Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 2

Seahorse Seashell Party

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • Decent again, but not as good as Lottery Fever


    This was a decent episode of Family Guy. It's not as funnier than Lottery Fever, but I was kindadisappointed in this episode. Of course my score is lower cause two freakin' LONG scenes!!!! Really?! Do I had do handle two long parts in one episode!? The two long parts I'm talking about are Peter making his "dad noises" and humming the pathetic theme song from a pathetic movie (no offense). I didn't like the dad sounds because it's took forever!!! Peter humming the theme song wasn't need. It's already long enough that I can't handle any of more of those one minute scene and after adisappointingseason last yr. Wow, Peter can be a jerk sometimes. Once again, he was thanks to those two parts I listed. I wanted it to give it a 5.5 because of that lazy stuff, but I thought Brian's plot was hilarious. It was funny that he imagines the family in danger. Quagmire did appear in the mushroom vision thing though he scares the heck outta here though. :| The cutaway with Lady Gaga was funny as well. Meg's reasons why she hates the family was interesting. However, there is another reason why my score low. Too much yelling!!! Was that really needed as well? Chris repeatly yelling really hurts my ears that I wanna lower my volume. This is why I can't anything loud. Overall,besidesPeter doing two long parts and the yelling, it was a kinda boring episode. I only gave this a 7 because of Brian's mushroom vision. I would have give it a 5.5 since it was boringthroughoutthe episode. Also, I liked the GI Jose (great to see that again) as well as the ending. IMO, the worst hurricane special. American Dad and Cleveland are better. 7/10