Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 17

The Fat Guy Strangler

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Lois and Brian see Patrick come into the house with a shovel, Brian is seen with little white circles on the bottoms of his feet.

    • Patrick asks Peter if he had formed a coalition for fat guys, but he was present when Peter first announced it.

    • The sign at the steakhouse reads:
      Jamie Mack's
      House Of Steak
      All You Can Eat Steak
      Plus Bonus Steak!

    • In this episode Brian mentions that he threw the rock at Peter for closing the window when he tried to enter the General Lee. This is a callback to the episode To Love and Die in Dixie.

    • When Brian throws the apple into Peter's gravitational pull, and Peter sticks his hand out on the apple's second time around, the apple goes through his hand.

    • In this episode Lois's brother Patrick is in the Insane Asylum for 30 years and Lois said she was in her 40's, but then Lois would have been at least 10 years old so she should have remembered him.

    • Peter's fat people support group NAAFP (National Association for the Advancement of Fat People) is clearly taken from the name of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

  • Quotes

    • Peter: He's gone into James Woods. Let's split up and find him!
      Fat Guy: We'll head him off at the... (Coughs up a chicken)
      Peter: Todd, man, you've gotta chew your food.

    • Chris: Is it lonely up there on your pedastal Patrick?

    • Lois: So Doctor, is Peter healthy?
      Doctor: My goodness! You'll be dead within a month.
      (Peter and Lois gasp)
      Doctor: (looking at comic book) Oh Haggar the Horrible, if you keep up that lifestyle of pillaging and giant turkey legs, you'll be dead within a month. Now on to you.
      Peter: So what do ya think? Pretty healthy huh?
      Doctor: Well Mr. Griffin. let's take a look at your physical results....(looks at results, yelps and throws the folder) There's a spider in here! Now here we go, Mr. Griffin, you're going to expire in a month. (Peter and Lois gasp again) This is your driver's license isn't it? Now unfortunately I'm afraid you're going to die......when you watch these Dean Martin celebrity roasts.
      Lois: Will you just tell us how Peter's health is!?!
      Doctor: Mr. Griffin, I'm not quite sure how to say this......Kim Bassinger? Base-injer? Base-inger? But now on to the cancer..... (Lois and Peter gasp again) You are a cancer right, you were born in July? Now on to these test results, my they're much worse than I thought! My son got a D- on his history test. Now Mr. Griffin, that liver will have to come out.... (Peter and Lois gasp gain) It's been in the microwave for 3 minutes! It'll get dry.

    • Cow: I know, I'm terrible, which is why I'm gonna have the cheesecake.

    • (after Brian hit Peter with a rock)
      Peter: Ow! You missed.
      Brian: No I didn't. That was for rolling up the damn window when I tried to jump in the General Lee!

    • (Softspread Butter Commercial)

      Man:: Hey, is that that new butter substitute?
      Woman: It sure is.
      Man: Is it true that it has half the calories of regular butter and less margarine?
      Woman: Yep.
      Man: (Picks up a butter knife) Can I have some?
      Woman: (Covers the butter with her hand) Get your own!
      Man: Take that, you bitch! (Stabs woman in the hand with the knife)
      Woman: Ow! What the hell?
      Man: How'd you like that?
      Woman: Hey, joke's you! I have hepatitis!
      Man: (Groans)

    • Lois: How was your physical, Peter?
      Peter: Good. Good. Good,yeah. Too good, as a matter of fact. Ya know what the doctor said? The doctor said I was too healthy. Too good of shape. Don't even know how, too good of shape.
      Lois: You didn't go to your physical, did you?
      Peter: Er, I did not.

    • Peter: (Drunk) Wow Strange Lady, you're so sexy. I should marry you tomorrow instead of that pain in the ass Lois.

      Lois: Peter it's me.

      Peter: You know what screw it. I'm so gunna cheat on Lois right now and I don't care if she finds out.

      Lois: Peter I-

      Peter: Hey do you have a condom? Eh never mind, I have this Milky way wrapper.

    • (Lois is watching The Price is Right on the TV)
      Bob Barker: Alright, let's start the bidding. Jennifer, how much do you bid on the dinette set?
      Jennifer: Uh..$675 Bob.
      Bob Barker: $675. Steven?
      Steven: $780.
      Bob Barker: $780. Tammy?
      Tammy: What was the last bid?
      Bob Barker: $780.
      Tammy: $781.
      Steven: (to Tammy) F*** You!

    • Peter: (after Brian throws an apple at Peter, which starts revolving around him) What the heck is this?
      Brian: It called "orbit". You've got your own gravitational pull.
      (after Brian throws more things at him, including a television, that start to revolve around Peter as well, Peter giggles when he can see the television and sighs when he can't)

    • Peter Griffin: Pow right in the kisser!

    • Lois (on the phone with her father): Daddy? It's me, Lois.
      Carter: Oh hello, pumpkin. Did I miss your piano recital?
      Lois: No Daddy, I'm in my forties.
      Carter: Oh God!

    • Brian: Mr. President, there's been a hurricane in New Oreleans.
      George W. Bush: (In a treehouse) Go away, I'm readin' Superfudge.
      Brian: Mr. President, this is a national emergency, you've got to come deal with this.
      Geroge W. Bush: Don't make me do stuff.

    • Stewie: (while playing with his ball-in-a-cup) Aw, I didn't catch the ball in the cup. Oh wait, it's okay because the ball is on a string and attached to the cup!

    • Stewie: Yeah, so there's a half dead fat guy eating another dead guy.
      (Everyone keeps watching TV completely ignoring him)
      Stewie: Yeah, so we're just gonna look the other way then?

    • Announcer: Hey kids of america, its hand painted wooden ball-in-a-cup, Mexico's favorite toy for over 340 years. Who needs constant video game stimulation when theres ball-in-a-cup? You just toss the ball, catch it in the cup, dump it out of the cup, toss it, and catch it in the cup again. The ball is on a string and attached to the cup, so theres no worry if you dont catch the ball in the cup. And clean up is as easy as catching a ball, in a cup. So why spend another day not catching a ball in a cup when you can be catching a ball-in-a-cup?
      Jingle: Ball in a cup, Ball in a cup its a ball in a cup!
      Kid: Ball in a cup!
      Jingle: Ball in a cup

    • Meg: I miss Uncle Patrick.
      Lois: Don't worry kids I promise we can visit him once a month.
      Chris: We'll be his period.

  • Notes

    • Cut from the aired version of the episode, but included on the DVD, was a scene where Peter and the Fat Guy Coalition mourn the loss of one of their strangled members and sing the NAAFP anthem.

  • Allusions

    • Stewie: This is more exciting than that time I saw Bobby McFerrin fall down all those stairs!

      Bobby McFerrin is an acapella vocal performer who is probably best remembered for his hit Don't Worry, Be Happy in which he recorded all the sounds himself in the song.

    • "Pow, right in the kisser" was a famous quote from Jackie Gleason in "The Honeymooners." The show even says it's Jackie Gleason.

    • The Price is Right

      The Price is Right is a popular daily game show on CBS. Famously hosted by Bob Barker (currently hosted by Drew Carey), the modern US version of the show premiered on September 4, 1972. Contestants are randomly chosen from the audience and bid on items to see who gets the closest to the actual retail price without going over.