Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 2

Seahorse Seashell Party

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • Another episode that doesn't work


    This was an episode for the fans.

    If you watch only this episode and do not know the show, you won't be able to understand what everyone is talking about, and it will be rather boring. This episode was made for the fans who know what Meg is talking about when she lists all the things that the other family members have done in the past.

    But as a fan, I think this episode is terrible, because it is inconsistent:

    Everyone in the show treats Meg like crap, and they do all kind of mean, but hillarious things to her. Those things are funny because we don't really take them seriously. It is just like the way you laugh about Tom and Jerry when they torture each other. It is just slapstick, just for fun, not serious.

    If we actually cared about Meg, the way we care about Lisa Simpson, all those things wouldn't be funny anymore, but annoying. Imagine Homer farting in Lisa's face until she throws up - that's not funny at all. Have Peter do the same to Meg, and it is comedic gold.

    So here we are: we do not care about Meg's feelings, and Seth gives us an episode where she "finally stands up to the jerks".

    How is that supposed to work?

    In the end, this episode was just boring.


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