Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 6

Tales of a Third Grade Nothing

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2008 on FOX

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  • Cool show.

  • Okay, this episode was just crossing the line.


    Peter is forced to go back to the third grade to try and qualify for a promotion at work. Meanwhile, Brian opens a bar with Frank Sinatra Jr, where they employ Stewie to make it a hotspot.

    Brian singing was boring, but really, blowing up a children's hospital, and an abortion joke. What the hell? That is crossing the line, Family Guy.


  • A little underrated episode...


    This episode was great. I don't get the hate for this episode if there's like10 parts that made me laugh. I understand that some of the jokes in this episode was offensive, but that doesn't means it's bad. Peter's plot is good, but my favorite. The cutaway when Peter got the air balloon and crashes on Cleveland's house was funny. The robot beating Peter up was super funny. The clap contest cutaway was funny as well. Quagmire's part was very funny. As for Brian/Stewie/Frank Sinatra Jr. plot, it was ok, but boring in a few parts. Bruce's cameo was funny. Emperor Palpatine's part was funny as well. John Madden's wedding video business (since it was referenced in this plot) was pretty much the funniest cutaway for this episode. Stewie on the channel 5 news was funny as well. Gazelle's part was hilarious ("You're gonna hear from my lawyer." "I don't have a lawyer.") Andy Dick showing up was hilarious as well. Overall, this episode did has like 10 laughs for me, but it could have been better in some parts. 8/10

  • It's time to stop kicking the corpse and cancel Family Guy.

    This is not the Family Guy Seth MacFarlane created back in the 1990's. What we're seeing now is a lazily scripted show which relies completely on repetitive, predictable, randomly-placed cutaways to provide the comedy, and failing even at that.

    In trying too hard to emulate the qualities that made other animated comedies successful (the in-your-face violence and gross-out jokes of Drawn Together; the randomness of Sealab 2021 and ATHF, the f***-you-all social commentary and bad taste of South Park) the Family Guy writers have drained the show of its original good-natured goofy humour.

    Family Guy is simply not funny any more. Seth needs to either give it up completely, or make his team watch Life of Larry and seasons 1-3 over again until they understand what made Family Guy funny in the first place.
  • It was funny for the most part

    I thought that this was a mostly funny episode of "Family Guy". The thing that I didn't like in this episode though was that they made jokes about children's hospital and abortion. I also didn't like it when they were being racist about that kid Omar such as when Tom Tucker couldn't pronounce his last name and a few more. This is a cartoon so it was kind of funny when Peter accidentally the children's hospital but it was wrong for Seth MacFarlane to make jokes like that. Despite some things that this episode was making jokes about, I was laughing hard most of the time during this episode. Peter having to go back to the third grade just to get that promotion was a very funny idea. The cutaway that indoor hot air balloon and then Cleveland's bathtub was funny. To be honest, I don't think the joke with Cleveland falling down in the bathtub will ever get old for me and it always cracks me up. The cutaway with Peter and Cleveland doing that last clap contest was funny. The children looking like Quagmire was hilarious. It was very funny when the little girl was showing her barbie doll for show and tell and then Peter says "Oh my god, who cares". The Michael Jackson cutaway was absolutely hilarious. The Looney Tunes' character Yosemite Sam cutaway was very funny. The Abraham Lincoln cutaway was also funny. I also liked the subplot when Frank Sinatra Jr. and Brian's club was going out of business so Stewie turns it into some night club. Everyone leaving the night club after Andy Dick shows up was very funny. The ending was also great when Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. were singing that song. Peter winning the third grade spelling bee by spelling the word "lesbians" was very funny. The ending was also funny when the judge said that Peter is released from prison next Sunday at 9pm for exploding the children's hospital and then Peter thumbs up (which is the time they show "Family Guy"). Overall, despite some of the jokes about abortion, children's hospital, and the jokes about that kid Omar, this was a great and mostly funny episode of "Family Guy". 8.5/10
  • Not really funny at all

    Peter is determined to get a higher job at the brewery, but before he gets it, he must repeat the third grade, because he failed it. Meanwhile, Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. open up The cabana club again, and no one wants to hear Big Band music anymore, so Stewie helps them to make the club more hip, and calls it pLace.

    This episode was terrible. There was only one scene that was funny, and that was The executive bathroom scene, with Jurassic Park music. I also liked the cutaway with John Wilkes Booth, and Abraham Lincoln.

    Overall Grade: 50%/D-

    Not good
  • Where Do They Get Off?

    Where do they get off making fun of things, such as abortion, abolishing a childrens' hospital, etc? Huh? Because they're FAMILY GUY? Sorry, jokes like that made me cringe, they're not bad taste or anything, they're just BAD. I can't believe I didn't turn off the TV, the only thing which made me laugh was Quagmire's children, and that wasn't that funny itself. But come on, "Mrs. Killson", an abortion joke? How is that funny? And "You're a fart smeller Meg!" making Meg smell his fart? How are things like that funny? Because they are in this show? Sorry, this episode is pure crap, IMO
  • Peter goes back to the 3rd grade so he can be promoted at work. Brian and pal Frank Jr open a night club.

    This epiosode was not the best but it was still better than anything the simpsons ever did. I loved the Jarasic Park part. I liked the musical numbers with Brian and Frank Jr. I also liked the michel Jackson cutaway and the wedding video cutaway. I also liked it when Peter farted on Meg. What I didn't like about this episode was there were way to many cutaways. I counted 12 cutaways. I also didn't like it when Peter burned down the children's hospital. Acident or not it was still not nice. This episode was like expecking a choclate tort and getting a brownie.
  • I enjoyed this episode.

    Peter is forced to go back to the third grade to try and qualify for a promotion at work. Meanwhile, Brian opens a bar with Frank Sinatra Jr, where they employ Stewie to make it a hotspot. Like I said before this was a very enjoyable episode. This was one of the episodes of this season that actually felt like a Family guy episode. It was funny and had a good plot unlike most of the other episode from this season. It was nie to see some good come out of this season. Definately eatch this episode for sure. A
  • Season 7, Episode 6.

    Peter is eligible for a promotion at work, but first he must go back to school and complete the third grade. Meanwhile, Brian and Frank Sinatra, Jr., with the help of Stewie, turn the cabana club into Quahog's new hot spot.

    I enjoyed this episode for the most part. I thought the whole bathroom on the island thing was a bit over the top, but still enjoyable. I loved when Peter blew up the Children's Hospital. I loved how the FBI knew it was Peter and how when he went to court he was only sentenced to one week in jail. Freaking amazing. Not a bad episode.
  • Peter goes back to third grade to get a promotion at work while Stewie helps Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. make the cabana club the coolest place in town.

    It is my second favorite episode of all time and the Michael Jackson part was one of my all time favorite parts.The episode had me laughing so hard the entire time.I do not see why everyone says this episode stinks it rocks.I know they did the gag were Cleveland falls out of the bathtub three times but it is hillarious every single time and most of the other gags were great.The word to describe this episode iS YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.The only negatie is it started to slow down a bit but,it still was a real laugh out loud episode and had a lot of shinning moments.
  • Another Funny episode!

    Great episode! Probably the funniest one yet, but they all are funny! A great way to end the first half of this season but not so much because it was ok, but not really a good way to end the first half of this season. But overall good episode. Loved the sub-plot with Brain and Stewie making a night club! But Peters joke to Omar was so funny! Wanna Hurts donut? Hurts dont it! That made me lol! The spelling bee was even funnier! Peter doesnt even know how to spell tree but thats what you expect when you are Peter. Lol.
  • This episode was pure crap! It belongs at the bottom of the toilet. Theat is how bad it was.

    The main story was another bad Peter episode with Peter getting more and more gross. I am sick of the writers and Seth showing Peter going to the bathroom. One huge example was Peter using the executive bathroom which was a bad Jurassic Park spoof. That was a big waste and so unfunny. The whole thing of him passing the third grade and blowing up a childrens' hospital was lowest Seth would go to be funny. He is no longer funny. The other story. Been there and pointless. Peter farting on Megs' face proves that he is a real jerkass.
  • good episode you guys need to appreciate it

    you guys should stop dogging this show and just continue to live in your parents basements. Me and my friends always love watching every episode. I like the way peter has to keep getting new sentences for the words. HE so reterded. I admit it is not as funny but its still a good show. Sometimes you just have to dealwith and quit being failures. The part at the end is really funny with stewie getting comment on his hood. I wonder if frank sonatra jr. watches these episodes and enjoys them. They are still good no matter what you guys say.
  • Peter has to finish the 3rd grade in order to get a promotion at work. As a B story, Brian opens his own club with Frank Sinatra Jr. and Stewie.

    This is by far at my consideration the worst Family Guy episode I've ever seen. The sad thing is that I was actually waiting eagerly for the episode to come up.
    The problem begins with the plot, Peter going back to the 3rd grade. What kind of plot is that? it makes me think of "Ernest goes to school". It seems to me (and just judging by this episode) that Family guy has become the very same thing it has parodied, a silly tv show that's running out of ideas. The sad thing about this is not the premise of the episode, is the way they use it to make it unfunny. One would think that they chose this story because they can get a lot out of it, but most of the jokes were random , tedious and repetitive (yes, even for family guy). Watching Cleveland falling down in his bathtub the first 3 times was kind of funny, but this time it was just boring and obvious. Observational jokes which (on my opinion) are usually the strong part of Family Guy were poorly developed in this episode.
    The "B" story, to sum it up, was uninteresting, unfunny and unoriginal. Same as the main story a lot could have been taken out from it but nothing was hilariously funny like in other episodes.
    I only write reviews when I'm absolutely pissed at the show and I hope I don't have to write another one again not for Family Guy at least. I want to think that they ran out of time and not out of ideas to make this episode.
  • a terrible, almost unfunny episode

    This is just getting sad. I don't know what is up with Family Guy and why there is pathetically awful episodes like these. This episode wasn't as bad as The Man with Two Brians, but it wasn't a major improvement either. It just seems that Family Guy is just going through the motions, doing everything that is expected of Family Guy minus the usual spark, grace, or charm. There are non-sequiters put back in but now it's like, why are they there? They're not even funny or are tiredly rehashed. This episode should have been a win: Peter has to go back to third grade and graduate. Frank Sinatra Jr. returns, this opening a club with Brian and Stewie. Instead, most of the episode is terrible. A Star Wars joke in there falls completely flat. If they can't even make Star Wars jokes funny anymore, and the last joke on Two Brians about Family Guy and American Dad isn't funny, there is something wrong. There were many jokes that were horribly offensive. The Family Guy timeline is shifted a little bit for this story of Peter graduating third grade, but it happens often. This episode was horrible. So far in season seven, there has only been two passable episodes. It's shocking how bad an episode this is since until 2008, Family Guy seemed to do no wrong. I want to blame the writer's strike, but that was last year. Most of the shows are back in their forms but Family Guy still hasn't recovered. In episodes like this, Family Guy takes itself way too seriously, where usually, it acts like a wild, crazy but funny cartoon. I keep saying, I don't know if it will get better. I'm still hoping for another good episode to return but two episodes terrible episodes in a row? It can't be hard to do better than this.
  • This was the worst episode of Family Guy yet. Don't waste your time!

    I was actually looking forward to seeing this episode, only to be severely disappointed. It stunk from the very beginning, with the long drawn out and boring executive bathroom joke-did somebody actually find this funny? I could completely live without the Cleveland-bathtub joke again…it was funny the first time, not so much anymore. Lois, Meg, and Chris were barely in the episode.

    Fortunately, you can count on the Brian and Stewie storyline to be funny at least. NOT THIS TIME! It came across as nothing but filler for a "Billy Madison" rip off starring Peter. Billy Madison was a good movie because of Adam Sandler, however, if you want to see a horrible parody of the movie sans Sandler then waste twenty minutes of your life and watch "Tales of a Third-grade Nothing."
  • This episode was okay, but not as good.

    Well, the plot looked like it was on Peter, but more onn Brian and Stewie. most jokes were good, but didn't catch my eye. Peter is again being retard at his plot, and Brian and Stewie are back with Frank. What's with Clevland and the bathtub, you think he learned the last three times. Lois wasn't in this episode much, so she's wasn't important. Like I said, good, but not great. Filler, just not good. This seaon had only a few good eps, we need another. I hacve faitrh on the Family Gay and the second Star Wars episode, Please
  • Not the absolute worst episode ever, but almost.

    What a trainwreck. I've liked all the previous episodes this season, save for one certain "I Dream of Jesus". And now we've got "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing". It's weird, because I expected to hate last week's episode, and I loved it. This one I expected to love, but I ended up hating it. It's just not funny, I was just sitting there asking myself, why am I not laughing? There were many jokes in it, but none of them really worked. Yes, we get a 9/11 reference, we get a burning Childrens Hospital and yes, we get wifebeating jokes. Offensive stuff can't be funny just by being offensive, the writers got really lazy with this one. Also, we get recycled gags, Cleveland falling down in his bathtub yelling "no,no,no,no,NO".

    The story with Peter going back to third grade could've been hilarious, Billy Madison is one of my favorite movies. But it just sucks, the whole part of this story takes place in the classroom and ends with a spelling bee. Frank Sinatra is back, why? I don't know. I guess Seth wanted to show off his singing talents again. Fine,, it's not fine. We know you can sing Seth, but don't force a musical number on us every single episode.

    I honestly don't know what to think. I didn't laugh once, I smiled maybe two times. But that was it. The Prince joke was lame, John Madden wedding video? And what the hell was that thing with Peter and the Swede on rollerskates? Easily the worst episode of the season so far. And how fitting, "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing" ranks third on my list of worst FG episodes. Nothing funny in this episode, skip it.
  • Peter goes back to third grade; Brian and Frank Sinatra buy a bar

    Family Guy's latest episode is not off to a very good start. Two classic movies are already being disgraced in the first 6 minutes and we're seeing more jokes for no reason other than to be offensive. Honestly who thought Executive Bathroom Island was a good idea?

    If I wanted to watch Billy Madison I would watch Billy Madison. Is it that hard to produce an original episode?

    I did like the gazelle trying to get in and Stewie's response about wanting to see him and Tom Tucker saying the Arab kid's name was something September 11thy but come on this episode was an absolute trainwreck.