Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 11

The Blind Side

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • Fantastic

  • family guy the blind side

    this was a really funny episode i laughed alot of times during this episode i laughed when peter kept falling down the stairs and the cutaway when the girl was a shoving a dog down that guy's throat that was really funny also brian dates a blind girl it all goes well till its reaveled she hates dogs and he stages a fight which was funny when the girl says i know karate and kicks him overal very funny episode.
  • A great Brian episode with a funny peter side

    Family guy has always amazes me. even when they are predictable.

    this episode for example. when we found out she was blind i knew she would hate dogs. and i knew brian would fail at hiding it. but thats not the point. the point of this episode was that brian(once again) tries to find love.

    but he is one of those "good people" with a duche like attitude

    i love brian he is my favorite and he is in my opinion the best character with the best personality.

    but back to the episode. it was funny, lovely and made me laugh every second.

    family guy still haz its funny. you just gotta look in the right places
  • Fair Episode

    what i liked- joe thinking he was dead and telling bonnie to join him in 'heaven', the japanese cutaway at the beginning, "disabled ladies night" at the clam, Opie being fired, amongst other things.

    OK episode. the plot was good but wasn't executed well. i knew when brian told the truth about him being a dog that him and tha girl would break up, and i knew it would be because he lied about being a dog. people break up because of being lied to all the time on TV shows. but at least the plot was nice. peter falling down the stairs was really repetitive though and wasn't funny the first time, let alone 3-4 other times. C+ or so seems right
  • Brian dates a blind girl and Peter kept falling down on the stairs

    Brian starts dating a blind girl and things get a little dicey when she divulges that she hates dogs. Meanwhile, the Griffin family installs a new staircase in their home when Peter keeps falling on the old one and decides to live upstairs full-time. An okay episode. It was better than I expected. Of course, i obviously liked Peter's plot a little better. Brian's plot was okay. I only laughed at a couple in his plot and that's all. Stewie cutting Brian's tail wasn't funny and I'm sick of seeing that. As for the subplot, it was funnier because Peter kept falling down the stairs while cussing (it's all bleeped, not sure what word is it). Cutaways in this episode are mixed. The only cutaway that I didn't liked was the woman telling the man to look at the dog, that was super annoying. I would hate it if that happens to me...The rest (but not of all) are pretty much funny. Other funny parts include Peter living upstairs, Joe thinking it's Heaven when he was up in the ceiling (kinda random scene, no offense), Stewie getting a splinter on the stairs, and a couple more. Overall, an okay episode. 6/10
  • was good but wasn't the best

    i thought it was pretty funny but for some reason this season just isn't as entertaining as previous seasons although i love it that they're making more episodes I don't think they're really spending the time the episodes need. This could be due to Comedy Central pushing them on deadlines i don't know.. on a brighter note you can check out all of their episodes for free here :
  • The Blind Side

    Honestly, this episode was really stupid, and the commercials would make you hate it even more, but there were a few good lines here, and other than the bad 80's sitcom plot of Peter falling down the stairs, it was actually kind of funny.

    I get that people will be offended a bit by the mocking of blind people and disabled people, but by now we know this will never be a politically correct show. If you can look past that, you might get a few chuckles every week.
  • I had high hopes for this episode and they've been crushed and Brian is a pathetic douche

    When I read that Brian was dating a blind woman, I thought it would be like the episode when he was dating the elderly lady who was an oprea singer. Man was I wrong. Brian actually cared for the old woman and he didn't lie to her or try to impress her and that episode was great. Brian lied to and tried to impress her by pretending they were robbed. He kept lying by even when he met Kates' parents by pretending he was injured and he saved people. The truth came out thanks to Stewies' stupidity and Kate left him. Brian is a sad shell of his former self and he was completely out of character. He is ashamed of being a dog and seeing him screwing up relationships is telling us that Seth can't think of anything else to do with him. The subplot with Peter and the stairs was so stupid, I wished that Peter was injured for life. Once down the stairs was funny but more than that wasn't. Meg and Quagmires' episode was better because Quagmire was honest and Brian is turning into him. I hope more bad things happen to Brian after what he did to Kate.

    A RARE very funny Family Guy..they have been far and few between but this one hits a homerun. Brian dates a prejudiced blind girl who HATES he hides the fact he's a dog. When he sits down and has a conversation with Stevie about it, Stewie tried to show Brian just how pathetic an individual Brian is for thinking this can actually work out. the sub story is kind of filler, Peter can;t seem to manage walking down the new slick steps in the house. Doesn't really matter, as the main story is extremely funny and well written. When the girl wants Brian to meet her parents , Stewie devises a very funny scheme to hide the fact Brian is a dog. When Brian gets happily excited at dinner, his tail starts wagging leading Stewie to cut it off and cauterize it. It was pretty funny. The episode works because it had some fresh dialogue, clever sight gags and a very good Brian and Stewie dialogue encounter showing how Stewie really wants to HELP Brian overcome his blind side. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Someone posted it was :offensive". Sorry it was NOT. It did NOT make fun of the girls blindness...certainly not in a MEAN way.
  • One of the Best Family Guy Episodes I Ever Seen In a Long Time

    This episode reminded me of past Family Guy episodes which depicted pretty much what we were all thinking. I was worried that Family Guy was going to be as funny as today's Simpsons, were you watch an episode and it turns into a meh there's nothing else on to watch kind of show. But this episode brought me back to the reason why we loved early Simpsons and Family Guy, when the humor pushed the envelope, when they didn't seem to tippy toe around what was acceptable and not. Keep Up the good work Seth MacFarlane and writers. You guys bring smiles to an overall dull and boring week.
  • Seth MacFarlane went too far with the disabled people jokes

    Brian starts dating a blind girl and things get a little dicey when she divulges that she hates dogs. Meanwhile, the Griffin family installs a new staircase in their home when Peter keeps falling on the old one and decides to live upstairs full-time. This season of "Family Guy" has been very good and I haven really liking it... this season has been better than this season of "American Dad". I am disappointed to say that Seth MacFarlane went too far with the disabled people jokes in this episode and the storyline was just nothing but awful and cruelty. I can't Seth MacFarlane would even make fun of disabled people. Like seriously? it's not funny seeing people deaf, blind, or any other serious stuff... I feel bad for those people and I was just angry to see such offensive jokes that Seth MacFarlane came up with. Okay, if you thought last week's episode with the storyline of Quagmire and Meg being in a relationship is awful (which honestly wasn't bad in my opinion) then try watching the storyline of this episode. I also hated the scene with Brian along Stewie (dressed up as a nurse) going to dinner with that blind blond girl and her parents especially the part with Stewie cutting off Stewie's tail. Seriously? I already cringed at last season when the evil clone Stewie cuts off Brian's tail and shoves it in Stewie's mouth and now we see Brian's tail get cut off again. This episode made me cringe and my aunt cringe. My aunt watched this episode with me by the way. My score is a little high because the subplot with Peter falling off the stairs was funny. Speaking of humor... there wasn't a lot and most of them were offensive or just plain awful. The only parts that did make me laugh was when Peter pulled up high from his house and then Joe thinks that he is going to heaven (watch that part and you'll know what I mean), the Japanese cutaway near the beginning of the episode, Stewie dressed up as the nurse, the cutaway with Stewie trying to show that chick how to dance right for some movie or whatever, Brian making that blind girl think that they are in Paris, Peter repeatedly falling off the stairs, and when Peter became very happy about not falling off the stairs near the end of the episode. The ending of the episode was also KINDA funny because of the way Brian did his voice but it was still mostly awful and cruel since it was so Brian can continue to date that blind girl and make her think that it's a different person. Overall, this episode did have some funny parts but most of the humor was nothing but awful, stupid, and cruel... a bad episode of "Family Guy" that you definitely should avoid. 3.5/10