Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 3

Spies Reminiscent of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2009 on FOX

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  • Dan Akyroyd and Chevy Chase move in a cross the street and Brian and Stewie become suspicious. Sure enough they are spies like us (as in the movie) and are searching for Russian sleeper agents left over from the Cold War.

    I'm noticing a lot of unhappy votes for this episode. Overall I found this fairly funny. Maybe it's in relation to the show that proceeded it?

    Peter once again is so stupid he doesn't even realize what Quagmire is doing with all of the comedy improv techniques. At least Joe caught on. I guess that is one of the things about Peter we find endearing. The improv shtick was a little funny though. The John Wayne thing got stupidly amusing by the end as only Peter can be.

    The main plot was based of course on the movie the episode title comes from. It was sort of stupid, but at the same time it was classic Family Guy. "All Russians are bears on unicycles?" "Why don't you have a Pepsi?" Then Akyroyd with the source programmable guidance bit based on words they are chatting about.

    Stewie was great when he thought everything Peter said as hilarious. Where were Brian and Meg at dinner? Destroying Cleveland's house in Virginia at the end was funny when the booster rocket fell on his house. Not the greatest episode of Family Guy, but I found it entertaining. Thanks for reading...
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