Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 16

The Courtship of Stewie's Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2005 on FOX

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  • Ok episode.

    Peter got annoyed that he never gets employee of the month at the Pawtucket Brewery and it always goes to his mentally challanged coworker Opie all because Angela likes to play favorites and Peter thinks its because Angela does not like him at all. Peter tried to befriend Angela like Joe suggested but failed to and then when Opie got promoted Peter got teased again learning Soundwave was now the employee of the month who got employed. Peter protested and objected to this and we never found out why he never got employee of the month. Peter should of suggested having Angela over the Griffins for dinner to make amends with her and find out why she treats him very coldley and why she never makes him Employee of The Month.
  • Radical

  • Great episode

    For once, Stewie is paired with his dad instead of Brian (who is rather absent here) as the two bond together. And we have a Chris plot when he has to work for Herbert, the old neighbor.

    What's good here ? Seeing Stewie interract with another family member than Brian, the pranks Peter plays on Lois, the musical number sung by Herbert, the final chase scene.

    Nothing really bad here.
  • A few flaws but I can handle it.

    Not in anyway a classic but its a good episode and fans of the show such as myself will enjoy it.
  • Peter and Stewie spend more with each other; Chris has to do chore after he hit a baseball at Herbert's window

    Lois thinks Stewie is trying to kill her due to his lack of quality time with his father, so she orders Peter to spend more time with Stewie. Meanwhile Chris starts a friendship with Herbert. Another nitpicked episode. I didn't enjoyed the subplot with Chris/Herbert but I laughed at Chris hitting the baseball at Herbert's window and he has to do chores. As the main plot, everything (including the cutaways) were hilarious especially the Peanut Butter Jelly Time part. Other funny parts were Stewie trying to kill Lois, Peter and Stewie hitting Lois, most of the parts during the Disney World,etc. Overall a funny episode. 10/10
  • A great episode.


    Lois thinks Stewie is trying to kill her due to his lack of quality time with his father, so she orders Peter to spend more time with Stewie. Meanwhile Chris starts a friendship with Herbert.

    I liked the whole episode, except Herbert's unnecessary song near the end.


  • Everything in this episode made me laugh so hard except for the Chris/Herbert plot

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Family Guy" and it made me laugh so hard. The only thing that I did not find funny at all and actually found to be creepy and wrong was the Chris/Herbert subplot. I just didn't find that plot to be entertaining and Herbert sure is a gay and creepy old man. I am going to let the Chris/Herbert plot slide and not take away any points since everything in this episode made me laugh very hard. Stewie attempting to kill Lois and fails at the beginning of the episode was hilarious. Peter and Stewie spending quality time with each other by hurting Lois was hilarious. Brian's "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" was absolutely hilarious. Peter ans Stewie going to Disney World so Stewie won't be mad at Peter anymore was also very funny. Peter talking to the crows from "Dumbo" was funny. The line "Look, it's like Michael Jackson is after me" and then Michael Jackson jumped off the screen and grabs the kid in the 3-D glasses was hilarious. It was hilarious that Stewie had to sing "It's a Tiny World" (reference to "It's a Small World") or else he is forced to do a Christmas movie with Tim Allen. Everything else in this episode except for the Chris/Herbert plot just made me laugh non-stop. Overall, a hilarious episode of "Family Guy". 10/10
  • "It's peanut butter jelly time!"XD Lol. Great episode!

    This was an excellent episode for the most part, although I liked the main plot much more than the sub plot. There were several funny moments, such as Stewie repeatedly trying to kill Lois, Peter's "What's a hypotenuse?" and "Look! There's a woman learning" lines, Stewie getting excited about going to Disney World, and of course, Brian's "peanut butter jelly time" scene was classic! The only really negative thing about this episode was the subplot with Chris and Herbert. That was just really weird and freaky to me and not all that funny, except for the very end. Overall, though, my grade for this episode is a B+. Marebear2009, out!
  • A memorable episode in all aspects, except one

    In this episode, Stewie steps up his efforts to kill Lois, and she thinks this is because Peter doesn't spend time with him, so she makes them play together, and at first Stewie despises him, untill they play Stewie's favorite game, something I call "Lets beat the sh*t out of Lois", as they attack her repeatedly thourghout the episode. This storyline was great, although the Disneyland ending wasn't nearly as good as it could have been. The B story in this episode revolves around chris helping out Herbert the pervert after he breaks one of his windows. This storyline was somewhat decent, untill they got to the part with Herbert singing some song from Little house of horrors. This was so creepy, and not even close to funny. Not Even Close To Funny! Overall, this episode was good excluding the B storyline. Overall 9/10
  • My favourite episode!

    Truly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. From the hillarious evil main plot, to the screwed up, scary subplot. In the main plot, Peter tries bonding with Stewie, and they have a great time torturing Lois, until they go too far, and Peter agrees with Lois that Stewie should go to his room. Stewie is mad, so Peter takes him to Disney World, where they have a ton of very funny adventures. Meanwhile, Herbert becomes friends with Chris when he does chores at his house. Then Herbert has this weird dream of if they were married and had kids-DISTURBING! But it's so funny.

    All in all, the most twisted, disgraceful, offensive thing I've ever seen. My favourite episode.

  • Why is every episode the same and still funny.

    Okay,every Family Guy thing I review is trying to get better and better and every episode is very funny.I loved it when they watch Captain EO and Michael Jackson grabbed that kid.That part was the funniest part of the episode and I loved that scene.I loved it when Stewie saw that they are going to Disneyland and Stewie kept going cuckoo for going to Disneyland.That part was the funniest part of this episode.I loved this episode.It was a very good one.I loved it and it was very funny to watch this episode.Family Guy is a funny show and it's a good one.This episode and every moment of the show is the funniest thing of the whole show.Every show and everything of the show is very funny and I loved this episode.I'm glad that Family Guy is created.It's one of the funniest thing of the show on FOX.
  • Stewie starts acting up at home and Lois decides that he is drawing pictures of killing her because he misses his father, and asks Peter to try to bond with him, while Chris is forced to help his elder neighbour for breaking his window with a ball.

    The story of Stewie and Peter bonding thing was hilarious, especially considering Stewie's quirky intelligence cracks really paradox his actual age and needs. The search for an appropriate bonding possibility is humorous, and ironically the only thing they have in common is doing gruesome things to Lois which both find humorous. The comedic view on Disney World also makes this episode really entertaining. Unfortunately, the B-story with Chris befriending the perverted neighbour was a definite low. The perverted daydream he has about being in a long term relationship with Chris is way too twisted. Considering his character already has very twisted pedophilic tendencies, it usually creates some great entertainment, but in this bit it goes a tad bit too far. Especially considering he actually imagines himself as a blonde woman, a look which is literally sickening. And as if that wasn't twisted enough, he ends up imagining himself with children, the female version being a mini-replica of himself, which just ruined it for me. I was eating cereal at this point, and it literally made me sick to my stomach.
  • Amazing "a" story, but horrible "b" story so in the end good, but not great...

    After a talk with the preschool teacher (and seeing several pictures of Stewie murdering Lois), Lois is concerned about Stewie's behavior, and because of Peter being so occupied with work, and suggests Peter to spend some time bonding with him. Peter quickly realizes that Stewie enjoys seeing him hurt Lois, and begins bonding with Stewie by playing pranks on and assaulting Lois. The pranks seem to be dangerous as Peter and Stewie spray her with a hose while she is using the bathroom up until she falls down the stairs. They commit a very dangerous prank by throwing her in the back of the car and pushing her into a lake then hitch hike their way home. When Lois comes back and orders Stewie sent to his room, Peter backs Lois up, making Stewie feel betrayed. To make amends, Peter takes Stewie to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and doesn't listen to Lois' demands that they can't go. Stewie is captured by Disney employees and is forced to sing in a It's A Small World ride-parody. He is saved by Peter; the two flee the Disney property in a chase scene parodying Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (even with Stewie wearing the New York Yankees cap worn by Short Round). Peter battles Michael Eisner who is acting like the 'Doom' villain called Mola Ram. After escaping alive, Father and son embrace, and Stewie's faith in Peter is restored. Peter and Stewie return home.
  • *coughs* Half Bad episode. The Chris and Herbert story should be sent to the firey bowels of hell!! I loved the Peter-Stewie one but! :)

    All right *sighs* I truly hate this episode, I truly hate it, most parts anyway, allright first let me start off by saying I hate Herbert and always will, I've hated him since his first appearence, and hate him in every appearence, he is a sick old man that should be dead, ie he should've never been on the show. On the other hand! lol I said that last review. Now this Peter-Stewie story made me fall in love with that half of the episode, far out those two attacking Lois and laughing for ages had me laughing for about 10 minutes and I mean I almost had to go to the hospital that's how hard I laughed. If I had a chance to make this episode, I would cut the herbert-chris story and add *inhales bravely* a meg story if I had too, that's how much I hated the plot, I would've rathered a Meg plot!

    Anyways The Stewie-Peter plot was really awesome and it's what got this episode the score it did...
  • Peter and Stewie bond when Peter finds out what Stewie enjoys!!!

    Lois wants Peter to spend quality time with Stewie when pictures of Srewie killing Lois all seem to share the same thing. - Peter is not in any of them. When Peter realises due to an accident in the kitchen that Stewie laughs every time Lois is injured, Peter makes it his job to make his son happy. He does this by smashing a jar over Lois' head, using a hose to push her down the stairs and also locking her in the trunk of the car and pushing it in the lake. Lois is seriously P****D and Peter realises he has done wrong. He then takes Stewie to Disney World Florida after they fall out.
  • Peter tries bonding with stewie and ends up with some hilarious adventures eg; when they attack lois, when they go to disney land & some other funny clips like brian dressed up as a bannana singing peanut butter jelly time. Hilariously

    Stewie tries to kill lois and his nursery is concerned about him lois sees that hes only drawing pictures of her but she doesnt notice whats happeining in them. She gets peter to bond with stewie and he does really funny stuff like blowing the hose at lois while shes in the toilet, locking her in the truck of the car and chucking the car into a river. They also go to disney land and you see some familiar faces like Hallie Berrys Wild Ride ending up to killing people and her running away, A 3D micheal jackson music video "wow it looks as if micheal jacksons coming right at you" micheal jackson runs out of the screen and takes the little boy, and a small indiana jones spoof at the end of their trip to disney world I give this episode a 9.9 score because it was just so funny.
  • Funny episode where Peter and Stewie try bonding together as a sort of father-son relationship.

    This is a funny episode where Stewie and Peter try bonding but Peter notices that Stewie only finds it funny when bad things happen to Lois so they start doing lots of funny stuff to Lois. And also in Disneyland, Micheal Jackson runs out of his Movie and grabs a child when the child says 'wow it looks like Micheal's coming right at me'. This is a really funny episode of Family Guy.
  • Time and Time again, still a brillant show. Stewie's bloodlust resurfaces.

    An excellent episode, with plenty of inside jokes as well as just laught out loud moments. Stewie's blood lust, especially when it comes to Lois and her demise, resurfaces. Hilarity ensues, especially with all the inside jokes in reference to the Walt Disney World rides. The Michael Eisner reference, while now a tad dated was still very funny, as well as the mock up of Indian Jones. The only time I really felt the need to fast forward was the continued laughter between Stewie and Peter when Lois ends up in the trunk. That joke has gotten old quickly. And there was a part of me that felt sorry for the Creepy old Neighbor, and his pathetic dog, but thats just my humane society tendencies coming through.
  • A great funny episode!

    Lois sees some pictures of Stewie killing her and everything, so Lois figureso out that is because he does not spends time with his father. Later, Peter takes Stewie everywhere he can in order for him to get fun, but nothing seems to to work, at least until Peter accidentally hits Lois it starts the bond of their relation only by just hitting and hitting Lois. When Stewie begs Peter for help when Lois groundes him, and he denies, Stewie hates Peter, so Peter takes Stewie to Disney World where he gets lost and is taken captive by the "Is a tiny world" theme. Meanwhile, Chris begins a friendship with pervert gay guy, Herbert.
  • Lois tries to get Stewie and Peter to bond, and Peters antics go a little out of hand. Meanwhile, Chris must work off the damage he did to Herberts window.

    Well, this episode was overall good, however the Herbert scenes weren\'t exactly my favorites. This episode was good, because it improed Stewie\'s relationship with his father the \"fat man\". my favorite scenes were when Peter and Stewie were \"bonding\". When Peter noticed how much Stewie enjoyed Lois\' pain he does extreme things. However, when he pushes it too far, Lois\' gets mad and Peter goes on her side. Stewie gets mad, but cheers up after Peter brings him to Disneyworld. After Stewie gets caught in the \"Tiny World\" ride, a whole new adventure starts, with Peter saving Stewie. A good episode to watch.
  • The best episode that Family Guy's ever made, simply because of the subplot.

    In the main plot, Stewie draws pictures of killing Lois, because he's evil and violent, and Lois is stupid and thinks it's because he needs to spend time with Peter, very creative! So Peter keeps torturing Lois with Stewie, and the funny thing is, Lois doesn't even file for divorce! She takes a lot more than Marge Simpson would, she'd have Homer out of the house if he did stuff like that to her. Then Stewie goes to Disney World and is forced to sing in the Tiny World ride. But of course, it's the subplot that clinches the 10. Without Herbert, this episode would be merely a 7. I enjoy how Herbert and his dog stared at the kids outside their broken window. I enjoyed how Herbert told Chris that he could take his shirt off, and his reaction to the Little League World Series. But my favorite part, and my favorite part of any Family Guy Episode ever, is his fantasy with the blonde wig! I absolutey LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • better the second time you watch it

    I didn't like this pisode as much till I saw it a second time.....maybe I was in a bad mood or something. Either way when I rewatched it I now find it one of the funnier episodes in the season....some very funny joke and a good idea to go with it, plus you see the return of Stewie trying to kill Lois which we haven't seen for ages now. Also joke wise it was more like the older seasons which was cool...not to put dirt on the season because I've been enjoying it.......The only real problem this episode had was Herbert singing a song from Little Shop of Horrors...I got the reference but it didn't work for me....but hell it didn't take away much from the episode.
  • “What happens to our kids in the future?”

    The whole Back to the Future sequence made the episode for me, cause I’m a huge BTTF fan. “Marty! Something’s gotta be done about your kids.” “What happens to our kids in the future?” “Your daughter marries a black man!” “So, I’m okay with that.” “Oh… you are?” “Yeah, you know I think I wanna stop hanging out with you.” That was hilarious! Also, the random Indiana Jones scene was great, even though it made fun of the horrible Temple of Doom installment.
  • “Look, there’s a woman learning!”

    Stewie is back to evil in this episode which is definitely the better version of his character and not the recent effeminate Stewie that’s been on our screens. Even better, he makes several attempts at taking Lois’ life aswell as encouraging Peter to hurt her to, though Lois is partly to blame for this since Peter bonding with Stewie was obviously going to end up with Lois almost drowning.

    This also has the famous “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” scene with Brian which I didn’t understand but was very hyped up after the American screening of the episode.

    Herbert is a fairly amusing character but a whole plot devoted to him was not a good move and got old after a while, Herbert’s fantasy going on far too long.

    The Disneyland ending to Peter and Stewie’s plot was also something that wasn’t the best move but other than those two sections, this episode is a riot and has great scenes from Peter and Stewie.
  • Pretty dull.

    This is what I'd call another weak episode of Family Guy. Why?Because I don't think any of the gags worked at all. I didn't like that old pedophile making Chris work for him, though I did understand the "Somewhere that's green "gag from "Little Shop Of Horrors" released November 28, 1986, I didn't laugh because it was too disturbing, and did you know that Audrey was orignally supposed to get eaten by the plant? And then Seymour would try to run away from it and then it would eat him too? That's why I didn't laugh because I saw the dark ending to the film about eight years ago.

    Though the PB & J flash gag was pretty funny.
  • Best Episode Yet!

    My favorite episode of Family Guy yet, this episode was hilarious, the jokes were great , funny jokes , and just an overall great story. It's funny how Stewie became best friends with Peter , and starts to dress just like him , and the DisneyLand part was really good, and the Michael Eisner death scene was so funny. Not to mention how the writers built up the Herbert's disturbing interest in Chris, I was laughing histerically at Herbert's marriage to Chris fantasy. This was a great episode, I was laughing thoughout the whole episode. This was an all out great episode.
  • funny!

    Herbert's love song's the funniest thing ever. I can't get over it. The whole episode is among the best. Quagmire's sex story at the drunken clam just was too much too. The indiana jones chase was among the coolest references Ive seen on the show and the score kicks butt.
  • The best episode, yet.

    My favorite all-time episode. I\'m glad that Seth McFarlane finally explored the Herbert character. I haven\'t watched all of the seasons, yet. I just barely started watching Family Guy at the tail end of Season 3. Great show! Back to the Herbert character, It would be really cool if Herbert danced and sang to the \'Milkshake\' song by Kelis.
  • Stewie's evil side comes back! But, the side story with Chris and Herbert was creepy and unnecessary, which brought the episode down.

    I've been waiting so long to see Stewie's evil side develop. It happened once in the new season, "8 Simple Rules for Buying my Teenage Daughter", and in the movie. So, I enjoyed this episode a lot, but not as much as "PTV".
    The thing that brought this episode down is the side-story about how Chris has to do chores for Herbert after breaking his window with a baseball.
    The whole thing was very creepy, especially that song, although I got the reference. The "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song sung by Brian in a banana suit was hilarious! Peter and Stewie hurting Lois was funny, but it made me feel sorry for Lois.
    The main plot could have been better, though.
    I can't believe Lois doesn't know that Stewie hates her by now. But I digress. Very good episode, but not the best.
  • Old Jokes fail and Stewie makes me sick.

    Im just so sick of seeing stewie in a main role. He was made for side stories to begin with, maybe one time out of eight episodes he was a major plot point. But all jokes that Stewie is in could be delivered by someone else in the family (but not meg LOL we hate her)

    The only thing that I liked about this was "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" but something was still off about it...

    Herbert as a main character was unneeded and is just plain dissapointing for possibility of later episode plots.
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