Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 13

Trading Places

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2011 on FOX

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    It's really awesome
  • Another crappy episode. What do the simpsons, family guy and American Dad have in common?

    they all decided to do a role reversal episode at the same time. You can't get more pathetic than that. You could if Cleveland show decides to do role reversal as well and I expect it will this week. Though I won't find out because I will choose to avoid this craptastism of role reversals. So basically this episode had cris and the rest change roles, cris is dad, lois is daughter etc. And you can pretty much guess the rest of the plot. Oh this is easy, say the kids, oh this is hard says the parents. then later, this is hard says the kids, see i told you says the parents. I love you mom, go screw yourself meg. blah blah blah
  • Perfect episode

    I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Family Guy". It may not be the funniest "Family Guy" episode ever but the plot was very well written in this episode. I thought it was funny when Carter was destroying the bus seat which also took slightly too long. I thought the idea of Chris end Meg being parents for a week was brilliant. It was funny when Mayor West went in the corn field and then he said "I'm lost in the corn field". Stewie asking Brian if they can do the switcheroo thing was funny. It was funny when Chris and Meg went to Quagmire's house and then Meg was forced to say "Chris is a failure". The cutaways with the Canadian High School was funny. The cutaway with Peter drawing prisoners at a prison was also funny. It was also hilarious when Peter's head explodes. Chris is starting to see whet the real world is and is starting to go out of control. Chris has a heart attack for working too hard. I thought the ending for this episode had a pretty good message which was "Life sucks, no matter who you are but if you have family by your side, it's not so bad". Overall, this may not be the funniest "Family Guy" episode I've ever seen but the plot was well written and that's all what matters. 10/10
  • It was good, but could have been better

    hris and Meg think their parents have it easy, but Peter and Lois beg to differ. In order to teach them a lesson, they all trade roles. Chris goes to work at the brewery while Meg runs the house. While things start off well, it's not long until the stress of running a household and being the sole breadwinner break Chris down. I thought this was a good episode. The plot looks interesting, but there some problems. Carter using the bulldozer to move something was really painfully long and such a waste of time. Also, Chris was kinda out of character and mean at Meg towards the end shortly he got a heart attack. Other than that, I kinda liked the rest of the episode. The parts that I liked/laughed are Tom Tucker drunk, Adam West existing in the corn field, Peter using the dirt bike to theme of the national song, Chris destroying the dirt bike, Stewie's role throughout the episode, Peter using various clothes, a mule (from a splitball) attacking Peter, a few cutaways, "Chris, had you been drinking? "Yeah, had you been aging?" and Dr. Hartman's last line ("What do you guys do when the screen goes back." Again, the problems were the reasons why I didn't love the episode. The bulldozer took 15 points and Chris' rudeness towards Meg near the end took off 10 points. Overall, a good episode of Family Guy that should have gotten a great score. 7.5/10
  • Nice.


    Chris and Meg think their parents have it easy, but Peter and Lois beg to differ. In order to teach them a lesson, they all trade roles. Chris goes to work at the brewery while Meg runs the house. While things start off well, it's not long until the stress of running a household and being the sole breadwinner break Chris down.

    The main plot was very very original, and fun to watch.

    Overall a good episode

    9 out of 10

  • good one

    I couldn't watch this episode in time. I regret that I couldn't. It was quite good and funny. It was hilarious to see how Pewterschmidt acts with Peter. I kind of missed that. Plus, it cracked me up when Peter came home with his dirtbike with a hooker in his back.

    I also love the hidden jokes in family guy. They are not as obvious as in the simpsons, but also they are not so lame as in the simpsons. It was indeed funny, when Peter gave Chris a whole buck of cigarettes and started him smoking as punishment. Well, that's a hell of a punishment. An eternal one.

    Some episodes of this season might not be as hilarious as the other ones, but they are all watchable and I won't Compare and Change Family Guy for any other show.

    All in All, a 10 !
  • Another great episode with Meg and Chris in the leads. This has been a bad season but I did enjoy the most recent two episodes. It was more character driven and the flashbacks were based on plot. Now if Seth continues this way, old Family Guy will return.

    Peter sees a dirt bike and wants to win it in a contest. He wins it and does some crazy things like playing the Star Spangle Banner by reving up the engine. Chris and Meg decide to do a crazy stunt but wreck the bike. Peter and Lois are mad. Meg and Chris think they have it easy because they are the adults but Peter and Lois beg to differ. They decide to trade places with the kids for 1 week to prove who has it easy. Meg stays home and Chris goes to work. Peter and Lois go to school. Chris does well at Peters' job and Meg did a great job doing house work and made a great dinner. Peter and Lois were very impressed. Angela likes Chris's performance at work so much that she fires Peter and Chris stays. The pressure of the job gives Chris a heart attack. Everybody was glad Chris was okay and realizes that it is not easy living in one persons' shoes. They made up. I loved this because it focused more on family. The flashbacks were plot related. I loved it when Lois was bullied and Peter got clobbered with a spit"bull". They realized high school isn't what it used to be. Meg was great in this one because she can be a great character if the writers can put effort in it like they did with this. Making her a better cook than Lois was a plus. Chris was better in this one than that horrible German Guy episode. Kudos to Seth Green. The only joke I hated was Carter trying to destroy that bench. Overall, 2 great episodes in a row.
  • would rate it a 7 but im tired of all these crappy reviews and negatives about seth's work in the past few seasons, because it is not true. season 8 was very good and more people should appriciate it. 9 is good too. but this episode was fair.

    it started off as Tom Tucker being drunk on tv and saying that there will be a dirt bike contest. peter participates in it. During the competition, they wasted like 2 minutes with Carter trying to break a bench with a crane. That was a waste of time. After that Chris broke Peter's dirt bike, so they decided to switch roles. some funny parts like the racist drawings, peter as a girl, and all the Stewie parts. Some parts were dumb like when lois got bullied, when peter's head exploded, and the never ending crane part. decent episode 7/10 C
  • 3/20

    Stewie walking in with the Brian suit was the highlight of this episode. It is not uncommon that a Stewie moment will be the best part of an episode of Family Guy, but when that is really the only good moment of the show you know that you have a problem.

    I know that people are tired of my negative Family Guy reviews, believe me, I am as tired of writing them as you are reading them, but I just cannot praise a show that continues to give clunkers like this one.

    Chris may have had a few good lines, and the attempts at 80's style family sitcom humor with Peter was appreciated on my behalf, but this was just not a funny installment.
  • Once again, we get an episode-long Family Guy experiment with sentimentality and conventional structure.

    Once again, we get an episode-long Family Guy experiment with sentimentality and conventional structure. The setup for the episode is that the kids and the parents both think the other side has it easy. So they switch for a week, hilarious complications ensue, and lessons are learned. Fortunately, Family Guy plays the sitcom structure straight, with minimal winking at the audience, which keeps the episode moving and relatively entertaining. Unfortunately, it's a little short on big laughs, Family Guy's biggest strength.

    It does manage to keep a pleasant set of chuckles going. The Interminable Family Guy Anti-Humor Joke of the Week comes early and seems better than most, with Lois' dad renting a backhoe to destroy things Peter loves, and then trying and oh-so-slowly destroying a random sidewalk bench. I don't know that I can describe why I thought this one worked, but I'll try: It flows both naturally from the character of Lois' dad and from the situation, in which he has a new piece of machinery that he really wants to use for a dumb reason, but since he just got it, he can't. So it combined the usual absurd premise of random destruction with an emotional core: Using machinery for the first time is hard. From this, humor is derived. Or perhaps it was the brandy. Or perhaps residual goodwill from the excellent Bob's Burgers episode.

    The straightforward way in which Family Guy played its silly little premise actually allowed for the show to make some small steps towards emotional connection. The eventual moral-life sucks, but family might make it worthwhile-surprisingly felt earned, if cliché. It also gave the kids more to do than just be punching bags for annoying jokes. Chris is given a decent episode where he's not just treated as a moron, and Meg isn't insulted every time she walks on the screen. I used to think some time back that it might be impossible for Family Guy to actually successfully use sentimentality, but this episode made me wonder if it may yet be possible. Whether that's a good thing remains to be seen. I prefer Family Guy to be shockingly funny, but too often, it only gets shocking instead of funny.
  • Boring, and very predictable. This is more proof Family Guy is desperate for ideas.

    After seeing The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair, and thinking it was good I thought Family Guy was going to do another decent episode, but no it turns out to be another bad and predictable episode. The premise is that Peter, Lois, Meg, and Chris trade places after Meg and Chris go and break Peter's dirt bike as punishment. So as the episode goes on it is very predictable. Peter, and Lois have a hard time in school, and Meg, and Chris are doing really well as adults. Peter, and Lois eventually call off the whole thing, but Chris refuses to be a kid again, for he now works at the Brewery full time. Eventually the pressure builds upon Chris for working so hard, and has a heart attack. The episode ends with the Griffins learning to be who you are. This episode just is really predictable, and was just stupid. It follows the same story that other shows have done to death with no funny moments. Speaking of humor, nothing was funny at all. Carter crushing the bench was time filler and boring to say the least. Also having Peter, and Lois make fun of Meg's attempt to cook was not funny, and saying it was going to be poop was immature. Even Stewie said to give her a chance, and I couldn't agree with him more. The cutaway with the Canadian High School was not funny as well, and confusing as to why it's funny. I also hated how the characters acted in this episode. Peter and Lois were really cruel to their kids, for thinking they couldn't handle real life, and making fun of them. Chris was also out of line in this one. He's usually the voice of reason for the family, and him acting so selfish and a jerk was a terrible idea. I don't know what's going on at Family Guy, but they need to shape up soon, or lose more viewers. The plot is boring and uninteresting, the humor is terrible, and the characters were jerks in this episode. If you missed it then don't worry you haven't missed anything at all.
  • fair

    Chris and Meg switch roles with their parents to see who has it tougher.

    Good episode, I guess. There's only three things I laughed at; Stewie at the end of act 2, Peter's cutaway when he was a sketch artist, and Stewie's line about the family disintegrated. The rest was alright. The bulldozer is one of the laziest things I have seen on TV for a while. I didn't start it by laughing so it going on for almost 2 minutes was definite overkill. But it's not just that that brings my grade down, it's Chris in the last half, getting so worked up over everything and eventually having a heart attack. I don't know, I just didn't like this. Minus those three gags I listed and the rest was kind of boring, I think. 3/5 or a "C" seems adequate.
  • Excellent episode. The flashbacks were hilarious and the insults were spontaneous and rude and as good as they ever were.

    I'm glad to see the writers still haven't lost their touch for this show. The episode was packed full of jokes, one liners and Peter's flashbacks.

    It's good knowing that Seth and the rest of his crew are always 5 episodes ahead of their writing. I love how Brian let it sorta "Slip" out in the classroom, instead of trying to teach it to the class. He still remembers what happened. lol.

    Meg is actually excellent in this episode also. Although the only weird part is when she was on the back of the bike with Chris. From the style of music that was playing, it was obvious that a little sexual overtones were intentional. Which I personally think is what made this episode PERFECT.
  • Another hilarious episode

    After an argument between the children, and parents. Chris and Meg decide to trade places with their parents, Chris working at the brewery, and Meg staying at home doing school work. In the beginning, this works out as the kids planned, Chris getting a promotion at work, and Meg not only completing all household work, but A great dinner to top it off. Peter and Lois, however, get the bad end of the deal, and are hated at high school, and themselves, have a terrible experience. Meg goes back to her regular lifestyle, after having proved her point, however, after Chris' raise, he ends up getting his father fired, and stays out of school, to work at the job. He soon find the struggles of a life working, and supporting a family, after all of the stress, he has a heart attack. In the end, all understand how one another feel, and agree, life sucks, no matter WHO you are!
  • Another Improvement

    I liked the last episode allot and this one was funny as well. Seems like family guy is really trying to improve.
    There is better character development, less cutaways, and when there is a cutaway it is led into better.
    This season has been a big improvement, and after a few seasons of disliking the direction this show was heading in, i think im actually gonna buy this box set.
    Family Guy, just keep trying to aim for that greatness you had in the first 3 seasons.
    I really liked the crane joke with carter. It did drag on a bit too long but was funny none the less.
  • Meg: Chris, look at what you did! Chris: You mean look at what two black teenagers did when they stole Dad's bike...

    Sooooo, Peter enters a ocmpetiton to win a dirt bike, while Carter destroys a bench on a painfully long gag andMayor West gets lost in a corn field. After some bad dirt bike jokes Chirs & Meg destoy the bike accidetally, and while punishing them, Lois comes uip with the idea of sqitching roles. At first its all cool, with Peter's head explding at a pep rally, Angela giving Chris a raise, but then the kids start to mock Lois and throw bull spitballs at Peter, so they decide to call it off. Buuuut, Angela fired Peter & hired Chirs, so Chris becomes the "dad" of the family.

    Angela cuts off some stuff making Chirs stressed, and everyhing culminating in Chirs having a heart attack. In the hospital, after Dr. Hartman eludes the cops, tells them their gonna be fine. Peter was magically refired and Hartman asks what do they do when the screen turns black -then the screen turns black-.

    Overall: Plot wise? Had potential but it faded when the story started to center on Chirs. But joke-iwse, it was great. Stewie was great. The best joke was probably, Peter as a police sketch artist, specially when his racist drawing mugged Chris. 8/10.
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