Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 16

The Big Bang Theory

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 2011 on FOX

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  • The beginning was good only.


    After Lois leaves, Stewie tell Brian about wanted to order an item from a magazine. Brian insults Stewie by saying he would order the guy on the cover of the magazine. Stewie comes up with a terrible return insult, that causes Brian and Chris to mock him. Stewie plans to go back in time to top his insult Brian, which he does and succeeds. Stewie plans to go back in time to embarrass Brian again. He travels back to "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", when Brian is going to sing, "Peanut Butter Jelly Time", but Stewie steals his banana suit and sings to Peter, which cheers him up. Stewie later plans to mess with his former date with a Victoria's Secret model, which Brian finds out about and plans to stop. Brian and Stewie begin to fight for control over the machine, but go back in time, to before the universe's existence. Stewie tells Brian that he can overload his Return Pad which would cause an explosion that would send them to the future. Stewie is reluctant, but Brian talks him into it by saying he would laugh at a joke that he would never tell to Stewie, unless he tried. Stewie did it and went back to the future. After research, Stewie finds out that his explosion was the Big Bang and that he created the universe. Stewie goes to a market, where a terrorist works, that sells him plutonium. Bertram sneaks into Stewie's house, causing Stewie to wake up. He distracts Stewie by giving him a play lawnmower. Bertram goes back in time, when Brian goes into Stewie's room. The universe starts to rip. Brian and Stewie go back in time to stop Bertram. They go back in time to the late 1400s or the early 1500s, to Venice Italy. Stewie finds out that Leonardo da Vinci is his ancestor. Once Bertram arrives, he throws a knife at Leonardo, causing Stewie to jump in front of it with a palette blocking it. They end of stealing his early flight inventions and fight in midair. Stewie ends of deflecting a missile and blowing Bertram's glider apart. Bertram grabs a crossbow and kills Leonardo da Vinci, causing Stewie to fight Bertram. Bertram knocks Stewie down, but he grabs the crossbow and shoots Bertram in the chest and the head, killing him. Stewie decides that if he injects his DNA into Leonardo's girlfriend, he can save the world. He sends Brian to the future, where a priest comes to deliver Brian a letter written by Stewie, under the alias Leonardo da Vinci. Stewie cryogenically froze himself under their basement. Brian then dug Stewie up, and Stewie attempts to trick Brian into kissing him, which backfires when Brian offers to get Meg. As a gift, Stewie gives Brian a candle from that time period which goes unappreciated.