Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 28

Stewie B. Goode (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 21, 2006 on FOX

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  • Original and intellectually Smart

    Love it
  • Part 1

    After losing at a swim competition, Stewie tries to eliminate his rival by blowing up a lifeguard tower. His plan backfires though, and Stewie has a near death experience that seems to change him. Been a while since the last perfect episode. But not saying that season 4 was a weak season. It's just that there weren't that much perfect episode and it declined ever since the later episodes. This episode had a lot of funny moments and both of the plots were very funny. Peter listing the things that bothered him was funny all the way through. Other parts in that plot that were funny are Tom Tucker trying to eat but then a man is in the way, and a few lines. As for the main plot, I laughed seeing Stewie trying to take up drinking. The funniest was definitly Stewie driving Brian's car and crashed the bar. I thought the return of the sexy party was funny as well. Overall, a funny episode of Family Guy, first since Fat Guy Strangler. 10/10
  • great

    stewie loses a swimming competition and wants to kill the boy who beat him, but he himself is nearly killed. this seems to change stewie's behavior, and make him nice. but when he does not like being nice he resorts to alcohol to calm him down and make him feel better.

    pretty good. it's not the best in the family guy universe but it is a fun episode to just watch, sit back, and laugh. my overall grade for this episode is somewhere in the "B" range, just a fun episode to watch that may make you laugh along the way
  • This episode was based on the movie, infact, it was the movie. I was sorely disappointed at the lack of creativity for the season finale.

    For anybody who has seen the Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story movie, this episode came as a major disappointment because it was basically a summary of the movie, condensed and edited for television. As a season finale, I think this was not a wise way to end the season. And although it was good, it wasn\'t creative. I personally didn\'t care for the movie, I strongly feel that the writer(s) could have done a better job if they allotted more time to their work. Not to slam on the movie or the episode, but I feel that both lacked creativity and originality.
  • Part one of a very good three part episode. This was also a movie.

    When Peter and Lois enroll Stevie in a swimming class Stewie is out swam by another kid. After trying to kill the kid he winds up in Hell for a short time. When he comes back he desides to change his life and be nice. Meanwhile Peter gets a segment on tv called "Grind My Gears", but he is fired when Brian and Stweie get drunk and crash Brians car into a bar. Stewie sees someone on tv that looks just like him and he thinks its his real father. Brian and Stewie (and Quagmire for a while) set on a road trip to find Stewies father. When Stweie finally finds the man it turns out to be him from the future. Stewie and his future self "Stu" go to the future where Stewie finds out that he is a virgin, Chris is married and a cop, and Meg went to college and had a sex change. Meanwhile Peter and Lois try to find dates for Chris and Meg so they can have some alone time. Stewie trys to change Stu and stop himself from being a virgin. Stu tells Stewie he turned out the way he is because of a life changing moment. Stewie goes back to the past when Stewie trys to kill another swim mate. Stewie stops his other self and his other self destroys him. Overall it is a good movie with more language than the show.
  • Bang Bang...

    This episode is very extraordinary in my opinion, as it shows the frightening truth that alot of kids dont realise, that cartoons in the olden days were incredibly violent, in this episode it shows Stewie being nice to Brian and then:

    Brian: Wow this is almost as disturbing as that Cartoon I saw that time
    (Looney Toons animation comes up)
    Elmur Fudd: Shhhh I\'m hunting wabbits (laughs)
    Bugs: Eh... wots up doc?
    (Elmur starts shooting Bugs like mad and then he snaps his neck!!!! and drags him off)

    I first I just found it hilarious, but after thinking about it, it does seem to reveal how mush tv has changed in just the past 50 odd years
  • What an episode!

    Louis decides that Stewie needs to take swimming lessons, because he can't swim. The he meets a kid who is an amazing swimmer. So Stewie makes it so he will die, but instead Stewie gets hit by the tower and has a near dealth experince. Then Stewie sees that he is in Hell, so he's sees that he must become nice so he won go to Hell. He scares Brian, so tests him to see if he really did change or not. Which he didn't. So brain tells him that drinking keeps him called, but doesn't let Stewie drink. But he does any way, so Brian gets him so drunk that he doesn't drink any more.
    Meanwhile, Peter gets his own show on the news called 'Grines my Gears' at first its great until Tom Tucker starts to get jelous. So he makes Peter look bad, it didn't work, so now Tom gets fired. He sees that Brian and Stewie have been drinking, and crashed a car into the bar. Tom ruis Peter by showing everyone that tape.
    Then Peter gets TiVo, which Steiw used to see that a guy looks a lot like him.
  • wow-1 of the best episodes-couldnt of been more hilarious

    well, it all starts out at the quahog community pool. Stewie- a genius-cant swim-peter forces him2 2-he starts taking lessons- he tries 2 outsmart the best swimmer brad-tries 2 explode the lifeguard tower-falls on him-goes 2 hell- wakes up-becomes nice-then brian makes him \"snap out of it\" by showing him alcohol-but stewie becomes a drunk-crashes in2 the drunken clam-there4 getting peter fired which \"grinds his gears\" and stewie has a hangover-and is back 2 normal
  • Loved the movie, but seeing it on TV...

    It was a dirty, dirty trick FOX did. Getting me all exited because \'Untitled Griffin family history\' wasnt the last episode in the season and then slapping me with a three episode copy of the movie.
    Dont get me wrong the writing was great, but reshowing the same content from the movie is just cheap. Its even worse than flashback episodes... well almost.
    Theres no point of watching this and the next two episodes if you have all ready seen the movie (well maiby if you want to see it again) ,but if you havent then youre better off renting the movie
  • The movie itself is good, but to use it as the season finale is a ripoff.

    I looked forward to getting this movie when it first came out. I had downloaded it and watched it and then I bought it. It was kind of a shame that it didn't go to the big screen first, but I don't care. The storyline was very interesting to hear. It was nice that Family Guy did something different for a change.

    The movie was great, and I wanted to watch it again and again. One of the best parts of the movie was the extras after the movie itself was done. There was a bunch of good humour there. Before the movie was just as great as well as the previews.

    The one thing I didn't like about the movie was when it was used as the season finale. Probably the majority of Family Guy viewers already bought the movie and watched it. I bet Family Guy lost a lot of viewers that night. I was one of them. The worst part was when they cut out some of the good parts like before and after the movie. I didn't watch every minute of it, but I got a glimpse of it. I had been changing channels between this and Extreme Makeover: Home edition.

    That's all I've got to say about all three parts of the movie.

  • One of the best 3-part "movie" ever.

    One of the best things that made this clip of Family Guy is that, when Stewie goes to Hell... and later acts nice. In no other episodes that I have seen has Stewie acted nice, or even nice to Brian which is more weird. Also, this was the first part of where Stewie finds his Dad, or really himself. I have never seen anyone go through that much trouble ever. Stewies, again got the best lines in this clip, and I think it was this part of the movie, or the next one that Louis and "Fat Man" (Peter) teach their children how to date, which seemed mixed up, cause Peter should have taught Chris, and Louis should have thought Meg.
  • It's kind of funny when Peter makes his own show on the news called 'What Really Grinds My Gears'

    I love this episode because it is so funny! The best part is Peter's show called 'What Really Grinds My Gears', even though he created it on Quahog Channel 5 News. He's always making up goofy things about what really grinds his gears like parents letting their children do whatever they want. There was also the part where Tom Tucker stood beside Peter and put a bubble on the top of his head, showing things Tom wanted him to say. Tom got fired, then. You gotta love this, too! It's when the company fired Peter, he said "You know what really grinds my gears? You, America! F**k you!"
  • Hell? Well that's a little much. Sure I've devoted my life to killing my mother, but who hasn't?

    While I didn't watch the episodes on TV since I already own the movie, I can safely say that this episode was a great opening act to the movie and while it has little to do with the last two parts, I just couldn't help laughing at all the Grinds My Gears segments, Tom Tucker being hilarious in his appearances aswell.

    Stewie's near death experience is also hilarious, trying to be good by becoming a drunk and it ties in with Peter's plot well at the end, Peter deciding to give his final opinion on America in a much shorter rant than the rest of his segments.

    This part also shows that season 4 could have been much funnier if it had used the same type of humour as this episode and the first three seasons.
  • Synopsis: After losing at a swimming competition, Stewie tries to eliminate his rival by blowing up a lifeguard tower. His plan backfires though, and Stewie has a near death experience that seems to change him for the better.


    The episode is a classic, its filled with all the crazy stuff thats normally in a Family Guy episode. This episode really stuck around the fact, of underage drinking, where Stewie develops an alcohol problem, and many people would find that offensive. They have bouts of laughing at Meg because she is weird, which could be very offensive to people that like equality and etc. The stereotype of a woman as the housewife is talked about a bit within the episode, and the current Fat Man American with Peter is shown very well with his bit about what really grinds his gears. This episode seemed to do everything that normal episode does with stereotypes and the don't leave any culture out, with the Ghandi bit about stand up comedy, and the Jewish Rabbi not wanting to eat pork.
  • Stewie loses a swimming competition, and wants to kill the kid who beat him, and blow him up. His plan backfires, and Stewie has a near death experience. He start being good, but hates it and stops...

    This was a great, awesome episode! It was very, very, good and funny! There were many parts that I laughed at. I liked where Stewie saw the band aid at the bottom of the pool! That part was funny! The ed carpet part was hilarious, with Adam West, Meg, and especially, Lois! Lois was really funny! When she was drunk, she told Peter to get on her back, and said the "F" word. This whole episode was funny, also the fart part. The first part of the movie was awesome, and I loved the other two parts! It was really, really, great!