Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 19

The Splendid Source

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on FOX

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  • Terrific

  • Nothing happens

    This episode is poor for a number of reason.

    In general, the episode isn't interesting. It is more like a list of events than a coherent story. At one point, 'the trail had gone cold'. So in the next scene, the agents take the guys to the secret island. What is going on there? Was that supposed to be funny? To me, it just showed that this episode has no story.

    Also, I cannot think of a single outstanding joke or scene. Take Joe chasing the bellhop, for example. We have seen many scenes where Joe chases people in his wheelchair - this one is just lame in comparison.

    The episode is also particularly annoying to regular fans of the series. They were all looking forward to the Griffins meeting the Browns, and then it pretty much does not happen. Rallo, Cleveland Jr. and Donna get one meagre and pretty lame line each, and that's it.

    The absence of Stewie and Brian did not help this episode either. Seriously, the Griffins visit a black family with a white trash neighbour, and in THAT episode Brian with his 'special' attitude towards blacks is left behind? What gives?

    The season started with a great episode, and ends with a boring one.

    i loved this episode the beginning at least the rest was alright but the beginning was hilarious i found it hilarious because my mom and i have the runs and its hard to laugh so everytime peter would laugh and poop i would start laughing really hard and trying not to poop myself as well LOL.
  • Cleveland reappears.


    Peter, Joe, and Quagmire's search for the origin of a dirty joke finds them in Virginia, where they meet Cleveland and his new family.

    It was nice to see Cleveland again, but the joke was retarded after all of that trouble.

    this episode gets a score of 7.5 out of 10


  • Peter, Joe, and Quagmire reunite with Cleveland in Virginia when they were on the search for the historical source of the dirty jokes

    I thought that this was a very interesting episode of "Family Guy" and I don't see how some people don't like this episode. It was very nice to see my favorite character Cleveland once again. It was good to see Donna, Rallo, Cleveland jr., and Roberta in "Family Guy" for the first time. I couldn't tell if this was a crossover or not since they only showed Cleveland's family for like 3 minutes. I wonder why didn't give Roberta lines but oh well. I thought it was hilarious when Quagmire kept telling people the dirty joke that made him poop in his pants everytime. I laughed very hard at Peter's quote which was "When you poop in your dreams, you poop for real". Quagmire talking to Lois and Bonnie to distract while Peter drives to Virginia without them knowing was funny. When they arrive to Virginia, they run into Cleveland and they reunite with him. I was very happy that Cleveland was on this adventure with Peter, Joe, and Quagmire once again because I miss seeing him in the later episodes of "Family Guy". I also laughed very hard when Peter stabbed Cleveland with a pencil to escape from the island and then Cleveland stabs Peter with a pencil to get payback on him later on. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and it was very interesting to watch. 10/10
  • wow another pathetic showing

    seriously the last couple eps have been terrible. they wern't funny at all or barely funny (like the quagmire distracting bonnie and lois scene), the a and b plot lines were boring or they completly ignored them, and were probably the most disgusting eps in a long time with overexagerated gross scenes that went on too long.
    its pretty sad that i watched all three shows and none of them were the least bit funny sunday. and then i randomly saw a who's line is it anyway? episode and i laughed more times than i have this entire season.
    this series is first a comedy so if your not going to tell an funny story the least you could do was make it entertaining which this one wasn't. they need to stop take a hiatus and come back after they get their act together cuz its pretty obvious that seth has no quality control right now since he's divided his attention between the three shows.
  • This show is starting to make me sad

    I started to get ticked off that Family Guy is turning into the Simpsons, no scratch that worse than the Simpsons. At least I can still get in a cheap laugh or two watching the new episodes of "The Simpsons". This episode wasn't one bit of funny. The only part I found funny was the Whats Happening joke with Cleveland chasing the car. This episode was absolutely terrible. No this whole season has just been terrible. The messed up thing is I still have high hopes for this show. I guess I'm just in denial. I really wish that writers would get back in the game, but at this point it's impossible. They would have to do a complete 180 back to Season 4 when it was still good (and i know that's not gonna happen)
    This show needs to die already, but I know those crazed Family Guy fans who are in denial just like me won't let that happen.
  • This sure made up for that horrible Quagmires' Dad episode. But there is something I noticed. No Brian and Stewie. HOORAY!! It was nice to take a break from those two and I hope this won't be the last. It was great to see Cleveland again and it was fun.

    Chris got sent home for telling a dirty joke and everybody knows it but Peter so he finally gets it. I enjoyed it when he soiled his pants and wore Quagmires' pants just in case he told it again. Peter, Quagmire and Joe went to everybody to see where they got the joke. The people in Quahog and I laughed when Bender made a cameo. I love Futurama by the way. They tricked Lois and Bonnie into going to Washington D.C. to get this Splendid Source. On the way they bumped into Cleveland and they meet his family. It was like just old times the guys went to a secret place to find the origin of the joke. Now that they knew what it is, they couldn't escape. They managed to get away and it ends with a live action shot of a gorilla. I enjoyed this episode because it reminded me of the earlier seasons 1,2 and 3 with Peter and his four friends. It was their version of a Road to... episode minus Brian and Stewie. Speaking of those two, I'm glad that Seth gave them a break from this one. Taking Brian along to Washington would end up with him talking about politics and Stewies' constant nagging. After that vault episode and Quagmires' Dad, those two should stay in the background for a while. I also hope this won't be the last time they don't appear in an episode because this one worked without them. I enjoyed how Quagmire managed to listen to Lois and Bonnie talk about pregnancy on the long trip. It was nice to see Cleveland again but I wished that Donna and Rallo had more lines and I whished that Peter would stop reminding people that Cleveland has his own show. Seeing Cleveland running to catch up to Peters' car was funny and seeing him stabbing Peter as payback was also funny. How the organization was made reminded me of American Dad but it was still good. The Washsington Memorial joke was funny too. I didn't like it when Peter attacked himself when he saw his reflection in the water. This proves that they should bring back the Peter from seasons 1 to 3. Overall, this was still a good episode. Less of Seth, made it that way. Seth if you reading this, you did a great job of not putting Brian and Stewie in this one. Don't let it be the last time.
  • peter meets Cleveland again

    in this episode Peter tells a story about a dirty joke it starts with Chris getting suspended by the principal for telling an dirty joke. And the joke is so powerful it makes peter craps his pants so he and his guys travel to find the sourec of dirty jokes and it werid that they get the joke from Bender from Futurram and they run in to that loser Cleveland and its funny when they guys and cleveland get beat up and they get sent to a island were smart people create dirty jokes and the greatest dirty joke is not right at all
  • Ok at best. Nothing to good but hey, I've seen worse in family guy(Jerome is The New black)

    Jokes and the whole plot in all were done ok. Nice seeing Cleveland again and seeing where the overall plot takes them. The best part overall was seeing Cleveland stabbing Peter in the stomach with a pencil. Though it was real boring when Bonnie and Lois talking about how PAINFUL childbirth is when really no one but women would care(lol), though it was just to make sure they didn't realize they were heading out to Ol' Virgina. Though when they got to the source of all dirty jokes i wondered why they brought them there if they were going to keep them prisoner after they told them about the club. Overall a ok show.
  • Very funny Episode.

    This episode is very funny. I had to watch this epsode a few times because of how funny it is. The end as funny because of what the joke was. Chiken butt thats what. The joke isn't funny but the way everyone was acting toeards it was. Can't wait for the next episode.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • the splendid source

    What the what?

    So Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking...they're all sitting around and writing dirty jokes on an island they can't leave? Even by Family Guy odds this is pure stupidity.

    Rallo's one line was the only good thing about the episode, and it really was not even that funny. They should have saved the crossover episode for something that, you know, made a little bit of sense.

    I pity the fool who enjoyed this episode as this was just sub-par television at its best and really the perfect example of how far this show has fallen since being resurrected in 2005 by FOX.
  • Decent

    It was ok, a return to normal Family Guy, complete with cutaway jokes that have no relevance to the story and dirty humor. The funniest parts of the episode were the fourth wall breaks, the part where Peter rips on Fox and brings up the fact that the Cleveland Show exists in the Family Guy universe. The plot was pretty stupid, an adventure to find the source of all the dirty jokes, with the dirtiest joke at the end a disappointment. Overall I give it a 7.5 or a C, not as good as previous episodes, but not terrible either.
  • The worlds dirtiest joke...

    ok, this was a much better episode than last weeks, funnier jokes, and a better plot than when quagmire saw his dad. that episode was just horrible, but like i was saying, i liked when they finally joined cleveland again and met the family, that was awesome. And the worlds dirtiest joke peter took was funny as hell "chicken butt" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah ah that was a great episode i enjoyed it completely. i would recommend this episode to people, watch it again, i did. .... ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . im sorry i have nothing else to say :( but it was good :)
  • So good!

    It has been a while since a high quality episode of Family Guy has been released. Somehow Family Guy is able to capture big adventures into small packages like this episode, while adding its traditional use of humor into the spin. Though the episode was warming up to be great even before the journey started; the Peter pooping his pants every time he heard that unnamed dirty joke was hilarious. Most of all though, it was actually funny and pretty original. The downfall for most of the episodes this season is that they are HEAVILY reliant on popular culture and lack any sort of creativity.
  • The writers won me over with the skit that started with "would you rather get a massage from a man, or surgery from a female doctor"

    I thought that the episode was ok, at best. But then, after about ten minutes, came along the redemption with the ride in the car to Washington DC. While it was somewhat racist, let's be honest here (at least those of us who have nothing but disdain for politically correctness) - it was an absolutely hilarious skit.
    I think we need to laugh at ourselves as much as we can (or at our prejudices, like in this case), and I think that once again the writers managed to do just that - and do it perfectly.
    well done folks, keep on the good work!