Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 12

To Love and Die in Dixie

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When the FBI agent informs Lois that the robber knows where they are and she says "what?" you'll see that it's daytime outside for a second and then night - time again.

    • If you watch closely during the party scene when one of the FBI agents is calling the Griffins to warn them about the escaped convict, you can see Quagmire running past him sporting a foam dome hat and a bra.

    • Meg incorrectly calls the raccoon which is constantly attacking Peter a rodent. Raccoons are not rodents.

    • When the bank robber who just escaped prison is interviewed about his plans and he replies, "Yeah, I'm gonna go bang my girlfriend, and then I'm gonna kill Chris Griffin!", Stewie's remark, "Good lord! Can they really say 'bang my girlfriend' on TV?", is a not so subtle commentary aimed at what the censors could and could not allow on network television in terms of language and content. Ironically, the repeats of this episode on Fox bleeped out the word "bang" in the line said by the robber.

  • Quotes

    • Peter: (A bird tips the Outhouse that Peter is in over) Oh--oh God. It's everywhere! It's... it's in my raccoon wounds!

    • Herbert: (to Chris) Oh, hey there, young fellah, bringin' me good news today?
      Chris: What?
      Herbert: Come over here, son. Hand me the paper so I don't need to use my grabber... (Chris hands him the newspaper) mmmm, that's a nice muscley throwing arm you got there.

    • Meg: (To Chris) I can't believe I have to change schools because of you! This is all your fault, lardo!
      Peter: Me? I had nothin' to do with it!
      Meg: I meant Chris.
      Peter: Oh. (To Chris) Yeah, lardo.

    • Stewie: (about Meg) She needs to get laid, big time!

    • Stewie: I got blisters on me fingers!

    • Criminal: (on TV) First I'm gonna bang my girlfriend, and then I'm gonna kill Chris Griffin!
      (Everyone gasps)
      Stewie: Good Lord! Can he really say "bang my girlfriend" on TV?

    • Sam: (saying goodbye to Chris as they stand together holding hands)
      I can't believe you're leavin'...
      Chris: Me either. I'll be sure to write.
      Sam: And I'll be sure to learn to read.

    • Employer: So, Peter, where do you see yourself in five years?
      Peter: (thinking) Don't say, "Doing your wife." Don't say, "Doing your wife." Don't say, "Doing your wife."
      Peter: Doing your...(sees the employer's family picture) son?

    • (As they drive up to the house they are going to be staying in, Meg begins to whine about its condition) Meg: This is our new home?!
      Lois: Oh, come on, Meg. I bet if we fixed it up a little bit it could be a real piece of crap.

    • Herbert: (stopping Chris on his bike as he is handing him his newspaper ) You like popsicles?
      Chris: Well, sure!
      Herbert: Then you need to come on down to the cellar. I got a whole freezer full of popsicles. Mmmmm.
      Chris: No, thanks. I gotta get going.
      Herbert: Oh, don't make me beg now.
      Chris: Hahaha! You're funny. Bye.
      (Chris pedals away on his bike)
      Herbert: Get your fat ass back here.

    • Peter: Hey, next time, let's get Meg to be Boss Hogg and Chris can be Anus.
      Brian: Enos.
      Peter: What'd I say?
      Brian: Anus.
      Peter: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    • Jeff Foxworthy: You know you're a redneck, when your gun rack has a gun rack on it.
      Stewie: You suck!!

    • Peter: Aw, the South! Isn't that the place where the black guys are lazy, and the white guys are just as lazy, but they're mad at the black guys for being so lazy.

    • Peter: Listen Chris, I read a book saying that women are from Venus, all right, so here's what you get her. Thick layers of sulphuric acid, viscous surface rock, and coronets which seem to be collapsed domes of a large magma chamber. Here's five dollars.

    • (Lois pushes a button on the answering machine)
      Answering Machine: You have one hundred and thirteen new messages.
      Lois: Oh, my.
      Herbert: Uh, yeah, I was just wondering, uh... where the newspaper boy was. (beep)
      Herbert: Haven't seen the newspaper in a couple days. Wonderin' if he ever gonna come back. (beep)
      Herbert: Guess who? Sorry to leave you so many messages. Just lonely here. Thinkin' about the muscly-armed paperboy. Wishin' he'd come by and bring me some good news. (beep)
      Herbert: Where are you? (beep)
      Herbert: Ah, you're starting to piss me off, you little piggly son of a bitch, Call me!

    • Chris: Now whenever I see a dead body, I will poke it twice as hard for you Sam!

    • Peter: Wait a minute. Pie? Drunk? The?, I think you got yourself a new sherrif.

    • Lois: Ewww, What's that smell?
      Brian: It's either bad meat or good cheese...

    • Peter: I think the lesson here is, it doesn't really matter where you're from, as long as we're all the same religion.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hee Haw

      When they cut to the scene at the barn dance, you see a guy in a cornfield laughing and saying "now here's Roy". This is similar to how Buck Owens or Roy Clark usually introduced the musical guests on Hee Haw.

    • To Live and Die in L.A.

      The episode name ("To Love and Die in Dixie") is an allusion to the 1980s movie "To Live And Die in L.A." that starred William Peterson and Willem Defoe.

    • ALF

      Alf was the title character in the sitcom running from 1986-1990, about an alien living with a human family.

    • E! True Hollywood Story

      Before the escape of the robber was announced on TV we see a short clip of the show E! True Hollywood Story with featured guest ALF.

    • Deliverance

      The banjo scene is similar to a scene in the movie Deliverance.

    • Simon and Garfunkel

      Peter to Paul Simon: Oh fine, and I suppose we're also not going with "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Lowery's Seasoning Salt.
      "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" was another famous song/album by Simon and Garfunkel.

    • The Beatles - Helter Skelter

      Stewie: I've got blisters on me fingers!
      Stewie's quip is exactly the same as Ringo's at the end of the Beatle's "Helter Skelter", off of the White Album.

    • The Dukes of Hazzard

      Waylon Jennings: Them Griffin boys better grow some wings.
      Some parts of this episode are an allusion to the late 70s and early 80s TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard", which was set in the south. The more notable connections include Peter painting a confederate flag and numbers on his car; and the video frame freezing as their car is in mid-jump and then being voiced over by Waylon Jennings.

    • McMillan And Wife/TJ Hooker

      The Robber: Well I hated TJ Hooker, and I never actually saw McMillan and Wife, though I was aware of it!

      McMillan and Wife starred Rock Hudson and Susan St. James. The show was about the police commissioner for San Francisco and his perky wife and how they solve crimes together.
      TJ Hooker starred William Shatner in the title role, "tough-as-nails" veteran police officer Sgt. T.J. Hooker who hated the criminal element with a passion.

    • Shake N Bake

      Stewie: And I helped.

      This is a reference to the old "Shake N Bake" commercials when a woman would tell her husband that she made Shake N Bake, and her little daughter would say "And I helped"

    • Jeff Foxworthy

      Jeff Foxworthy: You know you're a redneck when your gun rack has a gun rack.

      When they move into their new house, Jeff Foxworthy is in the closet and he pops out to tell that joke. Jeff Foxworthy is a southern comedian who is famous for telling redneck jokes, particularly those that begin with him describing a stereotypically redneck action followed by "You might be a redneck."

    • The Odd Couple

      FBI Agents: Even though I'm a slovenly liberal and he's a fastiduous conservative...

      The original "Odd Couple" was a play by Neil Simon about just this sort of coupling, portrayed most effectively by Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in the movie of the same name.

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