Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 15

Turban Cowboy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on FOX

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  • What The F**k!?!

    Okay, I know 9/11 is a permanent heartbreaker but come on, This episode is just embarrassing to me and everyone else, just because 9/11 happened doesn't mean that all Muslims are terrorists. Seth Macfarlane is one sick fuck!
  • Wonderful

  • Pure propaganda

    This episode was going well until the skydiving part. After that, there was nothing except a negative image of every Muslim present. This could have encouraged more anti-Muslim hate crimes.
  • rayen

    stupid fucking episode they make muslims always terrorists
  • Ugh...

    The sheer hatred and mean-spirited attacks on Arabs/Muslims in this episode is disgusting and even worse than the Jew, Christian & other religion bashing done in the past. Fuck you Seth MacFarlane!
  • The Episode That May Have Inspired The Boston Bombings

    If I were Carter Pewterschmidt, I wouldn't even bother going to Peter's funeral. By all accounts, he should have been dead at least twice in the past season (2014) alone...
  • Not memorable, but not as bad as people say it is

    Seriously, I know this episode was kind of dark, but it was decent.
  • Hilarious episode!!!

    One of the few this season that had a lot of hilarious jokes. Some seem to be taking offense with the storyline - and the boston marathon joke was hard to laugh at considering the recent tragedy there. But the rest of the episode was Family Guy at it's best - the speech about America, the 'just sing la bamba but don't sing bamba' was great too, the sky diving, Harrison Ford, the chameleon, squash and wife leaving town cutaways were excellent and the one Stewie moment was hilarious.

    I never write reviews, but this episode felt like a return to some good jokes (and there's nothing wrong with having a muslim suicide bomber - IF you don't act like they're ALL suicide bombers - and enough of their jokes referenced the fact that others aren't and it was just a bad coincidence. Where as... other racial or national stereotypes arent so delicate - they literally do say all British people have bad teeth and act a particular way. I thought they were quite sensitive about this one for obvious reason.

    Don't listen to what these overly PC reviewers are saying - check it out, keep an open mind and you might just enjoy it.
  • So Blah and typical.

    Dang this episode sucked.
  • They can destroy evidence but they can't destroy the Truth

    i watched the video before they took it down. In the original video, the dad kills people at the boston marathon by driving in a car across the finish line (where one of the bombs was planted). Also notice the library as well. (as in JFK Library fire).

    Later in the same episode, the dad (peter) uses a cell phone twice which causes TWO Explosions! In the video, the explosions did not occur at the marathon but rather later in the same video as the marthon. NO COINCIDENCE!
  • Still available on....

    I just downloaded it from Usenet. It's most likely available on bit torrent as well.
  • D'oh! This video isn't available because you guys at tv(dot)com wussed out.

    Episode gets pulled because tv(dot)com gets scared. This episode depicts Peter G. winning the Boston marathon by running over the rest of the runners and killing them. In the same episode, he attempts to dial someone, but you hear explosions both times he tries. Hmmm.
  • Song in episode

    What was the name of the song when peter was skydiving?
  • It is SO racist...

    This was really racist and offensive episode. That's fine with it wasn;t FUNNY! If you are going to be racist and anti-Muslim at least write some good jokes to support yourt racist dialogue. making tyhe only Muslim friend of Peter an actual terrorist was totally racist. having all his friends tell Peter he is a terrorist PROBABLY was even more racist. the fact he turned out to be part of a terrorist organization was just over the line offensive. Sorry-this one failed because it's been over 10 years since 9-11. This episode was no logner topical, needed or funny. but then again the show just hasn;t been very good in over two is NO worse than the usual Family Guy lately. SAD
  • just crap

    the title says it all
  • Skydiving was good, rest was awful

    a very very bad episode.... I thought the skydiving jokes were great but once it changed to muslims it went down. it was incredibly post 911 stereotypical of muslims and only the racquet ball joke seem to hit the mark... very disappointing
  • Hopeless

    Peter befriends a Muslim. The most basic and therefore boring story lines from this are: a) the new friend is a terrorist, or b) he is not a terrorist, but everyone thinks he is.

    And whaddaya know, MacFarlane&Co. chose to go with one of these boring choices.

    Why didn't they do what they did best, way back in seasons 1-7, and come up with a whacky and unexpected development?

    The fact that they aren't even trying anymore is really annoying.

    This episode was funny in the begining when peter skydived into the eiffel tower in vegas, but the terrorrist bit kinda ruined it for me, it was kinda funny but I didnt really laugh much. Overall I give it a 7
  • so so

    Not much to say here, more typical Family guy. Not bad, but not really good either. Well, they can't all be gems....