Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 13

Tom Tucker: The Man and his Dream

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2012 on FOX

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  • Wonderful

  • amazing!

    By far one of the best newer episodes! I loved the main concept and the jokes were some of the best in years. Another great thing was near the end when Lois is actually nice to Chris! that's unheard of! Lois being a somewhat good parent? unbelievable! this episode was dedicated to Ricky Garduno, nephew of SEGA game designer and comedian Glenn Garduno. Ricky was tragically killed in 2011, and this episode serves as a great tribute to him. This episode restored my faith in this show.
  • Fantastico,colossale,epico!

    Una di quelle tante puntate in cui si vede il mio personaggio preferito: Joyce Kinney ed anche una di volte in cui viene sfruttata l'altro questa puntata vede protagonista Tom Tucker,uno dei migliori personaggi della serie ed il ritorno di uno dei miei cattivi preferiti: James Woods,che per gi nella nona stagione era diventato buono.
  • Asdfg


  • family guy tom tucker the man and his dream

    this was another funny episode of family guy it had some parts that made me laugh such as the cutaway gag when peter got mixed up between sheredding the paper and taking stewie to daycare that was so dark but it made me laugh and also chris dating a girl who looks like a member of the griffin family that was quite disturbing and i did like the ocdepussy joke and brian is like can we say that then stewie said just did this episode was funny and i've been enjoying this season of family guy more than the simpsons.
  • Please Seth MacFarlane, don't make the second half of this season sink down below

    When Peter decides to become a famous actor, he becomes Tom Tucker's agent as his first step toward stardom. Meanwhile, Chris dates a girl who looks disturbingly like a member of the Griffin household. I thought that this was just an okay episode of "Family Guy". I really hope that Seth MacFarlane isn't going to make the second half of the season suck. The first half of the season has been really good and very funny but these past few episodes haven't been very good. "The Blind Side" was bad and "Livin' On A Prayer" had an awful storyline but excellent humor which ranges it into a mediocre episode. This episode is WAY better than "The Blind Side" and a little bit better than "Livin' On Prayer" but it was just not very good and this isn't where Seth MacFarlane becomes very lazy because that will make me concerned about how the second half of this season will be. I didn't laugh in this episode but the parts that I remember laughing at was Peter wearing his Jewish glasses, Tom Tucker apparently starring in "Halloween 4", Brian and Stewie's short role, the very ending of the episode, and MAYBE one more funny part. I also enjoyed that Ellen Page guest starred in this episode as the voice of Chris' new girlfriend Lindsey who is a look-alike of Lois but I wish that she had gotten more lines. I mean, I didn't like that Lindsey character but I would've loved to hear more Ellen Page. So yeah, the problems that did make this episode low was Peter being a jerk to Tom Tucker, James Woods is brought back to life (oh my gosh, that made me so angry... I hate that character), Lois being so freakin' stupid and immature to even see that Lindsey looks exactly like her (not only did that irritate me but it was just very dumb), the part with that kid coughing on screen was gross and Tom Tucker was being rude in that part, and the storyline was lacking. So yeah, both storylines to this episode were just okay but they did need a lot of more improvement. Overall, please Seth MacFarlane... don't let me down with the next episode. 6/10
  • Decent

    Good parts:

    1. Brian being smart again. Reminds me of the Brian from classic Family Guy

    2. James Woods

    3. Chris gets a chance to shine.

    4. Stewie takes a back seat.

    Bad parts:

    1. Lois being so stupid and not realizing that Lindsey looks exactly like her

    2. Peter being a complete jerk to Tom Tucker

    3. James Woods and incest.

    The main plot wasn't bad but the subplot was because it was freaky. Lindsey had a few lines and wasn't developed. Family Guy is sinking.
  • Um....

    As clever as some of their takes on the antics of Hollywood were, from the big glasses, to the shady behavior of agents, there was an equal amount of stupidity such as the Lois-look a like, a lack of Brian and Stewie, and James Woods engaging in incest.

    It was a solid show tonight, but the amount of childish humor is still strong.
  • Amazing episode..that twisted my mind

    Peter finds out tom tucker used to be a actor. so he(the crazy guy as he is) desides to help give tom his dream again. meanwhile louis finds out chris is dating a girl that looks like her. and she doesnt see it until she realizes it was to hide her own mistakes(a little confusing) and finds out she cheated on chris

    back in hollywood it turns out that (Spoiler Alert!!) Jhames Woods is alive! :O

    i love the continuity they have.

    so the typical thing happens. peter becomes jhames agent and dummps tom but then jhames dumps peter. he and tom make up and move back to rode island

    i liked this episode (my favorite scene was with brian and the squirell)

    and it was a good episode to learn about "being yourself"

    oh and also woods is back..What The Fuuu!???

    great episode :)