Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • Best show

  • Meh...

    Some funny humor at times, but that episode is essentially focused on a political view the writers desperately try to shove down our throats...

    The idea of a Thanksgiving gathering all the people close to the Griffins (including Lois' sister who married Adam West and Quagmire's transgender father), as well as the unexpected return of a supposedly dead Kevin Swanson were nice touches. Too bad this all turned into a giant argument on war afterwards.

    I enjoyed the crab gag, seeing all the characters together and some of the lines spoken during the argument on war (the ones that have nothing to do with it that is).
  • epico a dir poco.

    Uno degli episodi pi spettacolari di tutti i tempi nella storia dei Griffin.
  • family guy thanksgiving

    this was a good episode not as good as last weeks but pretty good kevin returns to quohog it was great seeing him in the series again i found it funny when chris said if you think i'm gonna masterbate after this tonight then you are so right and when brian predicted was kevin was gonna say in his poem so he wouldn't read it that was pretty funny good but not as good as last weeks
  • This is the first time family Guy has ever had a Thanksgiving episode. It was very good and it was nice to see characters giving their opinions but I wished that it wasn't so one sided. If there had been two sides talking, it would have been better.


    Joes' son comes home after he was assumed dead. Kevin said that he faked his death to get out because he doesn't believe in the war. Joe called him a traitor and should go to jail. Kevin helps Joe to remember a situation when Joe helped a homeless man keep the food to feed his family. Having a change of heart, Joe forgives Kevin.

    This was entertaining. It was nice to see Kevin back and how his family and friends would react as he explained why he was M.I.A. I'm glad some characters had their opinions on why Kevin left and there was some heart in it.

    What I didn't like was:

    1. Brian insulting Ida after Ida gave an honest opinion. I thought Quagmire was going to give him a second beating.

    2. Lois telling Ida to use the yard. Hey Seth!! You said you were for gays and transgender people. It doesn't look like it.

    3. Peter telling tasteless jokes when Kevin was trying to be serious and throwing the football at Chris drunk.

    4. Kevin calling Mega skank. I thought those 2 would get back together and Meg was being nice. Thanks alot Seth!!

    Overall, it was very good. It proves you can be serious without violence like Quagmires' sister episode. There should be more like this.

  • family guy is going downhill

    i watched this episode yesterday and dont remember laughing once...come to think about it, were there even any jokes in it?
  • After showing us how Family Guy started last week, this episode is a returns back to a rather half-version of what we like and what we hate about the show, but in the end: the episode is still preachy with a one-sided message.


    Okay. I had doubts about this episode... and some of them were filled.

    But I will give credit where it is due. 1st of, the story is actually well written. Most of Family Guy episodes now a days are a bunch of plot points with random jokes stuck between them, leaving to be shallow rip-offs South Park and the Simpsons. Here, it is a real story with real pacing and raising and falling actions. This one thing I missed about the show, and it kinda made me mad at the people who did that lousy job and went on strike for money a few years back.

    The jokes were kinda good to. The Stewie blimp was funny, same as the mix up for Peter's Cutaway, and this episode had a long build up joke that actually pays off at the end, very rare for my taste.

    But then we hit the low part of the episode. We learn of Kevin's desertion. It wasn't the part that he went AWOL that got me down, but rather the part where he just talks about the war being wrong while everyone else's opinion, save for Quagmire's father, seemed dumb down, like "Letting them get away for 9/11" and "The Moments of Silence at Sport Games pointless". This is pretty much like those shows/movies that preaches it opinion of a subject, like how Twilight's Breaking Dawn is about Abortion, that the people who against the "heroes" are wrong, and here it is basically how a writer makes himself as a smart man in a room filled with idiots. Shows like South Park make fun the subject, either of it is in a nutshell or people's reaction to it, Family Guy on the otherhand have been doing WAY too much. Back to SOuth Park, they say that Family Guy is a show that's "Just for laughs without any messages or morals". That Family Guy they're talking about as been gone for a LONG time now. They have become preachy with their political messages rather than just try to make some laughs. And that part is one of them. In fact, when the show drop Kevin without any word and fans pointed out, they had him mentioned to killed in the war as a blunt way of saying people close to home are getting killed, even though the creators said they drop him because he was "boring" and now they bring him back to restate the same message AGAIN!

    There, I made my statement without being too political. It's not that it is a liberal message that got me upset, it's just how it executed. There was even a simile to Soldiers in service to Nazis, and then followed up with a justification of said simile even though it is "Instant Fail" for anyone to use in any situation or argument.

    Another scene I hated was the very last scene of the episode, proving that Family Guy can't end an episode at all, even on a emotional and sentimental one at that.

  • Great Thanksgiving FG episode.


    I thought it was a great Family Guy episode. It could have been better in some, but I liked the episode. Kevin Swanson returning from Iraq was good. It wassurprisingthat Kevin faked his death although I kind of predicted that. The parts I liked/laughed were the news at the beginning, Stewie balloon, Bonnie saying "this turkey's ----ing good," flashback when Joe has an Afro and a few others. As the for the stuffs that lowered my score...I was really irrated at Peter calling Kevin tomato son (something like that). I don't know why, but Peter has been doing ok in this season. The only episodes that might give me laughs from Peter were Screams of Silence and Back to the Pilot. Also, the gang judging Kevin wasirritatingas well. Last, the ending is a bit rushed and lame like Stewie goes for a drive. Overall, despite those things that ruined it, it was a great Thanksgiving episode of Family Guy. 8.5/10

  • It was okay


    It was not as funny as last weeks episode but i believe the meaning of it was much greater than making theviewers laugh. So i have to give it a 7.5likei said family guy is based on comedy but because themeaningwas very strong it deserves a pass.

  • The first Thanksgiving episode of "Family Guy" and it was great. Although, it wasn't as good as last week's episode "Road to the Pilot"


    Lois cooks a big Thanksgiving meal and invites the whole crew over for dinner, and Joe is shocked when his formerly M.I.A. son, Kevin Swanson, returns from Iraq. Well... I missed this episode last Sunday night because I was already driving to Denver, Colorado for my Thanksgiving break. I recorded this episode so I watched this episode from my DVR today and I really enjoyed it. After reading the mixed reviews on this episode, I was actually a little worried on what I would think of it. To me, the episode wasn't mixed but it did have its flaws. I was surprised that this episode didn't get any bad reviews so far because I know a lot of people will find this episode to be preachy with all of the war topic. War topic was fine with me in this episode and I actually found it to be very interesting. Kevin telling everyone how he actually survived and the story about the boy and how the boy's father died is real good. The story was kinda sad to watch. I also enjoyed the flashback near the end of the episode when Joe didn't arrest the man because he is poor and he is trying to feed his family. I found that part to be heartwarming and sad and loved the message that Joe said which was "You gotta follow the law... but then again, the law is just a piece of paper and sometimes you gotta what is right and wrong". As for the humor in this episode... I did laugh at some parts in this episode such as the news report about the Thanksgiving yawning in the beginning of the episode, the Stewie balloon, Bonnie telling Lois that her food is so (bleep) good, Peter's line "Okay, let's eat the food that I am going to poop out" (although, that was a bit gross to me and I was eating at that time), Peter's face after the bone joke, Kevin calling Meg "skank", the cutaway with the Future Mayor Wests, the Giant Crab cutaway, and when Carter told Mayor West that he has a nice butt and then Mayor West responds "Well, thank you". It was also good to see that Mayor West and Carol are actually married after wondering in last season's "Brothers and Sisters" if they were still going to be married after that episode. Looks like this episode answered my question from last season. My huge flaws with the episode was the return of Quagmire's father (ugh, you know... the man that had a sex change), Peter being drunk again, Peter ruining the dramatic scenes between Joe and Kevin by making a joke, the bad jokes such as the sun died tomato joke and a couple of more, and the very ending. Overall, a great Thanksgiving episode of "Family Guy" with some flaws that should have never been in this episode especially the very ending. 8/10

  • Thanksgiving


    What I have liked about Family Guy as of late is that they have spent a lot of time crafting new and interesting storylines, not just using cliched sitcom plots wrapped in animated form. The show has been good lately as a result and there were some genuinely funny moments tonight. Sure, there were a lot of dumb lines as well, but this was another clever half hour of TV and more proof that Family Guy may have finally righted the ship.

  • Not bad..last week's episode was way better, though.


    This is probably the weakest episode of the season I've seen so far. I have to admit, the storyline was great, and I really liked the idea of Kevin reappearing in an episode. As well as this, I got a few laughs out of this episode, like the news cast about the awnings, the giant crab, the Stewie balloon, Peter faking his own death to get out of going to the dentist, Peter's face after the chicken bone joke, and the cutaway with the future Mayor Wests. However, there were also some bad jokes, like Peter's sun died tomato joke, which I thought were just tasteless. There were also a few bathroom jokes that were just childish and not funny to me, and I didn't like how Joe was willing to arrest his own son. I did think the ending was somewhat heartwarming, but I hated the very ending. It just leaves you hanging there. So, overall, I thought this was an alright episode for the most part, but so far, to me, it's probably the worst of the season. Final grade: C. Marebear2009, out!

  • This episode became WAY too preachy near the end.


    In this episode, Lois cooks a big Thanksgiving meal and invites the whole crew over, but Joe is very shocked to find out that Kevin Swanson, Joe's presumed to be dead son, returns to Quahog. This episode shares some things that I liked such as Channel 2 and 6 news not being affected by the rain, the giant crab, the Stewie balloon, Peter's face at the chicken wing bone joke, Carter complimenting Adam West's ass, the cutaway with the future Adam Wests, Peter faking his own death just to avoid the dentist, Kevin's Iraq story, Kevin calling Meg a "skank", Peter making conversation to Carol, Joe with his afro

    Some things I didn't like: The dead son joke (the sun-died tomato), Peter getting drunk again, Joe attempting to arrest his own son, everybody judging Kevin, how preachy this episode is, the ending was too confusing.

    In conclusion, this episode started out great, but it becomes preachy when Kevin tells the truth, and the ending was stupid.

    FINAL SCORE: 6.5 out of 10