Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 2

Vestigial Peter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2013 on FOX

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  • Good episode

  • unbelievably underrated

    why the hell does everyone hate this episode?! I loved it! It's the best of season 12. Chip was a hilarious character. The episode also has some memorable quotes, like when the doctor says "we did an xray and your body is full of a spooky skeleton man. that was great. anyone who hates this episode is a dick.
  • Ugh, just mediocre

    This episode is uh not very good, it's not the worst but it's just not funny. Lois tricking Peter into dressing as a girl just to call him a 'GAYBO' really very mature like you use to be, is that the best joke they can find in the shit covered toilet. Apart from that it's really nothing special to me apart from the fact Chip is NICER than Peter. I missed it when Peter was nicer around Season 1-3.
  • Get it together, Seth.

    It's sad how American Dad is cancelled in favor of these recent shitty episodes of Family Guy. The plot's ridiculously cliche, the jokes weren't funny, I'm usually a fan of dark humor, but I found the mall shooting joke in bad taste. Nope, wasn't feeling this episode at all.
  • Good concept, poorly executed

    Had one or two laughs, (when I first saw the extra head I laughed. That's one out of the two) but 99% boring.
  • i cant say

    I loved the episode but it was not funny. I liked the idea of it but it is still really boring. hopefully next episode is better
  • What am I watching?

    Definitely a very stale episode of Family Guy. The jokes and cutaways all fell flat. The plot was very stale and made me dose of on the episode 3 times. The last 2 or 3 years of this show have been downright horrible. Whatever producers created this episodes story line to bad. Some jokes in the episode took thought to understand.
  • Funny cuteways.

    Let's face it Family Guy will never been the same a again, but its gotten better since Seth did have to focus on The Cleveland Show and some of the cutaways did make me giggle.
  • What?

    I'm sorry but this is definitely one of the worse episodes - almost as bad as The Juice is Loose, but not quite.

    The whole way through I just kept thinking 'really??', especially after Chip got his own body.

    Really poor story, and I think I only chuckled a couple of times, if that.
  • Worst ever

    This was probably the worst episode of Family Guy I've ever seen in my entire life.
  • Venture Bros. Did It!

    Seriously, do the writers on FG just get in a room and watch Adult Swim, The Simpsons reruns, and DVDs of every show from the '80s in order to come of with scripts?
  • Terrible

    To call this episode Nickelodeon level humor would be an insult to shows airing on that channel. Chip was a bad idea, and did not contribute anything funny to the show. The flashbacks were irksome, and the laughs were as difficult to locate as Waldo in one of those Where's Waldo books.

    Bad episode coming off a surprisingly decent season premiere.