Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 14

We Love You, Conrad

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 03, 2009 on FOX

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  • Funniest episode ever

  • My third least favorite of the season

    Brian is devastated to learn that his ex-girlfriend Jillian is getting married until he meets The Hills star Lauren Conrad. Though Brian begins to think he and Conrad are the perfect match, he finds his heart may still belong to Jillian. Yep, another love episode...this is actually in the same range as Love Blactually but it is lower. I'm only gonna be generous because the writers did a great job at not using violence at all. This episode however was still boring to watch. Some of the cutaways here were great. A few of parts were great to watch as well. I only laughed like 5 times here. Not worth watching again...only like once a year. 5/10
  • Don't you miss when Brian was just a house dog that drank wine all the time and never cared about girls? Yeah, me too.


    Brian is devastated to learn that his ex-girlfriend Jillian is getting married until he meets The Hills star Lauren Conrad. Though Brian begins to think he and Conrad are the perfect match, he finds his heart may still belong to Jillian.

    My review: Well, it's the same damn thing we saw the past few episodes.

    -Brian is sad because he doesnt have a girl

    -Brian gets drunk

    -Brian meets a girl

    -Brian bangs her

    the end.

    Boring episode, please do not watch it.

    1 / 10 F

  • Overall okay but the plot could have been so much better

    I thought that this was an okay episode of "Family Guy". It wasn't a bad episode but it was overall okay in my opinion. The plot just seemed to really drag alot and it got boring to watch. There were some parts that made me laugh though. The Bill Cosby cutaway was very funny. The Lindsay Lohan and Mr. Magoo cutaway was hilarious. Stewie saying "Say Whaaaat" was hilarious. Quagmire being sad because he has a glove and then Peter gives Quagmire his baseball glove to Quagmire and then takes it back and says "Na, it's mine" was hilarious. Stewie dressed up as a girl and then guys say "Hey, is that desire?" was funny. Talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, and Jay Leno making a live-action appearance making fun of Brian and The Hills star Lauren Conrad going out was hilarious. Even though some of the parts were funny, this episode was just okay. I just didn't like it how everyone was laughing at Brian because they say that Lauren Conrad is just a stupid blonde woman. Brian realizes that he still had feelings for Jillian so he confesses his love to her before she marries Derek but it was too late. The ending was also just lousy and could have improved much more. Overall, an okay episode of "Family Guy" but it needed more improvement. 6/10
  • Bravo! Great Episode!

    This has become one of my favorite episodes! I really loved the friendship between the girl, Brian, and Stewie. I felt bad. There's a reason I felt bad. That reason, for which I will now state, is that Brian didn't get Jillian back. I loved Brillian! They were something special. She was Brian first long lasting relationship.

    I really like the "father-daughter" type relationship Peter has with Jillian. They really like each other, which is probably because they are both sort of numb. I love when Brian was like "Your making me feel like....Jillian". Overall, one of the best episodes of Family Guy.
  • funny

    Brian gets drunk one night, and meets Lauren Conard, star of The Hills. They soon start dating, but Brian realizes that she is really smart, and he cant date somebody who is smarter than him. He realizes, well Lauren realizes for him, that he really loves Jillian, but she is getting married to a guy named Derek. Right in the middle of the wedding, Brian asks Jillian if she will give him another chance, but the answer is no. Stewie asks him if he can go back to lauren, but brian gave her worms.

    This was a decent episode. I liked Stewie "say whaaaaat" wearing the hat, and The Sting parodies.

    Overall Grade: 75%/C+
  • The Griffin's find out Jillian is getting married. They are all invited to the wedding all except Brian. Brian drowns his sorrows at a hotel bar and wakes up in bed with a hangover and Lauren Conrad.

    I loved this episode. Family Guy still has the magic. It was nice to see Jillian again and I loved seeing Brian waking up in bed with his fur all messed up. It was event more funny when he saw that Lauren was in bed with him. When Brian invited Lauren to meet the Griffins that was funny. Lauren corrected Lois about the caviar and the spoon and Lois calling her a **** was very funny. The only part I didn't like was Stewie being gay than straight. Make up your mind Stewie are you Gay Biosexual, or Straight? The ending was the best. Brian gave Lauren worms LOL.
  • This episode features the former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren Conrad, in a fictional take on herself as a smart person.

    This is the most out-of-place, abysmally written piece of Brian's poop ever to be produced by Family Guy. I love this show. I love the writing, the character development, the equal-opportunity parodies and punchlines, and especially the lavish and beautifully-executed musical numbers...but this episode?

    I'm sorry Seth MacFarlane, that you find it cool and hip to be on the Hollywood club scene at age 36, but you're NOT FRANK SINATRA. Get over it. Lauren Conrad, like her Hills counterpart Heidi, is STUPID. She's GEORGE W. BUSH level STUPID, like, totally!

    Stop using your show as a vehicle to attempt to get into idiot Hollywood stars' pants.
  • I must have a summary? Ok...Family Guy tries to jump start ratings by putting one of the most irritating "celebrities" on the planet front and center for an entire episode. Not funny in the least... shameful really.

    "We love you Conrad" is the worst Family Guy episode I've ever seen. Shame on you Family Guy writers for the disgusting display of celebrity madness... Lauren Conrad needs no plug from you,she is already in far too many media outlets already; I'm tired of her face and I don't even watch MTV or actual cable very often (it's been months). I finally get my internet working so I can watch episodes of my favorite shows, I turn on Family Guy and I am left disgusted and so annoyed I signed up for this damn show review website just so I could tell you! There's no way anyone on the Family Guy writer panel finds Lauren Conrad entertaining, let alone intelligent or funny... How could you plug her like that? That is soooo not Family Guy style... I really may never watch this show again.
  • Well, what do you know! Family Guy's streak of suck has been interrupted!

    This has been a pretty terrible season for Family Guy, so when a good episode like this one comes along and breaks the cycle, so to speak, it's a blessing.

    "We Love You, Conrade" might not be up to par with the classic pre-cancellation episodes, but it manages to have a focused and coherent story with a decent amount of humor and everything that makes Family Guy an old favorite.

    Although the story was a little predictable, it was enjoyable -- especially with the surprise live-action cameos from Colin Ferguson, Jay Leno, and Sucky McSuckman. It's those little touches that make Family Guy special... when it's good.

    Boy, I hope this is the beginning of an upward trend for this show.
  • Brian is heart broken when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend Jillian is getting married, he meets Lauren Conrad in a bar, still devestated by the news of Jillian, and hooks up with her.

    This was an average episode. It was watchable but I didn't feel it held my attention like other episodes. There were a few smilable spoofs but I rarely laughed out loud - which is unusual for me while watching family guy. Brian is one of my favourite characters so I liked the fact that it was a Brian centred episode. The idea of the plot was good but I felt it could have been executed better, so much more could have been done with it. It was predictable and not up to Family Guy's usual standards.

    The end sequence where Brian explained to Stewie that he couldn't get back together with Lauren Conrad because he gave her worms was very amusing, and the joke about Sting's singing was comic gold...and very true.
  • Better than people say it is.

    Brian is devastated to learn that his ex-girlfriend Jillian is getting married until he meets The Hills star Lauren Conrad. Though Brian begins to think he and Conrad are the perfect match, he finds his heart may still belong to Jillian.

    This is by no means horrible. It had some good jokes it in, and it didnt really have a predictable ending like most stories like this have. The ending with Laura having worms was hilarious. Bottom line it was a lot better than I expected but still it was not a series classic. Give it a watch for some laughs.
  • Here's an episode of "Family Guy" that's surprisingly good! :idea:

    I always find myself surprised by the ways Seth MacFarlane and staff can keep coming up with ways to write new episode plots. But even more interesting is how they not only manage to integrate real celebrities into the plots, they also find ways to keep recurring characters and their stories relevant as well. For instance, I thought that Jillian had used up all of her story ideas when she and Brian broke up, but when Brian finds out that Jillian plans to get married and Brian is Not invited, Brian tries to convince himself that he's completely over her. But something happens that Brian does Not anticipate, he ends up spending a night of love with Lauren Conrad from "The Hills." Although she's pretty, Brian doesn't want to be in a relationship with anybody who's just famous for being 'famous.' But that's before Brian discovers that Lauren Conrad has an intellectual side, and only acts shallow because that's what the American populace expects of someone in her position. But when Brian realizes that Lauren is actually Smarter than He is, he begins to feel like the Jillian in the relationship and Brian realizes that he's Not over Jillian. So Brian goes for broke and makes one last attempt to win Jillian back. He utterly fails, of course; but at least Brian will always have the Internet memories of his romance with Lauren Conrad! :idea: The live-action celebrity jokes and Stewie Griffin's own sexual confusions are pretty funny to! :lol: As a "Family Guy" fan, I highly recommend this episode to other "Family Guy" fans looking to have a lot of laughs! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Frickin hilarious!

    For a while I was thinking about just not watching the latest Family Guy episodes because of how downhill it is going, but this brought back shades of the first couple of seasons that made you slap your knees and hold your stomach from so much laughter. There were so many scenes that made you crack up, like the dinner scene when Brian was consistently getting one upped by Derrick and tries challenging him, and the other dinner scene where Stewie's alter ego as Desera actually catches some guy's attention. Couldn't really care less about the references to Lauren Conrad or the Hills--besides the scene where they mock the show itself--but everything else was just pure gold. Though the best was Quagmire's and Peter's talk. Absolutely hilarious episode.
  • This episode is about Brian's ex-girlfriend getting married and Brian hooking up with Lauren Conrad.

    This is ok. I enjoyed the episode but I think it could of done better with a few more jokes. I did laugh outloud how Peter pushes kick cereal and then he pushes Meg. I liked the plot how Jillian gets married to a way better man than Brian. I enjoyed the scene where Stewie and Brian go out to dinner with Jillian and her fiance, Derek and Brian constantly tries to impress Jillian. I liked the comments by Stewie how he kept calling Brian gay when he said he was going to the bathroom with Derek. Overall I give this episode a 7.
  • One of the funnier episodes this season

    Brians depressed because Jillians getting married and goes out with Lauren Conrad from the Hills, who turns out to be a genius. Brian is still in love with Jillian though, and tries to win her back, but fails. And he can't go back to Lauren cos "I gave her worms". There were so many lolage moments in thsi episode, like Lindsey Lohan and Mr Magoo. "I can't go to jail, they'll rape me and i'll never see it coming" Lol! The live action moments were actually good, considering the only other live action moments in this show is the dreadful Conway Twitty moments.
  • One of the better episode of season 7

    Where can i start this episode starts to make season 7 shine. I know its nothng like "PTV" or "Wasted Talent" but i thought there was alot of laugh out moments in this episode like live apearinces from "Craig Ferguson" in my own words i would say that this episode is under rated it's one of the best on season 7. The bit with that person fromm hills outsmarting louis its so funny "B**H" lol. Another stand out bit was the bit with Stewie being brians date i though that was halirous lol.

    Overall i would say that this episode really shines fro the other bad episodes on season 7. Fantastic!!
  • This is an ok episode.

    This episode has some hillarious parts but it has too many weird gags and it was not funny throughout the entire episode and the hillarious parts where the Kix cereal part, the uncomfortable chair part and when Peter talked to him, and it was very funny when Quagmire was the photographer, and the Bill Crosby part but my favorites where the photographer part and the Kix cereal gags. Other then that the episode wasn't that funny or good but I did enjoy this episode. Overall this was an ok episode and it was not as good as The Weiner Of Our Discontent the American Dad episode that aired the same night as this.
  • Average episode

    Being that this episode has Jillian in it I thought it was going to be worse. Overall I'd say this episode wasn't so bad. I didn't really laugh at the cutaway gags (exept sting)but I thought stewie was really funny in this episode.I especially liked when Brian tells Lauren he's a low profile guy and then Stewie happened to be acroos the street and when Stewie speaks as an anonomous source on the tv show. Peter's character just seems retarded. He was always dumb but only because he didn't think before he spoke.Andby the way I can't stand when he says something and then repeats it. Anyway, I thought this episode was pretty good.
  • Horrible episode - I think it may have been the worst one I've seen.

    Family Guy should stay as far away from the Hills as possible. That show is garbage, and Family Guy is great. I cannot believe they would voluntarily give this dumb girl a part. Her acting is absolutely DREADFUL, even for a voiceover! Plus the concept of the "dumb girl who is actually a genius" has really been overused, which is why I was surprised Family Guy used it. Usually they're pretty original. Anyway, there was one good line in the episode, when Stewie said something about going home and arousing Brian by letting him watch Stewie have his period. Heh. That was the only redeeming point in the whole episode.
  • There was another reviewer who wrote that this episode does not deserve such high ratings and I agree. What were they on? I am giving it a slightly higer one because I thought it was funny that Brian got out smarted by Lauren Conrad but this was bad.

    Once again we have Brian falling in love with another human woman. Brian is upset that Jillian is getting married and was not invited to the wedding. At a bar he meets Lauren Conrad and immediately he goes to bed with her. He can't stop thinking of Jillian and tells her that he still loves but she lets him down gently. I'm getting sick of Brian falling in love as if he has no life. Why can't he find another dog and leave humans alone? Lauren conrad was not funny and Brian should be in the backseat for a while.
  • After learning that Gillian is ex-girlfriend is getting married and hes not invited to the weding he tries to win her back but ends up in bed with Lauren Conrad.

    Looking at the name of this episode I thought this was another episode devoted ton Conrad Twitty(gasp) but was relieved that not only was I mistaken but that the episode turned out to be the best in a long while.The slew of double entandres and gags kept me rolling around my couch laughing and giggling.Now I've made a point in the past that hey made too many jokes at Stewies sexuality but this time they were actually funny and well delievered.All in all I found the episode a peak in the increasing quality since "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven".Keep up the good work guys.
  • Brian finds out that Jillian is getting married when everyone else receives invitations for her wedding but him. Stewie rubs it in his face until he finds out Brian is now dating Lauren Conrad.

    An enjoyable episode of one liners much like all episodes of Family Guy. This episode had a little more plot and actually a touch of The Graduate at the end when Brian breaks into the wedding and tries to get Jillian to run away with him.

    Brian continues to be the best character along with Stewie. They drive this show overall. A few of the better exchanges in this episode.
    Brian wakes up in bed with Lauren Conrad after a drunken night together and says, "Uh, I hope I didn't do anything questionable last night?" Lauren responds, "I have a dog. I've had to cut pooh out of his fur before."
    Stewie tells him at the end he can always date Lauren and he says, "She'll never speak to me again. I gave her worms."

    Only on Family Guy can they make something that is immoral and illegal pretty humorous. Thanks for reading...
  • Brian meets The Hill's... Lauren Conrad.

    This episode was actually kinda good. When i heard that Lauren conrad was going to be in it, i never thought much of it. I at first though this episode was going be horrible, but it was alright, Lauren conrad was pretty boring. The thing about bruce jenner and that Lauren conrad was smart was pretty bad, i laughed at this episode, but it was forced but i smiled throught. But this episode was kinda boring, boring but not horrible. It was pretty boring, and thats why i don't have much to say about it Jay Leno, Jim Fallon, Craig Frugosn was kinda cool. Well thats it Gotta Fly.
  • Family guys trys to appeal to Hills audience with misguided attempt or reworked script. Only Postive Reviews Need Post?

    Interesting I wrote a rather scathing and negative review about this episode, it was up for a day or so and now notice it was been deleted. It was on topic didnt violate any terms and conditions of the site etc. yet has been taken down. My language was certainly no worse than on on any episode of FG. I do note that positive reviews still exists. Doesn't anyone find it odd that all the reviews are from the 7-10 range when the voting has it at sub 6 (the lowest for any episode of FG). The Scoring slider state the following: "Rate this episode on how you feel it stacks up against other episodes from this show."
    I've watched this show from its inception (first go at fox, through cartoon network and on fox again) and I can honestly say this way the worst episode, thus rating it a 1. The dialogue wasn't witty, Lauren Conrad added absoutely nothing to the plot, and the gag of a blonde girl being smart...yeah I get it she is a genius. So I'm reporting this review as...the worst Family Guy episode...ever.

    Echoing last week's rather zany, utltra-high-octane-gag driven episode, this week we see the show take a familiar approach in delivering one of the funniest outings of the season thus far. For a plot, we have Brian getting a taste of his own medicine when he eventually finds a date who is smarter than he is (after mistaking her for a dumb celebrity). Alongside this is Peter preparing to give away Brian's dumb ex at her wedding which never really takes off but nevertheless has a few nice jokes. The highlights of the show however mostly lie in the first half where the gags are layed out one after the other with barely a beat missed. One thing that is most noticeable here is just how well the voice actors are gelling with their characters and their surreal personalities with Stewie, Brian and Peter getting the best of both worlds. The result is a hilarious and memorable effort that does wane towards the end but nevertheless offers some great entertainment.
  • Brian is doing Lauren Conrad

    Though this episode did not have the classic family guy humor, I found a number of scenes that were actually quite funny. The writers have always ripped every celebrity in town, but here it was fun to see Lauren Conrad getting humiliated in an episode where she plays herself. I have never scene the Hills, but part where Lauren Conrad makes fun of her own show, when she watches a 30 second run through of the entire episode with Brian and Stewie.

    Peter was a little missed this episode. Though his one-liner- Uugh, whenever I see your episode I get wood. Jillian and Peter also make a great pair, and the competition at who's more stupid doesn't fail to provide the laughs. I wonder how many hidden characters Stewie has. And Brian is always fun to watch when he's drunk.

    Nice episode.
  • Not Really Bad At All

    Not sure why so many people are down on this episode. I have never seen 'the Hills' and so I guess I'm just grateful that Paris Hilton wasn't the guest star. The episode reminded me of the earlier seasons where the jokes atleast attempted to further the plot. Other than the way that they push the 'Stewie gay thing and the "what if Lauren Conrad is an intellectual?' I really enjoyed the episod- Peter had some great moments and not a chicken fight or a 5-minute long Conway Twitty performance in sight! It made more sense to make this episode than the one with Brian's son- now that seemed needless.
  • Redeeming episode for Family Guy season 8.

    Not bad, not bad at all. Brian the dog is at his best when he is drunk, morose and horny. This season, I was beginning to wonder if the writers were running out of steam and the show might be in trouble, and 'We Love You, Conrad' came as something of a relief. Of all the characters on Family Guy, Brian and Stewie seem to represent the most stimulating of the shows material, and a good Stewie or Brian episode always keeps me interested and watching. Lois getting cranky over the caviar spoon at dinner was a good bit. Definate thumbs up on this episode.
  • Brian sleeps with Lauren Conrad.

    Call me crazy, but I really liked this episode. I was excited by the clips available on this week and I laughed just as hard watching them for a second time during this episode. Definitely one of this season's best offerings from Family Guy.

    What stuck out for me the most was the lack of cutaway scenes. This is one of the reasons American Dad has surpassed Family Guy, by not constantly relying on these, and the few that we did have were harmless. I really liked the Kix cereal gag though.

    Lauren Conrad's guest spot was enjoyable I suppose. This is not the kind of thing I want to have on a weekly basis, but every once and awhile it's alright for a celebrity to stop by.