Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 16

The Big Bang Theory

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 2011 on FOX

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  • Sonic

  • Best Episode of the Show Ever

    This is incredible. It's very interesting and fun to watch. There may be some off-color jokes her or there, but they don't ruin the episode.
  • Epic fight!

    Bertram Griffin is the main antagonist of Family Guy 9.
  • Perfect

    I thought this episode was perfect. It was hilarious as well. The plot involves Stewie and Brian go back in time to stop Bertram from killing Leonardo da Vinci. It felt like a road to episode because it felt very adventurous. One of season 9's best, next to Halloween on Spooner Street. A lot of funny parts including Stewie going back in time to prevent some stuffs (the funniest had to be when he did the Peanut Butter Jelly Time gag), Stewie finding out he had an Italian ancestor which explains his love for Spaghetto and Brian finds it gross, and a few others. Overall, a perfect episode. Hopefully more awesome episodes and less awful episodes.l 10/10
  • The beginning was good only.


    After Lois leaves, Stewie tell Brian about wanted to order an item from a magazine. Brian insults Stewie by saying he would order the guy on the cover of the magazine. Stewie comes up with a terrible return insult, that causes Brian and Chris to mock him. Stewie plans to go back in time to top his insult Brian, which he does and succeeds. Stewie plans to go back in time to embarrass Brian again. He travels back to "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", when Brian is going to sing, "Peanut Butter Jelly Time", but Stewie steals his banana suit and sings to Peter, which cheers him up. Stewie later plans to mess with his former date with a Victoria's Secret model, which Brian finds out about and plans to stop. Brian and Stewie begin to fight for control over the machine, but go back in time, to before the universe's existence. Stewie tells Brian that he can overload his Return Pad which would cause an explosion that would send them to the future. Stewie is reluctant, but Brian talks him into it by saying he would laugh at a joke that he would never tell to Stewie, unless he tried. Stewie did it and went back to the future. After research, Stewie finds out that his explosion was the Big Bang and that he created the universe. Stewie goes to a market, where a terrorist works, that sells him plutonium. Bertram sneaks into Stewie's house, causing Stewie to wake up. He distracts Stewie by giving him a play lawnmower. Bertram goes back in time, when Brian goes into Stewie's room. The universe starts to rip. Brian and Stewie go back in time to stop Bertram. They go back in time to the late 1400s or the early 1500s, to Venice Italy. Stewie finds out that Leonardo da Vinci is his ancestor. Once Bertram arrives, he throws a knife at Leonardo, causing Stewie to jump in front of it with a palette blocking it. They end of stealing his early flight inventions and fight in midair. Stewie ends of deflecting a missile and blowing Bertram's glider apart. Bertram grabs a crossbow and kills Leonardo da Vinci, causing Stewie to fight Bertram. Bertram knocks Stewie down, but he grabs the crossbow and shoots Bertram in the chest and the head, killing him. Stewie decides that if he injects his DNA into Leonardo's girlfriend, he can save the world. He sends Brian to the future, where a priest comes to deliver Brian a letter written by Stewie, under the alias Leonardo da Vinci. Stewie cryogenically froze himself under their basement. Brian then dug Stewie up, and Stewie attempts to trick Brian into kissing him, which backfires when Brian offers to get Meg. As a gift, Stewie gives Brian a candle from that time period which goes unappreciated.


  • great

    i think i would've liked the episode more if it focused on stewie embarrassing brian. the peanut butter jelly thing was funny, as was him going back in time and making that 'stolem boyfriend' line. i know the plot would've been kind of boring if they just relied on stewie embarrassing brian at any moment he could, but i dunno. the plot of this one didn't do much for me. aside from those two things i listed i did not laugh at many things (the only time i remember laughing was da vinci laughing and stewie saying 'that's brand new to him). i'll give it a 3/5 because i did laugh sometimes, and the plot was at least original, at least for family guy's standards
  • Wow!!! A Family Guy episode that is more exciting than it is funny

    I thought that this was an interesting and very exciting episode of "Family Guy". This episode was more exciting than it was funny. I thought the very beginning was funny when Stewie went back in time to tell that he should marry his ex-boyfriend or something like that and Chris says "Ha, he got you". I also loved the see peanut butter jelly time joke again except this time it was Stewie. That peanut butter jelly time joke will always make me laugh very hard. I thought Brian and Stewie being outside of the universe was very funny especially when they both saw "The Cleveland Show" promo (which by the way had me fooled) and when Brian and Stewie were those music beat things. It was also funny when Stewie's ancestor Leonardo da Vinci looked like him. It was also hilarious when Stewie found out that he was Italian and then he says stuff like "No wonder I'm obsessed with my spagetti-O's" or something like that and then Brian says "Ewwww". I thought it was very action-packed when Stewie and Bertrum were on those flying inventions and trying to fight each other. The fight scene between Stewie and Bertrum was very epic. The very ending was also hilarious when Stewie said that the only way he will wake up was if he got a kiss and when he gave Brian a candle and Brian complains that he could have gotten something more valuable. Overall, a funny BUT mostly exciting episode of "Family Guy". 10/10
  • Good Episode!

    This was one of the better episodes of Family Guy. Although not extremely funny, it was very creative and well written. The visuals were also quite impressive. This is a sort of sequel to the Multi-Verse episode (one of my all time favorites). This time, Stewie has used his time machine to literally create the universe. However, evil Bertram has upset the time-space continuum and eliminated Quahog so Stewie and Brian travel back to Leonardo Da Vinci's time to stop his assassination.

    The 'jokes' seemed quite TAME this week except for one really funny and offensive visit Stewie takes to KABOB house to buy some Plutonium. Stewie greets the obviously Islamic Vendor wit the incredibly funny "hey hassam m, How's the whole terrorism thing going" LOLOL (very funny) and then the vendor says something even funnier..."My wife didn't know what a good thing JIHAD" (SHE HAD) LOL. Good joke. The Cleveland Show promo was expected...they have done those on-screen things before but those promos are always annoying interrupting a show. Overall this was a good entry and a well written episode. It is one of the highlights to this dreary season which has had about half of the episodes be big disappointments. Like I can't go wrong with a Brian and Stewie adventure.
  • 916

    "The Big Bang Theory" is an okay episode of Family Guy, but it was hardly original. They have done time travel episodes with Brian and Stewie before, and frankly they have done them better than this. I paid close attention to the scientific jargon that Stewie was spitting and I disagree with the whole logistics of what he was saying, but then again this is a cartoon so I don't want to complain about that. The laughs were pretty absent in tonight's show, but thankfully the cutaway gags were limited, which is always a good thing.

    Not bad for Family Guy, but still far from the show's glory years.
  • Great one !

    I must say that the whole episode was fun. There are also great jokes spread around. Stewie became a God, he created the universe by accident, and things got out of hand when Bertram showed up. They went back in time and see what? Stewie is DaVinci.

    It was hilarious when DaVinci said that he is sick of pizza. And the joke about Thomas Edison experimenting was also amazing.

    All in all, a great and hilarious episode. This season started a little bit dull but, this has changed with the last couple of episodes, and with every episode, the show is getting better.
  • Stewie [about a "Cleveland Show on screen bug]: Huh, that's weird. Black guys usually don't promote themselves.

    Sooooooooo Steiwe uses his old time machine to go back in time and have the last word on his arguments with Brian, but then he accidentally goes to someplace outside the time-space continium. There they figure out how to escape by overloading the escape pad. Stewiee then discovers that overloading was exactly like the big bang, and figues he created the universe. Bertram overhears he has a timemachine and uses it to go back in time to prevent Stewie from being born. They follow him to Italy where they discover that Da Vinci is Stewie's ancestor.

    Bertram kills Da Vinci, so Betram and Stewie fight ofr a whiel and then Stewie stabs Bertram in the head with a corssbow. Stewie then decides to live as Da Vinci to keep the universe flowing, and Brian goes home. Then a priest gives him a letter that says Stewie is on the basement, and he wakes him up. Steiwe tells him he managed to complete his duties early by injecting Da Vinci's GF with his DNA.

    OVerall: Great awesome episode. The plot was so planned and the episode looked great. The best jokes where Peter with the dough, Peanut Butter Jelly Time!, The Cleveland Show, the 'this doesn't count as our trip to Italy' comment, Stewie waking up after hearing Brian mention Meg & the candle. 9/10.
  • It's peanut butter jelly time...again!

    I've gotta say, I was very impressed by this episode! The plot was very creative, and it was interesting to see another episode featuring only Stewie and Brian as the main roles after what seems like a while. There were a few parts near the middle that I felt dragged a little and could have had a tad more humor, but several parts still made me laugh like the Neil Armstrong joke, Stewie saying Brian had to kiss him to wake him up near the end, and the very end when Stewie gave Brian the candle instead of something more valuable. Lol! The fact that Leonardo DaVinci looked just like Stewie also really had me laughing! I also loved the fact that the peanut butter jelly time gag was called back in this episode, this time Stewie being the one singing it! I don't think it's ever going to get old.:) The whole joke about the Cleveland show promo was also absolutely hilarious, and it really had me fooled! I thought for sure it was just a real promo. So, overall, my final grade for this episode is an A, and I really have to say, the more episodes of Family Guy I watch, the more I get into it.:) Marebear2009, out!