and Peter. These past years, Meg has been treated like crap by her family and I thought it was great that she finally stands up to them. Lois, Chris, and Peter were irritating me a little in this episode and some parts in this episode did get a little boring. Brian's plot was a little more enjoyable in this episode though. Brian's whole entire doze-off fantasy was pretty disturbing and freaky (which you have to see why) but it was still plain awesome at least in my opinion. The thing that ruined the episode a little was how Meg told the family that it's her fault that she is treated like that. Are you kidding me? it's not even Meg's fault at all and that just bugged me. Oh well, this episode was still good even though I didn't laugh a lot. The only parts that made me laugh was the G.I. Jose cutaway, "Stewie Just Said That", "National Geographic" cutaway, broccollis fighting cutaway, and Stewie's final line to end the episode. Overall, a good but also decent episode of "Family Guy". 7.5/10

  • 10/2


    I am not really sure what was so controversial about this episode that they had to push it back, but whatever. What I do know is that it was pretty much the same old same old from the post-cancellation era of Family Guy. I guess the one controversial thing was a graphic one with Brian cutting his ear off, that even made me grimace a little bit.

    But laughs? No, not really. Meg calling everyone out was long overdue, but that does not mean it was funny, and at the end of the day that is the goal of this show.

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