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Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on FOX

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  • Cool episode.

  • Stewie takes steroids and Chris goes out with a popular girl

    After Susie Swanson beats the crap out of Stewie, he and Peter take to the gym. What Stewie doesn't know is that Peter is giving him a little extra help to get those six-pack abs. Meanwhile, Chris begins dating one of the popular girls in school, but her popularity soon begins to subside. For most of the part, this was a superb episode. I liked the main plot better...the subplot however really dropped the score, I'll tell ya why in a bit after listing the funny parts. I laughed at Quagmire peaking at Lois and Bonnie (classic), Stewie getting beat up Susie, Peter and Stewie bonding, Stewie getting steroids, Stewie kept blocking Brian, "And now here's something you'll really liked," and the last line. Those were all in the main plot. Subplot only laughed a few times especially the Fred Flinstones reference (by the way all the cutaways in this episode were enjoyable/hilarious). However, the subplot was not the best. I hated how Meg wasn't invited to the party (yet it is still in their house) Chris here was unlikable a little bit but not his worst role. Also, it was boring... I did liked Neil's brief appearance and he'll not appeared again until a season 10 episode. Overall score 9/10
  • superb


    what i liked- susie beating up stewie, peter allowing stewie to be taking steroids, the way connie and meg get back at chris, meg asking connie if she can think about her in the tub, connie says no, but meg says "well I'm gonna", Stewie on steroids, amongst a few other things.

    good episode. I would have liked to see more of Stewie on steroids. The whole reason he took them was because Susie had beaten him up so easily and Peter did not want a 'sissy' as a son, but they never really resolved that. I would have liked to see Stewie try and get revenge on Susie (and then have a 'twist' where Susie still beats the crap out of him haha). the rest was good. Chris dating Connie and then becoming popular was a nice plot. B+ or so

  • Mediocre


    After Susie Swanson beats the crap out of Stewie, he and Peter take to the gym. What Stewie doesn't know is that Peter is giving him a little extra help to get those six-pack abs. Meanwhile, Chris begins dating one of the popular girls in school, but her popularity soon begins to subside.


  • Peter injects Stewie with steroids. Meanwhile, Chris becomes popular at school when he goes out that popular girl named Connie.

    This was just an average episode of "Family Guy"... it was overall good but it could have been better for the most part. I liked the main plot much more than the subplot though. The main plot was when Peter injects Stewie with steroids and I thought it was hilarious when Stewie has a buff body after Peter injects him with steroids. It was hilarious when Lois punched Peter after he told her that he injected Stewie with steroids. Stewie blocking Brian was also hilarious. Stewie being on steroids throughout this episode really made me laugh hard. The cutaway with Fred Flintstone was hilarious. I also thought the cutaway was hilarious when that pigeon is laughing at that Adam Sandler film. I didn't like the subplot that much when Chris became popular and he became a huge jerk to Meg. It was just cruel for Chris to tell Meg that she is not invited to his party even though it is at their own house and poor Meg was crying. Meg also had to help Connie when Connie became unpopular since Chris got all of the popularity. It even angered me when Connie was still not gonna be friends with Meg even though Meg helped her. Oh yeah, I also laughed when Stewie's body turned flabby since the steroids are wearing off and then Stewie was flying. Overall, I loved the Stewie on steroids plot but I really didn't the Chris being popular plot... it was an overall good episode. 7/10
  • Stewie Roids and Chris Raises..To Popularity

    So, Peter giving Stewie was disturbing and so DUMB of Peter. Man, that was the dumbest thing he's ever done. He always does stupid stuff, but this took the cake. He would shoot drugs up his own SON. Sometimes he's a terrible parent.

    I like Joe and Bonnie's daughter. She is a good character. Her beating up Stewie really showed how whipped Stewie got. Not that there's anything wrong about a girl beating up a boy (If he hit first), but Stewie could usually kill someone with the snap of his hand. Whether he's pulling a lazor gun from behind his back or using a regular object (Golf Club, Lamp, etc).

    The ending with Stewie's "Flying" gag was funny though!
    Chris is sweet when he's not all popular. I think him and Conny could of been good together. The whole "Thinking about you in the tub later" gag was funny especially at the end with Meg saying "Well, I'm still gonna", implying slight lesbianism.
  • Awesome

    Stewie gets beat up by Susie Swanson, so Peter thinks he needs to get in better shape. He tries to work out at the gym, but hes too weak. He gives Stewie steriods, and now he is extremely buff, but hes being a real jerk to everyone. Meanwhile, Chris starts dating Connie Dmico, and he becomes popular, but he becomes unpopular, and needs Meg to help her get popular again.

    This was a great episode. Stewie being buff was wicked funny, espicially when he was jerking Brian around, and singing. It kind of reminded me of Tan Stewie because he acted the same way

    Overall Grade: 100%/A+++
  • After getting beat up by Susie Swanson Peter takes him to the local guy to get him into shape. Mean while Connie D'mico starts dating Chris to try to make him popular but ends up falling for him.

    Stew-Roids was a very good episode. For the mosy part it was real good. However I was disapointed that Joe's son Kevin died in the war. I also do not think the Iraq joke was funny. It is a usless war that has come to nothing. What I liked about this episode. The return of Connie D'mico. Connie dating Chris and growing fond of him. "I guess she is not a total witch. You got to see her kinder side. I enjoyed Connie and Meg teaming up to get back at Chris for being a jerk to them. In all a very good episode.
  • Stewie works out

    In this episode had awesomeness its starts out with joe's new bady kid beating up Stewiw poor guy then peter takes stewie to the gym and peter puts stewie on Stew-roids and Stewie gets super-buff meanwhile that bi#ch connie goes out with Chris and he becomes one of the popular kids and dumps connie and it gets to him so meg plans to help connie to destroy Chris and end him with a Jame Gumb parody of chris's video and later on Stewie's muscles are gone and gains the power to fly and it was funny when he flys around.
  • Finally another highlight for season 7.

    After Susie Swanson beats the crap out of Stewie, he and Peter take to the gym. What Stewie doesn't know is that Peter is giving him a little extra help to get those six-pack abs. Meanwhile, Chris begins dating one of the popular girls in school, but her popularity soon begins to subside.

    Well I have to say this episode finally delivered some great jokes and maybe the plot wasn't the greatest but it will do. Again the score would have been higher if it weren't for Family Guy borrowing the idea from the Simpsons's season 14 episode The Strong Arms of Ma.
  • About Stewie getting extremely strong.

    Personally I loved this episode. I liked the idea plot and it was hilarious in the beginning when Stewie gets beaten up by another baby. It really shows that Stewie is still a baby when he plays with toys. I think this episode was the 2nd best episode of the season coming after Fox-y-Lady, which was my absolute favorite episode of the season. But about this episode, I really enjoyed when Stewie looks in the mirror and sees how big and strong he's gotten. It's funny to see how fat and jiggly Peter is and how strong Stewie is. Overall I give Stew-Roids a 9.6.
  • HEY!No one's asking you to smell it.

    It was a funny episode.I loved it when Meg flashes back to when a bird was at that Adam Sandler movie.That was very funny and very much the best clip ever.I loved it when Fred Flitstone appears and says what it says at the top.I loved it where Chris said to that guy and calls him a nazi guy.This episode was very funny and it had a bunch of funny flashbacks.I see why this episode is very funny and very hilralious.It's still one of the very good shows ever made and a funny episode made by the creators of this show.Another part I liked is when Stewie's chest beated when he was strong as he has muscles.
  • also....

    Oh i almost forgot. The part where peter accidently makes fun of the one legged guy was just ridiculous and badly thought out. I didn't even smile. I think they need to get back more of the writers from season 1,2,3,4. It just doesnt feel like the sequences are natural anymore. Oh i almost forgot. The part where peter accidently makes fun of the one legged guy was just ridiculous and badly thought out. I didn't even smile. I think they need to get back more of the writers from season 1,2,3,4. It just doesnt feel like the sequences are natural. Sorry couldnt think of 100 words.
  • This is what i have been waiting for! :D this is joust plain awsome :) stewie getting into steroids and chris getting popular at school.Somebody must have read my fanfiction ;P

    About the episode; the jokes in this one is pure family guy material.
    Example is the immoral stupidity of peter when he takes the "dirty needle from a stranger at a gym" cmon! :D that is soo peter!:)

    And also the classic pointless trashtalk from stewie as he flexes his muscles :P

    Giving the episode`s secondary plot, the cool turnaround in Meg and Chri`s highschool life is also a nice idea :) So, this popular girl at school (Connie) is fed up with having premature jocks as boyfriends,so she turns to try out the most unpopular guy at school. You know it... it`s Chris!:P

    Although the intention in her interest is only an experiment to get an unpopular boy into a popular one, she falls in love with him :) How bizarre :P

    Then of course we need a turningpoint in this thing, so meg and connie team up to make chris unpopular again,and they succeed! As for stewie`s bodybuilding buisness, he wakes up one morning to see that his steroids has worn off. And they are all back to normal, and so another exiting episode is to come!

    Stay Tuned For More Of... Family Guy! :D

    See Yah :)

    Rebounding from last week's politically invested 420, Family Guy bowls out a much more standard and straight forward episode for viewers. One thing that is particularly evident about Stew-Roids however is that it happens to be a rare occasion on the show where both stories (the A and B) are of equal standards in quality. The main focus this time around is on Chris as he falls in love, gets popular and then forgets love in favour of indulgence and self-delusion. Of course, it's nothing of remote significance and not much is changed or exposed here-but the story works well enough to give Chris a memorable outing that delivers on laughs as well as subtle characterisation. The secondary plot, which is more surreal than most (remember when Peter lost his bones?), even for Family Guy, sees Stewie take steroids and as a result begins to get a little more egocentric and high-octane than usual. This one by far delivers the most laughs, and seeing Stewie take on this role for twenty minutes is an absolute hoot. Overall, it's an episode that (like many from the show) is best appreciated solely for the humour and cut-aways, but still the jokes feel fresh and edgy even after all these years-and a few stinkers along the way.
  • wtf happened to this show?

    I'm just speechless at what Seth McFarlane and the writers come up with these days and apparently think it's funny. It's like on Simpsons when Matt Groening left and with him the humor.

    just a couple of points:
    -Alright, we get it, you reference jokes from earlier episodes, just not funny.
    -What was with the cat?! Nothing about that weird subplot was even remotely funny.

    This used to be a witty, hilarious show with just the right amount of random jokes. There was always a presentable plot to it, but as of late I find myself agreeing with all the people who never liked the show.
  • All in all, I say that this episode is one of my favorites, besides "Peter's Two Dad's". You don't probably even realize how it is one of my favorites.

    I think that this episode was amazing. Stewie gets beat up by the youngest of the Swanson family (who is now the only child, because I feel sorry for her older brother getting killed in Iraq), so Peter takes Stewie to a gym and later injects him with steroids. Later he picks on Brian. After the steroids wear off, it is now Stewie who is getting picked on by Brian. During the course of the episode, Chris is transformed from an unpopular 14-year-old to a cool 14-year old, until he gets humiliated by Meg, whom he picked on a day earlier.
  • Stewie gets beat up by Susie Swanson, and goes to the gym with Peter. A man gives Peter steroids to inject Stewie with, and Peter lets him! Stewie gets buff, and loves it. Meanwhile, Chris dates Connie DiAmico...

    Another great one! Awesome episode! Also, hilarious! I loved the part when Stewie was first buff, and he saw himself in the mirror, and loved it when he flew! Laughed so hard! Also loved the part when Meg and Chris were eating lunch and Meg got Chris' crust from his sandwich and other stuff! Such a great episode! Loved it. I also loved the party that Chris had, it was very funny. The episode was full of terrific jokes, and had great parts! I also loved the part when Connie was invited over to dinner, and also the part when Lois was putting sun screen on Bonnie's back! I loved it, and so will you!
  • Well, at least we didn't get preached to by a dog.

    While "Stew-roids" was another bomb from the once-great Family Guy, I do at least feel good that this wasn't another annoying "message show" from Seth McFarland. Unfortunately, there was little comedy in the episode as well and the self-referential humor such as Peter looking at the camera and saying, "Oh, stop it! It's a cartoon!" was especially out of place and grossly lame.

    Ugh, what has happened to this show? It's gone from the don't-miss comedy of Sunday nights to the Miss-It comedy of Sunday Nights. Even the political incorrectness of the series has gone from shocking to just lame.
  • Pretty cool

    I think it was really nice this episode(comparing with those from last weeks). I think is a classic : the boy is beaten up by a girl over a doll. I didn't expect to take the pooches from Lady and the Tramp and drown them in water. Also,didn't see the Chris's bat-in-the-hat coming either. The title didn't had anything to do with the episode's line(the unpopular gut gone popular),also a very common theme for teen movies,but the scene with Chris "doing" himself,naked ,did seem very very very from The Silence of the Lambs(or is just me?),when that maniac with butterflies is naked and only with a blanket(something) on his shoulders. Is it?
    A 10+ from me(comparing with other episodes from this season,as I said)
  • alright another flop episode

    lets see now that everyone has dissed connie they wont use that plot anymore YAY. connie was decent in this episode she wasn't an annoying b!t** like she usually is. but still not good enough for her to get so much screentime. peter became a pedophile in this episode i'm really getting sick of his character. Thats what we have hubert for. plus they reused 2 plots in this episode so it wasn't really anything we haven't seen before. i just love how full of fail they were in writing kevin off. seriously lamest write off ever bring him back. i love how chris's old girlfriend he just had magically disapeered. chris sure turned into a monster in this episode. it was almost a parody of that old movie where the girl ruins her mothers very expensive jacket and a geek buys her a replacement one in exchange for her dating him to make him popular. they made a remake where a super dumb girl crashes her mothers car as well. the only good parts were when chris was being nice to connie, when stewie did the rocky squirrel joke, and the suntan lotion joke.
  • Stewie takes steroids.

    This episode is soooo funny and it deserves a way higher score then it has and it has hillarious parts like the horse part and the part were Santa was drunk and he crashed and accedentially killed all the raindear. Another hillarious part is when Peter was talking to a one legged guy and accedentially kept making references to how he had only one leg. Also it was hillarious when Meg and Connie showed everyone an embarrassing video of Chris. This was episode was tied for my favorite episode this seaon and Alec Sulkin the writer of this episode makes another amazing episode and even though it was great it was not as good as Every Which Way But Lose the American Dad episode that aired on the same night as this and overall another great day of Animation Domination.
  • a little over average... but not good enough to make it a 5.5 .

    Stewroids was the average season seven episodes of family guy for me. not too good, not to bad. Stewie s story had funny moments on its own... but didnt live up to its name. Chris/Meg and the other girl s story was not that funny to me. and that storys ending was pretty stupid and wrong. So basically stewies story took most of the hit. this episode was funny, but rushed. So Stewroids is probably going to be those episodes of family guy where the creators do not edit properly over the episodes. no offense. Stewroids was not that good, but its pretty worth watching a second or third time.
  • Stewie is on steroids Chris dates connie d'mico

    This was a mediocre piece of crap, and not a horrible peace of crap. Much better than the 4/20 episode it has its funny moments when Quagmire peeks at Lois and Bonnie, when Lois tells meg that she can't help with her problems. and when Peter says he could eat a horse, when i saw that gag, it reminded me of the good old-fashioned funny family guy. Bad Jokes where Peter has an attraction to connie and goes a bit to far and later exclaiming its just a cartoon. Right now peter lost the crown as the funniest character on the show, his jokes are just stupid and have no hint of comedy. I want to meet the people who gave this episode and episodes before a ten, because i don't understand why. Well thats it gotta fly.
  • Doesn't live up to the episode title..

    Well what can I say? - This was disappointing. Going by the promos and the episode title, I was expecting more of Stewie. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a Chris and Meg centric episode.

    The usual Stewie and Brian sequences were fun as always. We also saw a few typical family guy moments, where there isn't much conveyed - but the picture says it all. For instance, after Lois starts applying lotion on Bonnie,Quagmire drills the first hole to watch them and the second hole somewhere south. And when Peter starts to lie on Connie D'Amico and says common' it's just a cartoon!. You know what I am talking about. These are the insane Family Guy moments that we love watching.

    And there are always the other sequences that make the episode look like any other TV show. Chris turning out to be the cool guy and letting down Meg was just boring. Not to mention the 'Silence of the Lambs' parody, which didn't really fit in.

    For most part it was boring. However, it had its moments.
  • During a party at the Swansons' house, Stewie gets into a fight with Joe's baby daughter Susie. Ashamed by the fact that his own son got beaten up by a girl, Peter takes Stewie to the gym to learn how to be a man.

    After weeks and weeks of very below par Family Guy, finally an episode that made me laugh out loud again. Both plots seemed realistic and character driven for the first time in a while, all the cutaways genuinely amused me for once and there wasn't an overdose of Gay-Stewie jokes or Meg-abuse which in my opinion have become kind of easy go-to gags in recent years. Its also nice to see Connie D'Amico back as well, and its nice to see a Meg plot line where she doesn't go all obsessive and creepy about something, like with whole God thing and like Barely Legal and just behaved like a normal kid. All in all, a great episode of Family Guy and one that for now has reinstated my faith in the show which was severely beginning to wain.
  • Peter gets upset when Stewie gets beat up by a baby girl so he takes him to the gym and gets him shot up with steroids to bulk up. Chris becomes popular when Connie decides she is sick of the boys at school and dates him because she can make him popular.

    The Chris bit is sort of cross section of a number of juvenile movies like "She's all That" with Freddie Prince and "Can't Buy Me Love" with Patrick Dempsey to a number of other movies that made fun of those movies. Of course Meg gets abused by everyone as always especially Chris. Not really a great bit in the episode overall.

    I will say my wife who is not a fan was laughing at a number of the random parts of the episode as she sat and read the paper. These guys are really good at the one liners and this episode had some great ones.

    The bit with Stewie and Brian after Stewie had "roided" up was great. I think the underlying conflict between them is the best part of the show. Brian's smug behavior and Stewie's omnipotence toward everyone else works well between these two.

    The little nod to the Rocky and Bullwinkle show was cute as well. I watched this show because of the roided up Stewie advertisement and for the most part it did not disappoint.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Stewie takes steroids to get back at the baby girl who beat him meanwhile Chris becomes the target of the most popular girl in school.

    "You look like Lou Ferrigno's poop" LMAO

    "I have the power!!!"

    Oh this was a great episode. This season has been good. The episodes that made fun of Foxnews and now this. This episode was a laugh fest from beginning to end.

    Stewie gets beat up by a baby girl so Peter gets him steroids at the gym. Hilarity ensues. This was Family Guy's way of making fun of anybody who uses steroids. In Stewie's case it made him an even bigger bully that what he usually is.

    Meanwhile, Chris gets asked by the most popular girl in school on a date. The plot was that of an 80s movie where the most bratty girl ask the loser the school to be her boyfriend on a bet. However, this
    had a twist.

    All the jokes worked in this episode I laughed at the Fred Flintstone, Johnson and Johnson and He-Man jokes. The whole Peter being attracted to the teenage girl was something only Family Guy could make funny. All in all this was a funny episode.
  • Peter gives Stewie some "Roids" while Chris dates Connie.

    Well when i first saw this episode i really liked the part where Peter was commenting on Joes burger making and also when Susie beats up Stewie it even added bruises as it went on and on and on and on, well you know what i mean. Anyways later in the episode it gets funny. And where the part where Connie and Chris talk about the party and they don't invite Meg to the party an then she cries in her room. Later Chris ends up cheating on Connie at the party. And then Meg and Connie embarras Chris at an assembly and Stewies Steroids wear off and then its over. 8/10
  • Chris becomes popular and Stewie takes steroids

    American Dad has done several episodes that are direct parodies of movies, which I have found hilarious. Family Guy does a parody this week and it actually worked fairly well. Oh, and don't be mislead by the title. Stewie really has nothing to do with the episode.

    The episode does start out with Stewie being beaten up by Joe's kid Susie, (And apperently his other kid died in Iraq.) Peter then give Stewie steriods and he starts lifting weights. That's pretty much all there is to this story; a few jokes but really it only takes up a very small portion of the episode. His interactions with Brian were funny, but predictable. There was actually no real resolution to the story, no confrontation with Susie, Stewie just lost all of his mucsles, (though apperently can fly).

    The main story actually deals with Chris and it's been a while since they've done a Chris episode. Connie decides to try to turn Chris into one of the popular kids at school. She is actually able to do it, and falls in love with him. Of course, when she finds that Chris cheats on her, she must rely on an unlikely ally to take Chris's popularity. That ally of course being Meg. This was actually a fairly good story line, with some fairly decent jokes placed in it. Peter had some genereally creepy moments which were fairly funny and Meg was also fairly funny for once too. Also of note, was that there were very few cutaway jokes, (though the ones that were placed in were fairly good, like a seagull in an Adam Sandler movie.) It was a fairly funny episode this week and certainly is one of the best episodes of the season.
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