Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 18

Total Recall

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2013 on FOX

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  • Nice!

    Apart from the few weak moments in this episode this one was spectacular. Peter's an idiot for getting sick purposefully, so I don't feel sorry for him. Both plots were great, if any the brief Meg bash we could have done with out.
  • Grrrrrr

    It would be great if I knew how to watch it
  • Family Guy's On Its Way Back Up!

    Firslty I LIKED the simplicity of this storyline.

    The simplicity of the storylines was very reminiscent of earlier episodes.

    Things I loved about this episode:

    Quagmire's competitivesness--I've always loved Quagmire and is it just me, or does he seem to dominate most episodes now? He's such a strong character. With Bigfat they reminded us of his awesome pilot-job and this time we're reminded of his childishness. Now let's just have him lose the pompous cynicism eh?

    Lois was pretty cool in this episode. Her innocence made it all the more funny. Those complaining about misogynistic overtones in the episode please grow some backbone. For even Seth Macfarlane said, if you learn and live your life based on a cartoon you truly are an idiot. Now I don't 100 percent agree with this, some cartoons have taught me loads. But c'mon, its FAMILY GUY

    Brian and Stewie combo strong and emotionally powerful as ever. By the way those who have said "Brian and Stewie" is a crap episode, you're truly foolish! That was a welll thought-out episode, emotionally more powerful, very funny and amazingly executed without music.

    The ending with Stewie was pretty smart.

    So I think this episode isn't the best, but it's a sign that Family Guy are starting to get back on to its feet. Keep going writers! Don't let negative comments discourage you! :)


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  • An okay episode

    2 plots here, first one really sucks, and the other one is classic.

    Lois bonds with Peter's friends after Peter gets sick. I really hated Lois in this one.

    Rupert gets tossed out due to a recall, but Stewie and Brian get him back. I really enjoyed that plot, but the other plot was just cheap as dirt, not that funny.
  • Total Recall

    One cliched 80's sitcom plot with Lois bonding with Peter's friends, and then one vintage Family Guy story with another Brian and Stewie adventure.

    Interesting, a few funny moments, but also a lot of really dumb cutaways.
  • He dies in the end.

    This was a good episode to watch. It was basically broken into two stories. One with Peter/Lois with Quagmire and Joe. It was a fun to watch Lois become one of the boys. The Stewie/Brian story was also good, watching Brian hit the off switch with the nerf gun was funny.

    Over all a great episode.