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Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 9

The Juice Is Loose

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2009 on FOX

Episode Fan Reviews (59)

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  • Meh...

    Third of the episode taken up by stupid musical moments, plot very poorly done (and not that interesting to begin with)...

    Only saving graces are Peter and the guys acting like teenagers and Stewie stuck on the roof - and the use of Kansas' classic Dust In The Wind during one of the musical moments. The beaver thing was okay too. Makes 3.5/10.

    A card at the beginning mentionned "lost episodes", I hope this one wasn't the best of the bunch...
  • What the ass? Talk about desperate

    Wow they were really desperate for a 5 minute filler because the plot was so terrible. The Conway Twitty should not last so long but it did. The episode itself is just very hit and miss but I still think there are worse episodes than this so I'll give it a 2/10
  • I enjoyed this

    Shut the fuck up you all suck
  • One of my least favorites.

    Like many other people who reviewed this, I did not enjoy this episode. I watch many Family Guy episodes on Netflix, and so I decided to check out this episode. Big mistake. In this episode, Peter wins a raffle ticket, but it is from 1989. Many years ago. It is for a free golf game with Orenthal James Simpson. Or . Peter becomes friends with him and he decides to bring him home. Everybody is angry about of that, but Juice tells him it's a mistake and he should go home. And guess what? EVERYBODY BELIEVES HIM. I couldn't believe it. The ending was terrible, too. He simply stabs 2 or 3 people and runs off. And Peter makes a terrible final line. I have to say all of that was bad, but the worst part is when Conway Twitty comes up once again and sings a song for 5 minutes. I hated that. So, in conclusion, I really did not like this episode, but I never rate anything a 1.0. So I think I'll just go ahead and rate it a 4.0, which is extremely rare for me to rate, but I just had to.
  • HE DID IT l

    I decided to rate this a 9..because upon rewatching this..i see that this episode has a sick hysterical ending...racist and offensive. the show no longer does this (or the racial and most offensive clips wind up on the deleted scenes but NOT on FOX). Also compared to the past two seasons, most of whxih feature the worst written dribble EVER on television such as GERMAN GUy this is a classic lol
  • The first 5 minutes were good, but the rest of this episode were awful


    Peter finds an old winning raffle ticket from 1989 that entitles him to a golf outing with O.J. Simpson. After befriending him, Peter brings O.J. home to meet the family. However, the people of Quahog aren't too fond of the former running back.

    I liked the first 5 minutes of this episode. Most of the parts in that act made me laugh. The parts that were funny are Stewie on top of the roof and then Brian do an interview thing with him, Peter and his friends fighting each other. But this is where the awful part comes in. Peter said "Looks like I need a time filler. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty." A 3 minutes music clip of Conway Twitty is shown. It is kinda gay and a huge waste of time. Even worse, the writers did that same thing again inForeignAffairs (not Conway Twitty, just some gay @$$ Music video from David Bowie). It is all Peter's fault for saying that in the first place. The plot for this episode is boring. I just can't stand watching most of the episode. The only parts I laughed after the Conway Twitty part were Lois felling down while serving lasagna, and Homer Simpson's cameo. That's all. Overall, a boring and a waste of time episode. I don't even want to watch this episode but only for the parts that were funny. 3/10

  • I wish I could rate this episode a 0


    Peter finds an old winning raffle ticket from 1989 that entitles him to a golf outing with O.J. Simpson. After befriending him, Peter brings O.J. home to meet the family. However, the people of Quahog aren't too fond of the former running back.

    Okay first of all, the Peter Jr. joke was not funny. It was just wrong and disturbing, the conway twitty joke was completely unnecessary (it was four minutes long) Please do not watch this garbage


  • Not as terrible as everyone is saying it is BUT it's just an okay episode in my opinion

    I thought that this was an okay episode of "Family Guy". It wasn't as terrible as everyone is saying it is but it's still an okay episode. I thought Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland having their sleepover at Peter's house and acting like kids in the beginning of the episode was so dang hilarious especially when the men were playing truth or dare and Peter dared Cleveland and Joe to kiss each other and they did. It was also funny when the men were having their pillow fight and then Cleveland accidentally punches Lois when she comes home. It was also funny when Stewie was stuck on the roof when the window closed on him and Brian was interviewing him. I also thought Homer Simpson's brief half second cameo appearance was hilarious. This episode was bad because everyone hated O.J. Simpson because of the life that they went through and I thought that for sure that O.J. Simpson wasn't the murderer of his wife and other people. O.J. Simpson gives out a speech about not being perfect and then he kills three people and the angry mob chases after him at the end of the episode which means that he really is a murderer. Overall, this was an okay episode but it had a stupid and pathetic ending and the whole plot could have improved a little more and the beginning was the most hilarious out of the episode. 6.5/10
  • I Want My Half Hour Back

    I usually like Family Guy to an extent, but this episode was just stupid. I honestly felt that the writer was like drunk, it was wacky, and not in a good way. There wasn't really anything funny in it, and the ending was stupid. The "moral" about how just because OJ did a crime and the whole "Nobody is Perfect" thing was equally stupid. And then the Conway Twitty time filler. And the joke where Homer Simpson randomly appeared... god, I hated this episode, please, give my my half hour back. My overall grade for this episode is an F
  • Garbage

    Wow, I think I actually wasted my half-hour on this episode. Basiclly what happens in this episode is O.J. Simpson comes to Quahog to play golf with Peter. This isn't just bad for Family Guy, it was just bad period. The whole first act was pointless, especially with that time-waster Conway Twitty, the gags with Peter believing O.J. didn't do it were dumb, the Simpsons reference was pruely replusive, and the moral of "nobody's perfect" was completely unneeded and then O.J. killing and then running off again was dumb. This is the absolute worst episode of the entire show. 0/10 F-
  • the worst episode of family guy ever

    this is a terrible episode it was painfully unfunny the jokes sucked they had peter, quagmire, joe and cleveland get into a fight which was pointless and just stupid and then their was conway twitty for three minutes seriously??! what was that they were strugling to fill up 30 minutes if i were fox i wouldnt have aired the episode i wouldve said try again if you do something like this again ill cancel your sorry a$$. sure we have seen more episodes that suck but this they didnt even try the plot sucks the jokes suck this entire episode was terrible
    overall episode 1 out of 10 pathetic!!
  • yeah with a score of 4.9 that makes this the worst family guy ep ever

    season seven has been alot like sci fi or cartoon network full of hits or misses. mostly misses. for everyone who thought the season could not get any worse they just had to prove us wrong didn't they. they were way to late to do something about oj simpson. they shouldn't of even bothered to air this ep. it just seems like their trying to hard to recycle used clips from seasons 1-3 also known as the good seasons. Plus peter pretty much already stated he didn't believe oj did it in another ep where oj walks in and finds his friend and wife dead. then they ran out of ideas and decided to put 3 minutes of filler in the ep with conway twitty DX. there was barely any good jokes either. like many other users have already said they should of kept this one in the basement.
  • ok

    the only good part is Brian: Stewie what are you doing up there
    Stewie: I'm counting the stars in Orion's PENIS
    it's ok
    the only good part is Brian: Stewie what are you doing up there
    Stewie: I'm counting the stars in Orion's PENIS
    it'sthe only good part is Brian: Stewie what are you doing up there
    Stewie: I'm counting the stars in Orion's PENIS
    it's the only good part is Brian: Stewie what are you doing up there
    Stewie: I'm counting the stars in Orion's PENIS
    it's okok ok

    the only good part is Brian: Stewie what are you doing up there
    Stewie: I'm counting the stars in Orion's PENIS
    it's ok
    the only good part is Brian: Stewie what are you doing up there
    Stewie: I'm counting the stars in Orion's PENIS
    it's ok
  • Awful

    Peter wins a round of golf with OJ Simpson, but he is unaware that he is a murderer. While golfing, he discovers that OJ Simpson is actually a nice guy, but he ends up killing people at the end.

    This. Episode. Was. Awful. It was absolutely awful. I hated almost every minute of it. There was one scene that I remotely liked, that was the opera scene. But even that scene was awful. I hated the Simpsons joke, because every episode of The simpsons is better than this episode. I cant really think of anything else to say,so, Idk.

    Overall Grade: 30%/F-
  • Frankly, I love Family Guy, but, frankly, this episode sucks.

    I was a bit concerned when I read the title of this. The Juice is Loose. OH! OJ Simpson, yeah! Um.... is this gonna be about his recent departure?

    It's a lost episode?

    Fine. Fine. Fine. But, I am still pissed. The only praise I did give up to this is the part where Stewie was up on the roof and Brian was pretending to be an interviewer. That's my guilty pleasure.

    For this one, I thought OJ was trying to kill the Griffins. But, NO! He acts like an innocense and then gets caught up. What a way to waste an episode!

    Oh, and we can't forget the 2-minuet long interlude with Mr. Con Way Twiddy. Woop-pee! Did THAT make my day. *sarcasm*

    Overall, this episode dose not do Family Guy justice. Or even OJ justice.
  • Less Twitty and more Juice would do great things for this episode

    The show opens up with the usually post 2007 Family Guy beginning: random statements that somehow connect together until Peter gets to golf with Juice (OJ Simpson) but before that we have to watch Conway Twitty for the bazillionth-time now. That joke is overused and it should be put to other bad family guy jokes pasture (examples: Peter (then Lois) tripping in the frontyard, Cool whip, and others). After we get through Twitty, we eventually get to the Juice part of the episode. I feel that it wasn't as funny as it could have been. They could have tried better with this wasted opportunity. One of the funnier moments was when Homer makes a cameo in the angry mob protesting OJ. This episode disappointed me so much.
  • Not entertaining, not enjoyable, and easily the worst episode.

    This episode is by far the worst episode of Family Guy. It's one of the few Family Guy episodes that I didn't find even mildly interesting or funny. I hated the plot, an episode focusing on an event that happened many years ago wasn't compelling at all. There were also no jokes here that made me laugh. A joke about Peter accidentally killing a baby? That part was really low and not funny in the least. The Conway Twitty gag was absolutely terrible, and it took up far too much in the episode. A full Twitty song? Writers, find another way to save animation costs. Also, the ending with the "Nobody's Perfect" moral was contrived and embarrassing. Overall, this episode is not worth watching and was a waste of time.
  • Not as bad as people say but still not good at all.

    Peter finds an old winning raffle ticket from 1989 that entitles him to a golf outing with O.J. Simpson. After befriending him, Peter brings O.J. home to meet the family. However, the people of Quahog aren't too fond of the former running back.

    And so we see another Family Guy episode that really was a disappointment. The only thing different about this one is that the plot was stupid to begin with and I dont think it recieved much hype. This is an atrocity, but by no means is it even remotely good or derserving of a good review. 6.5/10 or F
  • This is officially the worst episode of Family Guy.

    This episode is an evidence to how lazy and unimaginative the writers have been this season. A three minute long Conway Twitty live action singing clip??? Did they really think we would find this funny? It's almost like the writers have lost all their creativity. If this episode had been in the first three seasons, I don't think the show would be back on air. I didn't mind having O.J.Simpson in the storyline, but it just wasn't funny. The episode didn't have a single moment that was memorable or even funny. This is officially the worst episode of Family Guy.
  • Not a good episode

    Red is the juice, white is the ground, strike them together and we blow this town. That doesn't apply here however. "The Juice Is Loose" is simply the worst episode of Family Guy. So I clearly understand why it is rated so low. But, after seeing similar episodes of South Park, all of them containing poor plots and awful endings, I don't understand why people think they deserve 9s and 10s while this episode gets a 4.9. Is the 4.9 deserved? Absolutely. I suppose that Family Guy fans are more realistic. There's not much to say about the episode itself. Andrew Goldberg, stick to your job of Assistant to the Executive Producers and forget about writing episodes, you're absolutely terrible.
  • an average episode

    In this episode Peter had a ticket to play golf with a famous person. Peter play with muder football player Orenthal James Simpson or know as Oj simpson. You know I have never heard of this OJ Simpson in till I saw this episode. And like me Peter never learn about Oj's murdering and he befriends Oj then a lot of stuff happen in the episode and the big chicken came out but he and peter didn't do there big fight and now I sure more about events that happen in the world so I can learn it all man
  • Peter finds an old raffle ticket to play a free game of golf with OJ Simpson unaware that the former running back murdered 2 people.

    This episode was ok. I liked when Stewie was stuck on the roof and Brian was making him do an interview before he would get him down. When Lois sliped on the meatloaf and was laying there and Brian walked in. Brian thinking she was murdered made me laugh so hard. I also laughed at when OJ through Stewie like a foot ball. However the Conway Twitty music cutaway was to long and too boring. That guys singing makes my ear's bleed. The shaking baby joke was just bad taste. If the Goldmen or Brown family saw this episode Seth will probably get sewed.
  • An episode that just dragged and dragged, watching a whole Conway twitty song is just painful - i almost turned the TV off and went and did something productive.

    I am about the biggest family guy fan there is ... but this episode just shows how badly they are running out of ideas.

    My main gripe was them running a whole Conway Twitty song... I understand the joke, but sitting there for 60 seconds watching annoying country?

    I'm sure the producers and such thought it was a great idea, as that's one less minute of actual work/animation they have to worry about.

    This episode really makes me wonder where the show is going direction wise. I can understand the FIRST Conway twitty plug a season or two ago, but to do it again, and for double the time is just played out.
  • Dreadful...

    That was a dreadful episode. They lost me at Twitty. It was painful. And the rest sucked, too. Especially after last week's brilliant episode, this was so disappointing. What has happened? I tried to reason why the makers would release such trash. I don't care for next weeks episode. American Dad was bad too. Is Seth losing his touch? Every episode has always something classic and that one just sucked. Just sucked. Why Why Why?
    That's all I have to say but apparently I need to write another ten words. Another ten. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Thank you.
  • Peter has a sleep over, stewie is on the roof and a 23 minute borefest.

    It's official, family guy has jumped the shark (more like flying over it with a space shuttle). Old outdated jokes and some jokes are just unnecessary such as Michael J Fox's Parkinsons. The worst part of all is they had no ideas so the writers had to put a 3-4 minute filler of Conway Twit (reharshing a old joke to the maximum). They also make a jab at The Simpsons but ironically enough, the Simpsons are getting a little bit better (better then this episode) even though it is terrible compared to the old episodes. Family Guy is FAR FAR worse at this point. RIP.
  • Family Guy is dead to me

    Two minutes, 45 seconds. The Conway Twitty "joke" lasted two minutes and 45 seconds. I know how the writers are justifying these jokes -- "it's funny because we totally just kept it going and going."
    It's just another example of the huge decline in Family Guy's writing. There were a few okay jokes in the episode -- the giant mustache thing, the talking Beaver and the Homer Simpson joke, but that's about it. Another recent episode -- which was so terrible I barely remember the plot -- spent like a third of the show on two jokes, including some lame version of Stewie doing a Brian Adams video, and the I Dream of Jesus episode where Peter spends a third of the show singing Surfin' Bird pretty much killed Family Guy. Please Family Guy writers -- the three minute jokes stopped being funny by the second chicken fight scene and now are nothing more than filler for a staff of lazy writers who can't fill up 21 minutes with decent material. I'm starting to think the South Park episode is right -- Family Guy is written by a bunch of manitees. Regardless, this episode is another in a long line of boring failures.
  • Peter wins a free golf game with O.J. Simpson and hilarity soon happens.

    Though this episode wasn't as bad the last ones i still think it was a pile of crap. Lousy plot lines and tons of fillers like Conway Twitty scene. The reason gave it a higher score it had more funny parts like when Brian thought O.J. killed Lois the reaction was priceless. But there was lot of dumb parts the pillow fight, truth or dare, the last scene with O.J. I'm sorry but i think the writers don't care anymore. Now i rather watch American Dad which was much better than this Never thought i would ever say that. Well that's it, Gotta Fly.
  • 17 minutes of Family Guy 4 minutes of Conway Twitty and one too many jokes that just weren't funny

    Another week another dissapointing episode. It was going so well until Conway Twitty. I burst out laughing when they reused this joke, but then he sung the whole song. A total waste of 5 minutes. All in all too much time was spent on random clips again and jokes which appeal to (and only make sense to) a very narrow audience.

    The whole OJ Simpson storyline was badly constructed, out of date, lacking in good jokes painfully predictable and loaded with lame cliches.

    What was funny and original in this episode can be cut and pasted into less than 5 minutes. Considering Family guys complete disregard for structure they should have cut those bits out and used them next time they think it's a good idea to put a whole Conway Twitty song into an episode.
  • Peter finds an old raffle ticket from way back when that entitles him to a free round of golf with Orenthal James Simpson, you know, the disgraced ex-footballer and actor. Peter, despite being wary, befriends OJ and the comedy ensues.

    Except that it doesn't.

    This episode seemed to be less about the jokes more about ramming home the message: "OJ SIMPSON IS GUILTY," which is upsetting because they had such a great time in previous episodes using celebrities like James Woods, Bill Clinton and, of course, Adam West. If they had only stuck with that formula then this episode might have worked. There is no conflict between OJ and Peter, except at the start when Peter is worried about being stabbed to death and the whole thing falls over like a bike: very slowly and painfully.

    The episode was failing before OJ was even introduced though because of a three minute cutaway of Conway Twitty, the old country and western singer. As opposed to other musically themed cutaways such as Stewie's dance with Gene Kelly, there is no comedy to be found here and the Griffins stay away for three minutes whilst we watch Conway sing, hoping for something witty to happen or for it to end after about 20 seconds, thus sealing the joke. But no. Three minutes. It's lazy writing to add filler, but to add filler with no comedic value isn't just lazy, it's quite mean.

    All in all, a very disappointing episode. Before, Family Guy was funny but underappreciated. Now that it's popular again, they don't seem to be trying at all, knowing that people will watch regardless. I expected better.
  • Really?!

    The episode started in a funny way telling us it's airing a lost episode found in Peter's basement... From there it just went downhill... having the silly babysitter gig and watching another gay kiss on family guy not to talk about the 5 minute music video from the 60's or who knows what. was this what i waited for during the 2 month period without new family guy episodes?! was this what they were planning all along that time?! it's so disappointing, not even funny. i will just write lyrics to a song i like, to fill in these 100 letters needed to post a review... oh no, look at that i reached a 100 already... (writing song lyrics in a review would be just as relevant to this weeks episode like the ridiculous 5 minute song that had to do nothing with the show).
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