Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 20

Something, Something, Something Dark Side

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2010 on FOX

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  • Star wars family guy

  • family guy blue hervest

  • Part 2 of the Star Wars parody


    Peter makes good on another power outage at home--by entertaining his family with a retelling of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Newcomers to the story include Mort as Lando Calrissian, Chris' boss Carl as Yoda, and the Giant Chicken as the nefarious Boba Fett.

    9.5/10 Hilarious

  • Perfection!..

    The perfect sequal to the perfect parody.

    The sentence could describe it all but there is a score bar for that.

    In a universe that an episode like Blue Harvest could get an 8.* score. (Which indicates that it is a fair universe) This one should get 9 at least. Seriously there is a it's not what it is used to be crab going on and all the ratings of all recent episodes are decreasing incredibly. I laughed so hard on this episode until someone warned me. The knee thing that AT-AT did was balistic.

    (I think I'm in a group of people that aren't effected by the used to be better nonsense. I've started watching FG 5 months ago and watched all seasons in an order. While watching then frequently I wasn't able to found any flaws that wasn't already there from the very first episode. In any show there are better episodes / seasons than usual but i couldn't found any reason to believe that newer seasons of Family Guy won't be funny.I believe the problem is people got used to Family Guy. The show is on the air since 1999, which makes 8 years if you ignore cancellations. The same concept could be boring but watch American Dad. You'll see Seth Macfarlene still got it. So don't make excuses such as it's not funny anymore. The guy who writes American Dad (which gets highly good reviews) writes this show.)

    Can't wait to see the last section of the trilogy.
  • the season finale

    A few good episodes of Family Guy this season, but I would hardly call it a step in the right direction. Family Guy just is not what it once was (even the fart humor is not as good as it used to be.)

    Why they felt the need to do yet another Star Wars episode I do not know, but hopefully this is the last. Sure, a few funny lines here and there, but the concept has been so played out between this and the Robot Chicken episodes.

    It's enough with Star Wars already. We get it, a lot of nerds loved the movie. Move on.
  • please give it up seth..

    Family guy.. a once legendary comedy is now just a sad desperate cry for seth macfarlane to keep making television. Why is the fox sunday lineup 3/4 Macfarlane crap.. cleveland show, american dad, and family guy are all sad and not even funny. To top it off.. this episode just made star wars look bad. Give up seth.. your not funny anymore. Dont keep pushing family guy along just so you can reach 10-20 seasons and be the next simpsons. Honestly does anyone still watch family guy and actually laugh? It just makes me cringe now because its like they dont even try. Once again.. give it up Macfarlane.. take a break and try again when you have some new ideas. Wait for south park to make a few more seasons and you will have some more material to rip off
  • Absolutely stupendous! :D WAY better than "Blue Harvest" and even better than "The Empire Strikes Back!" :idea:

    The only thing that bugs me about George Lucas' second "Star Wars" outing is that it is 90 minutes TOO long! :roll: Thankfully, "Family Guy" takes only the good parts of the movie, puts in new, funny, hilarious parts of its own creation, and the result is something monumentally better and more clever than the first "Star Wars" parody that "Family Guy" did or the movie that "Family Guy" is parodying this time! :D I thought that the cameo appearances by the Cookie Monster, Elroy Jetson, the Don Knotts Taun-Taun, Rodney Dangerfield, and the Evil Monkey Bats were pretty funny, and Ernie the Giant Chicken was cast to perfection as Boba Fett, and "The Back to the Future" reference was unexpected and cool! I loved this episode and can't wait for the next one! 8) Enough said! ;)
  • Below Average

    This episode is another Star Wars episode, basicly a recreation of "The Empire Strikes back". I already didn't exactly care for "Blue Harvest", mainly because I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but this was even worse I thought. The main problem I thought was that were way too many pop culture spoofs or stupid moments to ruin the story. Ex, Peter pointing out that the Giant Chicken was Bobba Fett: stupid. Darth Vader going back to check on Luke after their battle: stupid again. I don't mind the jokes, but I want a story too, a good one at that, and with the Star Wars ones they've pretty much screwed over. But the thing that really pissed me off was the robot camel thing doing the knee thing like Peter did in "Wasted Talent." Really? You guys already repeated it in "FOX-y Lady" and this was horrible too. Overall, yet another missed opportunity from the Family Guy crew. 6.5/10 D
  • WAAAAAAY better than the first one. They have to make all six.

    This starwars episode was amazing. The first starwars by Family Guy has awesome, but during this one I was laughing almost every second. They did a GREAT job on this one and like I said before, they have to make all six. I'm not no starwars nerd, but Family Guy makes me love their episodes starring it. I wish all of luck to everyone that has did something with Family Guy because this is one of the GREATEST comedys on T.V right now. family guy rules family guy rules family guy rules family guy rules family guy rules! Oh yah.
  • Robot Chicken did it better

    I don't know how they do it but Robot Chicken's Star Wars parodies are above and beyond Family Guy's Star Wars parodies. RC's Star Wars special was miles better than Blue Harvest, even though Blue Harvest was mostly entertaining and had its moments. And even Star Wars II is better in every conceivable way than Something, something, something Dark Side. Even without RC as predecessor, Dark Side suffers from a general lack of creativity, originality, spark, or excellence. It's just an exercise of pure laziness and required no effort on either Seth's or the writers' part to do. I hadn't watched Family Guy in quite awhile, mostly because it was hitting the fan and I needed to get out, but I decided to give this episode a shot, mostly because I've waited almost three years for Family Guy to come out with this episode, back when Family Guy was still going strong. And I figured, since Family Guy loves Star Wars so much, how could they mess it up? Turns they could and they did. I wasted 43 minutes of my life on it (excluding Hulu commercials) and I want it back. The story: while I understand that there was no way Family Guy could fit a two-hour movie into 43 minutes but somehow, Blue Harvest was able to come up with some decent riffs on A New Hope. Dark Side is basically recycled joke, recycled joke, some action, recycled joke, rinse and repeat. Seriously, it's like the Family Guy writers can't come up with anything original anymore so they have to rely on "past hits" to keep the show going. There are a lot of noticeable repeated riffs from episodes past: an AT-AT bruises its knee ala Peter, one of the creatures from the cave resembles the Evil Monkey, Consuela the Cleaning Lady makes another cameo appearance, Stewie/Darth Vader does little to hide his sexual orientation problems, Meg is relegated to another disgusting creature (although she does get a speaking line this time), The Chicken returns as Boba Fett, and so on. It wouldn't be so bad if 1) they had newer, more interesting jokes to share and 2) they didn't let their old, recycled jokes just lie on the floor, completely dead to the viewer because we've seen them so much. There are a few decent lines found but those are few and far between and they're not excellent. (Robot camels? Come on.) Lack of interesting characters-Of course, Peter and Stewie, as usual, have to steal the show and the "best" lines out of everyone. Lois/Leia is relegated to a whiny shrew. Meg gets one line at best. Chris/Luke is decent but doesn't get to steal the show. Everyone else is background noise. I miss Quagmire being Quagmirey as C3P0. Cleveland/R2-D2s presence is jarring because he's absent from Family Guy and off on a mediocre spin-off that ripping off Family Guy. I'd never thought I'd say this either but I wanted Brian to talk more, despite the Gary Stu he's become recently. Even the "new" faces didn't help much. Mort was Mort as Lando and didn't get to do anything of importance. Carl as Yoda was a waste of presence. And why TF was Petersdmit the Emperor? Why couldn't they have Death, like they were originally going to do? Or, I really wanted Betram to return as the Emperor. I mean why not? Betram's the only one Stewie fears so it makes sense. But yet another important role goes to a Seth McFarlane-voiced character. Peter ragging on Chris about Robot Chicken at the end only confirms to me that only Robot Chicken should stick to doing Star Wars spoofs. I mean, Family Guy can't do a decent job at that anymore. I can now say with ease that I'm 100% done with Family Guy. No more. If they mess up what should've been a sure-fire hit for them, Family Guy is done. I'm done. It goes without saying that I'm not going to see the eventual Return of the Jedi spoof.
  • Finally they air this

    it's about time Fox had air this episode each time they had plan but they keep changing it's airing time so i must of wait a year when i found out when it's going to air. it's starts off by another blackout and peter tells the story of star wars episode 5 the empire strikes back. i love how they add good funny parts and it has new charatcters my favorite part was that Meg ask why she doesn't get any lines in this episodes LMAO and I can't wait when they do Star Wars episode 6 return of the jedi who knows what can happen
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of family guy it was the starwars ep and it was about the 5th starwars movie. and so its like movie with alot of funny parts chris is luke meg was like a slug in it which was funny.and peter was making jokes and stouie was funny and he was killing guys for saying dum things . and it was funny and it was like last ep of the family starwars. but i thought the first one was alittle bit more funnyer and that is why i gave it a 8.5 instead of anything higher. this was a good ep. and they did a good job with it. just could of been more funnier
  • Please Seth don't listen and rip off South Patk, It's worse!

    Seth, despite all your defaults , U still are smarter than Matt and mainly Trey. Better rip off The Simpsons like u used to do, the best one, which in two recent episodes treated subjects like, whales' mortality, climate change, security cameras while SP celebrate his 200 episode by moking old "mediaticaly - dead" stars like Streisand or Tom Cruise...
    Re - start to work hard to make episodes like PTV... I even accept free jokes as long as they are funny and subtile or dared ! This manatee activity still is smarter than surfing on provocation like Madonna or rubbing up their viewers the right way...
  • I like the starwars episodes, personally.

    I enjoy the parodies and characters in the starwars episodes. This one was better than the last in a lot of ways and I like the reoccuring gags fron older episodes like "the big fat phoney" haha! I do occasionally get tired of Cleveland R2D2 for some reason.. not sure why. Probably because of his stereotypical personality. It would also be nice if Joe would make more than just a cameo appearance (although it was a knee slapper). All in all I would have to give this a two thumbs up for making me laugh and be entertained throughout the full hour.
  • Is it just me or have they aired this episode before?

    While this was a good episode, I can't help shaking the feeling I've seen this all before. I'm not getting this episode confused with the first Family Guy Star Wars mash up that aired back in season 6 (Blue Harvest, 601). I am quite certain that I saw this exact episode earlier in the season. I vividly remember the snowy battle scene where chris/luke goes to blow up the machine and discovers its has a baby.and the part where cleveland/r2d2 has to open the door and sweet talks the machine then the 'husband' comes home.

    give me a thumbs down if i'm crazy, a thumbs up if i'm not the only one