Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 17

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2014 on FOX

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  • GOOD GOD, I hope season 13 is better

    What the hell, Seth? Even seasons 10 and 11 were miles better than this shitty season. Just get back the old writers of the show and if you can't do that, then just cancel the show already and stop beating a dead horse. Enough with this violence, bullying, and suicide crap!
  • Best show

  • Not bad

    It saddens me that I have to even say its "not bad" since this season has been atrocious! This episode was bad. It had a few scenes that were damn funny. Such as the scene where Brian praises Peter for being a fellow reader. The Stewie commentary was hilarious. But I do agree with most of the reviews that this season has been hard to watch. Especially the herpes episode...
  • *Sigh* Another snoozefest...

    At least this one was a minor improvement over the last few episodes. But of course they had to use Peter for this episode (You know, because the writers don't care?). Here, Peter becomes a classy man and starts irritating the family, and then sent to Tuscan to be idiot-fied.

    Tuscan Arizona, you have my sympathy from this atrocious episode.

    show has been "DONE" a LONG when they killed was a last ditch attempt for They blew that big time with a rather unfunny "VINNY" character. The episode since Brian returned have hardly had ANYTHING to do with BRIAN, or STEWIE. I am unsure what they are going breaking down the you dont really use brian or are really left with PETER because Cleveland isnt around, Quagmire is no longer COOL hes really turned into a in the past year, Lois and Meg are just weak this show needs to be put to rest...
  • The Most Interesting Man

    Another disappointing Family Guy, highlighted by an outrageous premise that just felt played out (with Peter suddenly gaining knowledge) before it even began. It featured an unnecessary penis joke and cutaway scenes that made you want to bang your head against the wall. You know, a usual episode of Family Guy this season.