Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 4

Stewie Goes for a Drive

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • Fantastic

  • family guy stewie goes for a drive

    i thought this was quite a funny episode it had some funny gags like peter breaking his neck to get out of a book club and the mexican fart then later the arabian fart i thought the peter and ryan reynolds storyline was slightly odd but other than that it was funny and the stewie storyline was better i enjoyed that one more especially hearing that herbert won the justin bieber tickets overall funny episode i give it a 9 due to the odd subplot but still pretty good and way better than last weeks
  • I thought it was a good episode...

    It was a better episode than the other recent ones. The gay relationship between Peter and Ryan Reynolds made me LOL.. Stewie crashing the car was funny. I actually laughed a lot during this episode.. Unlike the previous ones.
  • Great episode, but not as superb as the last episode.


    After going to the doctor,Peter, along with his wife,Lois, begin to return home. As they reach their car in the parking lot, actorRyan Reynoldsdrives by them, and asks for directions. As he leaves, he indicates his enjoyment of Peter's presence. The next day, when Peter exits his home, he notices that Ryan has moved into the house formerly occupied by neighborCleveland Brownacross the street. Peter then asks Ryan what he is doing inQuahog, and he reveals that he is filming for a movie. Excited about the prospect of being neighbors, Peter attends a housewarming party for Ryan later that night. At the party, Ryan begins to tickle Peter, with Ryan requesting Peter to return the favor. Later that week, the two decide to have dinner together. While there, Ryan attempts to kiss Peter, who decides to run out of the restaurant immediately. The next day, Peter approaches Lois and tells her that he believes that Ryan isgay. Lois rejects the idea, causing Peter to visit Ryan and ask if he is attracted to him. Ryan tells Peter that he is not gay, and that he is only attracted to his spirit the way a man is attracted to a woman. Angered by Peter's accusation, Ryan then tells Peter to leave his home. As he leaves, however, Ryan hands him a cell phone so that the two "can stay in touch."

    Meanwhile,Briangoes to pick upStewiefrom day care. On the drive home, Stewie begins listening to the radio, and decides to stay in the car by himself to continue listening. As he begins to sing to the song, he becomes angered, and accidentally hits the stick shift, causing the car to move forward. Thinking he can now drive, Stewie decides to take the car for a drive later that day. Thrilled by the experience, he begins listening to the radio, and learns of a contest to win concert tickets to seeJustin Bieber. Attempting to enter, Stewie uses his cell phone to call the radio station. As he does so, the car begins to spin out of control, and crashes into a lamp post. Stewie then returns the car home, with the entire front of the vehicle completely destroyed. Brian soon discovers the damage, and immediately blames Stewie, who tries to deny his accusation. Brian then tells him that he is going to tell Peter and Lois, to the dismay of Stewie, who begins crying. Afraid of being punished, Stewie decides to run away from home, and leaves a disc for Brian to play and learn about his plans to leave Quahog. Stewie then takes the bus to the airport, but is dropped off at the wrong neighborhood.Consuela, theGriffin family's former maid, finds him, and takes him home with her. Later, Brian is able to find Stewie, and tells him that he did not tell anyone about the incident. As the two attempt to leave Consuela's home, she insists on keeping him, to the chagrin of Stewie who steals a nearby gun, and shoots her in the foot. The two then leave, and return home.

    This episode was great, but not as superb as the last one. It is still better than Lottery Fever andSeashoreSeashell Part. Stewie's plot was so hilarious. I laughed at almost every thing such as when Stewie took Brian's car for a ride, wrecked it, Herbert winning Justin Bieber tickets, Stewie freaking out after Brian found out that he drove his car, Stewie ending up at Consuela's place, referring to George Lopez, and shoot Consuela in the foot. As for Peter's plot, I didn't laugh that much. I only laughed at the part where Peter's fart thing attacked everyone (in a cutaway by the way). Other than that, I though it sucked. It was stupid. Peter thinking Ryan Reynolds was gay is lame and stupid.

  • good


    what i liked- herbert winning the justin bieber tickets, ryan reynolds telling peter to never talk to him again, and then giving him a cell phone so they can talk, consuela's appearance, stewie shooting up the people after consuela reveals she wants to keep stewie as her own kid, stewie's video to brian telling him he is leaving (which ran a little longer then i would have liked, but it started off nice), amongst other things.

    decent, i guess. besides last week's, this is probably the best episode of the season thus far, and it only gets a C+/B- or so from me. this season doesn't look so good to me, hopefully there is more humor and more enjoyable plots to be had in future episodes this season. Like i said, C+/B- or so seems right

  • Back to the Laughter?


    The "Stewie Goes for a Ride" episode was the first funny episode in a year and half. Hopefully we're starting back with the humor instead of the drama that started with the bank vault episode. I think all the funny writers went to Cleveland and American Dad.

  • It was better than last weeks' episode but it still wasn't great. There wasn't anything that made me laugh out loud. There were some chuckles but that was all I got from this one. All Seth is doing now is remaking episodes and that is not good.


    Stewie decides to take the car out for a drive after he accidently sets the car in reverse. Excited he takes it out and has an accident. Feeling sorry for what he did and didn't want to get in trouble, he runs away and ends up with Consuela. Brian comes to pick him but Consuela doesn't want Stewie to leave but Stewie takes a gun from a random family member and starts shooting. Brian and Stewie leave without remorse.

    A famous celebrity visits Quahog and has an interest in Peter. Peter enjoys his company but when Ryan gives Peter the wrong impression, Peter tells him that he isn't gay. They broke off their friendship.

    Stewie was very stupid and is getting dumber. We've seen Stewie drive before so there is no reason for to act as if he has never drove before. Brian is forgetting that he is a dog and realizes that he has to use his nose. These new writers have never seen the old episodes and should go back and see what made Stewie unique. The shooting at the end was a bit of classic Stewie but it still wasn't enough. Stewie should have apologized to Consuela but he didn't and it still a bad ending.

    The story on the first page was better than this bad remake and instead it had Ryan Renolds going after Peter. The first story had a reason for Peter trying to get with a famous celebrity was to make up with Meg. Now Ryan Renolds going after Peter so much was just not right. Peter was uncomfortable and the breakup was another bad ending.

    This was a little better but the Stewie of old is dead. Using the gun at the end didn't help. Ryan tickling Peter and shoving his fist into Peters' mouth didn't look right. Even when Peter said he's not gay made Ryan the bad guy even when Ryan said he isn't gay.

    Overall, slightly better. May Road to the Pilot be better.

  • Not bad. . .


    Certainly not the worst episode of family guy ever put on TV. I think the glory days of Family Guy are over, and I think really we knew this 2 seasons ago.

    What we have now, is fairly amusing episodes. Maybe family guy should embrace that- because some of the jokes that make it to air are obviously done so to shock and try and get that edge back. Its not working.

    This episode had some good moments, Ryan Reynolds was a nice addition I thought. Nothing too memorable but light hearted and fun enough to justify the story.

    Stewie and Brian are always a good team, and didn't let us down this week.

    All in all, an average but enjoyable Family Guy.

  • Stewie Goes for a Drive


    It was disappointing to see Family Guy bury a guest star like Kaitlin Olson in the background for much of her episode as Quagmire's sister last week, but it was even worse to see the show waste Ryan Reynolds, tonight playing a version of himself that becomes obsessed with overtly seducing Peter while shooting a movie in Quahog. Peter and Lois meet Reynolds after Peter spends the first two minutes of the episode acting like a child, wanting congratulations for getting a shot like a big boy and pointing out a fire truck to Lois. Then Reynolds drives in, ignores Lois, takes a shine to Peter, and zooms away. Then there's a cutaway to Peter meeting Shelly Duvall, and Peter swears, instantly jolting away from the initial childhood state for absolutely no reason. That's the kind of unsubstantiated, illogical start that keeps me thinking nobody has any idea how to break a story in that writer's room. It has no reason to exist other than to introduce Reynolds as the guest star, and it manages to make that uninteresting and devoid of humor.

    So Ryan Reynolds is hitting on Peter, or at least Peter thinks he is. The whole thing plays out like a much less extreme reversal of "The Story On Page One", the season 2 episode where Peter attempts to seduce Luke Perry in a black thong swimsuit. That episode had a comedic build to it, moving from Meg's lackluster college visits, to Meg joining the school paper due to a need for extracurricular activities, to Peter intervening when Meg did an investigative report on Mayor Adam West. It combined the Griffin family with Peter's comedic meddling, and was a good example of how Family Guy had seemingly found the Simpsons formula of taking left turns towards the main plot of an episode for a brief spell early on in its first run. "Stewie Goes For A Drive" had none of that same escalation, instead beating the same joke into the ground, having Ryan Reynolds referring to how he looked in tight clothing and asking Peter if he looked good. That was really the only joke that came out of Reynolds' appearance. Peter went to his house, went to get Moroccan food, but there was none of the same going-for-broke comedy that put Peter in seduction mode around Luke Perry, or the twist with Perry and Adam West at the end of "The Story On Page One." Time and time again Family Guy comes off as lazy and derivative, and this was yet another example.

    The B-plot gave the episode its title, which was another strange decision. Stewie accidentally shifts Brian's car into Drive while listening to the end of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" and gets hooked on the possibility of going out for a spin. The best scene in the episode was the short one where Stewie snagged Brian's keys while he sits at the kitchen table narrating an outline to another pompous novel to himself. Even if it is for one brief second, the show manages to encapsulate what makes Brian such an insufferable, snobby pseudo-intellectual and yet unable to get past the outline stage of his next failed novel. He isn't yearning to create art, only the recognition and devotion of hypothetical scholars. If that seems like making a mountain out of a molehill, just remember how hard it is to pick one well constructed scene that actually makes sense for these characters out of an episode in the past few seasons. I'll take a reasonably well thought out thirty seconds where I can.

    As if the Underwood joke at the expense of Top 40 wasn't enough, while Stewie drives along with Rupert, he hears a radio contest for Justin Bieber tickets, and crashes into a pole while using his cell phone. Brian is pissed about the car, naturally, and Stewie is afraid he'll be in trouble with his parents for some reason after all his previous antics over the course of ten years haven't really done anything. He decides to run away from all his problems, leaves Brian a video message that's he's left for the airport, and gives detailed instructions for Brian not to come to the airport and re-enact one of the various romantic comedy scenes where somebody gives a big speech in front of all the TSA agents to keep the object of their affection from getting on a plane. That moment plays fine, but Stewie actually had no idea where he was going, and ends up lost in an unfamiliar part of town, where Consuela, former maid to the Griffins, shows up out of nowhere to take Stewie to her house, at which point we're obviously in for some off-the-mark low-class humor and racial humor that had me sighing at its ineptitude.

    Both plots paint themselves into a corner with no time to get out. In the third act, Stewie is trapped at Consuela's house and Peter hadn't succumbed to Reynolds' repetitive and slowly escalating advances or done anything about them, so the show snaps its fingers and ends each one prematurely. Brian figures out he can use his nose because, you know, he's a dog, and dogs have a great sense of smell, of course. But Consuela doesn't want to give him up, so Stewie pulls a gun out of nowhere and starts shooting so they can walk out without a problem. End of B-plot, with no explanation, on an unsatisfying note with no real resolution.

    The Reynolds plot didn't really even have an ending. The final scene with Peter and Ryan makes things a bit too sinister. Peter goes over to Reynolds' house to politely rebuff his advances, to which Reynolds feigns ignorance. The polite rejection is already somewhat out of character for Peter. He's normally so larger-than-life that this evenhanded response to an extremely awkward scenario was surprising. As expected, Reynolds has no idea what Peter is talking about, but in kind of a sick twist, doesn't just give up at Peter's rejection. Instead, he chips away at Peter, emotionally manipulating him by saying that just because he's attracted to Peter "in the way a man is attracted to a woman" it doesn't make him gay, because he's above punitive labels like "gay" and "straight" altogether. This idea puts Peter in the lesser category where he still subscribes to those societal norms, and then Peter is suddenly more intrigued by the possibility of Reynolds. It was uncomfortable to watch Ryan Reynolds as a conniving sexual predator, shaming Peter into giving him what he wanted, but even more baffling that the scene just cuts off with Reynolds handing Peter a cell phone. That's only half of a resolution, and with only two minutes left it only had time to show Lois and Peter talking about what happened up at Reynolds' house, which is interrupted by a callback to a cutaway joke about futuristic anti-corporation movies from the 70s from halfway through the episode.

    That leaves an episode constructed entirely around the idea that Ryan Reynolds is attractive in tight clothing, an idea that doesn't come across in an animated version of the actor. I happen to actually like Reynolds, and I think he's chosen a lot of bad projects despite some decent comedic talent. He may not fit an empirical definition of a movie star, but I think he's worth more as a guest than a tired trope like playing himself as a sexual predator towards Peter.

  • Peter becomes friends with Ryan Reynolds and Stewie goes for a drive on Brian's car and crashes it


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Family Guy". After having a serious episode of "Family Guy" last Sunday night which blew the living heck out of me... we are back with comedy. While this episode wasn't as good as last week's episode "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q", it was still enjoyable and great for the most part. There were a couple of things about this episode that lowered my score. One thing that lowered my score was how the Peter/Ryan Reynolds plot got a little dragged and lacking in some parts. The second thing was also the very ending of the episode... seriously? that was just a stupid and lazy way to end the episode like "Wow! that was a lousy ending" (that's I said to myself at least). There were a lot of funny parts in this episode such as Stewie taking a slow cruise on Brian's car through his ex-girlfriend's house, the cutaway with Peter farting and then the genie (who is a fart) tries to kill the people or something like that, Consuela's appearance, Stewie line's "Wow! you people don't watch George Lopez", Stewie's video to Brian about he is running away, Herbert winning tickets to Justin Bieber from a radio contest, Ryan Reynold's line to Peter "I'm sorry Peter but we can never talk again... here is a cell phone so we can talk to each other", and many more. Overall, a great episode of "Family Guy" and funny for the most part BUT it could have been a little better. 8.5/10

  • Not what I expected at all.


    Ryan Reynolds pays a visit to Quahog and becomes obsessed with Peter. Meanwhile, Stewie tries to be a big boy and steals the family car for a joy ride but lands in a bit of trouble.

    What I liked- Stewie singing the song, stewie crashing, stewie sneaking to steal brian's keys, consuela

    Overall this was a dumb episode, with peter and ryan reynolds was unnecessary and annoying, stewie's plot was just as bad but it was much better than Peter's, please stay away from this one

    2 out of 10

  • 11/6


    Ryan Reynolds movie career has beena bust for most of the last year, but this episode actually delivered and he played a key part of that. He came off like a likable and big star after this appearance, certainly good for his image, and it was amusing to see him in animated phone. Nice little storyline there.

    The Stewie storyline was kind of funny too with a Counsela appearance and some nice banter with Brian.

    A very good episode of Family Guy, one I did not expect much out of.