Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 18

You Can't Do That on Television, Peter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on FOX

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  • After Peter's favorite childrens' program was cancelled, he decides to create and star in his own children's program

    After Peter's favorite children's television show gets cancelled, he takes matters into his own hands by creating and starring in his own show for kids. Meanwhile, Meg begins an internship at the hospital with Dr. Hartman. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Family Guy". I only have two nit-picks about this episode which really don't bother me at all except for just a little. My first nit-pick was Lois getting assaulted by little kids.... even though Lois was annoying me a little just constantly nagging at Peter, I still didn't think she deserved to get assaulted by little kids but it was hilarious when Stewie was kicking her though. My second nit-pick was Peter not thanking Meg for saving his life. Like come on, Meg was being a good daughter and Peter didn't even thank her, she shouldn't have bothered saving Peter if he is still not gonna be grateful to her. Well, other than those two nit-picks, I loved this episode. Although, it wasn't the funniest episode ever but the storyline was done very nicely. I really loved the idea of Peter making his own children's program and his bits on there were hilarious. The parts that made me laugh were Peter getting attacked by the puma, the puma bringing flowers to Peter at the very end of the episode, Dr. Hartman's appearance was funny, The Lois puppet that Peter uses to make fun of Lois for being completely naggy, Stewie kicking Lois when the kids were assaulting her, and maybe one or two more funny parts. I also really enjoyed seeing Meg getting an internship from Dr. Hartman and how she was saving Peter's life when Peter got attacked by the puma. Meg would make a very good doctor to be honest. So overall, this was an excellent episode of "Family Guy".... you may like it and you may hate it but you'll never know unless you give this episode a try. 10/10
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