Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 27

The Griffin Family History

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • Great Episode

    First I'll start off with the parts at the Griffin house: I thought it was funny at the very beginning with Lois trying to brush Peter's teeth. I also thought it was funny when the burglars kiidnapped Meg and thought she was their son. I though it was hilarious when Meg actuallt wanted them to rape her and the burglars got scared and when the Griffin's were rescused I thought it was hilarious when Joe said Meg would be charged with sexual harassment.Now going to the part where God and that guy were arm wrestling I thought that was hilariois.

    Now I will move on with the stories:

    Story #1:

    It is a prehistoric age where everyone are cavemen. I laughed when Peter tried to acution his wheel invention and then when Brian ripped Lois' toga (or whatever it's called) off. I didn't have any problems with that story.

    Story #2:

    Everyone is in the time of God. I though it was funny with everyone coming up with excuses not to go in the water. I laughed when God made the ten commandments and the billboard commandment.

    Story #3:

    I thought it was funny how everyone's color was reveersed and how Peter threw the horse threw Lois' window and other things.

    Story #4:

    This one kinda annoyed me a bit and was a bit boring with the silent movie. I laughed at the end with speaking. I took off 1.5 for that.

    Story #5

    I thought Peter annoying Hitler was funny and when Peter was talking to the crowd, although a couple of parts were stupid. I took of 0.5

    In all, I give this episode an 8.