Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 12

The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • Love family guy

  • Superb episode but I thought Brian and Stewie's plot was getting too violent

    Okay.. this episode is better than that new Family Guy episode "German Guy" that aired a couple of weeks ago. I was really impressed with this episode. The only thing that I can do without in this episode is the violence in Brian and Stewie's plot... I liked that plot but did it really have to be violent. I know Family Guy is meant to be violent and I'm okay with that but it shouldn't have been really violent. Stewie's evil clone cutting off Brian's tail and putting Brian's tail in real Stewie's mouth and then Stewie throws up was something that I found unnecessary in this episode. Also, Stewie's evil clone cutting that random woman in half was also something I found unnecessary. Aside from the violence in Brian and Stewie's plot... this was a superb episode. I think I liked the plot more with Meg starting to have a crush on Joe while Bonnie was away. Quagmire's cameo appearance in the beginning of the episode was very funny. Herbert's brief cameo appearance was also very funny. I thought Peter dressing up as Meg and then he says "I stole Meg's cutaway" was hilarious. It was also hilarious when Meg and Joe are talking in their minds and of course when Joe was freaking out because Meg was breast feeding Susie. The Kool-Aid joke was also hilarious. It was also hilarious when Peter keeps prank calling Joe and Joe doesn't even know that it's Peter prank calling him. The last 2 minutes was interesting when Stewie was fighting his evil clone. The ending of this episode kind of leaves you hanging because you don't know if Brian killed real Stewie or evil clone Stewie. I am also happy that Meg apologized to Bonnie for having her arrested and when Joe and Meg told each other that they are glad to be neighbors. Overall, aside from Brian and Stewie's plot getting too violent and the ending leaving you hanging, this was a superb episode of "Family Guy" and made me laugh hard for the most part. 9/10
  • Nice to see Evil Stewie back


    When Bonnie asks Lois to check on Joe and Susie while she visits her father in the hospital, Lois passes the job off to Meg. This go well, but when Joe isn't ashamed to drop her off in front of her school, Meg starts becoming attracted to him. She pushes the boundaries by calling him by his first name and when he doesn't correct her takes it as a sign of being accepted and starts wearing Bonnie's dresses. When Meg discovers Bonnie will be returning she steals Joe's gun and runs to Maine to plant it into Bonnie's luggage, causing her to be arrested at the airport. During an evening out for dinner, Meg starts talking about having children with Joe and becomes emotional, ending with breastfeeding Susie. Joe takes his concerns to Lois and Peter that Meg is becoming too attracted to him but is dismissed until Lois sees Meg's attraction for herself. When Lois points out that Meg and Joe have nothing in common, Meg agrees and throws herself in front of Joe's squad car in an attempt to become handicapped like Joe. At the hospital, Joe sets Meg straight and Meg apologizes to Bonnie who had been freed to keep getting her token voice work checks. In the meantime, while at the park, Stewie fails to take revenge on an older boy who insults him when his gun misfires and believes he is losing his edge. He tries to boost his evil side by building an neural-enhancement device but the machine takes Stewie's evilness and concentrates it into a clone. The clone attacks Brian, attempting to choke him and cuts off his tail. When Stewie discovers the clone, he is also attacked and the clone escapes, killing a woman in the process. The clone goes on a rampage, luring the Kool-Aid Man to his death while gleefully drinking his contents. Stewie and Brian lure evil Stewie by tying up Brian. When evil Stewie arrives to shoot Brian with a ray gun, Stewie leaps onto evil Stewie and they fight, tearing off their clothes in the process. When Brian manages to get control of the gun, he is unsure of which Stewie to shoot until he instructs them to look at their feet. When one Stewie looks at his feet and starts giggling, he shoots the other one. As they walk off, the remaining Stewie looks back with yellow, monster eyes as maniacal laughter is heard.


  • 3/6

    Usually the Meg-centric episodes are actually decent, as bad as that character is, but "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair" was able to buck that trend, unfortunately. Joe had a few good lines here, and as always, when they make references to actual dog stuff (in the case Brian chasing helicopters) you get a laugh, but other than that, there was not too much to this show. Reusing the Meg being obsessed storyline (and actually referencing it, showing they have no ideas) and then reusing the infamous "who do I shoot?" scene? Lame episode of Family Guy, but I suppose it was better than last week's.
  • Meg checks on Joe and Susie while Bonnie is out of town


    The main plot was funnier and better than the sub plot. While the subplot was interesting, I think the violence was unneed. The violence scenes were evil Stewie attacking Brian, cutting off a woman's body, and the fight between the normal and clone Stewie. Those made my score a bit lower. It would been a 10 if the writers didn't include violence. Anyway, let's get on the funny parts. Peter's role was funny in this episode. It was funny that he stole Meg's cutaway and try to prank call Joe. Meg and Joe saying something in their minds was funny. It was super dang hilarious when Joe asked what's Lady Gaga and thinks that she is a d****. Even though the main plot was good, I just found it weird that Meg fall in love with Joe. It was funny that she try to be like a cripple. As for Stewie/Brian plot, it was funny that Stewie falied to shoot. It was funny that Stewie and the evil clone were fighting with their diapers. The ending was funny as well when Stewie looks at the audience evily. Overall, a superb episode of Family Guy. It is one of my top 5 favorite of this season but the violence should have been reduced. 9/10, 10/10 (if without the extreme violence)

  • I respect family guy again due to its recent improvements.

    Did anyone else notice that ever sense the clue episode it seems like family guy has been making obvious improvements and trying to go back to its roots? I don't mean as far as jokes go, because the jokes are still lacking in most cases. But as far as formula goes. No longer is half of the episode taken over by cutaways, if there is a cutaway they lead into it properly and it doesn't feel forced. Stewie is acting more evil again and the show is more plot drivin recently. Although these past episodes lack the amazing clever humor "to the most part" of the first few seasons. The episodes still draw me in more due to these improvements. Keep doing what your doing family guy!
    Just throw in some more clever humor and you could go back to being at least almost as good as you were!
  • Peter: Heh heh, I stole Meg's cutaway....

    So this episode is a Meg centirc one iwth a Steweie subplot, so I'll reveiwthem separatley as they don't cross at any point.

    Meg: Bonnie is out of town, so Meg is left in charge of Joe. She is not okay with the idea at first, but after some days seeing how he isn't afraid to be seen with her, she falls in love with him. Quickly she thinks of herself as Bonnie, dressing as her and breastfeeding Susie. Then Lois tells Meg it isn't okay cause they're different, and Meg thinks she means he is on a wheelchair, so she throws herself in front of Joe's car to be equals. Then Bonnie returns so everythigns fine.

    Stewie: After Brain tells him that he has gone soft, Stewie builds a machine to become more evil, but intead, the machine creates an evil clone of him with the color of his clothes reveresed. EVil STewie (ES) almost chokes Brian to death and leaves on a murderous rapage, even killing Kool-Aid man. So Brain acts as bait and then Stewie & ES get into a fight, ending on their diapers, and Brian doens't knwo who to shoot, but chooses right after asking both to look at heir feer (common stewie finds them funny), or does he?

    OVerall: Great episode. I loved the return of evil Stewie, and some of the jokes were great, like quagmire, Peter stealing Meg's cutaway, Joe's prank calls & Lady Gaga being a douche. 10/10.
  • Treading old ground again

    Meg has a sudden and mad infatuation with someone. Sound familiar? should do. I am torn between this being a retreading of old material or just a good way of bringing up an obvious flaw in Megs psyche. Maybe a touch of both. It does at least get acknowledged as being done before and provides enough new and interesting material to be worth doing so I will let it slide. The side story this week with "evil Stewie" was pretty weak with an painfully obvious and only mildly amusing conclusion. Not a fantastic episode, but certainly not as bad as some this season. It doesn't leave you feeling less intelligent than you did before you started watching it.
  • Great episode! Finnaly get to see a good Stewie episode.

    This episode was a lot better than last weeks. It had funny jokes and scenes like the kool aid and Meg breast feeding susie. The final battle was more entertaining than last weeks. And the who do I shoot part was more mature than last weeks too. Lately we haven't seen a lot of stewie episodes. The only ones i can think of this season was Halloween on Spooner, Road to the North Pole, and a horrible epsiode, Brian Writes a top seller. He hasen't even appeared in a few epsiodes this season. Overall great epsode. Solid A 9.5/ 10
  • Excellent episode, aside from the last 2 minutes or so.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. Neither plot was too original, but both were handled pretty well. There were some genuinely funny moments, such as Stewie laughing at his feet and Joe freaking out when he thought Meg was breast feeding Susie. Quagmire's cameo and the appearance of the Kool-aid man were also funny. My favorite part, though, was probably the cutaway with Peter dressed as Meg and saying he stole her cutaway! Lol! It was good that for once, at least one of the cutaways was relevant to the story. I didn't really like how Meg tried to get Bonnie arrested, but I was glad she apologized in the end and that she and Joe could maintain their friendship. Aside from Bonnie almost being arrested, the only real problem I had with this episode was the ending. The fight Stewie and his evil clone had bored me and was too similar to the one between Herbert and Franz in the last episode. It was also very obvious to me that the audience would be made to believe that Brian had not really killed Evil Stewie, although it was sort of unclear whether he really did or not. For the most part, though, this was an excellent episode, and it's one of the better ones I've seen. Final grade: A. Marebear2009, out!
  • fair

    This episode was alright. Meg's plot was too obsessive for me to like, and obviously the point was to make her seem obsessive, but still. They overdid it.

    Stewie's plot was OK. This is the second time he's made a clone, though this time, instead of a stupid one he made an evil one. It seemed to just be around to make the sub plot as violent as they could. I mean, cutting off Brian's tale? Slicing some random woman in half? I know Family Guy has been violent in the past but this seemed to be violent just for the sake of it.

    Granted, there were some good parts, the ending, Peter crank calling Joe (though personally I'd think Joe would be smart enough to realize it was Peter, but oh well), Herbert's brief appearance, etc. But both plots were merely alright. The sub plot with the clone interested me more though. Final grade- C
  • Finally Decent Episode but still no '10".

    The "evil Stewie" clone was a take off On "the Enemy Within" Star Trek (TOS) episode. They used the original Star Trek music when the duplicate Stewie appeared as proof. I thought this had some genuinely original moments. I found it shocking yet amusing when brians Tail was chopped off. but How did he get it back on?> i didnt see any visit to the VET.
    I did not like the MEG obsessive thing. It didn't work for me. It wasn't funny and it didn't even have any good dialogue. SO this episode scores points for Stewie antics but failed on the secondary Meg storyline. Still giving it a '7' is High praise from this dismal season.
  • Finally!! An episode worth giving a high score too. It was great for Meg to shine in this one and it was great to see evil Stewie again. Stewie was better in this one than that horrible Halloween episode and this beats German Guy which was horrible.

    Bonnie has to go out of town for a few days and she asked Lois to help take care of Susie and Joe. Lois asked Meg to do it after Bonnie called Meg pretty. Meg agrees to do it. Meg does a great job and soon develops a crush on Joe. She gets Bonnie arrested so that she could be with Joe. Lois explains to Meg that she and Joe have nothing in common. She jumps in front of Joes' police car to be crippled. At the hospital, Joe explained that he sees Meg as a niece and a good friend. Meg apologizes to Joe and Bonnie and they became good friends. Stewie makes an evil clone that runs wild. Brian kills the evil Stewie by asking the real Stewie to look at his toes. Or did he? Stewie turns and shows evil eyes. This was really good and it was better than Barely Legal because Joe was human and had more to offer than Brian. The dialogue between Meg and Joe was charming and I liked it when Meg apologizes to Joe and Bonnie and still remained friends. Funny parts were Meg breast feeding and Peter doing Megs' cutaway. The cutaway was relevant to the plot and it worked. There was also less Peter and that was another plus. Seeing the return of evil Stewie was great but I wished they had him working evil plans instead of going on evil rampage. I enjoyed the episode but for the next Meg episode, please Seth, give her somethingelse besides being obsess with having boyfriends. There are more interesting stories for teengirls that can be made and Meg has potential. But overall, I enjoyed it.
  • Holy S***! that was a crazy episode!

    Stewie seems like his soft side his taking over his evil side so he decides to build an invention to make himself evil again but instead he makes an evil clone of Stewie that starts killing everyone! When he cut Brian's tail off and put it in Stewie's mouth was crazy as hell! I actually liked this so much better than the last episode because that last one with Chris and Herbert just plain sucked! The "who do i shoot" part in this episode was better than the last one. I liked when evil stewie smashed the Cool-Aid man when he got him saying "Oh Yah" from him saying "Oh no" a few times. When Brian shot Stewie and he left with the other one, that was super freaky!! (even though i knew something like this would happen haha)
    I give it a "B" ...oh, and the Meg plot was stupid...
  • This is a review I was hoping I'd never have to write.

    I can't believe I just gave an episode of Family Guy a rating of only fair. If that. I've been a huge fan of Family Guy for a long time, and I hope this episode is not a sign of things to come in the next season. Are the writers finally played out? Have they taken family Guy as far as it will go? God, I hope not, this is the weakest episode I've seen in quite some time. The storyline was lame and hackneyed this time around, I liked the borrowed concept of the evil Stewie vs. Good Stewie obviously inspired by a certain well known episode of the original Star Trek where Kirk is divided into his good and evil halves by a malfunctioning transporter, and the Family Guy writers could have gone a long way with that and had a lot of fun with it, but they didn't even seem to be trying. I must say I'm dissapointed.