Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 17

The Fat Guy Strangler

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2005 on FOX

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  • Funniest episode for season 4

    Lois discovers she has a brother named Patrick and therefore takes the family cross-country to meet him. However, it turns out that he's in a mental institution, but Lois thinks he's sane, so she checks him out to live with the Griffins. Meanwhile, Peter starts a Society for the Acceptance of Fat Men. However, the fat men of Quahog are strangled the Fat Society live in terror. Who is the strangler? This is definitly the funniest and best episode for season 4. I had no problems at all, so a 10 will do for me. Everything here was very funny to watch. I laughed at Peter lying to go eat with the guys, Peter telling Lois about his health (and he didn't actually go there), Brian and Stewie's antics throughout, ball in the cup, pow right in the kisser, Stewie's reaction seeing the fat guys, and three/four more. Overall, best episode for season 4 ever. 10/10