Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 5

The Man with Two Brians

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2008 on FOX

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  • Best comedy ever

    Very nice
  • Brian: Old vs New

    This episode had a great plot, yet it reminded me of something on Deviant Art that has something to do with SpongeBob; New Brian reminded me of the old vs new SpongeBob pictures. (No, I am NOT a post-movie

    Now I am not here to talk about SpongeBob. I am here to review this episode. It was enjoyable and I liked how Peter and his friends were trying to be like Jack Ass, but I thought the bees around Quagmire's penis was a bit much. I also liked how Joe rescued Brian and Peter.

    I liked New Brian's character, but I did feel bad for Brian. I also thought that Stewie murdering New Brian was a bit much.

    I am going to give this episode an 8.5/10.

    I KNOW THIS IS YEARS LATE, BUT THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE EPISODES OF ALL TIME. First of all, the Jackass segment in the beginning is so hilarious, I literally cry every time I see it. The whole episode is perfect from start to finish. I've seen the episode countless times! I love episodes where all the guys are involved.
  • Brian > New Brian

    This episode was a rather funny one, though New Brian is rather bland and uninteresting. The Jackass parody was really fun and seeing Brian going along with Cleveland or Quagmire was kinda nice - this was back when Brian wasn't just a douche and Quagmire hadn't show how he despised him.
  • Wow, a new episode I liked.


    Realizing that Brian may be getting old, Peter gets a newer, happier dog who the Griffins love, prompting Brian to leave. But things go awry when the "new Brian" crosses the line and humps Stewie's favorite toy.

    New brian humps Rupert, and stewie kills him.


  • great


    what i liked- the ending, everyone loving the new Brian, Stewie making the comment about that lady's leg (after Quagmire just told Brian not to), "cool hwip", "I'm going to make you a little less gross each day", Stewie washing Rupert in the shower, Stewie murdering new Brian after discovering what he did, Stewie saying that Brian is "my douche", the karaoke scene, etc.

    good episode. i really liked it. New Brian was an interesting character, and it is in a way, kind of sad to see him die, but oh well. They obviously had to do something so that Brian could return, and they worked well (Stewie dragging trash bags and blood dripping is dark, yet kind of funny in a way). Good episode, B- or so is my final grade.

  • Another great episode of the seventh season.


    I think this was the best episode ever in this season. It had made me laugh so hard since I first saw it on the air and this episode has no negative stuffs so I enjoyed every minutes of it. The episode starts with Peter and the guys doing a Jackass video.Realizing that Brian may be getting old, Peter gets a newer, happier dog who the Griffins love, prompting Brian to leave. But things go awry when the "new Brian" crosses the line and humps Stewie's favorite toy. The guys making a Jackass video was super hilariousespecially the Bee Bush part when Peter kept saying "I hate you bees!" and Quagmire getting knocked off. It was hilarious as well when Cleveland, Brian, and Peter's hair got shaved off.New Brian's fart song was funny. Also, it was so freakin' hilarious when Brian makes a loud fart and then Peter got mad at him. Thecrocodiles scene was possibly the best cutaway in this episode. Overall, the episode was really hilarious (especially the Jackass part) and it was the best episode of the seventh season. 10/10

  • Hilarious and brilliant episode from start to finish

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Family Guy" and it's one of my favorite episodes to watch. This episode is hilarious and brilliant that made me laugh very hard from start to finish. I loved Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland doing the "Jackass" stunts for the first 4 minutes of this episode and it made me laugh very hard especially one of the stunts was Peter falling off the house in a shopping cart or the bees eating the honey off of Quagmire's "private part". Peter bringing home "New Brian" after they think that Brian is getting old was interesting. "New Brian" playing the "I like farts" song on the guitar for Peter was hilarious. The family thinking that "New Brian" sleeping and farting was hilarious especially when Brian farted and then Peter said "Oh my god Brian, it smells... it's outside for you" (or something close to that). The cutaway with the crocodiles also made me laugh hard. It was also very funny when Stewie killed "New Brian" after "New Brian" told Stewie that he humped Rupert (Stewie's teddy bear). I wish Stewie didn't kill "New Brian" because I really liked that character but oh well. Overall, an excellent episode of "Family Guy". 10/10
  • I didnt like this episode that much.

    Realizing that Brian may be getting old, Peter gets a newer, happier dog who the Griffins love, prompting Brian to leave. But things go awry when the "new Brian" crosses the line and humps Stewie's favorite toy. This episode just pissed me off a lot. Its not like Peter to get a new dog when Brian and Peter are suppose to be best friends. It was just a little bit to out of character of my liking. Maybe I need to watch this episode to learn to appreciate the jokes, but this just didnt appeal to me. I wouldnt reccomend this episode.
  • one of the best episodes

    here is a summary peter, quagmire, joe, cleveland see jacka$$ and do some of the things they see peter ends up almost drowning and brain tries to save him but he cant and their both going to drown so joe dives in the water and saves them but they think brain is getting old so they replace him. the best episodes of season 7 have been the man with two brains and not all dogs go to heaven the rest of the episodes in this season have ranged from decent to bad but i think the only terrible episode was the juice is loose. this was a great episode it had a great plot and funny jokes and one of the best episodes of family guy probably in the top 30 episodes or some where around their in my opinion.
  • Another great episode.

    When Peter discovers Brain is getting old, he gets a new dog named New Brian. Everyone loves New Brain at first. He plays the flute, talks to Meg,a nd sings fart sings with Peter. But Brian thinks that Peter is trying to replace him, so he moves in with Quagmire. Only stewie misses Brain, because he is fed up with all of New brain's karoke nights. He begs Brian to come back, but brian doesn't think The Griffins want him back. Stewie eventually kills New Brain, and Brain moves back in.

    This was a pretty funny episode. There were so many funny parts, like the jack*** scenes, the karoke scene, and when Stewie killed New brian.

    Overall Grade: 85%/B+
  • Not that bad an episode.

    Family Guy finally gave us an acceptable installment here. The New Brian character was very well-written from using his two ears as Meg's journals, to his behavior at the karaoke. His dismissal from the household seemed kind of forced though.

    These Brian-centric episodes are never that great, but this was done in a different way and was actually pretty exciting. I even didn't mind the obligatory 5 minute opening scene devoted to one concept (here it was Jackass). There were some good cutaway scenes here too such as Carol Alt and not knowing Family Guy and American Dad, and Abraham Lincoln's neighbor Dale getting upset because he used to have a guy to take care of his grass.

    This still had a lot of continuity errors, but it was better than most newer Family Guys.
  • the second worst episode of Family Guy

    The worst episode of Family Guy, to me at least, still belongs to Back to the Woods but this episode comes in at a good second. It continues the slip of Family Guy from being this hilarious, spoofy, satiric show into being. . .well, whatever this is. Season seven has not been up to a good start. Love Blacktually was contendedly mediocre, I Dream of Jesus was obnoxious but not too bad for me (I can't speak for others), Road to Germany was pretty good, Baby Not on Board was good but not as good as Road to Germany and now The Man with Two Brians earns its way to stinker status. The episode didn't start off bad, poking fun of the many idiotic stunts from Jackass. While injuring Brian in the process, Peter realizes that Brian is no longer young and brings in a younger, perkier dog as a replacement. Everyone falls in love with "New Brian", Brian soon moves out, and Stewie looks to bring back his old friend. The problem with this episode is that nothing happens. At all. The episode doesn't move. It just starts with a silly premise and ends terribly. The episode isn't about Brian, Stewie, or Peter, it's not really about anybody in particular, where at least in episodes like Love Blacktually, it's centered around someone. This story is about nobody and nothing in particular. The jokes can't even save this episode. The non sequiters are noticeably absent, again. What jokes there are in the episode aren't very good, including what should have been a win, a jab at Family Guy itself and American Dad. If even a joke about your own shows is lame, what does that say? "Dead" air returns. There's an absence of music. The show still often feels like it's hanging in suspense, waiting for the killer punchline. It's not half-baked, it's just not done at all. It's episodes like these where Family Guy as a show is doubtful. Since he's under contract, Seth MacFarlane's obligated to stay with FOX until 2011 or 2012, with or without Family Guy. If Family Guy stays that long, I don't know. I just don't understand why Family Guy has been doing these kind of episodes lately or how it can be possible when it has been one of the funniest and smartest shows on tv time and time again. Season Six 1/2 was awful and Season Seven hasn't gotten to a sweet Family Guy spot yet. It's episodes like these that make it seem that Family Guy is past its prime, run out of jokes and/or storylines, and just waiting to be cancelled again. It's an easy fix to do but it's difficult to be put into action since Seth MacFarlane has three shows at once and obviously, his main show needs the most work now. Will it get better? I don't know. I keep hoping that the series gets back on track and episodes like Road to Germany and Baby Not on Board give hope that all is not lost. However, it's episodes like these that don't do the show any good.
  • Season 7 is shaping up to be really good.

    After seeing the two unfunny video clips from this episode on, I expected to hate it. But those were about the only jokes that didn't work at all. The rest was funny as hell. I think ths is the funniest episode of the season so far. Yeah, I gave "Road to Germany" a higher score, but that was because of the excellent animation and action scenes. Back to this episode, it started off hilariously with several "Jackass" jokes that could've lasted a little longer. So we're off to a good start. The previous episode "I Dream of Jesus" started off good too, but then it completely died halfway through. Not so with this episode. It was funny all the way throughout. Sure, there were some duds, like karaoke night, the fart song and the crocodile bit. And I also wish Johnny Knoxville was more in it. But this is a really good episode with a fantastic ending. Stewie doesn't take crap from anyone.
  • Starts out really funny, alittle dull in the middle and ends funny.

    It's about time they make fun of jackass, and it was perfectly done. I love when Peter knocks Quagmire into the bees nest as he is trying to make his way over to put them away. That really got me laughing. So as they go along Peter is getting pulled along by a car with Quagmire, Clevland, and Joe rideing in it when he jump off a ramp. He hit a tree and starts drowning because he hurt his arm. Brian tries to save him, but hurts his back. So because Brian is getting old Peter gets and new dog and call him new Brian. Brian gets so sad that the family is not caring about him anymore he leaves. (Olny goes next door.) He won't come back till the other dog is gone. Stewie hates the new dog and when he finds out that the new dog has been humping rupert...Stewie kills him. lol. A great episode, one of my favorites.
  • sad at how this is the second best ep this season. I also would like to note that a leg joke was made in the american dad ep too both jokes sucked.

    It was an ok ep the copying of jack@ss was retarded. sad but true if you look on youtube you can find thousands of vids copying them. Its like wrestling or cigarettes they have a add or comercial against doing it and people do it anyway. The dog trying to help meg was something different. I felt so awful for that women who's leg was messed up. wish i could of seen the tape of drunk bill crosby sp? beating up a midget. I wonder how joe was able to swim concidering how he can't use his legs. Also how was brian having trouble swimming when he swims fine in the one ep where he was super glued to stewie. The ep was ok but not the best ep ever. Heres hoping they increase the quality in the next ep.
  • the best episode this season and one of my favorite episode this is the best episode since stewie kills lois. The Best Part Was THE ENDING! (warning this review contains spoilers)

    This was a great episode one of my favorite episode finally family guy is starting to get good again road to germany was ok but this one was better. Why this is a great episode. Well mainly cause of the ending.
    (Waring Spoilers)

    The ending was priceless I love how stewie killed new brain. Also the opening with the jackass pit was really funny. I love that stewie killed new brain for humbing his favorite toy. I'm glad stewie is back the way we have always liked him a psycho baby. I hated the way they made him gay that never made me laugh NEVER!. I'm glad they stop doing that to his charater. Unless they bring it back I hope they don't. I'm going to rate this episode by five catortys (I hope I spelled it right) Comedy , Script , Ending , Character , Related to the show it self.

    Comedy-the jackass pit was really funny but the fart joke if you know what I mean was stale but everything else was pretty funny overall I give comedy for this episode a 4.5/5

    Script-For a family guy episode it was well written the writers did good with this won. 4.7/5

    Ending-The wnding was the best part were stewie killed new brian one of my favorite moments in family guy history I give the ending 5/5

    Character-The character's acted like they did when family guy was good none of them fell flat like they did in this in the pervois 3 seasons. 5/5

    Related to show itself-This episode is why I watch family guy a fin exaple since the 5th season family guy got stale but some stuff was like uh with new brains character the way he acted wasn't like any of the new characters use to be he was conviseble but they wated to late to make him hateble. 4.5/5.

    overall I give this episode a 9.5/10 one of my favorite episodes. Thanks for reading!
  • As a fan I can only thank the gods of awesomeness that they are bringing one of the best shows on television ever to get this show back on track

    Recently, I had written a review about how much I believe this show was going into decline. But, I realized that now finally in this exciting new episode they have brought back the awesomeness and perfection that is Family Guy.

    Stewie's character is the most sought after in this franchise and there is no one who can say that they don't like him, its either you find him awesome for his attitude and his... well you know... for being stewie or you don't like family guy at all. So which one is it?

    There was some character development too with Brian really connecting with the family once again, but there are some things which will never get old... Meg's humiliation by the Griffin's hehe.
  • Hands down: MY FAVORTIE...EPSIODE...EVER

    Everything worked for this episode:

    1)The outdated (if not insanely hilarious) Jackass parody
    2)"New" Brian
    3)Rupert's assault
    Peter decides to get a new Brian (cleverly named "New Brian"), who's perfect veneer is loved by all but Stewie & Brian, after Lois decides that Brian is too old.

    Brian decides to leave, leaving NB to take his spot.
    Family Guy has never been afraid to cross the line, and the episode's end is extreme: after admitting to raping (or humping) Rupert, Stewie murders NB, dumps his body in the trash, and fakes his suicide. Now on season seven, Family Guy is still as funny as its been since the beginning and I hope it continues on for a long time.
  • Don't hump Rupert or Stewie will Kill you!

    The Man with Two Brains is one of the funniest episodes to watch on Family Guy. It's one of my Favourite episodes and kept me laughing for hours on end. New Brian is a great character for the Griffins to adopt. Even though we love Brian. This episode was great for Brian Fans. I Espesially enjoyed the parts when they were shooting their very own Jack-ass Show. It kept me laughing for absolutely ages. I loved the ending where New Brian tells Stewie about how he had humped Rupert and then Stewie gives him the evil look and the next thing we see is Stewie dragging out New Brian's Dead body and chucks it into the Trash. A Great episode!
  • Funny episode made by Family Guy.

    It's one of the funniest episodes made by one of the funniest shows ever made by a good creator.I loved it at the karoke night with New Brian and Lois.I loved it when Steiwe killed New Brian after what New Brian did to Rupert.I loved it when Peter shaved a part of Cleveland and Brian's head.This episode was very funny than some of the terrible episodes of Family Guy.I kind of loved this episode and it was pretty funny.I can say that it's a one of the funniest episodes and best episodes.It's still on of the best shows ever made.
  • Brian meet the new Brian.

    This was a really funny episode. It wasn't completely laugh out loud but it was hilarious. I did have few grievances with this episode. One for example is that Brian leaves, again for like the third time this season. That, like Brian expressing his beliefs about religious, political, or whatever kind of issue, is why Brian has become an annoying character, to me at least.. It's not a major leave but still, seriously! I did love the parody at the beginning and it was a fun way to set up for the main plot. In one sentence, recommended but Brian is getting frustrating to watch in my opinion.
  • The New Brian in tha house.

    When first hearing about this episode, which aired quite some time ago, I assume I was very excited to hear about it. Why not? There's another Brian in the house, and Brian's going to do something about it. I thought Brian was going to do something. Maybe stray away from his original mature, Frank Sinatra off margaritas personality and decide to kill the new Brian. Well, certainly, Stewie took care of that.

    After Peter and his friends, including Brian because he's Peter's friend, too, attempted to do some Jackass stunts, Peter starts to drown in an ocean. Brian comes to his rescue, failing because he's too old, leaving Joe to come to their rescue. The Griffins, mainly Peter, realizes Brian is too old so they decide to get another dog to release the load off Brian. Not in that way! But if you want that way, Google Images without safesearch is there for you. Suddenly, the new Brian is the one to completely replace Brian, or almost completely, and Brian leaves, leaving Stewie missing him.

    Pretty great episode. I think the 1/10 reviews by some are too.. underated. Seriously, 1? There's something good about this episode at least! But I really liked this episode. Seth did a pretty great job.
  • New Dog, and great episode!

    Great episode! New Brain was kind of umm, one of those "Happy people" types. If you know what i am talking about. Besides that, this episode was awsome. But kind of sad that Stewie Killed New Brain ( Spoiler if you didnt see the episode!) But it is a comedy show lol. I liked the extreme Stunts Peter Did! They made me lol! I liked the one where Peter was flying and crashed into a tree! Also i liked the one where Peter was riding a Shopping Cart on the Roof! And i liked when peter sneaked behind Cleveland and shaved a part of his hair off! Overall great episode.
  • I couldn't even believe this episode was trying to be serious

    I was truly excited when I first heard that this episode would be airing. But let me just say, I was really upset. I know Family Guy can do much better than this.

    New Brian's character annoyed the heck of me, and the rest of the episode was flat out annoying. I was about to just turn it off.

    But I stayed and saw Stewie kill New Brian, which was pretty sick, in a bad way. Sure, his character was annoying, but couldn't they have found another way to get him off? Obviously not. Seth has just been making sick jokes lately, and I don't like it!
  • Brian gets hurt trying to save Peter from Drowning. How dose Peter show his graditude. He gets a new dog. Brian ends up leaving heartbroken. But a little help from Stewie helped bring Brian back to the Griffins. Stewie can be very evil sometimes.

    This was a touching funny episode. I love a good Brian episode. I got to say this was a heart warming episode that kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the music numbers and New Brian humping Rupert was funny. The look on Stewie's face was priceless. I'm glad Stewie killed that Suck up of a dog you could tell he was no good. I was so glad that Brian came back. Great episode episode by the way. I loved the video of Brian as a puppy god he was cute. Brian is what Snoopy was in the early 60s.
  • Finall a story about Brian that doesn't involve him and a human woman. That killls Family guy.

    This wasn't bad but it was better than Love Blactually which was terrible. Peter feels that Brian is getting old so he gets a new dog. Everybody loves the new Brian which to me was a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed Brian as a puppy and he behaved more like a real dog. They overdid it on the Jackass scene but it was funny. I hated Buzz Kilington. He is not funny and they should not bring him back. The Lincoln joke was not funny and the same goes for Stewie killing the new Brian because he had a dark fetish. Overall this was a better Brian episode and I hope he acts more 50% dog and 50% human in the future instead of 100% human.
  • Peter gets a new dog.

    Peter and his buddies decide to imitate scenes from Jackass and after barely escaping from a potential drowning, Peter's reminded that Brian's not as young as he used to be, and is getting old. To help ease the gravity of this realization, Peter decides to bring in a new dog for the family. New Brian seemed like the perfect dog at first, but a single fatal flaw leads to his violent untimely demise. While it featured more than a few bombed manatee jokes and a couple of genuinely unfunny ideas, this episode succeeds for the most part. The story with Brian moving out in face of the new attention grabbing dog was rather interesting, and the characters felt more like themselves this time around. Stewie's vengeance on New Brian was particularly noteworthy. While this episode definitely won't make anyone's top ten list of great Family Guy, there was a much better balance between random humor and storytelling in this outing.