Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • After showing us how Family Guy started last week, this episode is a returns back to a rather half-version of what we like and what we hate about the show, but in the end: the episode is still preachy with a one-sided message.


    Okay. I had doubts about this episode... and some of them were filled.

    But I will give credit where it is due. 1st of, the story is actually well written. Most of Family Guy episodes now a days are a bunch of plot points with random jokes stuck between them, leaving to be shallow rip-offs South Park and the Simpsons. Here, it is a real story with real pacing and raising and falling actions. This one thing I missed about the show, and it kinda made me mad at the people who did that lousy job and went on strike for money a few years back.

    The jokes were kinda good to. The Stewie blimp was funny, same as the mix up for Peter's Cutaway, and this episode had a long build up joke that actually pays off at the end, very rare for my taste.

    But then we hit the low part of the episode. We learn of Kevin's desertion. It wasn't the part that he went AWOL that got me down, but rather the part where he just talks about the war being wrong while everyone else's opinion, save for Quagmire's father, seemed dumb down, like "Letting them get away for 9/11" and "The Moments of Silence at Sport Games pointless". This is pretty much like those shows/movies that preaches it opinion of a subject, like how Twilight's Breaking Dawn is about Abortion, that the people who against the "heroes" are wrong, and here it is basically how a writer makes himself as a smart man in a room filled with idiots. Shows like South Park make fun the subject, either of it is in a nutshell or people's reaction to it, Family Guy on the otherhand have been doing WAY too much. Back to SOuth Park, they say that Family Guy is a show that's "Just for laughs without any messages or morals". That Family Guy they're talking about as been gone for a LONG time now. They have become preachy with their political messages rather than just try to make some laughs. And that part is one of them. In fact, when the show drop Kevin without any word and fans pointed out, they had him mentioned to killed in the war as a blunt way of saying people close to home are getting killed, even though the creators said they drop him because he was "boring" and now they bring him back to restate the same message AGAIN!

    There, I made my statement without being too political. It's not that it is a liberal message that got me upset, it's just how it executed. There was even a simile to Soldiers in service to Nazis, and then followed up with a justification of said simile even though it is "Instant Fail" for anyone to use in any situation or argument.

    Another scene I hated was the very last scene of the episode, proving that Family Guy can't end an episode at all, even on a emotional and sentimental one at that.