Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 12

Valentine's Day in Quahog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on FOX

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  • Best show

  • Una delle puntate pi belle della serie.

    Il semplice motivo per cui ho amato alla follia questa puntata che ci sono tutti i personaggi della serie televisiva.
  • OK

    Nice to see all of Brians former girlfriends, other than that, the other half stunk.
  • A Valentine's Day to Remember

    Firstly, what a fantastic episode! I think this one is definitely a Family Guy jewel of Season 13 (going with the UK DVD order)

    I have already loved Halloween on Spooner Street and Road to the North Pole. Valentine's Day did not fail to make me laugh and smile!

    The montage at the beginning was brilliant, and I loved how, despite having to reduce each character's storyline to a few minutes each, it really worked.

    Having said this, I think this worked specifically for this episode. I wouldn't want to have this on a regular basis. And this does make me wonder whether it was a successful episode because of this one-off method. Let's hope the other episodes continue to improve.

    Peter and Lois' plot was pretty funny, nothing special.

    Quagmire's plot was hilarious, particularly the scene with Joe which had be cracking up.

    The Meg plot was great but she must be SERIOUSLY desperate to date some random internet dude!

    I found the Chris plot equally funny, especially Herbert's face at the end XD

    And of course, Mayor West. Who can't love this guy? Hugs for Adam West!!

    The ending montage made my heart melt slightly. It was a lovely conclusion to an awesome episode and it had that same feel-good feeling that you should get from a romantic comedy.
  • Valentine's Day in Quahog

    A good parody of Valentine's Day, and other chick flicks in the same vein, especially the opening video sequence, but it still is just not as clever as it once was, and relies too much on really bad storylines, instead of creating innovative things again like it once did.
  • Zzzzz....

    Boy am I surprised. This episode was actually really boring! It just had people falling in love, which doesn't say much. And of course Brian's stupid ex-wives finally get together, but seriously Seth, just kill 'em off, I'm getting sick of Brian dating episodes.
  • A little better

    Finally an episode that was a little funny!

    Here's what I liked:

    - the use of running gags, like Stewie vomiting and Peter's seizure

    - jokes with a build up and a pay off, like seeing Brian in bed in the last scene

    - the total absence of serious topics that FG now so often tries to include but never gets right

    But even though it was a little better, it still can't hold a candle to FG episodes form the first six seasons.

    This is illustrated in the scene when Brian meets his Exes. This is obviously a remake of the scene of Two And a Half Men during which Charlie "meets" his Ex-lovers (7/21, "Gumby with a Pokey"). The FG version is funny, but not even remotely as funny as the TAAHM-scene.
  • Brians EX's

    The gathering of all of brian's Ex GF was really rare funny episode. The Blind Girl, Ida, and the 50 year certainly had some interesting dates lol I also liked the racist joke "Yoo Hoo" was a sassy black girl lol