Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 18

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Fonz

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2005 on FOX

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  • Great episode

    Very good
  • Religious episode, but it was great

    When Peter's dad visits the family, he tries to impose his religious beliefs on the family. But after a mixup with holy-water leaves Stewie in a bubble, Peter decides to form a church around his hero, The Fonz. Although this episode is a religious one i kinda enjoyed it more than Holy crap. Francis was a tad better than he first appeared in that episode but still has his mean attuide. There isn't that much funny parts, but I kinda laughed most the parts with Stewie being in the bubble. There's at least 7-9 parts that were funny but I can not think of the rest. Overall, a great episode
  • Reeaaaaaaaaalyyyy boring.


    When Peter's dad visits the family, he tries to impose his religious beliefs on the family. But after a mixup with holy-water leaves Stewie in a bubble, Peter decides to form a church around his hero, The Fonz.

    I didn't like a single thing about this episode that much.


  • Wasn't that funny in my opinion but this episode was overall good


    I thought that this was just a good episode of "Family Guy". This episode did involve religion but it didn't offend me since it wasn't too far and actually tolerable unlike the later "Family Guy" episodes. Anyways, this episode wasn't that funny to me in my opinion. I didn't laugh that much in this episode. This episode definitely isn't bad and is also definitely not the best episode I've seen. I give this episode a good score because it is actually a good episode. Francis demanding that Stewie gets baptized was pretty funny. Stewie in that ball and that scene where Stewie is in the pinball game was very funny. The cutaway with Peter dancing as a cat was funny. I also thought the scene with Peter, Brian, and Francis talking about how stupid Madonna is was very funny. I don't think I laughed at anything else after that. this episode could have been better and it was getting a little boring in some parts. The end credits of this episode where they just play a record was good as well and it was enjoyable. So yes, this episode was pretty good for the most part but it could have improved so much more and could have added a little more humor. I did thoroughly enjoy this episode though. Overall, a good episode of "Family Guy" but it's not the best episode I've seen... I do think it's an enjoyable episode though. 7.5/10

  • great

    francis griffin demands baby stewie be baptized. but, the water is tainted, and stewie needs to be isolated in a plastic bubble. peter is tired of his dad and his religious beliefs, so he makes his own religion; one based on the teachings of the Fonz. Can the rest of the Griffin put end to this nonsense?

    good episode. my grade is higher up than it should be probably, but i found this episode to be really hilarious. nearly every gag worked for me. so, because of all this, my overall grade for this episode would be somewhere in the "B" range
  • THE funniest Family Guy episode EVER!

    My GOD, this episode is HILARIOUS!! I've never laughed so hard in my LIFE! The funniest part was Stewie telling the audience that old people were gross no matter how cute they try to make them look on Desperate Housewives. & then asking them to switch over to ABC & take a look to prove his point! CLASSIC F.G.!!

    My favorite moments in this episode are countless: The crack about Coby, the gay Jaws, Why the Holy Water was tainted, Jesus/Quantum Leap ("Jesus was a miracle worker, of sorts, he'd travel from place to place putting things right that once went wrong, & hoping each time that his next leap would be the LEAP home!!!!, Hindu red spot/vagina reference, Peter lost his virginity in a football game.

    Now THIS is what I call funny tv!!
  • an incredibly smart and funny satiric episode

    This is just an incredible episode of Family Guy. Just incredible. In an almost flawless episode, Family Guy proves once again how smart it is and the subject is done in the way only Family Guy could do it. After Peter is fed up with his father's religious preachings, he decides to form his own centered on Happy Days, with a person in worship: Fonzie. It is such a brilliant concept, it's surprising no one covered it before. One, because even now, Happy Days is still a cult hit and Fonzie is such an iconic tv character. And two, religion is fair game in Family Guy's eyes. And it spares no expense as it scathes religions of all walks of life. Catholics, Mormons, Jehova's Witnesses, Hindus; they all go down. It's an episode that pulls surprising and hilarious punches. Just when people can understand Family Guy, the show pulls a 180 and makes an episode like this. Most of the jokes are on point and funny and barely an awkward moment in there. This one proves that once again Family Guy goes where few comedies decide to go and hilarious results are to be expected from it.
  • Pointless and predictible.

    I have never not laffed so hard in my life.
    I really hate to prepare myself for 30 minutes of humor, only to have nothing at all be funny.
    Not just because of it being insulting to Catholics and other religions, it was just pointless. The Stewey in the bubble was funny, but that was the only part that was funny on this episode. Oh, and the FACE-OFF parody between Stewey and Brian. That was an "Aha" funny.
    But the constant bashing of Christianity and Catholism by Brian was just too over-the-top and dogmatic. I think we know now that Madalyn Murray O'Hair is alive, and she's working at Fox.
  • A good episode even though it was very sacreligious in so many ways.

    Francis Griffin, Peter's father, who is very devout in the Catholic faith, visits Quahog and insists that Stewie be baptized Catholic. Francis and Peter go to St. Philip's, where the priest refuses to baptize Stewie because he claims the holy water is tainted. Francis does not believe this and pushes Stewie onto the baptismal font. Stewie quickly becomes sick, so Peter and Lois take him to the hospital, where a doctor quickly and correctly diagnoses Stewie's condition as exposure to tainted holy water. Stewie is quarantined in a germ-free environment. Lois asks Peter what his religious beliefs are, sending him on a quest to find a religion. At first he tries Mormonism, until he found out that Mormons can't drink alcohol, then he tries Jehovah's Witnesses, until he finds someone actually interested in hearing what he has to say-caught flatfooted, Peter recites the prologue to Quantum Leap with Jesus in the role of time traveller Sam Beckett. Then he tries many others such as Hinduism, until he tackles the guy because he believes the red dot on his head is a laser spot from a sniper rifle. Francis later tells Peter he should look in his heart, so Peter starts his own religion: the First United Church of the Fonz. This new religion borrows surface elements from Catholicism but uses Happy Days episodes as its sacred texts. To the Griffins' surprise, many people show up for the first worship service.

    Brian, who's been playing jokes on Stewie, does not like the idea of Peter being a religious leader. Brian joins forces with Francis to find other fad religions to dissipate the congregation of the First United Church of the Fonz. Lois cheers Peter up by telling him that if even just one person embraced the Fonz's values of friendship, it was all worthwhile. This person turns out to be his father.
  • peter tries to find his own religion

    when i first saw this episode like a year ago i realy found this episode funny and good this episode is about peter trying to find his OWN religion and this episode peter dad comes back too when i also saw htis i was suprised it got a TV-MA rating cause harly no episodes get it but idc anyway lol anyway i liked this episode and i found it funny i liked the way peters dad reacted in this episode so i likked this episode its a good ep for season 4 and so i give this episode a 9.3/10 cool episode
  • Peters Dad tries to baptise Stewie, Stewie becomes a bubble boy.

    The best part of this episode was when Peter said its just like having sex with Kobe Bryant, no matter how much you going to kick and scream its going to happen. I laughed pretty hard when see Stewie for the first time in a bubble. I loved peters mouth reaction when the announcers voice changes. Peter trying to tell Jesus story is so funny he trys to wing it, then we see Jesus have sex with a redneck chick. Pete then becomes a budha and then tackles a hindu because he thinks the red dot is bullsye from a sniper rifle. This was one of the better episdoes Family Guy has had.
  • May the Fonz be with you!

    When Peters very catholic dad Francis shows up and wants to know why Stewie hasn't been baptised he insists upon getting it done immediatley. Francis and Peter are warned that the holy water is tainted but Francis bathes Stewie in it anyway. When Stewie is sick he is told he needs to stay in a plastic bubble. Peter starts his own religion. A religion dedicated to the Fonz from Happy Days. Lois thinks noone will arrive but it is actually a success. Francis and Brian don't like this religion so come up with a way of ending it.
  • Peter's dad coming back, and Peter tries to find his own religion.

    Francise comes to visit just so Stewie will get a baptism. Louis refuses and tells Peter that ths is one of his ways that his father pushes his beliefs on them. But Peter doesn't stand his ground, when Francise gives Stewie the baptism himself. Which causes Stewie to get a horrible sickness. Louid gets outraged by this, and tells Peter to stand up to his dad, or he'll walk all over him! So Peter thinks of way he could avoid him, and says that he's gonna find a new religion. When he couldn't find anything that he wanted from the religion, he decides to make up his own! The Church of the Fonz! When he tells this to his family, they think he's joking. But when a bunch of followers come to the Church of the Fonz, it proves them wrong. When Francise comes and sees this, he can't believe what Peter did! So he tries to think up ways he can show Peter that there's more to religion then he thinks. He and Brian think up a way to bring him down. They bring different types of reilgion showing Peter that he doesn't know what he's doing. Then Peter thikns that there's no one who's stupider then him, but they both suggest that Modonna is. Later on, Peter thought that the whole Church of the Fonz idea was a watse, but Louis said that if he has one follower then it was wirth it!
  • The church of the Fonz/Sit on that One

    Another great epiosode of "Family Guy" is about religion. Both Christianity and the stuff on TV. Stewie got sick so he had to be inside the plastic bubble. But the best thing in the entire episode is Peter formed the church of Fonzie. Fonzie is a charactrer on the TV series "Happy Days." One of the reasons why I love the show, no only the screwed the TV world and at the same time they praise the TV world. Peter turns finzie into a saint and he almost got away with it. Also Peter dancing with Paula Abdual. Another classic scene for a series that got real laughs.
  • Great satire

    The beauty of this show is that it doesn\'t fail to be smart in a stupid way... and this satirical stab is well on the money. The attacks on christianity are fantastic and well made with some of the best writing to come from the Family Guy staff so far... this is one of my favourite episodes and I hope it doesn\'t come under the gun for being anti-religious. x
  • Great Episode!

    I thought this episode was one of the best episodes that the F.G. staff have ever had in season 4. I especially loved the reference to Happy Days and Fonzy. I hope they\'ll continue their great progress in season 5 and go on to be on T.V. longer than Simpsons. Stewies\'s adventures in the plastic bubble were also great.
  • peter creates the church of the fonz

    this is a good episode tho i'm not very fond of peters dad. there was a few parts i liked tho, the very begining, when peter gets that one guy to explain to lois, the parts where stewie tells you to go over to desprate house wives, when brian spray painted stewies ball black that was funny. so yea those were some parts i liked. this really wasent the best episode but still it was funny.
  • Opening of this episode was classic, when Peter's father spoke his first lines to Lois.

    The Aquaman skit started the quick skits out right. Francis first lines to Lois is classic Family Guy. Bring in the Office Space manager was quick, but funny. However, the Jaws skit was pretty pointless.
    The Kobe Bryant joke was probably the best one out of the episode! Peter's comment about old people acknowledging that they have crap in the corner of their mouth! The short skit with Stewie in the hot tub with Kathy Bates was really funny.
    Stewie in the plastic cube and circle was really funny thoughout the episode.
    Oh yeah, the Sesame Street pinball skit brought back memories too! It was nice to see "retro" Paula Abdul in a quick skit too.
  • Geez....if the rest of the episodes are like this it has lost it's spark!

    I watched this episide on TV on thrusday....and I gotta say, it was a real stinker. Maybe even the worst episode I've seen. Peter's very religious father return and trys to force his beliefs on every one, Peter evently backs down to him and has Stewie baptized Because the Holy Water was Tainted Stewie gets sick so Peter goes looking for a new faith...after finding nothing that suits himself Peter desides to make a religion based on The Fonz. Peter Father and Brian think it's wrong with Peter being a religious leader and feel they have to stop him.

    As weak as this episodes plot was, the jokes seemed to continusly misfire. The Jaws 5 joke struck me as particularly lame but it also seemed to struggle with the populatural refferences which are usually very funny. Infact the only parts of this episode I found funny was where they were insulting Madonna, the refference with Jesus going through a journey like in Quantum Leap and the part where Peter was in the Paula Abdul's music video 'Opposites Attract'....even then they were hadly great moments. If this is how Family Guy is going to be like in Future episodes then I dare say that it's definately lost it's spark....I have been defending this newest season but I can't defend this crap and I hope it's just a one off. Even then it's still better then new Simpsons episodes.
  • Yea, let us rise! Now sit on it.

    This episode is fairly decent thogh Homer has made his own religion on the Simpsons and nearly every show has had a character in a bubble.

    Peter's father wasn't as good a character as he was in his other episode but he did have some good lines, though the Lois protestant ones were a little predictable after a while.

    Peter going through religions was great, one person actually wanting to listen to a Jehovas Witness, and when he decides on the Fonz as a God (never seen happy days but have seen many references to it), the decision was very funny though, as the title suggests it, I had a feeling that would be what Peter's crazy idea was.

    Overall, the episode was pretty funny and definitely not the worst episode.
  • Basing a religion on the Fonz...

    Basing a religion on the Fonz... Now, I’m Catholic and I found this episode hysterical. The masses are boring and it was interesting to see the same exact structure of mass being substituted with Happy Days terms, such as “Fonz be with you.” It revealed a lot of plot summary from the Happy Days series. For example, Richie did have an older brother, Chuck, who disappeared after the 1st season, and Fonzie did fix his broken motorcycle when he was blind. What really relieved an old memory for me was that the episode ended with the Happy Days theme song.
  • Baptism, bubbles, Lindsay Lohan and the Fonz

    This is one of the funniest half hours of television ever! I luaghed so hard I thought I was going to bust a gut! Peter's father drops buy and insists Stewie is baptised but when he is, he gets a bad batch of holy water and become sick and has to live in a bubble. One thing leads to another and Peter sets up his own church, worshipping the one deserving creature-the Fonz. Tee hee! Man I love this show!

    There were so many funny moments, my favourite possibly being when the doctor is talking to Lois and Peter and Lois says something like "Oh no, he's not going to have to do what John Travolta had to do in that move is he?" and Peter says, "What? Have his face off like in 'Face Off'" *cue dream scene where Stewie has Brian's face and vice versa and Stewie says "Do you know what the best part of this is? Try to lick yourself." Brian tries but can't because of Stewie's short tounge."

    A naked Lindsay Lohan doing a crab's bend was also hilarious, as was Quagmire's "confession." It was just a great episode, one of my favorites, well done!
  • who was the one that did the backwards crabwalk naked?

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  • The Church of the Fonz.

    Peter's very religious, very funny, and predjudice dad visits the Griffins. Peter's dad is still taking random shots at Lois for not being Catholic. After Peter gets Stewie baptized,
    after giving up to his father. But the holy water was tainted and it left Stewie's immune system weak and he had to live in a bubble. After Lois convinces Peter to stop listening to what his father wants and start listening to what he wants. Peter searches himself and figures out Fonzie has alwys been the answer. Funny episode, great scene where Peter told the story of Jesus. "Jesus was a miracle worker, who went from place to place, trying to set right what once went wrong, and hoping each time, that his next leap, would be the leap home" Classic!
  • A Brand New Religion? A-a-a-a-a-y!!

    I really love this episode very much. Peter Griffin creates a new religion that I want to be a part of. Plus his father, Francis, came back to visit. After baptizing Stewie in the tainted holy water, the maniacal genius has no choice but to be quarantined in a hamster ball. Anyway, the new religion involves the most famous yet popular character in Happy Days, Arthur "Fonz" Fonzerilli. I like that guy.

    The funniest parts in this episode has to do with Stewie trapped inside a hamster ball going to the pinball machine based on the Sesame Street learning how to count. Brian painted Stewie's ball all black to make it look like a real giant pinball. I laughed my heart out!

    This episode is the greatest of them all. I would love to find religion that lets you worship Fonz. Any chance this could happen again?
  • Peter opens a church in the name of Arthur Fonzerelli

    Amazing episode, great to see Peter's dad again. I absolutly loved the references to Bill Lumburgh from Office Space and the Quantum Leap prologue about Jesus "going from place to place, trying to set right what once went wrong; and hoping that each leap...will be the leap home" Amazing...reminds me why I love this show so much.
  • Where should i start with this episode, i laughed, i cried, but then laughed some more just.

    This episode was perfect in its humor and its marks on religion. If my church was the church of the fonz i would go more and if peter was my preacher i wouldnt fall asleep. Stewie traped in a plastic ball and box due to soiled holy water just priceless and Brian spray paints Stewie's ball black and takes him for a spin just pure humor gold. To all who gives this episode a bad mark just remember the Fonz is looking down at u as we speak.
  •! "Jaws: Fire Island" = Hi-larious!!

    Did anybody see the "JAWS: FIRE ISLAND" part? Hi-larious! It was almost the same voice as the medieval episode with Will Ferrell as the black knight. You know, the whole, "you fat ass!" (pan to man with fat donkey) "He's my only means of conveyance. But I guess I do spoil him." except it was the voice of jaws...and how he likes looking up at hairy legs...HA! It's the accent that kills! God, I LOVE this show so much!!! the cutaways just keep getting funnier!
  • church of the fonz! peter is unhappy with his religon and after his dad tell him that religon is something that has been with him all along he decides to form the church of fonz. good episode, i like the stewie pinball spoof, reminded me of sesame street,

    church of the fonz! peter is unhappy with his religon and after his dad tell him that religon is something that has been with him all along he decides to form the church of fonz. good episode, i like the stewie pinball spoof, reminded me of sesame street, thats it
  • Hi-larious

    This episode was Great, Great, GREAT! So many hilarious references and gags. The Aaron Neville Bullhorn, the Faceoff Ref, Peter on Steroids, The Sesame Street reference, Peter's Sermon and the Fonz hanging in the back of the Church were freakin hilarious, also I really loved the part about TV announcers, where when they change their voice it chaged Peter's expression. I certainly hope that future episodes live up to the awesomeness that this one is at. PTV was a great start to Season 5, and this Episode is right up there as well, if not better than it. I can't wait until January 8th for "Brian Sings and Swings".
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