Family Guy

Season 13 Episode 1

The Simpsons Guy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2014 on FOX
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The Griffins go on a road trip and wind up in Springfield where they meet the Simpsons. Stewie becomes fascinated with Bart's pranks, Lois bonds with Marge, Meg is taken under Lisa's wing and Peter argues with Homer over which brand of beer is best - Pawtucket or Duff.


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  • Best Crossover Ever

    I was laughing the whole time, a lot of people were hating on it because they probably just didn't understand the jokes. I'm an on-and-off fan of The Simpsons and I know every Family Guy episode by heart. I have to admit, I was expecting more from the character interactions, although the thing with Stewie kidnapping Nelson and tying him up was the highlight of the episode in my opinion. Anyways, the fourth wall breaks and the running gags they brought up from both shows put a smile on my face and made this episode totally worth it.moreless
  • The best.

    The best Family Guy episode ever.
  • A great crossover

    The Simpsons meet the Griffins... what a great way to start the season. I feel so sorry for Stewie for losing Bart, they had such a good time. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  • Waste of time

    A couple good one liners otherwise just waste of my time. I was expecting better.
  • Who ever thinks Meg or Chris bashing is funny are complete IDIOTS! (Turban Cowboy, The Juice is Loose, Life of Brian and Fresh Heir are GOD compared to this)

    This was a mess from top to bottom! If anyone likes this episode then thats fine but I just disliked it. Whilst it offered a few good ideas and had its moments, the episode was trash overall. It would have been decent if it weren't for the fact there was constant Meg bashing, an introduction to Chris bashing, a boring plot which consists of nothing but ripping on each others shows and jokes that fell flat. Even the plot, the characters and humour in The Juice is Loose wasn't this I'm changing The Juice is Loose rating to a 4/10. I'd rather watch The Juice is Loose 3 minutes of Conway Twitty), Turban Cowboy, Brian and Stewie and Life of Brian than this ball of fail. However, its still much better than Call Girl and Jeus Mary and thats not saying much.moreless

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