Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 18

You Can't Do That on Television, Peter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on FOX

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  • Cool show.

    Love it
  • family guy you can't do that on television peter

    this was a funny episode to the parts i liked was stewie kicking lois when she was getting attacked by little kids the puma bringing flowers to peter after it attacked him and peter saying to that kid too old when the kid told him he wet his pants this was quite a funny episode
  • After Peter's favorite childrens' program was cancelled, he decides to create and star in his own children's program

    After Peter's favorite children's television show gets cancelled, he takes matters into his own hands by creating and starring in his own show for kids. Meanwhile, Meg begins an internship at the hospital with Dr. Hartman. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Family Guy". I only have two nit-picks about this episode which really don't bother me at all except for just a little. My first nit-pick was Lois getting assaulted by little kids.... even though Lois was annoying me a little just constantly nagging at Peter, I still didn't think she deserved to get assaulted by little kids but it was hilarious when Stewie was kicking her though. My second nit-pick was Peter not thanking Meg for saving his life. Like come on, Meg was being a good daughter and Peter didn't even thank her, she shouldn't have bothered saving Peter if he is still not gonna be grateful to her. Well, other than those two nit-picks, I loved this episode. Although, it wasn't the funniest episode ever but the storyline was done very nicely. I really loved the idea of Peter making his own children's program and his bits on there were hilarious. The parts that made me laugh were Peter getting attacked by the puma, the puma bringing flowers to Peter at the very end of the episode, Dr. Hartman's appearance was funny, The Lois puppet that Peter uses to make fun of Lois for being completely naggy, Stewie kicking Lois when the kids were assaulting her, and maybe one or two more funny parts. I also really enjoyed seeing Meg getting an internship from Dr. Hartman and how she was saving Peter's life when Peter got attacked by the puma. Meg would make a very good doctor to be honest. So overall, this was an excellent episode of "Family Guy".... you may like it and you may hate it but you'll never know unless you give this episode a try. 10/10
  • Too Serious

    Not that funny. They should've went deeper into Meg's story a bit... They also should've had Peter thank Meg because that was just cruel. The series is becoming more dramatic and serious than funny... Its losing its touch.
  • Relies on shock value as usual

    Continuity: Stewie found out how fake Jolly Farm was and bowed to never watch it again. So why is he watching it again? Peter is wearing his hobo clown costume from an earlier episode, it was a nice call back.

    Other than that this episode was incredibly poor. Like really really bad Simpson's Krusty show sketches for the most part. The plot was predictable and boring.

    Seth now has ex Simpsons writers on board, and it shows with crap episodes like this.
  • It's official. Peter is the worse character ever

    Peter doing his own childrens' show sounded like a good idea on paper but than it didn't after all when it was aired. He got it after he got sick and tired of Lois nagging him for not helping him around the house. On the show he made fun of Lois by making an ugly puppet version of her. Meanwhile, Meg gets an internship with Dr.Hartman. After Dr.Hartman left because of an emergency, Meg takes over but was told to leave. When a puma attacks Peter, she saves him. What burns me was I wished that Megs' plot was developed more and Peter didn't thank her for saving his life. Peter got what he deserved and saying thanks to Meg would have made him likeable in that episode but nope, he continues to be a S.O.B. I wanted to give this review a 1 but I'm making it higher because of Stewie beating the crap out of Lois and the other kids joining in. It was nice to see evil Stewie again. Overall, I hated Peter more than ever but Lois getting her butt kicked by Stewie and the other kids saved it a little. Not much but a little.
  • You Can't Do That on Television

    Okay, a lot of this episode felt like something ripped out of an 1980's family cartoon, but it was still pretty funny. The puma attacking Peter and then bringing flowers, Dr. Hartman using the cheat sheet and Stewie throughout were the highlights for me. It was funny, I have to admit that, even if these storylines tend to get dumber and dumber by the week.
  • Not good

    To the guy below me, I only disliked your review because of your negativity over the simpsons but for the most part, I hope Family Guy gets cancelled as well.
  • Will someone please do the right thing and cancel this show!


    Please cancel this show! I`ve been watching every episode since the pilot over 10 years ago and these last 2 seasons have been horrible! This episode just does it. I am officially sick of family guy. Mediocrity in repetition! Just like the simpsons, family guy was at it`s peak between seasons 4 and 7 and now it`s degraded season after season. Please cancel this show before the number of crap episodes start outnumbering the good ones!